History of the Great Lakes

Vol. 2 by J.B. Mansfield
Published Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co. 1899

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Frank Clayton Upper, engineer of the tug Acme, from early manhood has been in active service on the lakes. He was born in Rockford, Ont., April 3, 1866, a son of F.G. and Sarah (Brady) Upper, the former of whom was of Scotch-English descent, the latter of Irish-German. The father is a contractor and builder by trade and occupation, and is a resident of Niagara Falls.

Our subject came to Buffalo at the age of thirteen years, so that his education was obtained at the public schools of both his native town and Buffalo. At the age of seventeen years he began his life on the lakes as fireman of the tug Holloway, of Buffalo, in which capacity he served for four years. He then shipped for one year on the steamyacht Sappho, sailing on the Lake Champlain, and in 1887 he received his papers as second engineer and first assistant on the lakes. The following year he became engineer of the tug Page, of Fairport, Ohio, and sailed in her for one season, next shipping on the tug Annie, of the same port, on which he served as first engineer for four years. In 1893-94 he worked ashore about the docks of Buffalo, and in 1895 he was engineer of the tug Kilderhouse, of Matham's line, for one season, and in 1896-97 being engineer of the tug Acme, of the same line. In 1898 he was made engineer of the tug Fabian, the principal tug of that line in the harbor. Mr. Upper has been very successful as an engineer.

Mr. Upper was married December 24, 1890, to Miss Clara Boyer, of Buffalo, N.Y., and they reside at No. 398 Summer street, in that city. In fraternal connection he is a member of Aurora Borealis Lodge No. 642, I.O.O.F., and of Blazing Star No. 694, F.& A.M., since 1892.



Frank J. Upper was born in Buffalo, N. Y., in 1873. He attended school for seven years, and commenced his career in life as a newsboy, continuing to sell newspapers until 1882, when he shipped as fireman on the tug Mary E. Pierce, out of Buffalo harbor. He remained on her about seven months, and the next season fired on the tug O. W. Holloway. Proceeding to Fairport, Ohio, he fired two seasons on the tugs Annie and George W. Paige, after which he removed to Cleveland and engaged as fireman on the tug Chris Grover. In 1896 he took out his first papers as engineer and shipped in that capacity on the tug C. G. Curtiss, finishing the season on the Tom Maytham.

Mr. Upper was married, December 26, 1895, to Miss Lizzie Scott, of Cleveland, who died on the 22d of the following June, of typhoid fever.