Ship Masters' Association of the Great Lakes

The Ship Masters' Association

Its Aims and Objectives who are its members extracts from Constitution.

Article 1 - Purpose of the Association

Sec. 2 The purpose of this association shall be to improve and elevate the character of its members, to create a brotherly feeling, to visit the sick, render necessary assistance in case of death, to provide for a beneficiary fund, and to pay the same to the family of deceased members, or as may be otherwise directed.

Article V - Membership

Sec. 1 Every applicant for membership in this association shall hold a master's certificate issued by the United States government, in force at the date of his becoming a member. He must also have been actively engaged in sailing within a period of two years prior to the date of his application for membership.

The Ship Masters' Association books were published yearly by The American Publishers Company Norwalk, Ohio. They contain a listing of officers of the Association, name and address of the members. They also list the steam and sail vessels of the Great Lakes with name and address of the owners. Also included is an 'In Memory' section that listed association members who died during the year. Note that not all captains or masters on the Great Lakes were members of the Ship Masters' Association so may not be listed.

Years Available

April, 1908