Brazelton Cemetery

This cemetery is located on north 76th Pl. just south of Brown Deer Road.


Jacob and Margaret Brazelton sold property to trustees Clabourn Brazelton and David Newland, Feb. 9, 1846 "for love and affection we have for our children, friends and neighbors, have given a piece of property for the sole use of a graveyard forever, lying in the NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 Section 10 Town 8, Town of Granville, begining at a rock on the summit of a ridge and running through said tract of land 1/4 acre."

This is the legal description of a small burial plot on the hill behind present 8651 N. 68th St. about 600 ft. west of 68th st. itself, 300 ft SE of Happy Hill School and about 700 ft south of Brown Deer Rd. The hill is now wooded.

The Brazeltons' sold their 40 acres there, minus the 1/4 acre burying ground, in 1850 to John Peter Klehr. In turn, Klehr sold it, minus the burial ground, to Nicolaus Schmidt in 1855. The Schmidt stayed on this land many years. The Brazeltons moved to Sheboygan county and the family cemetery simply disintegrated over the years.

No records were kept in the early years, so it is unknown who was buried in this cemetery. There is a claim that some Schmidts were buried there, as well as some Brazeltons. The Brazeltons may have been moved to the West Granville Cemetery.

When the property was in the Town of Granville, it was listed on the tax rolls as tax exempt. After the area was annexed to the City of Milwaukee, an inspection showed no markers. It was sold to an adjoining owner on Aug 27, 1879; the city had acquired the land in tan in rem action (for non-payment of taxes).

Select Burials and Interments

Early history found record of one stone at this cemetery.

Single Stone

In Front yard of 6028 North Sherman Boulevard

One side
Ann/Wife of/Timothy Doyle/Died/Mar. 3(?)1, 1881/Aged 52(?) Years

The other side
Herbert/Melcaha/Died/Oct. 15, 1863/Aged 40 years

This stone has disappeared since 1971.