Bethlehem Cemetery

Also known as Fox Point Burial Ground

Located high above the lake shore just south of Doctor's Park.

A large monument was dedicated in 1928 to the Holland pioneers of Bethlehem church. It was erected by the descendants of the 1846 immigrants.

The large stone states:
Dedicated to the Memory, of the, Holland Pioneers of Bethlehem Church, by, Their Descendants, 1846 - 1928 The Milwaukee County Historical Society has a sign indicating it is a historical site.

The cemetery is fenced and locked at all times. The Village of Fox Point is custodian. If you wish to visit the cemetery, an appointment is necessary as someone has to come out to open it.

Larry Talbot has generously made a list of all the names on the markers in Bethlehem Cemetery. He has photographed all of these markers. Please let him know which ones you would like copies of & he will send to you via e-mail. His email address is on the contributors page.

There are a lot of empty areas in this cemetery, unknown if there are other burials with no markers.

Gerardus Brandt, 1800-1859, Elder and Church Leader, 
	Oostburg and Fox Point

on same stone bottom left
Helena V Brandt, His Wife, 1787-1856

on same stone bottom right
Jannetje B Deswarte, His Daughter, 1832-1864

Mother, Jenneken K Leindecker, 1878-1958

Dad, William C Leindecker. 1874-1940

Mary DeSwarte. 1855-1933

Peter Essegard, 1854-1934

May He Rest in Peace, Carl Westendorf, 1883-1931

Hermanus Westendorf, 1821-1898

Amy Wolters, 1803-1854

Gerrit Wolters, 1808-1854

Hier Rust, Sara Cappon, Geboren 29 Jan 1801, 
	Overleden 11 Aug 1868

middle marker is older type, very worn and flush with the 
	ground. Dates are readable as Born Oct 2 1817, 
	Died Oct 22 1879

Hier Rust, Jan Cappon, Geboren 31 Maart 1802, Overleden 10 Dec 1879

In Memory of, Adriana Maria, Dau of, Johannis DeSwarte (the small e 
	after the D appears to have been added later), Born, July 7 1859, 
	Died, Sept 17 1888, Rest in Peace  This marker had fallen off it's 
	base & was face down on the ground. 

Adriana Andriessen, Wife of, Johannis Deswarte, born Oct 18 1815, died , 
	Oct 29, 1885, Mother has gone to her Glorious Home

Johannis Deswarte, born, Mar 18 1814, died, April 10 1870, writing at 
	bottom not legible

At the foot of this grave was a small stone facing toward Johannis' marker 
	with the initials JD