Great Lakes Maritime History

History of the Great Lakes

Vol. 1 by J.B. Mansfield
Published Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co. 1899

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Vol. 1 of History of the Great Lakes




Past and Present.

The compilation of a complete list of all vessels that have sailed the Great Lakes is, perhaps, impossible, for many early records have been destroyed, and those remaining are sometimes incomplete. The following directory has been prepared with great care, and no available source of information that might add to the accuracy or to the number has been neglected. Few if any prominent vessels on the lakes, it is believed, have been omitted, and the list is by far the most complete that has ever been compiled. It contains with comparatively few exceptions the names of all lake craft from the earliest historical times to the present.

The abreviations used are usually self explanatory. Those most commonly employed are as follows:

b., for built.
bge., barge.
c., composite.
Can., Canadian.
col., collision.
com., commission.
cfy., car ferry.
g. t., gross tons.
Hur., Huron.
l., lake.
Mich., Michigan.
n.t., net tonnage; or sometimes, when applied to 

    Canadian vessels, new tonnage.
prop., propellor.
r., river
rev. cut., revenue cutter.
straits, Straits of Mackinac.
Sup., Superior.
stmr., steamer.
sty., steamyacht.
stcb., steam canal boat.
stpd., steam pile driver.
stl., steam lighter.
std., steam dredge.
schr., sail vessels or barges.
slp., sail sloop.
sly., sloop yacht.
U. S. Gov., United States Government.
v., vessel.
'98, 1898, etc.

By steamer is usually meant side-wheel steamer, but it includes also 
many propellers among the Canadian vessels and sometimes American 
propellers, old vessel lists not always maintaining the distinction
between side-wheel steamers and propellers:

Quadra, Can. prop., 573 g. t., b. '91, Renfrewshire, in com.
Quaker City, stmr., in com., '67.
Quayle, Thomas, tug, 300 t., b. Cleveland, '67, burned Ontonagon, '85.
Quayle, tug, in com., '68.
Quayle, Thomas, schr., 893 g. t., b. '72, Cleveland, in com.
Quebec, Can. prop., 812 t., b. Chatham, Ont., '74, 

   sunk St. Mary's r., '85.
Quebec, Can. brig, 235 t., b. Wolf island, L. Ont., before '52.
Quebec, prop., 1,003 g. t., later the F. E. Spinner.
Quebec, Can. prop., 121 n. t., b. '67, Bedford Mills, in com.
Quebec, Can. stmr., 1,084 n. t., b. '65, Sorel, in com.
Quebec, Can. bge., 234 g. t., b. '62, Garden Island, in com.
Queen, Can. prop., 7 g. t., b. '83, Roach's Point, in com.
Queen, Can. stmr., 64 t., b. Dunville, '51.
Queen, tug, 29 g. t., b. '97, Buffalo, in com.
Queen, Can. schr., 375 t., sailed Toronto to Liverpool, '58.
Queen, Can. fry., 476 n. t., b. '86, Levis, in com.
Queen Ann, sty., 14 g. t., b. '96, Detroit, in com.
Queen Charlotte, armed ship, 400 t., 17 guns, b. Amherstburg by 

   Can. Govt., '09, captured in battle L. Erie, sunk Erie, afterwards 

   raised and fitted out for lake trade.
Queen Charlotte, Can. stmr., formerly Lady of the Lake, 

   burned Toronto, '55.
Queen Charlotte, Can. schr., 150 g. t., b. '18, Ernesttown, broken up.
Queen City, prop., 3,980 g. t., b. '96, Cleveland, in com.
Queen City, stmr., 1,000 t., b. Buffalo, '48, made barge, 

   lost L. Hur., '66.
Queen City, schr., 675 g. t., b., '73, East Saginaw, wrecked Hog 

   Island reef, '95.
Queen City, tug, 22 g. t., b. '75, Buffalo, passed out, '97.
Queen City, Can. prop., 312 n. t., b. '74, Wallaceburg, in com., 

   formerly J. W. Steinhoff.
Queen City, Can. prop., now the Can. prop. Ongiara.
Queen City, Can. stmr., 450 g. t., b. '42, Niagara, burned Toronto, '55.
Queen of the Bay, schr., 73 t., wrecked near Oswego, '67.
Queen of the Isles, Can. prop., 40 g. t., b. '85, Orillia, in com.
Queen of the Lakes, prop., 563 t., b. '55. Black River, O., 

   burned Marquette, '69.
Queen of the Lakes, i. stmr., 153 g. t., b. '72, Wyandotte, 

   burned South Manitou, '98.
Queen of the Lakes, schr., 347 t., wrecked Brighton, '86.
Queen of the Lakes, Can. schr., 374 n. t., b. '58, Portsmouth, in com.
Queen of the North, Can. brig, 347 g. t., b. '61, Nottawasaga, in com.
Queen of the West, Can. prop., b. Malden, '46, burned Hamilton, '53.
Queen of the West, Can. stmr., 700 g. t., b. '52, Oswego.
Queen of the West, stmr., 1,852 t., b. Buffalo, '53, dismantled, '59.
Queen of the West, schr., 347 g. t., b. L. Ont., '61, 

   wrecked Bailey's Harbor, '82.
Queen of the West., prop., 818 g. t., b. '81, Bay City, in com.
Queen Victoria, Can. stmr., 200 t., b. '37, wrecked L. Erie, '51.
Queen Victoria, Can. schr., b. Garden Island, '39.
Queen Victoria, Can. stmr., 349 t., b. '68, burned L. Erie, '83.
Queenston, Can. stmr., 350 g. t., b. '24, Queenston.
Quickstep, schr., 282 g. t., formerly S. Anderson, damaged '69, 

   passed out.
Quickstep, tug, 10 g. t., b. '69, Buffalo, in com.
Quickstep, schr., 283 g. t., b. '74, Green Bay, in com.
Quimby, I. L., schr., 87 g. t., b. '63, New Baltimore, Mich., in com.
Quincy, stmr., 360 t., b. Buffalo, '57.
Quinlon, Eliza, Can. schr., 131 g. t., b. '70, Port Hope, in com.
Quito, prop., 1,372 g. t., b. '73, Bangor, Mich., in com., 

   formerly David Ballentine.
Quinte, Can. stmr., burned L. Ont., '89, 4 lives lost.
Quinze, Can. prop., 32 g. t., b. '91, Montreal, in com.