Calvary Cemetery


This cemetery was formerly located in Section EC; East of Hwy. 57 west of the present day Marquette University


This Catholic Cemetery was moved. See cemetery #36, Calvary. The records are reported to be kept at Holy Cross although recent research is not able to locate them. In the 1960s during freeway construction bones were found near the area of Marquette University. It was originally reported that these bones were "Indian Burials". It is not believed that these bones were from the original Calvary cemetery.

Obituaries and Death Notices

Obituaries and death notices were sent in by researchers or collected from area newspapers. They are linked to the given name when available. Contributors if available are located on the contributors page.

Select Burials and Interments

The following are from Gary R's personal research of Holy Trinity and St. Mary's
Parish Records.

Joseph/b. 1813/d. 14 Sep 1848 (St. Mary's parish records)
Joseph Jr./b. 23 Oct 1847/d. 24 Jul 1848 (St. Mary's parish records)

Anna Maria Gertrude (nee Theissen)/Mrs. Jacob Gassen/
	b. 16 Mar 1787/d. 8 Jun 1848 (St. Mary's parish records)
Herman Joseph/b. Aug 1811/d. 11 Apr 1857 (St. Mary's parish records)

child of George & Gertrude Goelz/b. Dec 1861/d. 25 Dec 1861
	(Holy Trinity parish records)
Margaretha/b. 2 Dec 1850/d. Abt 1851 (Holy Trinity parish records)

Luisa/b. 2 Jul 1853/d. 3 May 1854 (Holy Trinity parish records)