Marine Vessels Navigating

the Great Lakes in 1905

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Source: The Saint Marys Falls Canal: Exercises at the Semi-centennial Celebration at at Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, August 2 and 3, 1905, together with a history of the canal by John H. Goff, and papers relating to the Great Lakes. By Michigan Lake Superior canal semi centennial celebration commission, Charles Moore, John H. Goff; Compiled by Charles Moore, Published 1907.


Adams, Thomas, Detroit. Mich. 
	Steamer Langham 
	Captain, W. M. Mahon 
	Engineer, Robt. Hains.

Adams Transportation Co., Detroit, Mich.,  
	Steamer Thomas Adams
	Captain, F. B. Cody 
	Engineer, F. J. McCabe.

Adams, Thomas, Manager Munroe Transportation Co., Detroit. 
	Steamer Geo. L Craig
	Captain, D. J. Duncanson 
	Engineer, S. C. Staley.

Alger, Smith & Co., Detroit. 
	Steamer Gettysburg
	Captain, Wm. Jagenow 
	Engineer, Wm. P. Wenner. 

Algoma Central Steamship Line, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., 
	W. C. Barr, Superintendent of Steamship Line. 
	Steamer Paliki  
		Captain, Ben Garvie 
		Engineer, Jas. Gregg.
	Steamer Leafield 
		Captain, W. C. Jordan 
		Engineer, Jas. Cameron 
	Steamer Monkshaven 
		Captain, Peter McIntyre 
		Engineer, Samuel Beatty. 
	Steamer Theano 
		Captain, Geo. W. Pearson 
		Engineer, Jas. Smith. 
	Steamer King Edward 
		Captain, Wm. Bemrose 
		Engineer, Geo. Sylvester. 
	Steamer Barium 
		Captain, R. C. Erwin.
	Steamer Ossifrage 
		Captain A. A. Batten 
		Engineer, J. T. Myler. 
	Steamer, Minnie M. 
		Captain I. Woolner 
		Engineer. Jos. Grimes. 
	Steamer Philadelphia 
		Captain. W. J. McQuade 
		Engineer, Thos. McMurray. 
	Steamer Fortune 
		Captain, H. A. Pocock
		Engineer, F. W. Cornish. 
	Schooner Agawa 
		Captain, Jas. Slammon.

Anchor Line, Erie & Western Transportation Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 
	Steamer Juniata 
		Captain, Edward Martin 
		Engineer, Wm. Wilson 
	Steamer Tionesta 
		Captain, Jno. Doherty 
		Engineer, John Wise. 
	Steamer India 
		Captain. Chas. Christy 
		Engineer, John Forrester. 
	Steamer Japan 
		Captain. J. J. Lehan 
		Engineer, Edw. Stevenson.
	Steamer Muney 
		Captain, Chas. Nelson 
		Engineer, F. Rehbaum. 
	Steamer Codorus 
		Capt. L. Wright 
		Engineer, T. Griffin. 
	Steamer Mahoning 
		Capt. H. O. Miller
		Engineer, W. A. Black. 
	Steamer Schuylkill 
		Captain, A. McKenzie 
		Engineer, John Jordan. 
	Steamer Susquchanna 
		Captain, H. Cronkhite
		Engineer, A. Edgar. 
	Steamer Lehigh 
		Captain, F. Bloom 
		Engineer, Wm. Garrity. 
	Steamer Clarion 
		Captain, Geo. J. Delaney 
		Engineer, A. E. Welch. 
	Steamer Alaska 
		Captain, Jos. Corcoran 
		Engineer, John Healy. 
	Steamer Conemaugh 
		Captain, M. Boggan 
		Engineer, A. B. Fraser.
	Steamer Wissahickon 
		Captain, E. E. Loadwick 
		Engineer, Chas. Hull.

Ann Arbor R. R. & S. S. Line, Toledo, O., 
	H. W. Ashley, Gen. Manager. 
	Steamer Ann Arbor No. 1 — 
		Captain, A. L. Larson 
		Engineer, B. Aldrich. 
	Steamer Ann Arbor No. 2 
		Captain, C. Frederickson 
		Engineer. F. Russell. 
	Steamer Ann Arbor No. 3 
		Captain, F. A. Robertson 
		Engineer, T. J. Harkins.

Argo Steamship Co., Cleveland, 
	E. L. Fisher, Manager. 
	Steamer Argo
		Captain, Geo. L Cottrell 
		Engineer, John Ferguson. 
	Schooner C. B. Jones 
		Captain, John Nelson.
	Schooner D. P. Dobbins 
		Captain, Harry May.


Booth & Co., A., Tribune Bldg., Chicago, Ill. 
	Steamer America
		Captain, Jacob F. Hector 
		Engineer, Frank McMillan. 
	Steamer Bon Ami
		Captain, John Clow 
		Engineer, Frank Bell. 
	Steamer Mabel Bradshaw
		Captain, Benj. Lewis
		Engineer, D. Smith. 
	Steamer Caribou
		Captain, J. L. Baxter
		Engineer, Joseph Cosford.
	Steamer Manitou
		Captain, Jas. Wilson
		Engineer, Robert Grierson.
	Steamer C. W. Moore
		Captain, Ed. Smith
		Engineer, Fred Lee.
	Steamer Easton 
		Captain, H. Clauson
		Engineer, James Evans.
	Steamer 5. B. Barker 
		Captain O. J. Vorous
		Engineer, John Matheson.
	Steamer Soo City 
		Engineer, Al.- Krogman.

Boutell Steel Barge Co., Bay City, Mich., 
		W. E. Sutherland, Superintending Engineer.
	Steamer Bay City 
		Captain, John McCarthy
		Engineer, G. A. Miller.
	Steamer Bay Port 
		Captain, K. A. Jensen
		Engineer, Neil Marshall.
	Steamer Bay State 
		Captain, C. D. Brown
		Engineer, A. C. Garting.
	Steamer Bay View 
		Captain, Gus. E. Atkinson
		Engineer, Emerson Harner. 
	Schooner Bombay 
		Captain. Charles Philips. 
	Schooner Baroness 
		Captain, D. McFadyen. 
	Schooner Brittania 
		Captain. W. Wilson. 
	Schooner Baravia 
		Captain, A. Siljander. 
	Schooner Badger 
		Captain. C. Gabrielsen. 
	Schooner Berkshire 
		Captain, Geo. N. McCallun. 
	Schooner Baden 
		Captain, R. Jenssen. 
	Schooner Bath 
		Captain, L. Brush.

Boynton, L. R., Manager, Island Transportation Co., St. Ignace, Mich.
	Steamer Algomah 
		Captain, G. W. Boynton
		Engineer, R. McLaughlin.
	Steamer Wau-Kon 
		Captain, A. Groves
		Engineer, Geo. Densmore.

Boynton, L. R., Manager, Mackinac Transportation Co., St. Ignace, Mich.
	Steamer Saint Marie 
		Captain, R. McDowell
		Engineer . Richard Walsh.
	Steamer Saint Ignace 
		Captain, R. McDowell
		Engineer, Joseph Rosseau.

Bradley, M. A., Citizens Bldg., Cleveland.
	Steamer Aha 
		Captain. M. Mulholland
		Engineer, Chris Castle.
	Steamer George Stone 
		Captain, Paul Howell
		Engineer Clark.
	Steamer Pasadena 
		Captain, James Buchanan
		Engineer, Andrew Chapman.
	Steamer Gladstone 
		Captain, J. A. Holmes
		Engineer . W. W. Tyler.
	Steamer M. B. Grover
		Captain, Geo. McGrain
		Engineer, Chas. McLean.
	Steamer R. P. Ranney
		Captain, Jas. McCannel
		Engineer, B. McCabe.
	Steamer S. E. Fay 
		Captain, M. S.Thompson
		Engineer, C. M. Williams.
	Steamer S. E. Sheldon 
		Captain. A. H. Shafer
		Engineer, John Lockhart.
	Steamer Fred Kelley. 
	Schooner Adriatic
		Captain Otto A. Rose. 
	Schooner A. Cobb 
		Captain, T. A. Karstan. 
	Schooner D. P. Rhodes 
		Captain. Chas. Anderson. 
	Schooner Thos. Quayle 
		Captain. O. C. Olson. 
	Schooner Negaunee 
		Captain Webb. 

Bradwell, Thos.. 128 Clark St.. Chicago. 
	Schooner J. B. Wilber
		 Captain, Frank McGregor.
	Schooner A. Bradley 
		Captain, John Hodell. 
	Schooner Norman 
		Captain, Robert McGregor.
Brainard, W. S., Toledo, O.
	Steamer Cherokee 
		Captain. James Mara
		Engineer, J. S Robertson. 
	Schooner Chippewa 
		Captain, Jno. Davidson.

Brittain, R. C., Saugatuck, Mich.
	Steamer J. S. C Rouse 
		Captain, L. S. Brittain 
		Engineer, S. J. Johns.
	Steamer Frank Woods 
		Captain, Chas. Coates
		Engineer, H. Randall. 
	Schooner L Carter
		Captain, William Sell. 

Brown Steamship Co., Cleveland, 
	H. H. Brown, President.
	Steamer Castalia 
		Captain, John F. Jones
		Engineer, Edward Dempsey. 

Buckley, Edward, Manistee, Mich.
	Steamer Edward Buckley 
		Captain, Charles Guewuch
		Engineer, Ernest Smith. 


Calbick & Co., J. A., Sherman St., Chicago.
	Steamer P. J. Ralph
		Captain, John Evans
		Engineer, Joseph Garlano.
	Steamer J.H. Prentice
		Captain, R. F. Evans
		Engineer, Jas. McMillan.
	Steamer Kalkaska
		Captain, Gustave Gunderson
		Engineer, J. H. Frost.
	Steamer Oregon
		Captain, Frank Elliott
		Engineer, James McHaley. 
	Schooner Harold
		Captain, Halmer Haggenson. 
	Schooner Connelly Bros.
		Captain, Carl Johnson. 
	Schooner Middlesex 
		Captain. Paul T. Weimer. 
	Schooner Hoisted 
		Captain. John Lundberg. 
	Schooner R. L Fryer 
		Captain. Emil Christsen. 
	Schooner Oak Leaf 
		Captain, A. T. Hanson. 
	Schooner S. II Foster 
		Captain, Fred Weimar. 

Comstock & Sinclair, Duluth, Minn. 
	Steamer O. T. Flint
		Captain, John Randal
		Engineer, Robt. Cameron.
	Steamer Simon Langell
		Captain, J. A. Stewart 
		Engineer, Geo. Cook. 
	Schooner Arenac
		Captain, Wyman Powers. 
	Schooner W. K. Moore
		Captain, Burt Warwick. 
	Schooner Interlaken
		Captain, R. Taylor.

Conlon, J. & T., Thorold, Ont.
	Steamer Erin
		Captain, P. Sullivan 
		Engineer, John Milne. 
	Schooner F. L. Danforth
		Captain, B. McIntyre.

Corning, Gurdon, Saginaw, Mich. 
	Schooner Our Son
		Captain, Geo. W. Ryan.

Corrigan, James, Managing Owner, 719 Perry-Payne Bldg., Cleveland, 
	H. J. Reynolds, Superintending Engineer.
	Steamer Bulgaria
		Captain, N. L. Miner 
		Engineer, H. S. Haynes.
	Steamer Australia
		Captain, R. E. Donaldson 
		Engineer, John Radford.
	Steamer Caledonia
		Captain, J. N. Nicholson 
		Engineer, F. Craig.
	Steamer Italia
		Captain, A. McGregor 
		Engineer, E. Butler.
	Steamer Iron Age
		Captain, J. H. McCormick 
		Engineer, E. Woodhall.
	Steamer Progress
		Captain Thos. J. Brady
		Engineer, John Maxwell. 
	Barge Amazon
		Captain, Jas. O'Flynn 
		Engineer. John Sandvich. 
	Barge Polynesia
		Captain, A. D. McKay. 
	Schooner Ashland
		Captain, Arthur Adams. 
	Schooner Tasmania
		Captain, Wm. Radford. 
	Schooner Iron Cliff
		Captain, Martin Kurth. 
	Schooner J. M. Hutchinson
		Captain, J. C. Hays. 
	Schooner M. W. Page
		Captain, Harey Peter.

Corrigan, John, 719 Perry-Payne Bldg., Cleveland.
	Steamer Aurania
		Captain, A. H. Gain 
		Engineer, B. Henry.

Cranage, S. P., Bay City, Mich.
	Steamer Thomas Cranage
		Captain, John S. McNeill
		Engineer, William Nerreter.
	Steamer City of Paris
		Captain, Washington Moore
		Engineer, David N. Humphrey.

Crosby Transportation Co., Muskegon, Mich.
	Steamer Nyack
		Captain, John H. Huff 	
		Engineer, Karl Hallberg.
	Steamer Naomi
		Captain, Thos. Traill 
		Engineer, B. J. Hopkins.

Crosthwaite, J. L., 202 Main St., Buffalo.
	Steamer Georgetown. 
	Schooner Ben Harrison.
	Schooner Buckeye State.

Cummings, M. J., Oswego, N. Y.
	Steamer Western Star
		Captain, P. J. Griffin 
		Engineer, Martin Griffin.
	Steamer C. S. Parnell
		Captain, Wm. Griffin 
		Engineer, S. Mallon.


Dauble, E. B., Tonawanda, N. Y.
	Steamer Olga
		Captain, Edward H. Prill.

Davidson, James, West Bay City, Mich.
	Steamer Amazonas
		Captain, E. Smades
		Engineer, W. J. Downing.
	Steamer Bermuda
		Captain, A. W. Henderson 
		Engineer, John Doe.
	Steamer Cartagena
		Captain, W. L. Montgomery 
		Engineer, Harry E. L'Hote.
	Steamer Orinoco
		Captain, Chas. Ainsworth 
		Engineer, Jos. D. Gonyou.
	Steamer Panama
		Captain, Warren C. Jones 
		Engineer, John W. Clark.
	Steamer Rappahannock
		Captain, Geo. C. Stevenson 
		Engineer, E. W. Tilley.
	Steamer Sacramento
		Captain, Hugh Stevenson 
		Engineer A. G. Olmsted.
	Steamer Shenandoah
		Captain R. O'Connor 
		Engineer, Geo. M. Wise.
	Steamer Venezuela
		Captain E. J. Starkey 
		Engineer, B. Hansen. 
	Schooner Chieftain
		Captain, Martin Johnson.
	Schooner Grampian
		Captain, John Henderson. 
	Schooner Granada
		Captain, J. T. Lennon. 
	Schooner Matanzas
		Captain. D. G. Gordon. 
	Schooner Paisley
		Captain, Frank Moore. 
	Schooner Pretoria
		Captain, Charles Smart. 
	Schooner Montcsuma
		Captain, W. H. Hargrove.

Deseronto Navigation Co., Deseronto, Ont., 
	John Harrison Superintending Engineer.
	Steamer Resolute
		Captain, John Gowan 
		Engineer. John Harrison.
	Steamer Reliance
		Captain, James Dougherty 
		Engineer, John Toppings.
	Steamer Ella Ross
		Captain, D. B. Christie 
		Engineer, M. J. McFaul.
	Steamer Desoronto
		Captain, M. Palmateer 
		Engineer, Stanley LeRue.
	Steamer Rescue
		Captain, P. J. Lynch 
		Engineer, Owen Flood.
	Steamer Armenia
		Captain, Albert Bamhart 
		Engineer, Michael Toppings.
	Steamer Ranger
		Captain, Howard Burnip 
		Engineer, Wm. Stanhope.
	Steamer Arctic
		Captain, W. J. Daly 
		Engineer, Thos. Lynch. 
	Schooner Recruiter
		Captain, Daniel McVicker

Detroit, Belle Isle & Windsor Ferry Co., Detroit, Mich.
	Nicholas Huff, Superintending Engineer. 
	Steamer Victoria
		Captain. Peter Williams
		Engineer, Walter Merrill.
	Steamer Excelsior-
		Captain, Archie Bain
		Engineer, S. J. Merrill. 
	Steamer Sappho
		Captain, John Demstead
		Engineer, Wm. Wilkie.
	Steamer Garland
		Captain, Michael McCune
		Engineer, James Foster.
	Steamer Promise
		Captain, Damise Jacques
		Engineer, Albert E. Garland.
	Steamer Pleasure
		Captain, Robt. E. Ferguson
		Engineer, Hugh McAlpine.
	Steamer Columbia
		Captain, John Wilkinson
		Engineer, Henry Free.
	Steamer Pappoose
		Captain, J. H. Halero
		Engineer, Wm. Hyde.

Detroit & Buffalo Steamboat Co., Detroit, Mich.
	W. C. McMillan, Manager. 
	Steamer Eastern States
		Captain, Duncan McLachlan
		Engineer, J. P. Wells. 
	Steamer Western States
		Captain, Frank G. Stewart
		Engineer. A. Carter.

Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Co.,Detroit, Mich., 
	W. C. McMillan, General Manager.
	Steamer City of Detroit
		Captain, Alex J. McKay
		Engineer, Wm. Huff. 
	Steamer City of Cleveland
		Captain, Archibald McLachlan
		Engineer, John Hall. 
	Steamer City of Alpena
		Captain Mathew Lightbody
		Engineer, A. Phillipa.
	Steamer City of Mackinac
		Captain, Fred Simpson
		Engineer, Wm. McDonald.
	Steamer State of Ohio
		Captain, A. H. McLachlan
		Engineer. D. Donaldson.
	Steamer City of the Straits
		Captain, S. O. Robinson
		Engineer, Wm. Steen.
	Steamer State of New York

Donely, W. E., Saginaw, Mich. 
	Schooner A. C. Maxwell
		Captain, J. N. Garlock.
	Schooner Katie Brainard
		Captain, W. H. Haggerty.

Dorrington, John, 62 Spruce St., Detroit. 
	Schooner Maria Martin
		Captain, John Dorrington.
Downey & Co., Robert, Oswego, N. Y.
	Steamer Montcagle
		Captain, Geo. E. Talbot
		Engineer, Wm. S. Brown.

Drake, M. M., Buffalo, N. Y.
	Steamer Chili
		Captain, W. F. Sutherland
		Engineer, A. P. Stewart.

Drieske & Co., Louis F., 146 Claybourn Place, Chicago. 
	Schooner Ralph Campbell 
		Captain. Peter Hansen.

Dunham, R. J., 381 N. Halsted St., Chicago.
	Steamer Ravenseraig
		Captain, Wm. Anderson
		Engineer, E. B. Purvis.
	Steamer City of London
		Captain, Arnold Green
		Engineer, J. R. Bennett.
	Steamer Black Rock
		Captain, J. F. Hansen
		Engineer, Frank Reilly.

Dunkley-Williams Co., 7 Rush St., Chicago, 111., 
	G. P. Cory, General Manager.
	Steamer Iroquois
		Captain, Frank Swails
		Engineer, J. O. Adams.
	Steamer City of South Haven
		Captain, Jos. Shea
		Engineer, M. F. Madden.
	Steamer Glenn. 
	Steamer City of Kalamazoo.
	Steamer W. W. Williams.
	Steamer Petoskey.

Duluth Mining & Milling Co., Duluth, Minn. 
	Schooner Clement S. 


Eddy, Chas. A., Bay City, Mich.
	Steamer Langell Boys
		Captain, A. M. Goodwin
		Engineer, Wm. King. 
	Schooner J. B. Comstock
		Captain, Chas. Loynes. 
	Schooner Abram Smith
		Captain, Louis Briggs.

Eddy-Shaw Transit Co., Bay City, Mich.
	Steamer City of Bangor
		Captain, A. J. Mahon
		Engineer, John Conroy.
	Steamer Penobscot
		Captain, Wm. A. William
		Engineer, E. A. Hoffman.
	Steamer Selwyn Eddy
		Captain G. D. Tulian
		Engineer, W. P. Hoffman.
	Steamer E. C. Pope
		Captain, L. II. Powell
		Engineer, W. O. Anderson.

Ellis, Charles H., Managing Owner, Milwaukee, Wis. 
	Care John Schroeder Lumber Co.
	Steamer Hilton 
		Captain, Manning Kilton
		Engineer, Stephen Tessar.

Elphicke & Co., C. W., 6 Sherman St., Chicago.
	Steamer W. L. Brown
		Captain. W. B. McDonald
		Engineer, W. H. Walder.
	Steamer Mary C. Elphicke
		Captain, Jos. Matthews
		Engineer. S. C. Davis.
	Steamer G. Watson French
		Captain, John Massev
		Engineer, D. W. Rice.
	Steamer Phenix
		Captain, Ed. C. Vanpatten
		Engineer, Wm. Frazer. 

Engelking, Geo., Chicago, Ill.
	Steamer T. S. Christie
		Captain, P. Larsen
		Engineer, W. J. Merrill.

Erickson, Erick, Racine, Wis. 
	Schooner J. A. Holmes
		Captain, James Erickson.

Erickson, Captain James, 471 17th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
	Schooner Lake Forest
		Captain, James Erickson.


Fairgrieve & Co., J. R., Hamilton, Ont.
	Steamer Arabian
		Captain, I. V. Trowell
		Engineer, W. H. Cunningham.

Follette, W. H., Tonawanda, N. Y.
	Steamer Jesse H. Farwell
		Captain, David Curran
		Engineer, A. E. Rhodes.

Forster, C. F., care Forster Lumber Co., Milwaukee, Wis.
	Steamer J. W. Westcott
		Captain, H. L. Wanwig
		Engineer, Wm. Martin.

Hope Transportation Co., Detroit, Mich., 
	Francombe, J. A., Manager.
	Steamer W. R. Stafford
		Captain, W. P. Rattray
		Engineer, John A. Francombe. 
	Schooner Ed. McWilliams
		Captain, A. R. Sharow.

Fullum, Walter K., 572 Front Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
	Schooner Jas. G. Blaine
		Captain, Walter K. Fullum.


Galvin, Michael, Marine Bank Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y.
	Steamer Arabia.
	Steamer Conestoga.
	Steamer Delaware.
	Steamer Juniata.
	Steamer Montana.
	Steamer Vanderbilt.

Gilchrist, F. W., Alpena, Mich.
	Steamer Viking.
	Steamer 5. C. Hall. 
	Schooner Vinland. 
	Schooner Sam Flint. 
	Schooner Nellie Mason.

Gilchrist Transportation Company, Cleveland, O., 
	J. C. Gilchrist, President 
	J. D. Mitchell, Superintending Engineer.
	Steamer Case
		Captain. W. W. Shorkey
		Engineer, Luke J. Mannion.
	Steamer City of Genoa
		Captain, Pierre Bouille
		Engineer, Wm. Brake.
	Steamer City of Naples
		Captain, W. H. Landgraf
		Engineer, Peter Mullen.
	Steamer City of Rome
		Captain, A. W. Holmes
		Engineer. Peter Britz
	Steamer Colonial 
		Captain, Joe Dobson
		Engineer, J. W. Douglass. 
	Steamer Cumberland
		Captain. John Lohr
		Engineer, Daniel Flint.
	Steamer C. A. Eddy
		Captain, D. B. Elsey
		Engineer, Robt. Elliott.
	Steamer C. W. Elphicke
		Captain, J. B. Lyons
		Engineer, David L. Brown.
	Steamer Gilchrist
		Captain, G. L. Cudeback
		Engineer W. T. Schwacofer.
	Steamer J. C. Gilchrist
		Captain, E. L. Ennes
		Engineer, John Parks.
	Steamer F. W. Gilchrist
		Captain, Chas. Hahn
		Engineer, Henry Jesson.
	Steamer C. C. Hand
		Captain, Albert Swanson
		Engineer, H. W. Barden.
	Steamer John Harper
		Captain, Wm. McAlpine
		Engineer, A. L. Millett.
	Steamer F. W. Hart
		Captain, Chas. Hinslea
		Engineer. John Fritz.
	Steamer Frank J. Hecker
		Captain, W. G. Stewart
		Engineer, F. A. Francombe.
	Steamer Helena
		Captain, Nelson Brown
		Engineer, R. O. Butler.
	Steamer Hiawatha
		Captain. A. Vansler
		Engineer, Geo. R. Eaton.
	Steamer R .L. Ireland
		Captain, J. P. Minskey
		Engineer, C. N. Albee
	Steamer Jupiter
		Captain, W. G. Rogers
		Engineer, C. J. Erickson.
	Steamer Lake Shore
		Captain. Duncan Buie
		Engineer, Geo. Zanger.
	Steamer Lansing
		Captain. Chas. S. Ellis
		Engineer, Frank Hawthorne.
	Steamer Mars
		Captain, R. J. Walder
		Engineer, H. J. Hawthorne.
	Steamer Massachusetts
		Captain, A. D. Vorce
		Engineer, Wm. O. Butler.
	Steamer Maytham
		Captain, John Smith
		Engineer. Peter Schackett.
	Steamer Mecosta
		Captain, M. J. Madden
		Engineer, John Conley.
	Steamer Merida
		Captain, Ed. Mooney
		Engineer, James Balfour.
	Steamer Merrimac
		Captain, Fred Bertrand
		Engineer Frank Quellette.
	Steamer Neosho
		Captain, Chas. Caughell
		Engineer. Lewis Fittinger.
	Steamer Neptune
		Captain, F. A. Dupuy
		Engineer. Thos. Burns.
	Steamer Neshoto
		Captain, John Dunn
		Engineer, Gustav Rogers.
	Steamer Nimick
		Captain. James Lowes
		Engineer, D. M. Foster.
	Steamer E. W Oglebay
		Captain, Stanton Markle
		Engineer, A. L Hatch.
	Steamer Olympia
		Captain, S. E. Philip: 
		Engineer, Peter Lamar.
	Steamer Osborne
		Captain Alex Clark
		Engineer, R. H Reynolds.
	Steamer R. R. Rhodes
		Captain, S. S. Stewart
		Engineer. Roman Shinsky.
	Steamer Geo. H. Russell
		Captain, C. T. Gunderson
		Engineer, Henry L. Mitchell.
	Steamer Saturn
		Captain, Geo. White
		Engineer, E. Harris.
	Steamer E N Sounders
		Captain, Peter Full
		Engineer A. F. Hogle.
	Steamer R. E. Schuck
		Captain. F. A. Goodell
		Engineer. Joseph Berney.
	Steamer Siberia
		Captain, Ed. Benham
		Engineer, L. T. Annis.
	Steamer H. S. Sill
		Captain, J. C. Byers
		Engineer, Clem Clark.
	Steamer Steel King
		Captain, Ben Mosher 
		Engineer, Bert Bcauchamp.
	Steamer Tacoma
		Captain, Paul Gutch
		Engineer  T. J. Fowler.
	Steamer C. Tower
		Captain, C. R. Baker
		Engineer, Otto Elsholz.
	Steamer Uranus
		Captain, W. F. Delaney
		Engineer, T. F. Birch.
	Steamer Vega
		Captain, A. M. Williams
		Engineer  Thos. Harringer.
	Steamer Venus
		Captain, Benson Fox
		Engineer, Martin Mitchell.
	Steamer Vermilion
		Captain. B. F. Ogden
		Engineer, T. F. Higgins.
	Steamer Volunteer
		Captain, Richard Call
		Engineer, Peter Robertson.
	Steamer KM/CoM
		Captain, W. G. Slackford
		Engineer, Robert Dornan.
	Steamer Perry G. Walker
		Captain, Claud Ennes
		Engineer, John Seymour. 
	Steamer Wallula
		Captain. Henry Hinslea
		Engineer  C. T. Martin.
	Steamer C. W . Watson
		Captain, A. M. Shepard
		Engineer, R. G. Mabury.
	Steamer J. L. Weeks
		Captain, M. H. Clark
		Engineer . T. A. Francombe. 
	Steamer, D. C. Whitney
		Captain, L. Miskin
		Engineer, F. O. Burrows.
	Steamer D. M. Whitney
		Captain, W. C. Butts
		Engineer, Chas. A. Francombe.
	Steamer Geo. Williams
		Captain, H. Bennett
		Engineer, Chas. Burns.
	Steamer Lewis Woodruff
		Captain, Thos. Gibson : 
		Engineer, A. MacLaren.
	Steamer A. P. Wright
		Captain, Frank Ott
		Engineer, Philip C. Mayer.
	Steamer Yakima
		Captain, J. S. Jones
		Engineer, Walter Paterson. 
	Barge Antrim
		Captain, Ed Lohr
		Engineer, Wm. Marshall. 
	Barge Tyrone
		Captain, Geo. Richards
		Engineer, Geo. Riggin. 
	Schooner M. S. Bacon
		Captain, Henry Elbe. 
	Schooner F. A. Georger
		Captain, Wm. Ziem. 
	Schooner Magnetic
		Captain. Sam Minskey. 
	Schooner B. W. Parker
		Captain, Mathew Ross. 
	Schooner Twin Sisters
		Captain, A. A. Monroe. 
	Schooner Yukon
		Captain, Louis Bangs. 

Glenn, Capt. J., Detroit, Mich. 
	Schooner Fulton
		Captain, J. Glenn. 

Goodrich Transportation Co., Chicago, 111., 
	W. E. Eliott, Superintending Engineer. 
	Steamer Christopher Columbus
		Captain, Chas. E. Moody
		Engineer, G. McLaughlin. 
	Steamer Virginia
		Captain, E. E. Redner
		Engineer, G. P. Roth.
	Steamer Indiana
		Captain, E. Taylor
		Engineer, Wm. Nicholas.
	Steamer City of Racine
		Captain, J. A  Wilson
		Engineer, Felix Neider.
	Steamer Iowa
		Captain, John Raleigh : 
		Engineer, Julius Rushman.
	Steamer Atlanta
		Captain, C. McCauley
		Engineer, Joseph Perontka.
	Steamer Georgia
		Captain, Chas. Bronson
		Engineer, C. H. Bon.
	Steamer Sheboygan
		Captain. A. E. Johnson
		Engineer, A. Galbraith.
	Steamer Chicago
		Engineer, Thos. Porey. 

Grace Harbor Lumber Co., Detroit.
	Steamer Tempest No. z
		Captain, Wm. P. Quinlan
		Engineer, Robt. Craig. 
	Schooner C. G. King
		Captain, Jas. Hamilton. 

Graham & Morton Transportation Co., Chicago.
	Steamer City of Benton Harbor
		Captain, Albert Simons: 
		Engineer, Louis Sebastian.
	Steamer Holland
		Captain, John Stewart: 
		Engineer, R. M. Oliver.
	Steamer Puritan
		Captain. Wm. Boswell: 
		Engineer, James Stewart.
	Steamer Argo
		Captain, H. C. Page
		Engineer . W. S. Bradley. 
	Steamer City of Chicago
		Captain, W. J. Russell
		Engineer, Wm. F. Johnson. 

Grand Trunk Car Ferry Line, Milwaukee, Wis., 
	E. G. Crosby, Manager.
	Steamer Grand Haven
		Captain. Chas. A. Lyman
		Engineer, Eugene Scott. 

Grand Trunk Ry. Co., Windsor, Ont., 
	Captain W. F. McGregor, Superintendent of Fleet, Box 426.
	Steamer Lansdowne
		Captains, F. D. Forrest, Jno. Jackson
		Engineer, Jos. Taylor.
	Steamer Great Western
		Captains, M. Bausetto. A. Baillorgeon :
		Engineer, Wm. Belsom.
	Steamer Huron
		Captains, Hy Oldenburg, O. Lalonde
		Engineer, Jos. Ladds. 

Gray Transportation Co. (Ralph Gray), Cleveland.
	Steamer Arizona
		Captain, W. R. Neal
		Engineer . Chas. Pierce. 
	Schooner Scotia
		Captain, Wallace Allen. 
	Schooner Plymouth
		Captain, Chas. Jorgenson. 

Green, Adolph, Green Bay, Wis.
	Steamer Geo. Burnham
		Captain, Louis Strohon
		Engineer, Chas. Elliott. 
	Schooner L C. Baldwin. 

Green Bay Vessel Co., Green Bay, Wis.
	Steamer Orion
		Captain, G. H. Scott
		Engineer, C. W. Adler. 

Green, John, 402 W. Ferry St., Buffalo, N. Y.
	Steamer Lewiston
		Captain, Samuel Thurston
		Engineer, James Green. 

Greenwood, John W., Port Colborne, Ont.
	Steamer W. J. Carter.
	Schooner Thos. Dobbie. 

Groh, Oley, Sheboygan, Wis. 
	Schooner Quickstep
		Captain, Wm. Lorenz. 


Hackley Transportation Co., 2 Rush St., Chicago., 
	C. F. Clugston, General Manager. 
	Steamer Hackley
		Captain, Miles E. Barry
		Engineer, Adolph Zietch. 

Hahn, J. N., Managing Owner, Cleveland.
	Steamer Jus. H. Shrigley
		Captain, J. E. Rathbun
		Engineer, Phil Canton. 
	Schooner Shawnee
		Captain, James Kobel. 

Hall Coal Co., Geo., Ogdensburg, N. Y.
	Steamer John C. Howard
		Captain, D. Hourigan
		Engineer, D. M. Doyle.
	Steamer John Rugee
		Captain, R. Fitzgerald
		Engineer, A. E. Cline.
	Steamer Hecla
		Captain W. A. Russell
		Engineer, R. G. Jardin. 
	Schooner W. A. Sherman
		Captain, M. Hourigan. 
	Schooner Bolivia
		Captain. Ed. W. Maloney. 
	Schooner Mary Lyon
		Captain, S. LaFlam. 
	Schooner Jennie Matthews
		Captain, F. D. Lurn. 
	Schooner Black Diamond
		Captain, John Gokey. 
	Schooner Mohawk
		Captain, Alfred H. Michael. 
	Schooner Onondaga
		Captain, Alfred deRepentiguev. 
	Schooner E. P. Beals
		Captain, Henry Newhouse. 
	Schooner Argosy
		Captain, John Ganthier. 

Hall, Captain J. B., 202 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y.
	Steamer New Orleans
		Captain. J. H. Coleman
		Engineer, P. F. Coniff. 

Halloway, A. I., Buffalo, N. Y.
	Steamer R. A. Burton. 

Hanna, D. R., Manager, Mahoning Steamship Co., Cleveland, 
	Douglas Brews, Superintending Engineer for all D. R. Hanna Fleets.
	Steamer L C. Hanna.
	Steamer P. Stackhouse. 

Hanna, D. R., Manager, Franklin Transportation Co., Cleveland.
	Steamer Wm. F. Fitch
		Captain, B. W. Landfair
		Engineer, Grant Donaldson. 
	Schooner A. Maitland
		Captain, Varn Hosner. 

Hanna, D. R., Manager, Calumet Transportation Co., Cleveland.
	Steamer Geo. A. Flagg
		Captain, A. McArthur
		Engineer, Wm. Miller.
	Steamer R. S. Warner
		Captain, P. L. Millen
		Engineer, August Romzick. 
	Schooner A. W. Thompson
		Captain, M. Anderson. 
	Schooner 5. D. Warriner
		Captain, W. A. Black. 

Harlow, W. J., 706 Madison St., Toledo, O.
	Steamer Harlow
		Captain, Wm. J. Harlow
		Engineer, M. McNamara. 

Harrow, J. P., Algonac, Mich. 
	Schooner Nelson Bloom
		Captain, J. P. Harrow. 

Hart Steamboat Line, Green Bay, Wis.
	Steamer Fannie C. Hart
		Captain, Joe Carrigon. 
	Steamer Eugene C. Hart
		Captain, Chas. Graves : 
		Engineer, Chas. Dennis.
	Steamer Harriet A. Hart
		Captain, C. B. Hart
		Engineer, Ed Donahue. 

Hartman, Adam, Tonawanda, N. Y. Schooner Buffalo
		Captain, Thomas McDermott. 

Hawgood, Henry A., Perry-Payne Bldg., Cleveland.
	Steamer Wisconsin
		Captain. Geo. Robarge
		Engineer, Wm. R. Stewart.
	Steamer Umbria
		Captain, C. M. Saph
		Engineer, Anthony Ward.
	Steamer H. B. Hawgood
		Captain, Thos. C. Ellis
		Engineer, S. H. Roswell.
	Steamer Etruria
		Captain, J. D. Greene
		Engineer, R. B. Buchanan. 
	Steamer S. S. Curry
		Captain, John Hollingshead
		Engineer, Geo. P. Smith. 

Hawgood, W. A. & Co., Perry-Payne Bldg., Cleveland.
	Steamer Edwin F. Holmes
		Captain, Jas. Owen
		Engineer, John Chapman.
	Steamer Bransford
		Captain, C. C. Balfour
		Engineer, Alex B. Wilson.
	Steamer J. M. Jenks
		Captain, M. Tinney
		Engineer, Thos. Braund.
	Steamer Harold B. Nye
		Captain, A. B. Keller
		Engineer, C. W. Stedman
	Steamer Losco
		Captain, N. Gonyan
		Engineer, Frank W. Gordon. 
	Schooner Olive Jeanette
		Captain. W. A. Series. 

Havens, W. H., Ashtabula, O.
	Steamer Geo. B. Raser
		Captain, Sidney A. Cline
		Engineer, E. Ball.

Havey, Hugh R., Manager, Foot Randolph St., Detroit. 
	(C. W. Kotcher, Owner.) 
	Steamer Saginaw
		Captain, A. Kotcher
		Engineer, A. Hayward.
	Steamer J. H. Pauly
		Captain, A. H. Shafer
		Engineer, John Smith. 
	Schooner Kelley
		Captain, A. H. Trosny. 
	Schooner Carry
		Captain, John Allen. 
	Schooner Grover
		Captain, Wm. Shafer.
Helm, Arthur C., Chicago, 
	Manager for Estate W. M. Egan, Deceased., 
	Frank Keating, Superintending Engineer, 2519 Prairie St., Milwaukee.
	Steamer Philip D. Armour
		Captain, K L. Chamberlin
		Engineer, Frank Krating.
	Steamer John Plankinton
		Captain, L. A. Rand
		Engineer  Chas. Benschneider.
	Steamer Wiley M. Egan
		Captain, J. P. Saph
		Engineer, C. H. Drein.
	Steamer R. P. Fitzgerald
		Captain, Fred Howe
		Engineer, T. Carlson. 

Hines Lumber Co., Edward, Chicago.
	Steamer L. Edward Hines
		Captain, Jas. Carr
		Engineer, Christian Smith.
	Steamer L. L. Barth
		Captain, D. R. Parsons
		Engineer, Chas. Jubenville.
	Steamer Trude R. Wiche
		Captain, Geo. D. Ryan
		Engineer, Frank Nold.
	Steamer Oscoda
		Captain, Wm. McGannon
		Engineer, Chas. McIllray. 
	Steamer Cormorant
		Captain, K. McKenzie
		Engineer, Theo. Brinker.
	Steamer Louis Pahlow
		Captain, W. J. McKay
		Engineer, C. A. Perry.
	Steamer J. W. Stephenson
		Captain, Dan Wall
		Engineer, Jos. Nold.
	Steamer W. H. Sawyer
		Captain, Canartney
		Engineer, Reuben Ellis. 
	Schooner Wayne
		Captain, Eli Jacques. 
	Schooner .y. E. Marvin
		Captain, Fred Anderson. 
	Schooner Nirvana
		Captain, John Hudson. 
	Schooner Galatea
		Captain, Alfred Germain. 
	Schooner Alice B. Norris
		Captain, Horace Acree. 
	Schooner Helvetia
		Captain, J. Jennings. 
	Schooner D. L. Filer
		Captain, Jos. S. Rose. 
	Schooner Ida Corning
		Captain. P. H. Edgar. 
	Schooner Delta
		Captain, John Baker. 
	Schooner City of Chicago
		Captain, Wm. Rose. 
	Schooner Lizzie A. Law. 
	Schooner A. C. Tuxberry. 
	Schooner C. E. Redfern. 

Hitchcock, Alex, Port Clinton, O.
	Steamer Leland. 

Hoeft, Paul H., Rogers City, Mich.
	Steamer C. H. Starke
		Captain, Wm. Crosby
		Engineer, John Lacey. 

Holland & Graves, Buffalo, N. Y.
	Steamer Mohegan
		Captain, Jas. Cunningham
		Engineer, Wm. Schumacher. 
	Schooner Mingoe
		Captain, Jas. Robertson. 
	Schooner Aloha
		Captain, Jas. Robertson. 
	Schooner John A. Francomb
		Captain, Wm. McCarter. 
	Schooner Annabell Wilson
		Captain, Wm. McCarter. 

Homegardner, John, Jr., Sandusky, O.
	Steamer St. Mary H.
		Captain, Hugo Steiert
		Engineer, Geo. Moore.
	Steamer City of Rossford
		Captain, John Steible
		Engineer, F. Mayer. 

Houghton, H., 806 Hammond Bldg., Detroit.
	Steamer H. Houghton
		Captain, W. G. Deeg.
	Steamer Mary
		Captain, Louis Allor
		Engineer, Asal Grooms. 

Howard Transportation Co., Chicago, 111. 
	Schooner Dewey
		Captain, J. Chatterton. 
	Schooner O. J. Hale
		Captain, A. Howard. 

Hurley, T., 149 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich.
	Steamer Majestic
		Captain, M. G. McIntosh
		Engineer, Geo. Francomhe. 
	Schooner Mystic Star
		Captain, Thos. O'Brien. 
	Schooner Mongaugon
		Captain, H. H. Pope. 

Hutchinson & Co., Perry-Payne Bldg., Cleveland.
	Steamer William A. Paine
		Captain, W. P. Benham
		Engineer, P. F. Lyons.
	Steamer Martin Mullen
		Captain, S. B. Massey
		Engineer, W. J. Swaine.
	Steamer J. T. Hutchinson
		Captain, James Murphy
		Engineer, Geo. Blauvelt.
	Steamer City of Glasgow
		Captain, J. M. Shackett
		Engineer, Anton Rudd.
	Steamer Hesper
		Captain, C. H. Heaton
		Engineer, W. Smith. 
	Schooner Abyssinia
		Captain, T. K. Woodward. 
	Schooner Emma C. Hutchinson. 


Indiana Transportation Co., Michigan City, Ind.
	Steamer Indianapolis
		Captain, McLean
		Engineer, Chas. Warwick.
	Steamer Mary
		Captain, McLean
		Engineer, Chas. Warwick. 

Ionia Transportation Co., Detroit, Mich., 
	F. M. Thompson, Manager.
	Steamer Ionia
		Captain. Jerry T. Rose
		Engineer, M. M. Hill. 

International Paper Co., Niagara Falls, N. Y.
	Steamer St. Louis. 


Jackson, George D., Bay City, Mich. 
	Schooner G. K. Jackson
		Captain, Curtis Jackson. 

Jean, August, 31 Greenwood Place, Buffalo.
	Steamer Alcona
		Captain, John C. Heine
		Engineer, Jas. Countryman. 
	Schooner S. J. Tilden
		Captain, John Welch. 

Jenkins, C. O., Manager, Mack Steamship Co., Rockefeller Bldg., Cleveland.
	Steamer Wm. H. Mack
		Captain, R. E. Byrns
		Engineer, C. J. Church.
	Steamer F. B. Squire
		Captain, Wm. Smith
		Engineer, Wallace Tomly. 

Jenkins, C. O., Manager, Ohio Steamship Co., Rockefeller Bldg., Cleveland.
	Steamer James P. Walsh
		Captain, A. J. Greenley
		Engineer, Wm. H. Kennedy. 


Karr, J. U., 169 River St., Cleveland. 
	Schooner Donaldson. 
	Schooner Fanny Neil
		Captain, W. A. Fetterly. 
	Schooner Manitou
		Captain, Thompson. 

Kelly Island Lime & Transport Co., Cleveland, 
	E. F. Thorpe, Marine Superintendent. 
	Steamer Albert Y. Gowen
		Captain, C. Smith
		Engineer, D. Manns.
	Steamer Alwah S. Chisholm, Jr.
		Captain, Dan Henderson
		Engineer, T. Mahoney.
	Steamer Norma
		Captain, W. P. Wheeler
		Engineer, Lewis F. Miller. 
	Schooner David Moran
		Captain, J. M. Robinson. 
	Barge (building)
		Captain, A. Brandt. 
	Barge (building)
		Captain, Wm. Holly. 

Keith & Co., J. G., Chicago, 111.
	Steamer Ira H. Owen
		Captain, J. Hulligan
		Engineer  Hugh Buchanan.
	Steamer Parks Foster
		Captain, John Isbester
		Engineer, M. Crisp. 

Kelley, W. N., Travers City, Mich.
	Steamer Emma Thompson
		Captain, H. Bennett
		Engineer, Frank Kimber. 
	Schooner Ford River
		Captain, L. Madsen. 

Kinsman Transit Co., Cleveland, O., 
	H. Steinbrenner, Manager.
	Steamer Henry Steinbrenner
		Captain, Harry Gunderson
		Engineer, Otto E. Hoffman.
	Steamer Anna C. Minch
		Captain, L. B. Cummings
		Engineer, C. R. Price.
	Steamer Philip Minch
		Captain, Jos. Lampoh
		Engineer, W. H. Miller. 

Kirker, Fred, Managing Owner, Bay City, Mich. 
	Schooner Wm. Brake. 

Kitzinger, Gus, Manistee, Mich.
	Steamer Pere Marquette 2
		Captain, Peter McGuiggan
		Engineer, Henry O'Connell.
	Steamer Pere Marquette 3
		Captain, Horace L. Sanders
		Engineer, Ed. Hineline.
	Steamer Pere Marquette 4
		Captain, Chas. Moody
		Engineer, Geo. H. Williams.
	Steamer John Schroeder
		Captain, Wm. J. Carter
		Engineer, W. D. Cochrane.
	Steamer Mark B. Covell
		Captain, Ed. D. Skeels
		Engineer, Ira P. McMillan. 

Koch, C. McG., Sandusky, O.
	Steamer Annie Laurie
		Captain, D. O. Lockhart
		Engineer, Jerry Shampaign. 

Kohn, Ben C., Bay City, Mich. 
	Schooner Harvey Bissell
		Captain, H. A. Pierce. 

Kroos, Julius, Sheboygan, Wis.
	Steamer Susie Chipman
		Captain, N. A. Gunderson
		Engineer, Robert Edwards. 


La Croix, Gilbert, Mt. Clemens, Mich.
	Steamer A. D. Hayward
		Captain, Joseph Inches
		Engineer, Geo. Tromble.
	Steamer Mascotte
		Captain, Gilbert La Croix
		Engineer, Chas. J. Burnham. 

Lake Erie Transportation Co., 40 Wade Bldg., Cleveland.
	Steamer Wm. S. Mack
		Captain, C. A. Benham
		Engineer, T. J. Blain.
	Steamer P. P. Pratt
		Captain, T. A. McDougall
		Engineer, A. C. Ferguson. 
	Schooner Athens
		Captain, W. M. Woodward. 

Lake Erie Transportation Co., Toledo, O., 
	A. W. Colton, Manager.
	Steamer Geo. J. Gould
		Captain, Walter M. Cottrell
		Engineer, Geo. A. Butler.
	Steamer 5. C. Reynolds
		Captain, T. C. Herrick
		Engineer . Jas. H. Miller. 

Lake Michigan Car Ferry Transportation Co., Chicago. 
	(Controlled by Wisconsin & Michigan Railway Co.)
	Steamer 5. M. Fisher
		Captain, Fred Johnson
		Engineer, Bert Rasch.
	Steamer J. C. Ames 
		Captain, W. H. Welcher
		Engineer, J. Phillips. 
	Schooner Car Ferry No. I
		Captain, A. H. Bohlin. 
	Schooner Car Ferry No. z
		Captain, Wm. Chambers.

Ludwick, Captain Chas., 719 Tunnel St., Port Huron, Mich.
	Schooner Hattie Wells
		Captain, Chas. Ludwick.