St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery Cemetery is located at 92nd and Edgerton; near Forest Home


This is an older cemetery and difficult to find. Edgerton is the next road after Root River Parkway, when going west on Forest Home.

The sign in front of the cemetery reads: St. Mary's, the oldest cemetery in the area, has a recorded history from 1842.

The log church formerly stood on the present site of the cemetery donated by John Furlong, one of the original parishioners. At that time Father Patrick O'Kelley was the priest in attendance.

The second fram church, served until 1873. The third church was a steepled brick building and was used for 67 years. A school was built in 1953.

The earlist stone on record has a death date of 1842. Most of the burials are of people of Irish descent.

[Center]  Harriet/b. 27 Dec. 1908/d. 26 Dec. 1987/OSSW:
		Myron/b. 12 July 1907/d. 26 Jan. 1983

[North End]  Anthony A./b. 1926/d. 1979/Sargent US Army WWII/VFW Marker/
			(b. 23 Nov. 1926/d. Jun 1979/res: 53130/SSDI)
[North End]  Loretta/b. 1906/d. 1991/(b. 13 Nov 1906/d. Feb 1991/issued Ill/
[North End]  Ray F./b. 1894/d. 1972/(b. 25 Jun 1894/d. Oct. 1972/res 53130/

[South End]  Mary Ann(Wife)/b. 1872/d. 1952/OSSW:
[South End]  Zacharias/b. 1865/d. 1950

[North End]  Wendell M./b. 16 June 1904/d. 3 May 1972/Wisconsin Tech. 5 378 
			Infantry WWII

[Center]  Rosemary R./b. 1945/d. 1981/OSSW:
[Center]  William E., Emma B., Elizabeth A. & Michael D. & Raymond J. Small

[South End]  Andrew Lloyd/b. 25 Aug. 1965/d. 28 Sept. 1994/You Are My Sunshine

[Center]  Catherine/b. 1950/d. 1951/OSSW:
[Center]  David/b. 1945/d. 1946/OSSW:
[Center]  Margaret/b. 1919/d. No date/OSSW:
[Center]  Thaddeus/b. 1919/d. No date

[North End]  Esther B./b. 1895/d. 1985/OSSW:
[North End]  Peter J./b. 1895/d. 1983

[North End]  Edwin N./b. 1908/d. 1994/OSSW:
[North End]  Marie F./b. 1901/d. 1984

[Center]  Audrey A./b. 1928/d. 1928/OSSW:
[Center]  John W./b. 1921/d. 1922/Baby

[Center]  Michelle Chere/b. 21 July 1964/d. 20 Jan. 1965

[Center]  Anna/b. 1892/d. 1968/OSSW:
[Center]  Thomas/b. 1896/d. 1990/OSSW:
[Center]  Harry/b. 1924/d. 19--/Next to:
[Center]  Vivian/b. 12 May. 1916/d. 31 May 1975/Name could be Shaefer
[Center]  Diane M./b. 22 July 1944/d. 28 Nov. 1944/OSSW:
[Center]  Valentine T./b. 12 Feb. 1907/d. 26 Jan. 1975/OSSW:
[Center]  Gladys M./b. 16 Mar. 1911/d. 28 Jan. 1976

[North End]  Ronald/b. May 1934/d. Oct. 1968

[North End]  Dorothy/b. 1876/d. 1963/OSSW:
[North End]  Frederick/b. 1875/d. 1965

[South End]  Florence A./d. 5 July 1974 Only One Date/OSSW:
[South End]  Vern W./d. 18 Mar. 1962 Only one Data/OSSW Harvey J. & Julia Dougherty

[South End]  Bernice (COFF)/b. 1926/d. 1951/OSSW:
[South End]  Mary Christine/b. 1949/d. 1949

[South End]  Eliza A. (ROONEY)/d. 6 Mar. 1890 67 Yrs.?/OSSW Thomas Jr., James, 
		Mary A., Celia & Thomas Rooney

[Center]  Arthur W./b. 1883/d. 1950

[South End]  Anna Maria (MAGER)/b. 14 Sept. 1844/d. 3 Jan. 1907/
		OSSW: Peter Mager & Jacob, Anna & Clara Mager (see below)

[North End]  Emma H./b. 1893/d. 1966/OSSW:
[North End]  William J./b. 1886/d. 1953

[North End]  Edwin J./b. 1903/d. 1967/OSSW:
[North End]  Lorette C./b. 1894/d. 19/

[Center]  Allen/b. 1857 d. 1901/OSSW: 
[Center]  Reuben/b. 1897/d. 1985/OSSW: Albert & Margaret Dillabough/WWII

[South Center]  Ann/d. 9 Aug. 1874/35 Years/Of C0. Meath Ireland/Wife of James/OSSW:
[South Center]  James/d. 28 Jan. 1877/52 Years/Of C0. Meath Ireland
[Center]  James H./b. 1873/d. 1940/Father/OSSW:
[Center]  Mary C./b. 1889/d. 19--/Mother

[Center]  John E./b. 1907/d. 1926 14 Years/Next to Mary, Henry, John & John M. Welch

[South Center]  Hanorah/No Dates/Wife of Patrick/OSSW: Dennis, Hanorah, Mary, Bridget, 
			Hanorah & Ann McCarthy

[Center]  Jacob Douglas/d. 7 Dec. 1988/Only one date/Asleep With Jesus

[South Center]  Agnes/b. 11 April 1862/d. 1 Feb. 1928/OSSW:
[South Center]  John/b. 14 May 1815/d. 27 April 1876/OSSW:
[South Center]	Ellen/b. 24 May 1828/d. 19 May 1910/OSSW:
[South Center]  Thomas B./b. 17 Sept. 1846/d. 10 April 1915/OSSW:
[South Center]  Mary/b. 25 May 1844/d. 13 July 1846/Eldest Dau of John & Ellen/OSSW:
[South Center]  Mathew M./b. 20 Jan. 1840/d. 21 June 1882/Eldest Son of John & Ellen/OSSW:
[South Center]  Annie/b. 23 Dec. 1853/d. 6 April 1870/Third Dau of John & Ellen

[Center]  Agnes/b. 1881/d. 1960/OSSW
[Center]  Lucille/b. 1918/d. 1923/OSSW:
[Center]  James/b. 1876/d. 1950/next to:
[Center]  Eugene J./b. 1905/d. 1972
[South End]  John/d. Sept. 1869/A Christian & A Hero"/OSSW:
[South End]  Michae Jordan/Civil War Marker in bush in front of stone. Can't read stone.

[Center]  James/d. 31 May 1890/51 Years

[South End]  Alice/b. 1865/d. 1891/In Reynolds plot

[South End]  Anna M./b.1890/d. 1977/OSSW:
[South End]  William C./b. 1882/d. 1948

[Center]  John/b. April 1821/d. 15 July 1894/Otherside of stone, William/Civil War Marker
[Center]  William/b. 7 Aug. 1844/d. 13 Nov. 1879/Otherside of stone, John

[South End]  Christopher/b. 1816/d. 1848/Uncle/In Hugh O'Neil's family plot
[Center]  James Eugene/b. 1876/d. 1953/Next to:
[Center]  John/b. 1830/d. 1908/OSSW:
[Center]  Margaret/b. 1837/d. 1901/next to:
[Center]  Katherine/b. 1885/d. 1937/Mother

[South End]  Elizabeth/b. 1869/d. 1930/OSSW
[South End]  James/b. 1854/d. 1930/Next to:
[South End]  John/b. 1819/d. 1866/OSSW:
[South End]  Margaret/b. 1834/d. 1904/Next to
[South End]  Margaret M./b. 1862/d. 1937
[Center]  George/b. 1891/d. 1947/Father/Next to:
[Center]  Howard/b. 1918/d. 1952/Father/Isabel (SCHMIDT)

[South End]  Jeremiah/d. Mar. 1858/57 Yrs. No days given
[Center]  Ann/b. 1834/d. 1877/OSSW:
[Center]  Lorena/b. 1889/d. 1984/OSSW:
[Center]  Mary/b. 1851/d. 1867/OSSW:
[Center]  Annie R./b. 1809/d. 1870/OSSW:
[Center]  John/b. 1838/d. 1925/OSSW:
[Center]  Katherine/b. 1892/d. 1990/OSSW:
[Center]  Edward R./b. 1866/d. 1933/OSSW:
[Center]  Edward/b. 1806/d. 1889/OSSW:
[Center]  Edward/b. 1841/d. 1850/OSSW:
[Center]  Ellen/b. 1850/d. 1943/OSSW:
[Center]  Mary E./b. 1885/d. 1978/OSSW:
[Center]  Thomas/b. 1846/d. 1849
[South End]  Arthur/b. 1874/d. 1876/OSSW:
[South End]  Caroline/b. 1841/d. 1882/OSSW: Ellenoer & Richard Hennessey &
		 Ann (KELLEY)
[Center]  Catherine/b. 1872/d. 1961/Wife/OSSW:
[Center]  Maurice F./b. 1871/d. 1944/Husband

[South End]  Alice H./b. 21 April 1851/d. 26 Jan. 1943/OSSW:
[South End]  Emma H./b. 17 May 1884/d. 26 June 1966/OSSW
[South End]  John F./b. 30 July 1860/d. 1 Mar. 1923/OSSW:  Charles H. Gorman &
		 Malinda L. (PUTZIER)

[Center]  Christopher G./b. 6 April 1973/d. 13 Aug. 1973/Infant

[Center]  Catherine (RIORDAN)/d. 5 Feb. 1923/Wife of John T.

[South End]  Catherine (LANE)/b. 15 April 1816/d. 1 Nov. 1898/His Wife (Edward)/OSSW:
[South End]  Edward/d. 8 Nov. 1882 66 Yrs./OSSW:
[South End]  Edward R./d. 10 Dec. 1880 25 Yrs./OSSW:
[South End]  Kate E./b. 1850/d. 1924/OSSW:
[South End]  Thomas J./b. 1860/d. 1925/OSSW:
[South End]  John/d. 16 Nov. 1887 16 Yrs./OSSW:
[South End]  Maggie F./d. 2 Nov. 1873 19 Yrs./OSSW:
[South End]  Mary E./b. 1842/d. 1911 (25 Yrs.) Mistake??

[South End]  Martin/b. 1807/d. 1886/OSSW:
[South End]  Mary/b. 1811/d. 1904

[South Center]  James/d. 9 Nov. 1907 97 Yrs./OSSW:
[South Center]  Patrick/d. 21 Aug. 1847/Son of Patrick/34 Yrs./OSSW:
[South Center]  William P./d. 25 Jan. 1905 49 Yrs./OSSW:  
[South Center]	Patrick/Co Louth, Ireland/d. 20 Aug. 1846 65 Yrs./OSSW:
[South Center]  William/d. 26 April 1892/75 Yrs./OSSW:  Mary (LYNCH) & Catherine (HANRATHY)
[Center]  Margareth/d. 1 June 1896 75 Yrs./OSSW:
[Center]  Thomas/d. 12 July 1896 86 Yrs.

[South End]  Bernard/b. 1843/d. 1850/In Catherine & Michael Cook plot
[South End]  Catherine/b. 1810/d. 1897/OSSW:
[South End]  Michael/b. 1808/d. 1850/OSSW: See Rooney, Kieffer & LaVelle
[North End]  Delmer Jr./b. 1919/d. 1988/Next to
[North End]  Mary E./b. 1946/d. 1973

[Center]  Alice/b. 1814/d. 1900/Erected by Mrs. G. Small/OSSW:
[Center]  James/b. 1815/d. 1889/Erected by Mrs. G. Small/OSSW:
[Center]  Patrick /b. 1841/d. 1874/Erected by Mrs. G. Small/Next to:
[Center]  Patrick /d. 2 Dec. 1874 29 Yrs./Co. Tipperary, Ireland

[South End]  Patrick/d. 1 July 1885/77 Yrs.

[South Center]  BJ/b. 1864/d. 1898
[Center]  Delia/No Dates/OSSW:
[Center]  Frances/d. 1927 Only one date/OSSW:
[Center]  William/d. 1933 Only one date
[Center]  Dennis/d. 1927 Only one date/OSSW:
[Center]  Ruth/d. 1929 Only one date/OSSW:
[Center]  Stella/No Dates/
[South End]  John P./b. 1876/d. 1941/Father/OSSW:
[South End]  Mary A./b. 1875/d. 1957/Mother/Next to:
[South End]  Reverand Paul S./b. 28 Dec. 1907/d. 14 May 1961/LT. COMMANDEER, (CHC) 

[South Center]  Dennis/d. 12 Sept. 1864 Age 47 yrs./From Par Kileammor, 
			Co Kerry Ireland/Erected by Edward Kelly/Next to:
			Patrick & Edward Kelly; Family stone

[Center]  Bridget/b. 1 May 1811/d. 23 Dec. 1888/From Co. Tyrone, Ireland/OSSW:
[Center]  John A./d. 9 Dec. 1904 Aged 103 Years

[Center]  James /b. 1856/d. 1897/OSSW:
[Center]  Marion F./b. 1890/d. 1961/OSSW:
[Center]  Mary /b. 1863/d. 1949/OSSW: Daley, Daniel, Stephen & Margaret Pakenham & 
		Jane Mulligan

[South End]  John /d. 27 Sept. 1891/Uncle/67 Yrs./Family plot/OSSW:
		Mother, Father, Grandma, Marie & Guilderoy McAuliffe

[Center]  Gabriel Aaron/d. 12 May 1993 Only one date/Our Little Angel

[South End]  Elizabeth F./d. 7 Sept. 1935 Only one date/OSSW:
[South End]  James I./d. 6 Oct. 1933 Only one date/OSSW: Frank J. Nowak, James & Mary E. Fohey

[North End]  Gerald M./b. 1899/d. 1955/Other Side Blank

[Center]  Mark F./b. 16 Mar. 1951/d. 10 Sept. 1964/Son

[Center]  Catherine/b. 1864/d. 1934/Next to:
[Center]  Chas./d. 31 May 1905 49 Yrs.
[North End]  Clara G./b. 1908/d. No Date/OSSW:
[North End]  Lester C./b. 1902/d. 1976

[Center]  Albert/b. 1869/d. 1939/OSSW:
[Center]  Margaret /b. 1876/d. 1947/OSSW: Allen & Rewben Bowers

[Center]  Martha J./b. 1883/d. 1967/OSSW:
[Center]  Richard J./b. 1864/d. 1953

[North End]  Mary A./b. 1916/d. No Date/OSSW:
[North End]  William J./b. 1915/d. 1971

[Center]  Mae/b. 1880/d. 1962/OSSW:
[Center]  Walter A./b. 1895/d. 1961

[Center]  Emmett J./b. 1918/d. 1981/Doody Realty in Shamrock on stone/Next to:
[Center]  Mary Alice/d. 1920 Only one Date/OSSW:
[Center]  Sadie/d. 27 Sept. 1958 Only one Date

[Center]  Charles/b. 1833/d. 1904/OSSW
[Center]  Mamie/b. 1882/d. 1907
[South End]  Edward/b. 1 Jan. 1798/d. 13 Dec. 1875/Born in Co Down, Ireland/Next to:
[South End]  Mary/b. 1804/d. 1891/Next to:
[South End]  William /d. 13 April 1855 24 Yrs./Son of Edward & Mary
[South End]  Harvey J./d. 23 July 1964 Only one Date/Next to:
[South End]  Julia E./d. 2 Nov. 1974 Only One Date/OSSW:  Vern W. & Florence A. Bissell

[South End]  Edward/b. 1822/d. 1896/OSSW:
[South End]  Ellen/b. 1821/d. 1883/Wife of Edward

[South Center]  Elizabeth (Betty)/b. 1912/d. No Date/OSSW:
[South Center]  James Arthur/b. 1911/d. 1979
[Center]  Mary /b. No Date/d. No Date/OSSW:
[Center]  Michael /b. No Date/d. No Date/OSSW:
[Center]  Nancy/b. No Date/d. No Date

Cornelius/d. 16 April 1891 83 Yrs./OSSW: 
Susan/d. 4 Dec. 1881 75 Yrs./His Wife/OSSW:
James/d. 22 Feb. 1872 38 Yrs./Son of C. & S./OSSW: William H., Willie & 
	Catherine Murray & Joseph & Mary Richey

[Center]  Ellen C./b. 1884/d. 1866/OSSW: Harold M. & Jule Schudt

[Center]  Joseph/b. 1910/d. 1942/Father

[North End]  Carl/b. 1916/d. No Date/OSSW:
[North End]  Dorothy/b. 1916/d. No Date/OSSW:
[North End]  Jan/b. 1946/d. 1992

[South End]  Brian/d. 1952 Only one Date/Baby/Next to:
[South End]  Katie/b. 30 Dec. 1873/d. 1 Mar. 1880

[North End]  Catherine/b. 1915/d. No Date/OSSW:
[North End]  Earl E./b. 1913/d. 1962/Next to:
[North End]  John David/d. 1953 Only one Date/Son/Next to:
[North End]  Thomas E./b. 1944/d. 1984/Son

[South End]  Geraldine/b. 3 Dec. 1895/d. 2 Feb. 1972/Next to:
[South End]  Joseph B./b. 10 May 1894/d. 29 Dec. 1968/Wisconsin Colonel, 
		US Army WWII/Next to:
[South End]  Rosemary/b. 1 Aug. 1925/d. 29 July 1977

[North End]  Edward/b. 1904/d. 1953/Father/OSSW:
[North End]  Leona/b. 1908/d. 1974/Mother

[South Center]  John/d. 3 Feb. 1858 48 Years/Born Par Alhenny, Co Galway, Ireland/
 			Erected by Hanora & Bridget Fahy

[North End]  Helen R./b. 1916/d. 1995/OSSW:
[North End]  Joseph C./b. 1911/d. 1967
[Center]  Michael C./b. 1941/d. 1974

[North End]  Loretta (YANNY)/b. 1922/d. 1987/OSSW:
[North End]  Robert G./b. 1917/d. 1961/Father

[South End]  Anna Clara (Weller)/b. 27 Jun 1822/d. 14 Sep 1911/OSSW:
[South End]  Jacob/b. 13 Mar 1813/d. 3 Aug 1847/OSSW:
[South End]  Peter/b. 22 Feb 1847/d. 29 Apr 1866/OSSW:Anna Maria Bodhamer (see above)