Old Franklin Cemetery

A ten acre Catholic burial plot, known as Old Cemetery, was located farther west on Spring Street between Twenty-first and Twenty-third. As the city began to close around it, most of these dead were moved from the Spring Street plot, to Calvary.


The cemetery was started in 1844 by Bishop Henni, the first archbishop of Milwaukee. He was also the first and only German bishop in the Northwest. Bishop Henni died in Milwaukee in 1881.

One of the earlist burials in the Old Cemetery was that of Father Huebner. Father Huebner was a Jesuit priest who came from Switzerland to found a college.

Also, buried here was Reverend Father Bearprey?, first pastor of St. Galls.

Peter J./b. Apr 20, 1857/d. May 4, 1891

Cornelius/b. 1819/d. Mar 12, 1892/aged 73 yrs 6 mo.

Garrett, Jr./b. July 9, 1900/d. Mar 6, 1882
Margaret/wife of Garrett Having (remainder buried)

Peter/b. Mar 16, 1872 (sic)
Janna/wife of Peter Leenhouts/b. July 1, 1786/
	d. Feb 3, 1858
Mary (KOEMER)/wife of Peter Leenhouts/b. July 12, 1803/
	d. Feb. 1, 1877
Jacob/b. Dec. 23, 1856/d. Oct. 14, 1874
Cornelius/b. Mar 24, 1815/d. Nov 7, 1892/aged 77 years
Elizabeth (BEKKENS) Leenhouts/b. Oct 22, 1828/
	d. FEb. 1, 1890/aged 67 years

Isaac/b. Dec. 8, 1786/d. Sept. 26, 1858

David/b. June 5, 1814/d. Jan 10, 1899
Adriana/wife of David/b. FEb 20, 1815/d. Dec 30, 1898

William/d. July 15, 1861/aged 65 yrs 1 day
Elizabeth (Sonnenberg)/wife of William Veenendall/
	b. Feb 22, 1906/d. Dec 31, 1886