Marine Vessels Navigating

the Great Lakes in 1905

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Source: The Saint Marys Falls Canal: Exercises at the Semi-centennial Celebration at at Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, August 2 and 3, 1905, together with a history of the canal by John H. Goff, and papers relating to the Great Lakes. By Michigan Lake Superior canal semi centennial celebration commission, Charles Moore, John H. Goff; Compiled by Charles Moore, Published 1907.

Macarthur Bros. Co., Detroit, Mich.
	Steamer Tecumsch
		Captain, Alex Anderson
		Engineer, A. E. Kennedy. 

McBrier, James, Erie, Pa.
	Steamer Sevena
		Captain, D. S. McDonald
		Engineer, Wm. Phillipie.
	Steamer Nyansa
		Captain, C. H. Wilson, Jr.
		Engineer, J. 1. Blanehette. 

McCarthy, Jerry, 159 Ohio St., Buffalo, N. Y.
	Schooner Iron City
		Captain, John Bartley.
	Schooner Grace Holland
		Captain, M. Nagle.
	Schooner G. H. Warmington
		Captain, F. Desott. 
McCormick, H. W., Bay City, Mich.
	Schooner Onconta
		Captain, Alex McCormick. 

McKay, R. O. & A. B., Hamilton, Ont.
	Steamer Strathcona
		Captain, John Irving
		Engineer, Wm. Harman.
	Steamer Donnacona
		Captain J. W. Mawdesley
		Engineer, John S. Duguid.
	Steamer Neepawah
		Captain, Oliver Patenaude
		Engineer, Jas. Smeaton.
	Steamer Waheondah
		Captain, Harry Zealand
		Engineer, John Waller. 
	Steamer Lake Michigan
		Captain, J. H. FitzGerald
		Engineer, Arthur Abbey. 

McKenzie, Captain Andrew, 494 25th St., Detroit.
	Schooner Pomeroy
		Captain. Andrew McKenzie. 

Maclachlan Transportation Co., Port Huron, Mich.
	Steamer C. F. Sichuan
		Captain, J. W. Montgomery
		Engineer, Geo. Charleston.
	Schooner Mary E. McLachlan
		Captain, Alex Shamblean. 

McLean A. C., E. Saginaw, Mich.
	Schooner B. B. Buckhout.
	Schooner H. W. Hoag. 

McMillan, M. B., Managing Owner, Detroit.
	Steamer Admiral
		Captain, John H. Ivers
		Engineer, P. B. McCabe. 

McMorran, Henry, Port Huron, Mich.
	Steamer Pawnee
		Captain, Geo. Tremble 
		Engineer, Mr. Bingham.
	Steamer Gogebic
		Captain, James S. Neal
		Engineer, Ed Mehner.
	Steamer Britanic
		Captain, E H. Davis
		Engineer, Frank Cadotte.
	Steamer M. Ross
		Captain, Diefenbach
		Engineer, D. Stevens.
	Schooner Howland
		Captain, Allen Curtis.
	Schooner Checotah
		Captain, H.S. Hughes.
	Schooner Wm. A. Young
		Captain, S. Armstrong.
	Schooner J. R. Edwards
		Captain, H. Spalding.
	Schooner M. E. Orton
		Captain, Ed Henry. 

McTigue, Patrick, Cleveland, O.
	Steamer A. A. Turner. 

McVittie, Alex, Detroit, Mich.
	Steamer Senator
		Captain, W. A. Irvine
		Engineer, W. J. Bolton.
	Steamer Colonel
		Captain, A. Ames
		Engineer, A. Cobo. 

Maddigan, James A., 27 N. Ashland Ave., Buffalo.
	Steamer Canisteo
		Captain, Jas. A. Maddigan
		Engineer, Jas. Smith.
	Schooner A. A. Carpenter
		Captain, Fred Watson. 
	Schooner Myron Butman
		Captain, John Burke. 

Mahoney, C. S., Buffalo, N. Y.
	Steamer Inter-Ocean. 

Manistee Lumber Co., Manistee, Mich.
	Steamer Robt. C. Wente
		Captain, Aug. E. Anderson
		Engineer, Herman Winckler. 

Manistique, Marquette & Northern Ry. Co., Milwaukee, Wis., 
	C. F. Blomeyer, President and General Manager, 
	W. L. Mercerean, Superintending Engineer, Ludington, Mich.
	Steamer M. M. & N. I
		Captain, F. W. Robertson
		Engineer, J. R. Taylor. 

Manitou Steamship Co., Chicago, N. F. Leopold, President.
	Steamer Manitou
		Captain, Allan McIntyre
		Engineer, B. F. McCanna.

Marine Navigation Co., Michigan City, Ind., 
	Geo. G. Oliver, Manager.
	Steamer Francis Hinton
		Captain, John M. Campbell
		Engineer, Dolph Zeitsch.
	Steamer A. R. Colborn
		Captain, Odin Larson
		Engineer, John H. Lutz. 

Marine Transit Co., Marine City, Mich.
	Steamer Tolec.
	Steamer Zapotec. 

Marine Transportation Co., The, Ogdensburg, N. Y.
	Steamer Nipigon
		Captain, David Hutcheson
		Engineer, John Kenada. 

May, Captain A. T., 397 Champlain St., Detroit, Mich.
	Steamer Emerald
		Captain, A. T. May
		Engineer, Wm. Galpin. 

Marquette & Bessemer Dock & Navigation Co., Conneaut, O.
	Steamer Marquette and Bessemer No. I
		Captain, R. R. McLeod
		Engineer, E. Wood.
	Steamer Pere Marquette No. 16
		Captain, George L. Thompson
		Engineer, G. Van Brunt. 

Mathews, J. T., Toronto, Can.
	Steamer Haddington
		Captain, Jas. Delaney
		Engineer, R. W. Ross. 

Mathison, Captain M., 515 Washington St., Milwaukee, Wis.
	Schooner Hattie Hutt
		Captain, M. Mathison. 

Mehl, Edward, Erie, Pa.
	Steamer Uganda
		Captain, W. W. Wilkins
		Engineer, C. R. Ogg. 

Merchants Line, Montreal, Can., G. E. Jaques & Co., Managers.
	Steamer City of Montreal
		Captain, Arthur Lefebvre
		Engineer, Fred Hamelin.
	Steamer Cuba
		Captain, Antoine Manpetite
		Engineer, Eugene Hamelin.
	Steamer Melbourne
		Captain, Hiram Vaughn
		Engineer, Jos. Bulanger.
	Steamer China. 

Meyer, W. H., Milwaukee, Wis.
	Steamer Christopher
		Captain, W. E. Wright
		Engineer, Scott Pratt. 

Michigan Central R. R. Co., Detroit, Mich., 
	John Westaway, Superintending Engineer, 
	Grand Union Hotel.
	Steamer Transfer
		Captain, J. R. Innes
		Engineer, A. Barton.
	Steamer Detroit
		Captain, H. L. Innes
		Engineer, D. A. Black.
	Steamer Transport
		Captain, J. R. Innes
		Engineer, Jnp. Cockburn.
	Steamer Michigan Central
		Captain, J. R. Innes
		Engineer, Alex Pirie. 

Michigan, Indiana & Illinois Line, Chicago, 
	R. K. Warren, Managing Owner, Pier No. 1.
	Steamer John Oades
		Captain, H. M. Boyce
		Engineer, Eugene Hidden. 
	Steamer Marion
		Captain, H. J. Nelson
		Engineer, G. C. Olson.
	Steamer Minnie E. Kelton
		Captain, J. A. Johnson
		Engineer, Fred Gartung.
	Steamer Normandic
		Captain, Andrew Olsen
		Engineer, Frank P. Snyder.
	Schooner Prank C. Leighton. 

Michigan Salt Transportation Co., Milwaukee, Wis., 
	B. B. Barnes, Secretary.
	Steamer Pere Marquette z
		Captain, Peter McGuiggan
		Engineer, Henry O'Connell.
	Steamer Pere Marquette 3
		Captain, H. L. Sanders
		Engineer, E. S. Hineline. 
	Pere Marquette 4
		Captain, Chas. Moodey
		Engineer, Geo. Williams. 

Michigan Steamship Co., Chicago.
	Steamer Eastland
		Captain, F. A. Dority
		Engineer, W. P. Eales. 

Midland Navigation Co., Midland, Ont.
	Steamer Midland King
		Captain, W. H. Featherstonbaugh
		Engineer, Ed. Abbey.
	Steamer Midland Queen
		Captain, Frank Burke
		Engineer, Geo. A. Smith. 

Midland Towing & Wrecking Co., Midland, Ont.
	Steamer Traveler
		Captain, Jas. Tyndall
		Engineer, Frank Goodwin.
	Steamer Reliance
		Captain, Roy Burke
		Engineer, Jas. McGregor.
	Steamer Magnolia
		Captain, Jas. Clark
		Engineer, Jno. Doran 
	Steamer Metamora
		Captain, Ed Burke
		Engineer, Fred Chester.
	Steamer Minitaga
		Captain, Geo. Kinnel
		Engineer, John Kinnel.
	Steamer Menodora
		Captain, Chas. Gould
		Engineer, Henry Chester. 

Miller, J. B., Toronto, Can.
	Steamer Seguin
		Captain, Jeremiah Cavanaugh
		Engineer, H. I. Welch. 

Miller, J. C., Marine City, Mich.
	Steamer Rand
		Captain, J. C. Miller
		Engineer, John Stevens.

Mills, N. & B., Marysville, Mich.
	Steamer Argonaut
		Captain, George J. Bennett. 
	Steamer Havana.
	Steamer Sparta.
	Steamer Harley
		Captain, Thos. Rhadigan
		Engineer, Geo. Roberts.
	Steamer City of Concord.
	Steamer Thos. R. Scott
		Captain. Paul Rivard
		Engineer, Mike Ryan.
	Steamer Nelson Mills
		Captain, Dan Warwick
		Engineer, E. J. Moore.
	Steamer H. J. Kendall
		Captain, H. J. Kendall
		Engineer, Fred Thurnian.
	Schooner Biwabik
		Captain, D. B. Cadotte.
	Schooner Alex Anderson
		Captain, J. K. Edwards. 

Milwaukee & Michigan Transport Co., Milwaukee, Wis., 
	Richard Schomberg, Managing Owner.
	Steamer M. C. Neff
		Captain, Fred Schwerman
		Engineer, Geo. Carr. 

Minch & Nicholas Transit Companies, Cleveland, 
	Wm. Gerlach, Manager.
	Steamer J. W. Nicholas.
	Steamer Onoko.
	Steamer Philip Minch.
	Steamer Wm. Chisholm. 

Minneapolis, St. Paul & Buffalo Steamship Co., Buffalo, 
	J. C. MacLay, General Agent.
	Steamer Minneapolis
		Captain, Walter Robinson
		Engineer, D. J. McMillan. 
	Steamer St. Paul
		Captain, Peter Thompson
		Engineer, Henry Stone.
	Steamer Huron
		Captain, Neil Andersen
		Engineer, Clinton C. Folkerts.
	Steamer Wm. Castle Rhodes
		Captain, P. Dowdell
		Engineer, Guy A. Hemenger. 

Mitchell & Co., Rockefeller Bldg., Cleveland, O.
	Steamer Stephen M. Clement
		Captain, C. B. Galton
		Engineer, Wm. Petting.
	Steamer Frank H. Goodyear
		Captain, H. A. Stewart
		Engineer, Wm. Fritz.
	Steamer Moses Taylor
		Captain, Fred D. Galton
		Engineer, I. A. Francombe.
	Steamer Wm. H. Gratwick
		Captain, L. C. Jackson
		Engineer, C. J. Love.
	Steamer James Gayley
		Captain, H. H. Townsend
		Engineer, John Maldel.
	Steamer Walter Scranton
		Captain, M. M. Stewart
		Engineer, Henry Graves.
	Steamer John J. Albright
		Captain, J. W. Autterson
		Engineer, Peter Lavely.
	Steamer Wm, E. Reis
		Captain. John D. Baird
		Engineer, Louis Minnie.
	Steamer M. A. Hanna
		Captain, Alex Begg
		Engineer, John Riley. 
	Steamer H. C. Frick
		Captain, J. B. Lowe
		Engineer, F. B. Parker.
	Steamer Hendrick S. Holden
		Captain. G. E. Anderson
		Engineer, John Scott.
	Steamer Lagonda
		Captain, Ed. Johnston
		Engineer, Wm. L. Leng.
	Steamer Major
		Captain, F. R. Hemenger
		Engineer, Otto Guy.
	Steamer J. J. McWilliams
		Captain, Fred Furtain
		Engineer, Gus Guy.
	Steamer Robert L. Fryer
		Captain, J. C. Sauer
		Engineer, Frank Thomas.
	Schooner Troy
		Captain, Henry Deim. 

Mitchell & Rowland Lumber Co., Toledo, O.
	Steamer Sachem
		Captain, H. R. Moore
		Engineer, James Leitch.
	Steamer Geo. B. Owen
		Captain, Nels Johnson. 

Monroe, Thos., Muskegon, Mich.
	Steamer Geo. C. Markham
		Captain, Anton Christensen
		Engineer, Ambrose Smith.
	Schooner Lyman M. Davis
		Captain, Hans Hermanson. 

Montreal Transportation Co., Montreal, Can., 
	Jas. A. Cuttle, Managing Director. 
	Steamer Westmount
		Captain, Alexander Milligan
		Engineer, Kemp Richardson. 
	Steamer Fairmount
		Captain, P. C. Telfer
		Engineer, Wm. Newbold.
	Steamer Rosemont
		Captain, John Wood
		Engineer, Richard Taylor.
	Steamer Bothnia
		Captain John Doyle
		Engineer, Wm. Spencer.
	Steamer Advance
		Captain, Gordon Kean
		Engineer, Geo. Hazlett.
	Steamer D. G. Thompson
		Captain, Jos. Murray
		Engineer, G. Boyd.
	Steamer Emerson
		Captain, James Murray
		Engineer, G. Henderson.
	Schooner Minnedosa
		Captain, John Phillips.
	Schooner Hamilton
		Captain, James Kirkwood. 
	Schooner Quebec
		Captain, Henry Milligan.
	Schooner Melrose
		Captain, R. A. Davey.
	Schooner Augustus
		Captain, H. Boyer. 

Mueller Co., Wm., Marquette Bldg., Chicago.
	Steamer Mueller
		Captain, Ed. Fitch
		Engineer, G. G. Randall.
	Schooner Butcher Boy
		Captain, Harry Woerpal.
	Schooner Belle Brown
		Captain, Max Delatre.
	Schooner Richard Mott
		Captain, Wm. Powers. 

Muskegon Steam Barge Co., Muskegon, Mich.
	Steamer S. M. Stephenson
		Captain, James Sanford
		Engineer, Dennis McMillan
	Steamer John Otis
		Captain, Peter Young
		Engineer, A. A. Green.
	Steamer Mathew Wilson
		Captain, Stufflbeam
		Engineer, Donald McMillan.

Mutual Transit Co., Buffalo, N. Y., 
	W. C. Lloyd, Acting Superintendent.
	Steamer North Star
		Captain, Gep. Hayward
		Engineer, Wm. T. Pike.
	Steamer North Wind
		Captain, E. B. Blair
		Engineer, Thos. Jackman.
	Steamer Northern King
		Captain, E. C. Leath
		Engineer, August Nagelvoort.
	Steamer Northern Light
		Captain, Scott B. Worden 
		Engineer, John Dee.
	Steamer Northern Queen
		Captain, W. H. Stevenson
		Engineer, P. J. McGinnis.
	Steamer Northern Wave
		Captain, D. L. Cartwright
		Engineer, J. J. Darcy. 

Myles Transportation Co., Ltd., Niagara Falls, N. Y.
	Steamer Myles
		Captain, J. S. Moore
		Engineer, Peter Ryan. 

Myers, Chas. A., 169 Jackson St., Chicago.
	Schooner Bertha Barnes
		Captain, Peter Blake.
	Schooner 6". A. Wood
		Captain, Patrick Myers. 


Neff, Charles S., Milwaukee, Wis.
	Steamer Chas. S. Neff
		Captain, J. J. Doak
		Engineer, S. L. Newham. 

Neff, Sidney O., Milwaukee, Wis.
	Steamer Luey Neff
		Captain, L. Holm
		Engineer, P. Keenan.
	Steamer Adella Shores
		Captain, S. Holmes
		Engineer, Chas. N. Neeck. 

Nessen & Co., J. O., Manistee, Mich.
	Steamer F. W. Fletcher
		Captain, H. Bennett
		Engineer, Geo. Hopkins.
	Steamer Albert Soper
		Captain, A. E. Anderson
		Engineer, Harry Moore.
	Steamer Charles Kictz
		Captain, Christ Edwardson
		Engineer, Joe Seymour.
	Steamer A'. J. Nesson
		Captain, J. E. Jacobson
		Engineer, Geo. Patterson. 

Nester, George, Detroit, Mich.
	Steamer Schoolcraft
		Captain, Jas. Bourassa
		Engineer, James Hurd.
	Schooner Mary N. Bourke
		Captain, Phillip Heppner.
	Schooner Geo. Nester
		Captain, Geo. Du Beau.
	Schooner Keweenaw
		Captain, Geo. Richie. 

Niagara River Day Line, Toronto, Ont., 
	Gep. M. Arnold, Superintending Engineer. 
	Steamer Chippewa
		Captain, John McGiffin
		Engineer, Geo. M. Arnold.
	Steamer Corona
		Captain, Harvey Sohnes
		Engineer, A. J. Woodward.
	Steamer Chicora
		Captain, Robert Clapp
		Engineer, H. Parker.
	Steamer Ongiara
		Captain, Hugh Mclntyre
		Engineer, Chas. Merriam. 

Niagara Transit Co., N. Tonawanda, N. Y.
	Steamer Wm. A. Rogers
		Captain, Thos. Deringer
		Engineer, Frank Trinkwalder. 

Nipigon Transit Co., Claireview, Mich.
	Steamer J. C. Ford
		Captain, N. L. Morrison
		Engineer, H. Manion. 

Northern Michigan Transportation Co., Chicago, 111.
	Steamer Missouri
		Captain, Wm. Finucan
		Engineer, Thos. Collins.
	Steamer Illinois
		Captain, Frank Richardson
		Engineer, Patrick Eustice.
	Steamer Kansas
		Captain, John Morton. 

Northern Navigation Co. of Ontario, Ltd., The, Collingwood, Ont., 
	A. B. Pratt, Assistant Manager.
	Steamer Huronic
		Captain, R. D. Foote
		Engineer, Samuel Brisbin.
	Steamer Monarch
		Captain, E. Robertson
		Engineer, A. Morton.
	Steamer United Empire
		Captain, A. L. Campbell
		Engineer, H. Myler.
	Steamer Majestic
		Captain, Geo. II. Playter
		Engineer, Wm. Whipps.
	Steamer City of Collingwood
		Captain, A. M. Wright
		Engineer, C. Robertson.
	Steamer Germanic
		Captain, W. G. Cox
		Engineer, Joseph Asten.
	Steamer City of Midland
		Captain, F. G. Moles
		Engineer, Steve Burgess.
	Steamer City of Toronto
		Captain, Paul Dusome
		Engineer, B. F. Osborne.
	Steamer Britanic
		Captain, M. McLean
		Engineer, Isaac Boyd. 

Northern Steamship Co., Buffalo, N. Y., 
	F. C. Cruger, Manager.
	Steamer North Land
		Captain. J. J. Hartman
		Engineer, M .N. McDonald.
	Steamer North West
		Captain, Geo. A. Minar
		Engineer, A. T. Stewart. 


Ogdensburg Coal & Towing Co., Ogdensburg, N. Y.
	Steamer Nicaragua
		Captain, James Owen
		Engineer, D. G. Costello.
	Steamer Avon
		Captain, Geo. Clifford
		Engineer, Freeman Axtell.
	Steamer Denver.
	Schooner Henry Witbeck
		Captain, Justin Mallette.
	Schooner Fred Carney
		Captain, Timothy Hunt.
	Schooner Isaac Stephenson
		Captain. O. C. Wilcox.
	Schooner M c nominee
		Captain, Justin Mallette, Jr.
	Schooner Hoboken
		Captain, A. Demars.
	Schooner H. B.
		Captain, Alfred Lalonde.
	Schooner James Buckly
		Captain, Alderic Derocher.
	Schooner Ireland
		Captain, P. Thiverge.

O'Connor, James, Tonawanda, N. Y.
	Steamer Birckead
		Captain, Jas. Hefferon
		Engineer, Edward Knibbs.
	Schooner F. D. Ewing
		Captain, Hugh O Hagen. 
	Schooner J. J. Casc
		Captain, A. Mills. 

Ohio Cooperage Transportation Co., Cleveland.
	Steamer Monohansott
		Captain, W. A. Kendall
		Engineer, A. W. Carlisle. 

Olga Transportation Co., Tonawanda, N. Y., E. G. Reisterer, Manager.
	Steamer John C. Pringle
		Captain, James Brines
		Engineer, Edward Staley.
	Schooner Sweetheart
		Captain, John B. McDermott.
	Schooner Unadilla
		Captain, Arvet Ohmon. 

Osborne, F. M., Western Reserve Bldg., Cleveland.
	Steamer John W. Moore
		Captain, E. Detlefs
		Engineer, A. G. Bohland.
	Steamer Louisiana
		Captain, J. L. Bradshaw
		Engineer, Harry Edmondson. 

Oscoda & Cleveland Transportation Co., St. Clair, Mich., 
	C. W. Thompson, Manager. 
	Steamer City of Holland
		Captain, F. J. Meno
		Engineer, Henry Meno.
	Steamer Pilgrim
		Captain, Al Palmer
		Engineer, Jos. Meno.
	Steamer Douglas
		Captain. M. Trombly
		Engineer, A. Hamlin. 

Owen, Geo., Ashtabula, O.
	Steamer Jennie E. Smith
		Captain, Frank E. Nettleton
		Engineer, Henry Hess.
	Steamer Stephen Chase
		Captain, D. W. Nettleton
		Engineer, Peter Rasmussen. 

Owen Transportation Co., J. Emery, Detroit, 
	R. T. Gray, Manager.
	Steamer John Owen
		Captain, H. T. Archer
		Engineer, S. L. Phillips. 


Parks, O. E., 117 E 7th St., Michigan City, Ind.
	Steamer O. E. Parks
		Captain, O. E. Parks
		Engineer, Robert Elliott.
	Steamer Marshall F. Butters
		Captain, Robert Reid
		Engineer, Wayne Coates. 

Pauly, H. J., Milwaukee, Wis.
	Steamer Thos. Davidson
		Captain, H. Oertling, Jr.
		Engineer, Thos. Martin.
	Steamer John Duncan
		Captain, Wm. McLean
		Engineer, Ben Aldrich.
	Steamer Walter Vail
		Captain, John McAvoy.
	Steamer Harlem
		Captain. Edw. Hendricks.
	Schooner Aberdeen
		Captain, Thos. Leisk.
	Schooner Baltic
		Captain, A. Peterson. 

Pederson, Knud, Tonawanda, N. Y.
	Schooner Commodore
		Captain, K. Pederson. 

People's Transit Co., Foot Wabash Ave., Chicago
	Steamer Frontenac. 

Pere Marquette Steamship Co., Milwaukee, Wis., 
	E. F. Blomeyer, President and General Manager, 
	F. C. McLaren, Superintending Engineer, Ludington, Mich. 
	Steamer International
		Captain, Geo. R McPherson
		Engineer, George Brown. 
	Steamer Pere Marquette
		Captain, W. J Barnett
		Engineer, Jas. Meyers.
	Steamer Pere Marquette 5
	Steamer Pere Marquette 14
		Captain, Geo. R. McPherson
		Engineer, F. P. Fitzgerald.
	Steamer Pere Marquette 16
		Captain, Geo. L. Thompson
		Engineer, Geo. I. Van Vrunt.
	Steamer Pere Marquette 17
		Captain, Jos. Russell
		Engineer, A. W. Ackerman.
	Steamer Pere Marquette 18
		Captain, Peter Kilty
		Engineer, C. Sylvester.
	Steamer Pere Marquette 19
		Captain, Wm. La Fleur
		Engineer, J. C. Watson.
	Steamer Pere Marquette 20
		Captain, J. C. Ackerman
		Engineer, Robert McLaren.
	Steamer M. M. & N.
		Captain, W. P. Robertson
		Engineer, Jos Taylor. 

Pickands, Mather & Co., Cleveland (Managers for Boston Coal Dock & Wharf Co.), 
	A. Arnold, Superintending Engineer for P. M. & Co. Fleets.
	Steamer Appomattox 
		Captain, Frank Hebner
		Engineer, H. A. Woods
	Schooner Santiago
		Captain, P. Cartwright. 

Pickands, Mather & Co., Cleveland (Managers for Huron Barge Co.)
	Steamer Pathninler
		Captain, L. W. Stone
		Engineer, C. A. Heisner. 
	Barge Sagamore
		Captain, J. D. McPherson. 

Pickands, Mather & Co., Cleveland. (Managers for Interlake Co.)
	Steamer Victory
		Captain, D. H. Mallory
		Engineer, Edgar Arnold.
	Steamer Kearsarge
		Captain, Jas. McNeill
		Engineer, A. A. Manion.
	Schooner Constitution
		Captain, Harry Howard.

Pickands, Mather & Co., Cleveland (Managers for Masaba Steamship Co.).
	Steamer Amasa Stone
		Captain, G. B. Mallory
		Engineer, A. Arnold. 

Pierce, Wm. E., W. Bay City, Mich.
	Steamer Ogemaw
		Captain, Wm. E. Pierce
		Engineer, Aaron Hagadon.
	Schooner C. J. Filmore
		Captain, John Hagarty. 

Pittsburg Steamship Co., Cleveland., 
	H. A. Coulby, President and General Manager, 
	F. B. Smith, Superintending Engineer.
	Steamer Bessemer
		Captain W. S. Hoag
		Engineer, A. G. Haig.
	Steamer Black
		Captain, M. A. Boyce
		Engineer, J. Hegemer.
	Steamer Briton
		Captain, Geo. Holdridge
		Engineer, J. Skelly.
	Steamer Bitnson
		Captain, J. W. Morgan
		Engineer, J. F. Wood.
	Steamer Corey
		Captain, F. A. Bailey
		Engineer, M. Toner.
	Steamer Cambria
		Captain, T. J. Cullen
		Engineer, E. R. Loedham.
	Steamer Colgate
		Captain, A. G. McLeod
		Engineer, Jos. Hasler.
	Steamer Coralia
		Captain, W. H. Campau
		Engineer, A. P. Williams.
	Steamer Cornell
		Captain, W. H. Kilby
		Engineer, G. C. Laurence.
	Steamer Corona
		Captain, J. T. Gemmell
		Engineer, J. H. Riggin.
	Steamer Corsica
		Captain, H. J. Regan
		Engineer, T. McKenzie.
	Steamer Cort
		Captain, J. R. Noble
		Engineer, E. H. Pelton.
	Steamer Crescent City
		Captain, Frank Rice
		Engineer, E. Budemeyer.
	Steamer Ends
		Captain Arthur Montague
		Engineer, C. A. Fletcher.
	Steamer Edenborn
		Captain, A. J. Talbot
		Engineer, S. A. Hunter.
	Steamer Ellwood
		Captain, C. H. Cummings
		Engineer, F. Harringer.
	Steamer Empire City
		Captain A. R. Robinson
		Engineer, F. Mansfield.
	Steamer Ericsson
		Captain, E. O. Whitney
		Engineer, A. P. Williams.
	Steamer Fairbairn
		Captain, C. J. Grant
		Engineer, D. Frazer.
	Steamer Frick
		Captain, Neil Campbell
		Engineer, A. L. Eggert.
	Steamer Fulton
		Captain C. G. Ennis
		Engineer, G. Arnold.
	Steamer Gary
		Captain, Richard Jollie
		Engineer, I. Dupont.
	Steamer Gates
		Captain, J. A. Walsh
		Engineer, J. W. Grenier.
	Steamer German
		Captain, Robert Brooks
		Engineer, Wm. C. Lucas.
	Steamer Gilbert
		Captain, E. Dyble
		Engineer, W. G. Tilton.
	Steamer Grecian
		Captain, Andrew Hansen
		Engineer, A. J. Armson.
	Steamer Griffin
		Captain, E. L. Sawyer
		Engineer, J. B. McDermid.
	Steamer Harvard
		Captain, C. D. Secord
		Engineer, E. Egan.
	Steamer Captain Hill
		Captain, George Sell
		Engineer, E. S. Stoddard.
	Steamer Houghton
		Captain, E. M. Smith
		Engineer, J. W. McEachren.
	Steamer Joliet
		Captain, W. E. Stover
		Engineer, B. Cassidy.
	Steamer Lafayette
		Captain, D. P. Wright
		Engineer, L. Walder.
	Steamer Lasalle
		Captain, Thos. Wilson
		Engineer, D. Milloy.
	Steamer Linn
		Captain, Geo. Banker
		Engineer, H. Dupont.
	Steamer McDougall
		Captain, John Nahrstedt
		Engineer, J. Inman.
	Steamer Malietoa
		Captain, A. C. Chapman
		Engineer, T. Treleaven.
	Steamer Maiwla
		Captain, H. G. Harbottle
		Engineer, A. Rivard.
	Steamer Maricopa
		Captain. John Parke
		Engineer, F. A. Smith.
	Steamer Marina
		Captain, A. C. Smith
		Engineer, Geo. Lynn.
	Steamer Mariposa
		Captain. Jas. Burr
		Engineer, H. T. McLeod.
	Steamer Mariska
		Captain, H. Kerr
		Engineer, J. B. Miller.
	Steamer Maritana
		Captain, J. B. Parker
		Engineer, J. J. Norcross.
	Steamer Maruba
		Captain, F. C. Watson
		Engineer, H. E. Schmidt.
	Steamer Masaba
		Captain, C. A. Weitzman
		Engineer, J. H. McGlenn.
	Steamer Mataafa
		Captain, R. F. Humble
		Engineer, Wm. Most.
	Steamer Mather
		Captain, C. S. Boyce
		Engineer, F. J. Spencer.
	Steamer Matoa— Captain, H. Gegoux
		Engineer, E. J. Rae.
	Steamer Mannalou
		Captain, J. Laframboisc
		Engineer, A. McKenzie.
	Steamer Morse
		Captain, John Lowe
		Engineer, E. W. Fox.
	Steamer Murphy
		Captain, James Leisk
		Engineer, Wm. Densmore.
	Steamer Neilson
		Captain. Oscar Olsen
		Engineer, J. Wilson.
	Steamer Palmer
		Captain, J. H. Clapp
		Engineer, J. H. Cunningham.
	Steamer Perkins
		Captain, W. H. Moody
		Engineer, H. Annett.
	Steamer Poe
		Captain, W. C. Her
		Engineer, F. Warning.
	Steamer Princeton
		Captain, A. P. Chambers
		Engineer, W. L. Campbell.
	Steamer Queen City
		Captain, C. Gegenheimer
		Engineer, E. H. Learned.
	Steamer Rensselaer
		Captain, S. C. Allen
		Engineer, I. Marshall.
	Steamer Rockefeller
		Captain, P. A. Petersen
		Engineer, T. Kelley.
	Steamer Roman
		Captain, George Randolph
		Engineer, Wm. Dornbrook.
	Steamer Saxon
		Captain. Geo. H. Bowen
		Engineer, R. Mastin.
	Steamer Shanl
		Captain, John Burns
		Engineer, E. J. Fitzgerald.
	Steamer Siemens
		Captain, M. K. Chamberlain
		Engineer, D. McVicar.
	Steamer Stephenson
		Captain, W. B. MacGregor
		Engineer, S. W. Armstrong.
	Steamer Superior
		Captain, A. H. Kent Captain, J. Hursley
		Engineer, G. Ingham
	Steamer Superior City
		Captain, F. J. Crowley
		Engineer, M. B. Sturtevant.
	Steamer Trevor
		Captain. l. A. Furguson
		Engineer, H. Firby.
	Steamer Van Hise
		Captain. Fred Hoffman
		Engineer, J. McLaughlin.
	Steamer Watt
		Captain. W. J. Hunt
		Engineer, A. M. Armson.
	Steamer Waivatam
		Captain, J. C. Bell
		Engineer, W. D. Killett
	Steamer Wolvin
		Captain. A. R. Thompson
		Engineer, J. W. Parr.
	Steamer Zenith City
		Captain, H. Culp
		Engineer, A. Jackson.
	Schooner Bell
		Captain, C. Mulholland.
	Schooner Bryn Mawr
		Captain, Geo. B. Kendall.
	Schooner Carrington
		Captain, J. II. Denner. 
	Schooner Corliss
		Captain, J. Y. Sprowell.
	Schooner Frits
		Captain, S. J. Milieu. 
	Schooner Holley
		Captain, H. T. Kelley.
	Schooner Jenny
		Captain, A. Nordahl. 
	Schooner Krupp
		Captain, Fred H. Rae.
	Schooner Malta
		Captain, David Bouille. 
	Schooner Marcia
		Captain, Geo. Maloney.
	Schooner Manda
		Captain, II. Harris, Jr. 
	Schooner Martha
		Captain, W. F. Allen.
	Schooner Magna
		Captain, H. M. White. 
	Schooner Maida
		Captain, O. W. Holdridge.
	Schooner Maia
		Captain, W. H. Dick. 
	Schooner Manila
		Captain, H. Walper.
	Schooner Madcria
		Captain, Louis Leonard. 
	Schooner Marsala
		Captain, J. H. Dissette.
	Schooner Nasmyth
		Captain, Donald Graham.
	Schooner Roebling
		Captain, H. M. Saveland.
	Schooner Smeaton
		Captain, J. F. Gray.
	Schooner Thomas
		Captain, David Williams.
	Schooner 1/7
		Captain, Geo. Foster.
	Schooner 118
		Captain. Louis Larsen.
	Schooner 130
		Captain, Fred Kirk.
	Schooner 131
		Captain, Alfred Baupre.
	Schooner 132
		Captain. Robt. Thompson.
	Schooner 133
		Captain, Chas. Thompson.
	Schooner 134
		Captain, A. S. Hand.
	Schooner 137
		Captain, Wm. McDonald. 

Port Huron & Duluth Steamship Co., Port Huron, Mich., 
	C. O. Duncan, T. M. 
	Steamer Wyoming
		Captain. John C. McLean
		Engineer, Geo. M. Bohnert.
	Steamer Russia
		Captain, Alex McCowan
		Engineer, Wm. Brown. 

Port Huron & Sarnia Ferry Co., Port Huron, Mich.
	Steamer O. D. Ganger
		Captain, Wm. S. Major
		Engineer, Wm. Waugh.
	Steamer Hiawatha
		Captain, E. M. Thomas
		Engineer, John Lee.
	Steamer James Board.
	Steamer Grace Dormer
		Captain, Geo. Waugh
		Engineer, John Kinirie. 

Potter, Teare & Co., Cleveland, 
	W. H. Teare, Manager.
	Steamer Mary A. McGregor
		Captain, Henry Brock
		Engineer, Wm. Griffith. 

Prindiville & Son, John, Managers. Chicago, 111.
	Steamer Winnebago
		Captain, T. J. Moran
		Engineer, Fred Otto.
	Steamer Jessie Spaulding
		Captain, Jas. Travis
		Engineer, Thos. H. Ward. 

Pringle, Captain John C., St. Clair, Mich.
	Steamer Isabella J. Boyce
		Captain, J. M. Smith
		Engineer, Alex. McLea. 

Pulling, W. J., Windsor. Ont.
	Steamer Juno
		Captain, Archie McInnis
		Engineer, Sandy Kirby.
	Schooner Sligo
		Captain, John McPherson.
	Schooner Vesta
		Captain, Norman McDonald. 


Ralph & Co., P. J., Detroit, Mich.
	Schooner Mabel Wilson. 

Recor, E. C., St. Clair, Mich.
	Steamer R. P. Recor
		Captain, E. Hungerford 
		Engineer, C. Schunk. 

Red Star Line. Buffalo, N. Y.
	Steamer Robert Mills
		Captain, F. A. West 
		Engineer. W. T. Taylor.
	Steamer Wyoming
		Captain, J. C. McLean 
		Engineer, Geo. M. Bohmert.
	Steamer Cuba
		Captain. Robert Young
		Engineer, S. E. Turey. 

Reid. James, Sarnia, Ont.
	Steamer Manistique
		Captain, John Cooper
		Engineer, Wm. King.
	Schooner John Kelderlwnse
		Captain Cantain, Wm. Ryder.
	Schooner Bell Ilanscomb
		Captain. A. D. McLean.
	Schooner Oliver Mitchell
		Captain. L. Vansomer. 

Rend, W. P., 115 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111.
	Steamer W. P. Rend
		Captain, A. H. Thompson
		Engineer, J. Hogan.
	Steamer Panther
		Captain. E. Evans. 

Republic Iron Co., Perry-Payne Bldg., Cleveland.
	Steamer Republic
		Captain, Wm. McGarvey
		Engineer, Geo. Abill. 

Rhodes, R. R., Cleveland, O.
	Steamer Yale
		Captain, Jas. Jackson
		Engineer, Harry Stono.
	Steamer Wm. Castle Rhodes
		Captain, P. Powell
		Engineer, Guy Hemenger.
	Steamer Minneapolis
		Captain, Walter Robinson
		Engineer, D. J. McMillan.
	Steamer St. Paul
		Captain. Peter Thompson 
		Engineer, Henry Stone.
	Steamer Huron
		Captain, Neil Anderson
		Engineer, Clinton Folkerts. 

W. C. Richardson, Cleveland.
	Steamer W. C. Richardson
		Captain, Thomas Milford
		Engineer, James Falconer.
	Steamer Ron mania
		Captain, Wm. Hagen
		Engineer, James Bennett.
	Steamer Samuel Mitchell
		Captain, John H. Babbitt
		Engineer, A. C. Bowen.
	Steamer J .H. Wade
		Captain, Phillip H. Smith
		Engineer, John McMonagle.
	Steamer J. H. Devereaux
		Captain, C. C. Mason
		Engineer, Thos. Shannon. 
	Steamer J. H. Outhwaite
		Captain, Ralph II. Nutting
		Engineer, G. H. Miller. 
	Steamer Iroquois
		Captain, Enos J. Burke
		Engineer, L. L. Bowen.
	Steamer Iron King
		Captain, James Ross
		Engineer, Albert E. Bury.
	Steamer II-' m. Edwards
		Captain, Charles Ahlstrom
		Engineer, Moses Blondin.
	Schooner Chicamauga
		Captain, Harry W. Phillips.
	Schooner Crete
		Captain, Henry Larsen.
	Schooner Mary B. Mitchell
		Captain, John McKeighan.
	Schooner Iron Queen
		Captain, D. A. Maynes.
	Schooner Golden Age
		Captain, D. H. Stalker. 

Richards Transportation Co., Cleveland, J. A. Donaldson, Managing Owner, 503 
Perry-Payne Bldg.
	Steamer Rube Richards
		Captain, T. G. Simmons
		Engineer, Jos. Dale.
	Schooner May Richards
		Captain, Frank E. Reeves. 

Richelieu & Ontario Navigation Co., Montreal, Can., 
	C. J. Smith, General Manager. 
	Steamer Montreal
		Captain, F. X. Lafrance
		Engineer, Geo. Gendron.
	Steamer Kingston
		Captain, Henry Esford
		Engineer, A. R. Milne.
	Steamer Toronto
		Captain, E. A. Booth. Jr.
		Engineer, W. A. Black.
	Steamer Quebec
		Captain, L. O. Boucher.
	Steamer Brockville
		Captain, C. J. Ilinkley
		Engineer, Jas. Conlin.
	Steamer Prescott
		Captain, Andrew Dunlop
		Engineer, Geo. Gendron.
	Steamer Belleville
		Captain, J. McGrath
		Engineer, W. S. Parker.
	Steamer Picton
		Captain, Daniel Mills
		Engineer, A. Demartigny.
	Steamer Cornwall
		Captain Engineer, C. Gendron.
	Steamer Beaupre
		Captain, C. Mongeau
		Engineer, F. X. Lacroix.
	Steamer Three Rivers
		Captain. C. Goulin
		Engineer, J. Matte.
	Steamer Berthier
		Captain, A. Robillard
		Engineer, E. Damase.
	Steamer Chambly.
	Steamer Torrebonne
		Captain, Chas. Lavoilette
		Engineer, E. Beaucage.
	Steamer Longucuil
		Captain, H. Mandeville.
	Steamer Boucherville
		Captain, J. E. Brossard
		Engineer, A. Crepeau.
	Steamer Hosanna
		Captain, J. Gouin
		Engineer, J. St. Michel.
	Steamer Laprairie
		Captain, D. McLean 
		Engineer, C. Hamel.
	Steamer Varennes
		Captain, J. Foubert.
	Steamer Fire Fly
		Captain, F. Crepeau
		Engineer, A. Gendron.
	Steamer St. Irence
		Captain Engineer, J. Hamelin.
	Steamer Murray Bay
		Captain, A. Fortin
		Engineer, Nap. Beaudoin.
	Steamer Hamilton
		Captain, J. P. Stephenson
		Engineer, B. Pintal.
	Steamer Chicoutimi
		Captain Engineer, G. Gagnon.
	Steamer Tadousac
		Captain, Jos. Dugal
		Engineer, M. Latulilipe. 

Riebanach, Fritz, Alpena, Mich.
	Steamer Desmond
		Captain, Moses Humphrey
		Engineer, D. C. Conway. 

Robertson, George, Grand Haven, Mich.
	Steamer Sidney O. Neff
		Captain, Antony Greilick
		Engineer, Frank Greilick. 

Robinson, John W., N. Tonawanda, N. Y.
	Steamer C. H. Green.
	Schooner Genoa. 

Runnels, H. E., Port Huron, Mich.
	Steamer Maggie Duncan
		Captain, James Cassin
		Engineer, Gill McLellan.
	Steamer O. O. Carpenter
		Captain, Guy Geel
		Engineer, Joseph Cadotte.
	Schooner Favorite
		Captain, L. Sinclair.
	Schooner E. E. Tyson
		Captain, C. W. Annis. 

Rutland Transit Co., Ogdensburg, N. Y.
	Steamer J. R. Langdon
		Captain, Harvey Brown
		Engineer, Chas. II. Cotter.
	Steamer H. R. James
		Captain Engineer, A. J. Kinch.
	Steamer A. McVittie
		Captain, Thos. Hough
		Engineer, W. J. Brown.
	Steamer Gov. Smith
		Captain, W. S. Shay
		Engineer, L. O. Willix.
	Steamer F. H. Prince
		Captain, E. B. Shay
		Engineer, John Alexander.
	Steamer W. A. Haskell
		Captain, W. H. Plumb
		Engineer, H. Goodheart.
	Steamer W m. J Averell
		Captain, John Smith
		Engineer, Frank Doyle. 

Ryan, Thos. M., 23 W. Swan St., Buffalo, N. Y.
	Schooner J. C. Magill
	Schooner Hanaford.