Great Lakes Maritime History

History of the Great Lakes

Vol. 1 by J.B. Mansfield
Published Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co. 1899

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Vol. 1 of History of the Great Lakes




Past and Present.

The compilation of a complete list of all vessels that have sailed the Great Lakes is, perhaps, impossible, for many early records have been destroyed, and those remaining are sometimes incomplete. The following directory has been prepared with great care, and no available source of information that might add to the accuracy or to the number has been neglected. Few if any prominent vessels on the lakes, it is believed, have been omitted, and the list is by far the most complete that has ever been compiled. It contains with comparatively few exceptions the names of all lake craft from the earliest historical times to the present.

The abreviations used are usually self explanatory. Those most commonly employed are as follows:

b., for built.
bge., barge.
c., composite.
Can., Canadian.
col., collision.
com., commission.
cfy., car ferry.
g. t., gross tons.
Hur., Huron.
l., lake.
Mich., Michigan.
n.t., net tonnage; or sometimes, when applied to 

    Canadian vessels, new tonnage.
prop., propellor.
r., river
rev. cut., revenue cutter.
straits, Straits of Mackinac.
Sup., Superior.
stmr., steamer.
sty., steamyacht.
stcb., steam canal boat.
stpd., steam pile driver.
stl., steam lighter.
std., steam dredge.
schr., sail vessels or barges.
slp., sail sloop.
sly., sloop yacht.
U. S. Gov., United States Government.
v., vessel.
'98, 1898, etc.

By steamer is usually meant side-wheel steamer, but it includes also 
many propellers among the Canadian vessels and sometimes American 
propellers, old vessel lists not always maintaining the distinction
between side-wheel steamers and propellers:

Vacuna, prop., 47 g. t., b. '96, Bristol, R. I., in com.
Vail, Walter, prop., 726 g. t., b. '90, West Bay City, in com.
Vail, Walter, sty., 18 g. t., later the Laurel.
Valconi, prop., 16 g. t., b. '90, Shelburne, Vt., passed out, '91.
Valcour, prop., 10 g. t., b. '90, Shelburne, Vt., in com.
Valcocia, Can. bge., 650 n. t., b. '88, Ganlen island, in com.
Valestine, schr., b. Conneaut, stranded Port Austin, '73.
Valeria, schr., arrived Cleveland from Liverpool, '59.
Valeria, Can. prop., 39 n. t., b. '91, Kingston, in com., 

   formerly Lorelie.
Valerie, tug, 59 g. t., formerly Golden Eagle, b. '72, Sandusky, in com.
Valetta, Can. bark, burned Chicago fire, '71.
Valiant, sly., 9 g. t., b. '94, in com.
Valiant, prop., 40 g. t., b. '94, Benton Harbor, in com.
Valina, prop., 15 g. t., b. '96, Ogdensburg, in com.
Valietta, prop., 27 g. t., b. '87, Syarcuse, in com.
Valley, scow, ashore, Pt. Albino, '56.
Valley, Ed., schr., 13 g. t., b. '81, Sebewaiog, passed out, '94.
Valley City, s. stmr., 264 g. t., b. '92, Toledo, in com.
Valley Mills, prop., 36 g. t., b. '80, Cleveland, in com.
Vampire, schr., 143 t., b. Ashtabula, '68, capsized Pigeon bay, '70.
Van Allen, D. R., Can. prop., 328 n. t., b. '74, Chatham, in com.
Van Allen, S. R., Can. stbge., 318 g. t., b. '81, St. Catharines, 

   in com.
Van Buren, tug, burned Buffalo, '69.
Van Elis, H. M., tug, 28 g. t., b. '95, Sheboygan, in com.
Van Epps, Sarah, stmr., 179 t., b. Fort Howard, '62.
Van Horne, E. A., prop., 10 g. t., b. '81, Oswego, in com.
Van Raalte, A. C., stmr., lost L. Mich., '88.
Van Raalte A., C., tug, 176 g. t., b. '67, Buffalo, in com.
Van Schaick, A. G., tug, 39 g. t., b. '72, Chicago, in com.
Van Slyke, C. A., sunk Black Rock, '43.
Van Straubenzie, Sir T. C., Can. schr., 400 n. t., b. '75, 

   St. Catharines, in com.
Van Valkenberg, Lucinda, schr., 286 t., b. '62, Tonawanda, sunk by 

   col., Thunder bay, '87.
Van Winkle, Rip, schr., 235 t., b. Chaumont, N. Y., '47.
Vanitta, W., schr., 223 t., b. Erie, '62.
Vance, David, schr., sunk Amherstburg, '86.
Vance, Frank L., prop., 1,731 g. t., b. '87, Cleveland, in com.
Vance, Gen., stmr., 75 t., b. Perrysburg, '78, exploded near Windsor, 

   '44, 9 lives lost.
Vandalia, first prop. on lakes, sloop-rigged, 138 t., b. '41, Oswego, 

   passed through Welland canal '42, enlarged '46 to 200 t., and 

   renamed the Milwaukee.
Vandalia, Can. prop., wrecked by col., L. Erie, '51.
Vanderbilt, W. H., schr., 520 t., b. Saginaw, '67, foundered Long 

   Point, '83.
Vanderbilt, Can. prop., 318 g. t., b. '73, Chatham, in com.
Vanderbilt, prop., 1,302 g. t., b. '71, Port Huron, in com.
Vanenna, sly., 19 g. t., b. '96, in com.
Vanetta, bge., 152 t., b. '62, wrecked L. Erie, '86.
Vanguard, bark, name changed to Wirralife in '55.
Varana, Can. prop., 72 n. t., b. '80, Picton, in com.
Vega, schr., 200 g. t., formerly A. J. Covill, B. '56, Erie, in com.
Vega, Can. prop., 7 g. t., b. '84, Kingston, in com.
Vega, Can. prop., 146 n. t., b. '84, Levis, in com.
Vega, s. prop., 2,143 g. t., b. '93, Cleveland, in com.
Velocipede, schr., wrecked near Racine, '77.
Velocipede, tug, 36 t., b. '70, passed out.
Velocity, schr., 102 t., b. Buffalo, '43.
Vencedor, sly., 18 g. t., b. '96, in com.
Veneruela, prop., 2,125 g. t., b. '97, West Bay City, in com.
Venice, brig, 253 t., b. before '52, passed out since '68.
Ventura, Can. sty., 7 g. t., b. '90, Kingston, in com.
Venture, schr., 101 g. t., b. '69, Green Bay, abandoned, '97.
Venture, schr., 20 g. t., b. '81, Conneaut, passed out '96.
Venture, scow, sunk by col., Two Rivers, '88.
Venture, sty., 13 g. t., b. '93, Chicago, in com.
Venus, schr., 14 t., passed out.
Venus, schr., 221 t., b. '72, foundered with all hands, 

   Thunder Bay, '87.
Venus, stch., 130 g. t., b. '80, Ithaca, later the Gowanda.
Vera, Can. prop., 13 n. t., b. '90, Rondeau, in com.
Vera, sty., 10 g. t., b. '86, Ludington, in com.
Verbena, May, Can. tug, 16 g. t., stranded L. Hur. '96.
Vergey, Can. prop., 18 g. t., b. '88, Picton, in com.
Vermilion, schr., 59 t., b. Vermilion river, '14.
Vermilion, stmr., 385 t., b. Vermilion, '38, burned Huron, '42, 5 lives 

   lost, raised, rebuilt and named the New Orleans.
Vermont, prop., burned Grand River, Can., '52.
Vermont, prop., sunk L. Erie by col., '63.
Vermont, schr., 81 g. t., b. '53, Huron, in com.
Vermont, stmr., 1,124 g. t., b. '71, Shelburne, Vt., in com.
Verna, slp., 6 g. t., b. '87, Grand Haven, passed out, '92.
Vernon, prop., 560 t., b. '66, sunk L. Mich., '87, 36 lives lost.
Verona, schr., 728 g. t., b. '73, Cleveland, chartered ocean 

   service, '98.
Veronica, prop., 1,093 g. t., b. '86, Milwaukee, in com.
Verve, y., arrived Chicago from Scotland, '84.
Verve, Can. schr., 14 g. t., b. '77, Glasgow, in com.
Vesta, Eugenia, schr., 140 g. t., formerly Russia, b. '76, 

   Pt. Credit, Ont., in com.
Vesta, Can. prop., 14 g. t., b. '84, Ottawa, in com.
Vestey, V., prop., 95 g. t., b. '87, Grand Haven, passed out, '95.
Veto, schr., 56 g. t., b. '79, Egg Harbor, Wis., passed out, '94.
Vick, Can. tug, 16 n. t., b. '89, Chatham, in com.
Vickery, A., schr., sunk near Rock Island, '89.
Victor, schr., b. '35, lost with all hands, L. Erie, '39.
Victor, schr., lost L. Mich., '44, 8 lives lost.
Victor, stch., 101 g. t., b. '75, Lockport, Ill., in com.
Victor, Can. tug, 48 n. t., b. '75, Quebec, in com.
Victor, Can. schr., 140 g. t., b. '91, Monte Bello, in com.
Victor, prop., 26 g. t., b. '97, Vergennes, Vt., in com.
Victor, sty., 13 g. t., b. '97, Toledo, in com.
Victor, schr., lost '88, L. Huron.
Victoria, Can. stmr., b. '50, Toronto, ferry boat at Toronto.
Victoria, schr., 280 t., b. Oakville, '62.
Victoria, Can. prop., 191 g. t., b. '67, Lindsay, in com.
Victoria, Can. stmr., listed and sank in Thames river with 600 

   passengers, '81, 181 drowned.
Victoria, Can. tug, now the Can. tug Lillie.
Victoria, prop., sunk L. Huron '84.
Victoria, Can. scow, 136 g. t., b. '70, Welland, in com.
Victoria, prop., 192 g. t., b. '79, Detroit, in com.
Victoria, Can. prop., 65 n. t., b. '95, Sorel, in com.
Victoria, schr., lost '71.
Victoria, Can. tug, 3 g. t., foundered Georgian Bay, '96
Victory, English vessel, built 1764.
Victory, stmr., 77 t., b. Buffalo, '34, broken up Buffalo.
Victory, prop., b. Cleveland, '45.
Victory, s. prop., 3,774 g. t., b. '95, Chicago, in com.
Vidar, brig, arrived Chicago from Norway, '66.
Vieau, schr., in com. '46, passed out.
Vienna, stmr., foundered L. Sup., '73.
Vienna, Can. schr., 166 n. t., b. '71, Port Burwell, in com.
Vienna, prop., 1,005 g. t., b. '73, Cleveland, passed out, '92.
Vienna, Can. schr., wrecked Manitou Beach, '93.
Vigilant, English vessel on L. Ont., 1760.
Vigilant, prop., 372 g. t., b. '96, Port Huron, in com.
Viking, from Norway to World's Fair, '93.
Viking, i. prop., 1,117 g. t., b. '89, Buffalo, in com.
Viking, Can. slp., 71 n. t., b. '91, Port Dover, in com.
Viking, sty., 55 g. t., b. '91, Cleveland, passed out, '92.
Vilas, Joe, schr., in com., '62, passed out.
Vincennes, schr., 195 t., b. '46, Black River, O., passed out.
Vincent, Hattie, Can. tug, 37 n. t., .b '75, Dunkirk, in com.
Vinland, schr., 965 g. t., b. '96, Algonac, in com.
Viola, Can. prop., 68 g. t., b. '83, Levis, in com.
Viola, tug, 31 g. t., b. '89, Saugatuck, in com.
Viola, schr., 54 g. t., b. '88, Gross Point, Mich., in com.
Viola, prop., 30 g. t., b. '89, Saugatuck, passed out, '91.
Violet, tug, 18 g. t., b. '90, Benton Harbor, in com.
Virago, scow, in com. '50.
Virginia, schr., 130 t., in L. Mich., trade, '23.
Virginia, brig, 128 t., b. before '38, lost off Long Point, '55.
Virginia, Can. bge., 194 n. t., b. 74 Montreal, in com.
Virginia, s. prop., 1,606 g. t., b. '91, Cleveland, in com.
Virginia, tug, 22 g. t., b. '97, Alexandria Bay, in com.
Virginia, prop., 510 g. t., later the Thos. D. Stimson.
Virginia, Mary, tug, 32 g. t., b. '80, Lorain.
Virginius, bge., 422 t., b. Mt. Clemens, '81.
Visger, Capt., prop., 29 g. t., b. '95, Alexandria Bay, in com.
Vision, Can. schr., 66 g. t., b. '73, Dog Lake, in com.
Vision, sty., 98 g. t., b. '90, Buffalo, in com.
Visitor, schr., sunk L. Erie, '55.
Visitor, s. sty., 70 g. t., b. '92, Detroit, in com.
Vita, sty., g. t., b., '88, Trenton, Mich., in com.
Viva, sty., 30 g. t., b. '82, Chicago.
Vivid, Can. prop., 56 g. t., b. '86, Toronto, in com.
Vixen, Can. tug, 30 n. t., b. '85, Drummond Island, in com.
Voges, Theodore, schr., 163 g. t., b. '76, Black River, O., in com.
Voigt, Ida, schr., 13 g. t., b. '81, in com.
Volanta, i. sty., 33 g. t., formerly Rosaline, b. '75, Buffalo, in com.
Volley, Ed., schy., 18 g. t., b., '81, Sebewaing, in com.
Volunteer, schr., 52 g. t., b. '63, Ogdensburg, wrecked Port Austin, '93.
Volunteer, schr., 238 t., lost '93, L. Hur.
Volunteer, tug, 34 g. t., b. '87, Fort Howard, in com.
Volunteer, tug, 20 g. t., '88, Ludington, in com.
Volunteer, schr., 31 g. t., b. '89, Saganing, Mich., in com.
Volunteer, prop., 1,944 g. t., b. '88, Trenton, Mich., in com.
Volunteer, Can. schr., 58 n. t., '91, Dog Lake, in com.
Vought, Annie, schr., 680 g. t., b. '67, Fairport, 

   wrecked L. Mich., '92.
Vulcan, Can. schr., 150 g. t., b. '41, Kingston, passed out.
Vulcan, tug, 249 t., b. '68, burned L. Erie, '83.
Vulcan, s. prop., 1,759 g. t., b. '89, Cleveland, in com.
Vulcan, sty., 19 g. t., b. '91, Detroit, in com.