Temple Menorah Ever Rest Cemetery/Chevre Kedushe

The address of the cemetery is: 9548 West Beloit Road

It is operated by a Conservative synagogue, Temple Menorah, 9363 North 76th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53223-1003, (414-355-1120).


This cemetery is 3.5 acres in size. There have been about 550 burials since 1912. Almost all the graves have houseleaks planted on them. Houseleaks attract bees, therefore, there are many bees in the cemetery in the summer. There are small stones placed on many of the graves (old Jewish custom).

I have found a number of errors in the original transcription of this data. If you have more accurate information on the individuals interred here, please submit it to me and I will make the notation.

The records transcribed did not indicate the year of death as 1800 or 1900. Since most burials occurred after 1900, most of these are probably 1900 burials. They were left without the century to avoid errors.

Select Burials and Interments

This is a partial listing.



Anna/d. 20 Dec 1946/Mother/64 y

Anna Levine/d. Dec-1945

Hanna/b. ca 1914/d. 21-Sep-2003
Katherine/b. 12 Oct 1898/d. 28 Aug 1945/Beloved Wife

Bessie/d. 5 Jun 1963/Beloved Mother/78 yrs/NEXT TO:
Max/d. 17 Nov 1970/Beloved Father/85 years/SSDI b. 28 May 1885/
	d. Nov 1970
Luis/d. 22 Apr 1918/25 y?
Mildred/b. 1914/d. no date/Beloved Sisters/OSSW: Marion Oster

Arthur/b. 1880/d. Feb-1951/Husband/OSSW:
Margaret/b. 1884/d. Sep-1960/Wife

[front right section]	Jack B./b. 1907/d. 1982/Beloved Husband & Father/SSDI b. 4 Jul 
				1905/d. Sep 1982/NEXT TO:
[front right section]	Rose (WEISS)/b. 1911/d. no date/Beloved wife & Mother

[left front section]	Esther Belle/b. 17 Dec 1907/d. 8 Sep 1979/Wife & Mother

[left front section]	William/b. 3 Jan 1885/d. 24 Mar 1969/Father/
				OSSW Blanche L. Schwade

[left front section]	Mike/b. 1885/d. 1971/brother/SSDI b. 1 Apr 1885/d. Oct 1971/
				OSSW: Sarah Thomas

[left front section]	Charles K./b. 14 Mar 1881/d. 16 Mar 1939/Father
[left front section]	Nettie S./b. 8 Jan 1889/d. 1 Sep 1961/Mother

[front right section]	George/b. 3 Nov 1907/d. 5 Apr 1993/Beloved Husband, 
				Father & Grandfather

[front right section]	Jonas Rev./d. 2 Mar 1925/67 yrs old/Father/Next to
[front right section]	Rosa/d 8 Aug 1926/Mother/75 yrs old

[left front section]	Ilomae/b. 25 May 1929/d. 29 Dec 1988

[left front section]	Alex/d. 19 Nov 1979/Father/Next to
[left front section]	Lena/d. 15 Jul 1954/Mother/Next to
[left front section]	Jeannette S./b. 1908/d. 1989/OSSW
[left front section]	Carl S./b. 1906/d. 1974
[left front section]	Benjamin/b. 1876/d. 1939/Father/Next to
[left front section]	Esther/b. 1880	c. 1971/Mother

[left front section]	Dorothy/b. 11 Nov 1895/d. 31 Oct 1968/Mother

[left back side]	Alex/b. 1 Nov 1906/d. 10 Feb 1924/Grandson

[left back side]	Fred/d. 2 Aug 1921/Brother/22 yrs old

[left front section]	Howard/b. 1921/d. 1974/Next to
[left front section]	Fanny/b. 1921/d. 1965/Beloved Mother

[back right]		Basie/d. 21 May 1920/Baby, age chipped off stone

[front right section]	Abraham/d. 29 Jun 1933/Father/73 yrs old/OSSW
[front right section]	Celia/d. 17 Oct 1847/Mother/76 yrs old/next to Esther Shapiro
[front right section]	Jacob/d. 3 Jan 1960/104 yrs old/Next to
[front right section]	John/b. 1895/d. 1975/Beloved Husband of Evelyn/next to:
[front right section]	Leo/b. 9 Mar 1890/d. 17 May 1974/PFC US Army
[front right section]	Theresea/d. 16 Jul 1916/Beloved Mother/58 yrs old

[left front section]	Barbara/b. 24 Mar 1948/d. 10 Aug 1948/Darling

[front right section]	Laila Joyce/b 31 Aug 1933/d. 9 Sep 1965/Beloved Wife & Mother

[back left]		Louis/b. 1859/d. 1937/Father/OSSW
[back left]		Anna/b. 1875/d. 1962/Mother

[front right section]	Martha/b. 1906/d. 1988/Beloved Mother & Nana
[front right section]	Rose/b. 1897/d. 1972/Beloved Mother/(Parchefsky/b. 15-Aug-1897/
				d. 1-Feb-1972)
[left back side]	Allen/b. 10 May 1905/d. 26 Aug 1951/Father
[left back side]	Anne/b. 5 Jul 1906/d. 5 Aug 1971/Mother
[left back side]	Isaac/d. 22 Jan 1928/Father/60 yrs old
[left front section]	Joseph/d. 6 Nov 1928/Beloved Son/15 yrs 6 mo old/Next to:
[left front section]	Minnie/d. 1 Aug 1949/Beloved Mother/60 yrs old/Next to:
[left front section]	Ruth/b. 4 Dec 1914/d. 24 Oct 1942/My Beloved Daughter
			Sarah Schotz/d. Aug-1954

[left front section]	William/b. 1918/d. no date/OSSW
[left front section]	Gladys/b. 1918/d. 1985
			Lucille Davidson/b. 3-Jan-1918/d. 27-Jan-2000
			William/b. 8-Jul-1918/d. 23-Dec-1997

[front right section]	Barnett N./b. 13 Jun 1917/d. 12 May 1974/PVT Army Air Forces
				Jewish War Vet Marker

[front right section]	Hyman/b. 1911/d. 1975/Beloved Husband & Father/
				(/b. 23-Sep-1911/d. May-1975)
			Ruth Rebecca Parchefsky/b. 2-Jun-1913/d. 15-Jul-1997 
				Palm Springs, CA
[front right section]	Herman/b. 1863/d. 1925/Father/Next to:
[front right section]	Bertha/b. 1870/d. 1946/Mother
[front right section]	Simon/b. 1894/d. 1973/Father/(Jul 1973)/OSSW
[front right section]	Hannah/b. 1894/d. 1972/Mother

[left front section]	Samuel/b. 1902/d. 1978/(b. 27-Dec-1902/d. Aug-78)/OSSW:
[left front section]	Edith/b. 1898/d. 1985/(Edith Berkowitz/b. 26-Dec-1893/d. Jun-1985)
[left front section]	Joseph/d. 27 Jul 1941/Father/66 yrs old/Next to:
[left front section]	Sarah C./d. 25 Jul 1962/Mother/81 yrs old
[left front section]	Frank F./b. 1909/d. 1959/Masonic Symbol/(d. Aug-1959)
[left front section]	Baby/d. 1940/only one date

			Fanny Erlbaum/b.25-Nov-1910 Rumania/d. 5-Dec-1994

[left front section]	Zea Z./b. 20 Feb 1916/d. 29 Oct 1993/Husband, Father & Grandfather/
				other side blank, Masonic Symbol

[front right section]	Eugene J./b. 20 Aug 1892/d. 5 Dec 1925/Son/Next to:
[front right section]	Julia/d. 1 Aug 1954/Mother/Next to:
[front right section]	Sheldon S./b. 30 Jul 1925/d. 5 Dec 1925/baby/Next to Samuel Donath 
				& Eva Sattler

[back left]		Sadie/b. 1891/d. 1980/Beloved Sister

			Jeffrey M. (Dr.)/b. 18-Dec-1945/d. 21-Aug-1997

			Elezabat/b. 4-Apr-1924/d. 17-Jan-1999 Thiensville, WI
			Maici/d. 16-Oct-1998

[left front section]	Ignatz/b. 28 Dec 1872/d. 17 Sep 1955/Father/OSSW
[left front section]	Lina/b. 1 Jun 1877/d. 2 Nov 1958/Mother

[left front section]	Benny/b. 1921/d. 1923/Next to:
[left front section]	Regina/b. 1889/d. 1936/Beloved wife of Tom

[left back side]	Max/d. Oct 1923/Father/43 yrs old

[left front section]	Karl/d. 24 Jul 1956/Father/63 yrs old/(b. 1893)/Next to:
[left front section]	Rose/d. 11 Oct 1989/Mother/94 yrs old

[back left]		Eva/d. 29 Apr 1962/Beloved Mother/78 yrs old

[left front section]	Charles/b. 1865/d. 1936/Father/(d. May-1936)/OSSW:
[left front section]	Jennie/b 1879/d. 1960/Mother

[left front section]	Charles/b. 30 Aug 1901/d. 22 Nov 1977/Father/OSSW
[left front section]	Theresa/b. 20 Mar 1904/d. 17 Nov 1971/Mother

[front right section]	Abraham/d. 18 Jun 1939/Father/71 yrs old/Next to:
[front right section]	Rose/d. 8 Sep 1966/Mother/57 yrs old/Next to:
[front right section]	Anna/d. 6 Apr 1973/94 yrs old/Next to:
[front right section]	Samuel A./d. 5 Jan 1958/Father/57 yrs old
[front right section]	George/b. 30 Jun 1904/d. 7 Feb 1930/Beloved Son

[back right]		Baby/no other information
[left front section]	Roda Miriam/b. 2 Apr 1915/d. 5 Apr 1915/Baby

[left front section]	Solomon/b. 1881/d. 1948/(d. Jun-1948)/Next to
[left front section]	Lena/b. 1881/d. 1945/(d. Jan 1945)/Mother

[left front section]	Arnold/b. 25 May 1932/d. 29 Mar 1993/Father/OSSW:
[left front section]	Marilyn/b. 30 Jan 19??/d. 23 May 1992/Mother/(Marilyn STEIN)/next to
[left front section]	Benjamin N./b. 2 Jul 1900/d. 27 Sep 1970/Father

[left back side]	Morris/d. 1 Oct 1922/Father/47 yrs old

[left front section]	John/b. 1885/d. 1959/(Apr. 1959)/OSSW:
[left front section]	Elizabeth G./b. 1891/d. 1970

[left front section]	Walter F./b. 1910/d. 1975/My Darling/(b. 4-Jan-1910/
				d. Nov-1975)

[left back side]	Philipp/b. 17 Nov 1842/d. 20 Mar 1915/Vater, Ruhe Sanft
[back left]		Johanna/b. 13 Mar 1864/d. 12 Jun 1930/Mother

[left back side]	Frank Efraim/b. 7 Nov 1903/d. 5 Mar 1977/OSSW:
[left back side]	Alice Kranzthor (Stern)/b. 1 Oct 1901/d. 24 Mar 1983

[left front section]	Viliet (Kirtz)/b. 1907/d. 1930/Wife

[left front section]	Baby/d. 1929/only one date

[left back side]	Albert/d. 1 Nov 1912/Father/only one date

			Ida Berkowitz/b. 2-Apr-1912/d. 1-Jun-1996

[left front section]	Joseph D./b. 6 Jul 1908/d. 15 Dec 1988

[left back side]	William	/d. 20 Feb 1923/64 yrs old

[front right section]	Robert W./b. 27 Sep 1919/d. 22 May 1945/
				Wisconsin PFC 160 INF WWII, Amer Legion & Jewish War Vet marker
[front right section]	Rose Winnecour/b. 1894/d. 1989/Our Beloved Aunt/Next to 
				Bess Winnecour, Our Beloved Aunt

[left back side]	Rosalia/b. 1892/d. 1974/Beloved/(Rosalia Rosenbluth/
				b. 13-Mar-1892/d. Jul-1974)

			Herta Margulius/b. 15-May-1903 Germany/d. 29-Oct-1993
			Willi/b. 24-Aug-00/d. Jun-1984

			June/d. 2-Feb-1900

[front right section]	David/b. 18 Jul 1907/d. 23 Feb 1984/Beloved Husband, Father, 
				Grandfather/Next to:
[front right section]	Jacob/b. 14 Nov 1946/d. 4 Jun 1973/Beloved Son

[front right section]	Morris/d. 6 Oct 1916/Beloved Father/59 yrs old/next to:
[front right section]	Fanny/d. 20 Sep 1940/Beloved Mother/79 yrs old

[left back side]	Ignatiz/b. 1870/d. 1955

[left back side]	Ethel/d. 22 Aug 1916/Beloved Daughter/38 yrs old

			Asron/b. 17-Jan-1913/d. 24-Jan-2000
			Rose/d. 15-Apr-2003

[back left]		Jennie/b. 1894/d. 1984/Beloved Wife & Mother
[front right section]	Sam/d. 18 Feb 1955/Father/77 yrs old/(Samuel/d. Feb-1955)/OSSW:
[front right section]	Sarah	/d. 28 Mar 1965/Wife/77 yrs old/(Sarah Kramer/d. Mar-1965)

[front right section]	Emanuel/b. 1866/d. 1937/Next to
[front right section]	Irene/b. 17 Jul 1906/d. 28 Jan 1989/Next to:
[front right section]	Jolan Weiss/b. 1879/d. 1974/(d.Dec-1974)
			Beatrice/b. 28-Dec-1910/d. 20-Dec-1998
			Hermine/b. 1914/d. 10-Mar-2000

[left front section]	Jacques/b. 1891/d. 1961/Father/(Jacques/d. Feb-1961)/OSSW
[left front section]	Frieda/b. 1897/d. 1968/Mother/(Frieda Spitzer/d. Dec-1968)

[left front section]	Benjamin/b. 15 Nov 1911/d. 26 Feb 1988/Beloved 
				Husband, Father, Grandfather
[left front section]	Monroe/d. 5 Dec 1937/Son/23 yrs old/Next to:
[left front section]	Helena/d. 11 Oct 1964/Mother/(Helen Schwartz)/next to:
[left front section]	Max/d. 17 Oct 1956/Father/75 yrs old
[left front section]	Henrietta/b. 20 Sep 1916/d. 7 Feb 1971/Beloved Mother/(Henrietta Eisler)
			Adele "Della"/b. 25-Sep-1917/d. 27-Nov-1994
			Dorothy Avery/b. 1912/d. 11-Feb-1997 Sunrise, FL

[left front section]	Charlotte/d. 24 Jun 1930/70 yrs old

[front right section]	Goldie/b. 15 Nov 1905/d. 12 May 1976/Wife, Mother, other side 
				of stone blank
			Aaron R./b. 30-May-1906 Russia/d. 26-Jan-2001 Glendale, Milwaukee, WI

[left back side]	Regina (Hecht)/d. 8 Oct 1918/Mother

[left front section]	Ruth B./b. 17 Aug 1922/d. 30 Mar 1983/Beloved Wife/Ruth Goodman

[left front section]	Carolyn L./b. 26 Oct 1911/d. 28 Feb 1992/Beloved Sister
			Lillian/b. ca 1907/d. 20-Nov-2003 San Gabriel, CA
			Louis/d. May-1937

[left front section]	Louis/d. 19 May 1937/56 yrs old/Next to:
[left front section]	Eda/d. 15 Feb 1929/Died in the Prime of Her Life/44 yrs old

[left back side]	Abraham/b. 1878/d. 1946/Husband/(d. Mar-1946)/OSSW:
[left back side]	Sarah/b. 1878/d. 1953/Wife

[front right section]	Harry/d. 17 Dec 1937/Beloved Father/58 yrs old/Next to:
[front right section]	Sarah/d. 2 Mar 1943/Beloved Mother/63 yrs old/(Sarah Newman)

[left front section]	Isadore/b. 26 Jan 1914/d. 3 Nov 1987/Husband, Father, Grandfather
			Doris/b. 13-Jan-1909/d. 12-Jul-1999

[front right section]	Theodore M./b. 25 Mar 1906/d. 23 Feb 1955/Father

			Violet Schwartz/b. 1-Feb-1907/d. 2-Oct-1999 Manitowoc, WI

[back left]		George D./d. 22 Jan 1949/Father/63 years old/Next to:
[back left]		Olga/d. 24 Apr 1962/Mother

[front right section]	David/d. 26 Jul 1945/Father/63 yrs old
[front right section]	Ida/d. 3 Dec 1954/77 yrs old/(Ida Kramer)

			Charlotte/b. 4 Mar 1826/d. 30 Aug 1899/Mother

[front right section]	Ludwig/b. 1883/d. 1960/Father/(buried: Jul 1960)/Next to:
[front right section]	Rose/b. 1882/d. 1966/Mother/(buried: Mar 1966)/Next to:
[front right section]	Alexander, Dr./b. 1907/d. 1962/Son/(buried: May-1962)

[left back side]	Samuel/b. 31 ot 1899/d. 16 May 1983/Dear Husband & Father/OSSW:
[left back side]	Lillian I./b. 29 Mar 1913/d. 22 Aug 1980/Dear Wife & Mother/
				Lillian Hirschbein

[front right section]	Joseph/b. 1878/d. 1970/92 yrs old/(b. 02-Aug-1878/d. 
[front right section]	Rosa/b. 1877/d. 1960/83 yrs old/(buried: Dec. 1960)
			Cecilia/d. 14-Jul-1904 Kingwood, TX

[left back side]	Abraham/b. 1867/d. 1926
[left back side]	Rachel/b. 1864/d. 1920

[back left}		Julia/d. 10 Sep 1928/53 yrs old

[left back side]	Joseph/d. 27 Oct 1918/Father
[left back side]	Janetta/b. 6 Oct 1898/d. 21 Feb 1975/Our Loving Mother

[back left]		Alexander/d. 20 Oct 1935/Father/OSSW:
[back left]		Theresa/d. 2 Jan 1937/Mother/88 yrs old/next to
[back left]		Dave/b. 25 May 1883/d. 2 Jul 1956/Father/David/OSSW:
[back left]		Sarah/b. 16 Mar 1884/d. 6 Jun 1952/Mother/Sarah Schwartz
[back left]		Ben/b. 28 Aug 1915/d. 4 Apr 1954/Husband, Our Beloved Father/
[left back side]	William/b. 11 Sep 1887/d. 13 Aug 1967/Beloved Father
[left back side]	Rose/d. 9 Aug 1933/Mother/43 yrs old
[left front section]	Alfred/d. 7 Aug 1948/Brother, Father/42 yrs old/Next to:
[left front section]	Antoinette/d. 21 Feb 1957/Wife, Mother/72 yrs old/(Antoinette
				Dreschler)/Next to:
[left front section]	Jacob/d. 13 Feb 1956/Husband, Father
[left front section]	Henry/b. 23 Nov 1914/d. 14 Sep 1969/Husband, Father/Next to:
[left front section]	Louis/b. 8 Oct 1904/d. 29 Oct 1968/Son, Brother
[left back side]	Minne Gross/d. 20 Feb 1940/Mother/54 yrs old

			Hilda Goodman/b.13-Sep-1922 Manchester, England/d. 15-Jan-2000

[front right section]	Samuel/b. 15 Mar 1889/d. 24 Nov 1956/Father/OSSW
[front right section]	Rose/b. 4 May 1895/d.21 Jun 1967/Mother

			Estelle Ruth Holtzman Rudolph/b. 1925/d. 12-Feb-2005

[left front section]	Jacob/b. 1877/d. 1953/Father/OSSW
[left front section]	Eva/b. 1885/d. 1964/Mother

[front right section]	Jacob/b. 24 Apr 1888/d. 24 Aug 1964/Next to Amelia & Luis Izrael

[left back side]	Anatoly/b. 22 Oct 1913/d. 10 Feb 1993/Next to:
[left back side]	Paulina/b. 20 May 1920/d. 3 Mar 1969/Forever In Our Hearts
			Children & GrChil.

[front right section]	Luis/b. 1895/d. 1958/(buried Jul 1958)OSSW:
[front right section]	Amelia/b. 1895/d. 1968/next to Jacob Israel

[left back side]  	Nathan H./d. 11 Oct 1940/Father/61 y

Jerome/d. 30-Mar-03

Rosa Neufeld/b. 21-Jun-1896/d. Jul-1974 Madison, WI

Joe/d. Feb-1957

Dorothy J. Kraus/b. 20-Mar-1923/d. 2-May-1998 Encino, CA
Seymour J./b. 21-Oct-1922/d. 20-Apr-2000	Van Nuys, CA

Fanny Samuel/d. Jan-1971
Julius/b. 13-Sep-1883/d. Nov-1972

Max Leon/b. 10-Oct-1909/d. Jul-1976

Anna/d. Jun-1957
Haea/b. 02-Dec-1883/d. Jun-1971
Josef/b. 8-Sep-1907/d. Sep-1982
Mildred Margoles/b. 27-Jul-1908/d. Jul-1987

[left front section]  Etel/b. 17 Nov 1879/d. 2 Aug 1919/Mutter/Next to:
[left front section]  Leo/b. 27 Dec 1863/d. 10 Feb 1943/Vater/Next to:
[left front section]  Frank/b. 1905/d. 1943/PH M 1/C Lost at Sea While 
			Serving His Country USS Houston/Jewish War Vet Marker
[left front section]  Ilka (SCHILLER)/d. 2 Dec 1952/Mother/77 yrs
[left front section]  John A./b. 1 Dec 1896/d. 29 Sep 1956/Wisconsin PFC Co E 1 
			Engineers WWI/Jewish War Veteran Marker
[left front section]  Mathilda	b. 31 Aug 1875	d. 16 Dec 1946/Mutter
[left front section]  Regina/d. 3 Jan 1948/Mother/87 yrs			

[left front section]  Jean Eckstein/b. 24-Oct-1903/d. Dec 25, 1979/Daughter

[back left]  Rose/b. 1864/d. 1949/Mother/OSSW:
[back left]  Samuel/b. 1862/d. Nov 1951/Father

[left front section]  Ted/b. 30 Dec 1928/d. 6 Apr 1994/Beloved Husband, Father, 
			Grandfather/other side of stone blank

Doris/d. 30-Jul-04
Ted/b. 30-Dec-1928/d. 6-Apr-1994

[front right section]  Bertha (Schwartz0/d. 12 Apr 1955/Wife/OSSW:
[front right section]  Morris/b. 15-Oct-1878/d. 31 May 1967/Husband/89 yrs old

[back right]  Richard J./d. 23 Jun 1937/Beloved Son

Elizabeth Weiss/d. Nov-1963
Sam/b. 10-May-1891/d. Nov-1970
[left front]  Elizabeth (Giza)/b. 1895/d. Nov 1963/OSSW:
[left front]  Sam/b. b. 10-May-1891/d. Nov-1970/Father

[left back side]  Abraham/b. 18 Feb 1889/d. 15 Dec 1937/Our Beloved Father/
[back left]  Irene G./b. 24 Feb 1915/d. 7 Jan 1970/Beloved Wife and Mother/Next to:
[back left]  Tavy W./b. 3 Jan 1917/d. 11 May 1992/Beloved Husband & Father

[left back side]  Marim/d. 24 Apr 1941/Son/31 yrs old

[left front section]  Margaret/b. 3 May 1916/d. 29 Nov 1992/Wife, Mother, Baubie & Friend
			other side of stone blank

[back left]  Henry B./d. 4 Oct 1944/Fater/81 yrs/Next to:
[back left]  Rudolph/d. 7 Nov 1962/Father/85 yrs/Next to:
[back left]  Sadie/b. 1903/d. Nov 1946/Daughter
[left back side]  Jennie/b. 02-Jul-1890/d. Jan-1974/Mother
[left back side]  Lena/d. 18 Apr 1916/42 yrs

[back left side]  David/b. 10 Dec 1904/d. 15 Dec 1969/Beloved Husband/Next to:
[back left side]  Etta/b. 16 Jan 1907/d. 2 Jul 1989/Beloved Wife
[back left side]  Morris/b. 1 Oct 1908/d. 27 Aug 1965/Beloved Brother

[back right]  Amy Rose/d. May 1974/Our Baby/only one date

[front right]   Bertha Kessler/d. Oct-1967/Mother/87 years old/OSSW:
[front right]   Joseph/d. 8 Jul 1961/Father/85 yrs old

[front right]  Henry S./b. 10 Jan 1910/d. 15 Apr 1990

David/d. Jun-1962
[left back side]  David/b. 1909/d. June 1962/Next to:
[left back side]  Leopold/b. 19 Nov 1872/d. 1956/Father/OSSW:
[left back side]  Lottie/b. 13 Dec 1872/d. 22 Feb 1944/Mother

[back left]  Harry Moses/d. Jan-1960

[front right]  Ann H./b. 1912/d. 1971/Mother/
[front right]  Leo/b. 1900/d. 1981/Father

[back left]  Stephen/b. 23 May 1900/d. 4 Apr 1956/Husband/

[front right]  Arthur/b. 4 Jul 1896/d. 22 Mar 1918
[front right]  Samuel/d. 12 Jul 1944/Brother/55 yrs old

[right front]  Jacob/d. 23 Jun 1968/Beloved Father/78 yrs old
[right front]  Rose/d. 7 Feb 1963/Beloved Mother/71 yrs old

Ben/b. 1923 Warsaw, Poland/d. 1-Jul-1998 Milwaukee, WI
[back left]  Jackie/b. 9 Jun 1932/d. 18 Oct 1989/Beloved Wife & Mother

[front right]  Bernard/d. 10 Feb 1966/Son/37 yrs old

[front right]  Edith/d. 20 Sep 1925/Beloved Daughter/16 years old/Next to:
[front right]  Rachel/d. 20 Aug 1923/Mother/Next to:
[front right]  Rose/d. 25 Mar 1956/Mother/72 years old/Next to:
[front right]  Samuel/d. 3 Jul 1935/Our Dear Brother
[front right]  Harold A./b. 15 Mar 1921/d. 8 Nov 1992/Loving Son of Ida & Isaac
[front right]  Ida/d. 8 Apr 1954/66 years old/OSSW:
[front right]  Isaac/d. 29 Jul 1948/Father/64 yrs old
[left back side]  Harry/d. 10 Nov 1918/Beloved Father/48 yrs old
[back left side]  Harry A./b. 1908/d. 1977/Beloved Husband & Father

Donald S., DDS/b. 7-May-1937 Milwaukee, WI/d. 5-Oct-2001 River Hills, WI
Rose/d. Mar-1956
[front right]  William/b. 16 Jun 1912/d. 24 May 1966/Beloved Husband & Father

[front right]  Margaret/b. 1 Feb 1905/d. 29 Oct 1990/Beloved Mother

Bertha/b. 10-Oct-1879/d. Sep-1968 Milwaukee, WI

Morris J./d. 23-Feb-05 Brown Deer, WI

Maurice/d. Jan-1968

Hirsch/d. Jan 1928
[left right]  Hinda/d. 13 Nov 1929/Mother/OSSW:
[left right]  Hirsh/d. 17 Jan 1928/Father

[left front]  Matilda/b. 1876/d. Oct. 1960/Mother/OSSW:
[left front]  Morrison/b. 1869/d. 1963

[front right]  Frank/b. 1903/d. 1968/Beloved Husband/next to:
[front right]  Lucille/b. 1902/d. 1989/Beloved Wife

[left front]  Abraham Jimmy/b. 26 Oct 1918/d. 20 Jun 1992/Beloved Husband, Father & 
		Grandfather/[SW,BB,L04,G]/next to:
[left front]  Bernice A./b. 21 Oct 1921/d. 5 Jul 1989/Beloved Wife & Mother/other side
		of stone blank (Bernice Annabelle Rappaport/d.  Crystal Falls, Iron, MI)
[left front]  Anne/b. 15 Sep 1913/d. 22 Apr 1993/Beloved Wife, Mother, Nana/Next to:
[left front]  Joseph/b. 21 Feb 1884/d. 8 May 1961/Father/next to:
[left front]  Rose/b. 28 Dec 1883/d. 21 Feb 1976/Mother/next to:
[left front]  Morris/b. 29 Jul 1891/d. 21 Jan 1976/Beloved Father/next to:
[left front]  Fanny/b. 27 Aug 1892/d. 30 May 1970/Beloved Mother/(Fanny Fagelson)
Alex/b. 24-Feb-1909 Milwaukee, WI/d. 27-Sep-2003 Milwaukee, WI
Anne/no dates

[left front]  Louis/b. 1 Jul 1907/d. 1 Mar 1985/Beloved Father/OSSW:
[left front]  Ruth (Stein)/b. 4 Jul 1907/d. 12 Sep 1974/Mother

MARGOLIS: (See Margules)
[left back side]  Leo/d. 6 Jul 1941/Father/57 yrs old/Next to: Ella Margules

MARGULES: (See Margolis)
[left back side]  Ella/d. 11 Sep 1918/35 yrs old/Next to Leo Margolis
[left back side]  Jennie/d. 21 Mar 1915/30 yrs old

[left front]  Estelle/b. 26 Nov 1910/d. 6 Dec 1986/Beloved Wife, Mother, Grandmother/
			{Estelle Hirschbein}/OSSW:
[left front]  Jack/b. 14 Jul 1910/d. 13 May 1993/Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather

Kurt/b.	30-Apr-1912/d. 25-Dec-1996 Glendale, WI

[left front]  Helen E./b. 1920/d. 1980/(Helen Kraus)/OSSW:
[left front]  Maurice L./b. 1915 Chicago, IL/d. 24-Nov-1999 
		Milwaukee, WI/sW,B8,L03,G4

[left front]  David A./b. 1884/d. 1950/Father/OSSW:
[left front]  Molly/b. 1886/d. 1949/Mother
[left front]  Joseph D./b. 22 Feb 1905/d. 7 Feb 1986 Milwaukee/Beloved Husband, 
		& Father
[left back side]  Howard/b. 1896/d. 1936

Frieda/b. 15-Nov-1923/d. 23-Jan-1995/WDoublesR1G21

[left front]  Bertha/b. 15-Aug-1900/d. May-1974 Milwaukee/(Bertha Klein)/
		Mother/Next to:
[left front]  William B./b. 1896/d. Jan 1941
[left front]  Bessi/b. 1917/d. 1918/Baby/next to:
[left front]  Olga Gene/b. 24 Dec 1913/d. 27 Apr 1960/Beloved Daughter/next to:
[left front]  Sigmund/b. 1882/d. 1942/Father
[left front]  Goldie/b. 27 May 1877/d. 11 May 1945/Mother/OSSW:
[left front]  Joseph/b. 6 Apr 1876/d. 17 Feb 1946/Father

[back right]  Melvin/b. 22 Sep 1915/d. 21 Nov 1920

[left back side]  Ilona	/d. 25 Aug 1924/Mother/62 yrs old

[left back side]  Harv/no other information

[left back side]  Anna/d. 18 Mar 1918/rest of stone underground

[left front]  Yetta/b. 24 Dec 1920/d. 10 Sep 1974/Wife & Mothe/(Yetta J. Plotkin)

[left front]  Bertha/b. 14 Sep 1892/d. 16 Dec 1977/Beloved Wife & Mother/(Bertha Kohn)/next to:
[left front]  Leo A./b. 27 Aug 1887/d. 28 Aug 1986/Beloved Husband & Father
[left front]  Edythe/b. 19 Jun 1915/d. 5 Jan 1994/Beloved Wife & Mother/78 yrs old
              Robert Allan (Dr.)/b. ca 1943/d. 7-Sep-2001/parent: Otto

[left back side]  Frida/b. 1891/d. 1942/Sister

[left back side]  Julie/b. 1883/d. 1931/Sister

Harriett L. Spitz/b. 30-May-1923/d. 28-Feb-1998	Tecumseh, OK

[front right section]	Albert/b. 15 Sep 1888/d. 29 Aug 1972/Brother/next to:
[front right section]	Anna/b. 18 Jun 1895/d. 5 May 1960/Wife/next to:
[front right section]	Emil/b. 15 Apr 1901/d. 22 Oct 1964//next to:
[front right section]	Jacob//d. 13 Mar 1927/67 yrs old/next to:
[front right section]	Joseph/b. 21 Feb 1897/d. 18 Nov 1990/OSSW:
[front right section]	Julia/b. 27 Oct 1903/d. 15 Dec 1982/next to:
[front right section]	Karoline/b. 4 Aug 1896/d. 6 Jan 1954/Mother/next to:
[front right section]	Lottie/b. 28 Feb 1901/d. 23 Nov 1987/Mother/next to:
[front right section]	Richard/b. 16 Oct 1889/d. 22 Dec 1928/Son/next to:
[front right section]	Rose//d. 24 Aug 1944/Mother/86 yrs old/next to:
			Amalia Senauer/d. Oct-1968

[back left]	Ludwig/b. 1888/d. 1952/Father

[left back side] 	Anna//d. 26 May 1924/Wife/52 yrs old
[front right section]	Pearl//d. 29 Mar 1928/Beloved Mother/72 yrs old/Next to:
[front right section]	Solomon//d. 22 Jan 1920/Beloved Father/62 yrs old

Reuben (Dr.)/b. 27-Jul-1920/d. 8-Apr-1995 Muskego, WI

Leo K./d. Feb-1943

[back left side]	Marion Altshul/b. 29-Jul-1910/d. Jan-1983 Madison, WI/
				OSSW Mildred Altshul/Beloved Sisters

[front right section]	Dena/b. 1878/d. 1955/Mother/OSSW:
[front right section]	Morris D./b. 1877/d. 1946/Father/next to:
[front right section]	Fred//d. 24 Jun 1927/Next to Dena & Morris D./19 yrs old

[front right section]	Benjamin/b. 24-May-1906/d. Oct-1982 Milwaukee, WI/Beloved Husband & Father/OSSW:
[front right section]	CeliaGimpel/b. 17-Dec-1906/d. Apr-1982 Milwaukee, WI/
				Beloved Wife & Mother

[front right section]	Neal Robert/b. 1 Nov 1951/d. 24 Sep 1972/Beloved Son

[left front section]	Flora/b. 26 Sep 1905/d. 14 Feb 1987/Forever In Our Thoughts

[back left]		Edward/b. 4 Nov 1922/d. 18 Nov 1978/Husband, Father
[front right section]	Baby//d. 7 Feb 1944/only one date
[left front section]	Ann/b. 20 Oct 1915/d. 29 Dec 1970/Beloved Sister/Next to
[left front section]	Sol D./b. 4-Mar-1914/d. Nov-1979 Milwaukee, WI/Beloved Husband & Father
[left front section]	Esther D./b. 26 Nov 1908/d. 24 Mar 1975/Wife, Mother
			Alvin ("Al")/b. 14-May-1906 Russia/d. 12-Aug-1999 Milwaukee, WI
			Esther Deutch Marcus/b. 25-Nov-1908/d. Mar-1975 Milwaukee, WI
			Joan C./b. 14-Apr-1943 Milwaukee, WI/d. 17-Sep-1904
			Rose Singer Margulis/b.	13-Jan-1914 Milwaukee, WI/d. 27-Dec-1999 Glendale, WI
			Sidney S./b. 18-May-1922/d. 22-Oct-2001

[left back side]	Louis//d. 3 Aug 1934//75 yrs old

[front right section]	Abraham/d. 20 Apr 1925/OSSW Temma S. Donath, "Father"	57 yrs old					
[front right section]	Temma/d. 22 Apr 1957/OSSW Abraham S. Donath, "Mother"	89 yrs old					
[front right section]	Norman/b. 18 Mar 1897/d. 19 Dec 1946/"Our Beloved"						

[left back side]	Aaron/d. 2 Feb 1929/Next to Meyer, "Father"	45 yrs old					
[left back side]	Meyer/d. 3 Jul 1939/Next to Aaron, "Brother"	46 yrs old					

[left back side]	Herman/b. 1896/d. Apr 1959/OSSW Bertha, "Father"						
[left back side]	Bertha Eckstein/b. 1897/d. Jul 1964/OSSW Herman, "Mother"						

[left front section]	Eugene/b. 1887/d. 1949 Hartland WI/OSSW Selma, "Husband"						
[left front section]	Selma/b. 1900/d. no date/OSSW Eugene, "Wife"						
[left front section]	Mark/b. 1881/d. 1955/Next to Mathilda, "Father"						
[left front section]	Mathilda/b. 1888/d. 1960/Next to Mark, "Mother"						

[left front section]	Joseph/b. 13 Apr 1883/d. 5 Mar 1935/Next to Emma, Salie & June, "Father"						
[left front section]	Emma/d. 25 Nov 1940/Next to Joseph, Salie & June, "Mother"	49 yrs old					
[left front section]	Salie/d. 9 Feb 1928/Next to Emma, Joseph & June, "Mother"	82 yrs old					
[left front section]	June/b. 16 Sep 1927/d. 9 May 1928/Next to Emma, Joseph & Salie						
[back left]	Ludwig/b. 25 Feb 1887/d. 27 Sep 1970 Milwaukee, WI/OSSW Clara, "Father"						
[back left]	Clara Strauss/b. 31 Jan 1897/d. 2 Apr 1967/OSSW Ludwig, "Mother"						

[front right section]	Harry/b. 12-Apr-1908/d. 24 Jun 1986/"Beloved Husband & Father"
Milwaukee, WI

Louis/d. 1952

[back left]	David//b. 10-Apr-1909/d. 27-Oct-1993 Milwaukee, WI/OSSW Lillian, next to Meyer & Herman, "Beloved Father"	84 yrs old					
[back left]	Lillian Altshul/d. 30 Oct 1968/OSSW David, next to Meyer & Herman, "Beloved Mother"	55 yrs old					
[back left]	Meyer/b. 10 Sep 1912/d. 2 Mar 1974/OSSW Herman, next to David & Lillian, "Brothers						
[back left]	Herman/b 18 Sep 1907/d. 17 Feb 1975 Milwaukee, WI/OSSW Meyer, next to David & Lillian, "Brothers"						
[back left]	Louis/d. 25 May 1952/"Father"	71 yrs old					
[front right section]	Rose/d 14 Dec 1937/Next to Janetie, "Mother"	52 yrs old					
[front right section]	Janetie/d. 1 Mar 1928/Next to Rose, "Mother"	67 yrs old					
[front right section]	Harry/b. 10-May-1884/d.	Aug-1972 Milwaukee, WI/"Father"	89 yrs old					
[front right section]	Joseph/b. 05-Mar-1895/d. 31 Mar 1967/OSSW Pearl, next to Anna, "Father"	72 yrs old					
[front right section]	Pearl Schwartz/d. May-1965/OSSW Joseph, next to Anna, "Mother"	72 yrs old					
[front right section]	Anna/d. 26 Oct 1930/Next to Joseph & Pearl	47 yrs old					
[right front section]	Max H./b. 1924/d. 1988/Next to Sarah, "Brother"						
[front right section]	Sarah/d. 22 Jun 1964/Next to Max H.	83 yrs old					
[right front section ]	Abraham/d. 25 Mar 1965/	86 yrs old					
[left back side]	Louis/b. 22 Aug 1912/d. 19 Jun 1957/"Wisconsin Tec 5 534 QM Salv Rep Co WWII"						
Samuel/b. 3-Jun-1924 Milwaukee, WI/d. 20-Feb-1997 Milwaukee, WI

Saul/b. 28-May-1913 Kishnev, Russia/d. 24-Jun-2001 Glendale, Milwaukee, WI

[left back side]	Nahuma/d. 31 Mar 1991/	76 yrs old					

[left back side]	Anna/d. 9 Jun 1954/Next to Herman, Samuel & Max, "Beloved Mother"	76 yrs old					
[left back side]	Herman/b. 18 Feb 1899/d. 13 Jan 1967/Next to Anna, Samuel & Max, "Beloved Brother"						
[left back side]	Max/d. 15 Aug 1944/Next to Herman, Anna & Samuel, "Beloved Father"						
[left back side]	Samuel/d. 20 Apr 1947/Next to Herman, Anna & Max, "Beloved Father"	72 yrs old					

[front right section]	Alex/d. 5 Apr 1941/Next to Lena	61 yrs old					
[front right section]	Lena/d. 10 Jun 1963/Next to Alex/wife of Alex, "Mother"/78 yrs old					
[front right section]	Peter S./b. 25-Aug-1907/d. Jun-1971						
Fannie Podell/no dates

[back left]	Volf/b. 29 Jan 1911/d. 29 Sep 1987/"Beloved Husband, Father & Grandfather"						

[front right section]	Morris/d 17 Dec 1924/Next to Lena, "Father"/70 yrs old					
[front right section]	Lena/d 2 Aug 1944/Next to Morris, "Mother"/84 yrs old					

[left back side]	Isobore/d. 18 Apr 1917/"Beloved Father"	47 yrs old					

[front right section]	Jack M./b. 22 Jul 1919/d. 2 Apr 1978/Beloved Husband, Father & Grandfather"						

[back left]	Jacob/d. 23 Jul 1962/	74 yrs old					

[left front section]	Julia/d. 15 Dec 1928/"Mother"	80 yrs old					

[left front section]	Felix/b. 25 Oct 1893/d. 4 Feb 1948/Next to Irene, American Legion & Jewish War Vet marker						
[left front section]	Irene/b. 30 May 1901/d. 15 Jun 1992/Next to Felix, "Mom"						
[left front section]	Jacob/b. 6 Jul 1895/d. 31 Aug 1980/						
[left front section]	Rose/d. 2 Jul 1940/"Mother"	38 yrs old					
[front right section]	Eva Donath/b. 28-Jul-1896/d. 20 Jul 1986/Next to Eugene, Julia, Samuel & Sheldon S. Donath, "Mother"	89 yrs old					
Frederick/b. 31-May-1891/d. 9-Mar-1996
Irene Kirtz Dicker/d. Feb-1992

[back right]	Jannie/d. 3 Aug 1921/	2 yrs old					

[left back side]	Joseph/b. 1882/d. 1937/"Beloved Father"						
[left back side]	Dorothy/b. 1884/d. 1958/"Beloved Mother"						
[left back side]	Leo/b. 1903/d. Apr 1966/Next to Matthew, "Beloved Brother"						
[left back side]	Matthew R./b. 1913/d. May 1971/Next to Leo, "Son & Brother"						

Margaret Weiss Braun/d. Jul-1991

[left front section]	John/b. 1890/d. 1955/Next to Regina, "Father"						
[left front section]	Regina/b. 1891/d. 1947/Next to John, "Mother"						
[left front section]	Marcus/b. 26 Dec 1923/d. 26 Jun 1977/OSSW Shirley, "Beloved Husband"						
[left front section]	Shirley Gash/b. 26 Feb 1924/d. Jun-1980/OSSW Marcus, "Beloved Wife"						

[left back side]	Goodman J./b. 1885/d. 1958/OSSW Ida						
[left back side]	Ida/b. 1892/d. 1967/OSSW Goodman J., "Mother"						

[back left]	Tillie/d. 11 Feb 1940/OSSW William, "Wife"	78 yrs old					
[back left]	William/d 29 Apr 1932/OSSW Tillie, "Husband"	73 yrs old					

Ida Abersham/d. Nov-1967

Meyer/d. Mar-1930

[front right section]	Albert A./b. 1906/d. 1958/Next to Libbie & Meyer, "Father"						
[front right section]	Libbie/d. 6 Sep 1931/Next to Albert & Meyer	68 yrs old					
[front right section]	Meyer/d. 9 Mar 1930/Next to Albert & Libbie	66 yrs old					
[front right section]	Samuel/d. 20 Dec 1929/	33 yrs old					

Jonathan/b. 1949/d. 16-Sep-1997 Okemos, MI
[left front section]	Max/b. 10 Nov 1914/d. 23 Aug 1975/Next to Janet, "Beloved Husband"						
[left front section]	JanetS./b. 16-Feb-1916/d. Jan 1979/Next to Max, "Beloved Wife"						

Joseph/b. 25-Jul-1914/d. 9-Oct-1999

[left front section]	Ruth Adeline/b. 8 Jun 1922/d. 3 Jul 1931/"Daughter"						

[left back side]	Sarah/d. 9 Jun 1917/	22 yrs old					

[left front section]	Emil/b. 25 Jan 1921/d. 29 Aug 1991/"Husband, Father, & Saba"						

[back right]	Annie/b. 12 Nov 1905/d. 16 Nov 1914/						

[back left side]	Alex/b. 1915/d. Mar 1965/"Husband & Father"						
[left back side]	Joseph/b. 1862/d. Apr 1947/Next to Sarah Cohen Schotz, "Father"						
[left back side]	Sarah Cohen/b. 1876/d. 1954/Next to Joseph, "Mother"						

[front right section]	Michael/b. 1912/d. Aug-1973/Next to Rivea, "Beloved Husband & Father"						
[front right section]	Rivea Mady/b. 25-Sep-1916/d. Mar-1977/Next to Michael, "Beloved Wife & Mother"						

[left front section]	Bernard ("Ben")/b. 2 Aug 1893/d. 6 Aug 1976/OSSW Bertha, Jewish War Vet marker						
[left front section]	Bertha Ditjatkovsky Stein/b. 4 Apr 18941 Chabne, Kiev, Russia/d. 6 Jun 1975/OSSW Ben						

[left front section]	Blanche L. Fooden/b. 10 Dec 1904/d. 31 Mar 1976/OSSW William Baker						

[back left]	Stella/b. 1896/d. 1965/"Mother"						
[front right section]	Meyer L./b. 1898/d. 1986/OSSW Rose						
[front right section]	Rose Radin/b. 18-Nov-1899/d, Jun-1980/OSSW Meyer L.						
[left front section]	Adolph/d. 6 Jan 1950/OSSW Hani, next to Meryam, Aaron & Joseph, "Father"						
[left front section]	Hani/d. 24 Oct 1950/OSSW Adolph, next to Meryam, Aaron & Joseph, "Mother"						
[left front section]	Meryam/b. 1859/d. 1921/Next to Adolph, Hami, Aaron & Joseph, "Mother"						
[left front section]	Aaron/d. 7 Dec 1927/next to Adolph, Hani, Meryam & Joseph	72 yrs old					
[left front section]	Joseph/b. 1911/d. Oct-1978/Next to Adolph, Hani, Meryam & Aaron						
[left front section]	Morris/b. 1881/d. Apr-1965/Next to Miriam & Bertha, "Father"						
[left front section]	Bertha/b. 1877/d. 1969/Next to Morris & Miriam, "Mother"						
[left front section]	Miriam/b. 1921/d. 1953/Next to Morris & Bertha						
[left front section]	Victor/b. 1890/d. 1981/OSSW Serafin, "Father"						
[left front section]	Serafin-Novidzen/b. 1898/d. Feb-1958/OSSW Victor, "Mother"						
[left front section]	Albert/b. 12 Nov 1911/d. 17 Apr 1920/"Son"						
[right front section]	Joseph Harry/b. 15 Aug 1895/d. 1 May 1964/Next to Pearl, "Father"						
[right front section]	Pearl Rittberg/b. 5 Dec 1905/d. 7 May 1975/Next to Joseph, "Mother"						
Adolph/d. Jan-1950
Bertha Laufer/b. 19-Mar-1878/d. Oct-1969
Marion/d. Feb-1953 (could be Miriam above)
Meyer L./b. 20-Aug-1898/d. Nov-1986
Ruth Weller/b. 7-Feb-1907/d. 29-Mar-2000
Stella/d. Oct-1965
Sue Dashevsky/d. Jun-1980
Viola Weiss/b. 19-Jul-1918/d. 1-Feb-2003 Glendale, WI

[front right section]	Leo/b. 28 Jun 1876/d. 18 Nov 1936/Next to Celia						
[front right section]	Celia Hauser/b. 27 Apr 1887/d. 5 Oct 1984/Next to Leo						

[left front section]	Leah/b. 1894/d. Jun-1953/"A Good Name is Rather to Chosen than Great Riches"						
[left front section]	Nathan/b. 1890/d. 1980/"Father"						
[front right section]	Esther Blum/b. 17-Jun-1898/d. Jan-1981/Next to Celia & Abraham Blum						

[left front section]	Solomon/b. 1 Jan 1920/d. 16 May 1984/"Beloved Husband & Father", Jewish War Vet marker						

Florence Weinberger/b. 18-Feb-1926/d. 14-Dec-1994
[left front section]	Harry/b. 12 Oct 1909/d. 17 Jun 1976/OSSW Mildred, "Husband & Father"						
[left front section]	Mildred/b. 4 Mar 1910/d. 4 Sep 1988/OSSW Harry, "Wife & Mother"						

[front right section]	Sigismund/b. 2 Sep 1896/d. 18 Dec 1968/"Beloved Husband"						
[left back side]	Louis/d. 27 Jan 1934/Next to Anna, "Father"	79 yrs old					
[left back side]	Anna/d. 20 Dec 1922/Next to Louis, "Mother"	65 yrs old					
[left front section]	Alex/b. 20 Nov 1892/d 28 Oct 1968/OSSW Rose, "Father"						
[left front section]	Rose Berkowitz/b. 20 Oct 1893/d. 16 Aug 1973/OSSW Alex, "Mother"						
[left front section]	Ignatz/d. 26 Jan 1927/Next to Emily, "Father"						
[left front section]	Emily/d. 15 Dec 1955/Next to Ignatz, "Mother"						
[left front section]	Edward/d. 1 Apr 1947/Next to Victor, "Father"						
[left front section]	Victor/b. 28 Apr 1900/d. 12 Nov 1928/Next to Edward, "Son"						
[left front section]	Johanna/d. 25 Jul 1942/"Grandmother"	89 yrs old					
Arthur J./b. 26-Dec-1925/d. 12-Jan-2003

Leo/b. 19-Apr-1917/d. 6-Nov-1997

[left front section]	Louis/b. 14 Apr 1905/d. 10 Jul 1965/Next to Goldie, "Father", American Legion & Jewish War Vet marker						
[left front section]	Goldie Berkowitz/b. 16 Feb 1908/d. 20 Apr 1976/Next to Louis, "Mother"						

[front right section]	Abraham/d. 20 Oct 1918/Next to Rosa	35 yrs old					
[front right section]	Rosa/d. 15 May 1930/Next to Abraham	52 yrs old					
[front right section]	Emil/b. 25 Dec 1869/d. 22 Jan 1920/OSSW Sarah, "Our Beloved Father"						
[front right section]	Sarah/b. 12 Oct 1875/d. 27 Oct 1943/OSSW Emil, "Our Beloved Mother"						
[front right section]	Daniel/b. 1906/d. 1-Sep-1964						

[left back side]	William/b. 1905/d. 1948/"Brother"						

[left back side]	Wolf/b. 1869/d. 1925/OSSW Emelia, "Beloved Father"						
[left back side]	Emelia/b. 1883/d. 1945/OSSW Wolf, "Beloved Mother"						
[left front section]	Sigmund/b. 29 Apr 1896/d. 1 Apr 1941/Next to Arthur, "Father", Jewish War Vet marker						
[left front section]	Arthur/b. 20 Feb 1897/d. 26 May 1961/Next to Sigmund, "Father"						
[left front section]	Ernst/b. 15 Mar 1902/d. 10 Jul 1974/Next to Leo, Minnie & Ida, "Beloved Husband & Father"						
[left front section]	Leo/b. 22-Sep-1886/d. 1-Dec-1968/Next to Minnie, Ernst & Ida, "Beloved Husband & Father"						
[left front section]	Minnie/b.  Appel/b. 08-Mar-1892/d. 1-Jan-1973/Next to Leo, Ernst & Ida, "Beloved Wife & Mother"						
[left front section]	Ida Kahn/b. 4 Jul 1903/d. 24 Jan 1986/Next to Leo, Minnie & Ernst						
[left front section]	Herman/d. 17 Jul 1914/OSSW Evelin, "Father"	57 yrs old					
[left front section]	Evelin/d. 26 Jan 1926/OSSW Herman, "Mother"	68 yrs old					
[left front section]	Herman/b. 1927/d. 1988/"Husband & Father"						
Evelyn/d. 1-Jan-1936

[left front section]	Andrew/b. 24 Dec 1890/d. 14 Jan 1982/OSSW Lillian, next to Jacob & Emma, "Beloved Husband & Father"						
[left front section]	Lillian G. Rozran/b. 24 Aug 1896/d. 1-Nov-1980/OSSW Andrew, next to Jacob & Emma, "Beloved Wife & Mother"						
[left front section]	Jacob/b. 17 Apr 1864/d. 12 May 1929/Next to Emma, Lillian & Andrew, "Father"						
[left front section]	Emma Schwartz/b. 1 Aug 1869/d. 22 Jul 1948/Next to Jacob, Lillian & Andrew, "Mother"						
[left front section]	Michael/b. 21 Oct 1893/d. 1 Aug 1961/Next to Lucille & Goldie, "Beloved Father"						
[left front section]	Goldie Tolmasky/b. 27 Aug 1898/d. 13 Jan 1975/Next to Lucille & Michael, "Beloved Mother"						
[left front section]	Lucille/b. 22 Jun 1920/d. 24 Mar 1950/Next to Goldie & Michael						

[front right section]	Frank/d. 25 Oct 1961/OSSW Rose, "Father"	73 yrs old					
[front right section]	Rose/b. 24-Dec-1892/d. 15 Oct 1975/OSSW Frank, "Mother"	82 yrs old					

[left back side]	Yetta M./b. 1875/d. 1928/						
[left front section]	Rudolph/b. 3 Dec 1899/d. 17 Sep 1989/OSSW Mary, "Husband, Father, Grandfather"						
[left front section]	Mary E. Uberstine/b. 18 May 1904/d. 1 Apr 1985/OSSW Rudolph, "Wife, Mother, Grandmother"						
[left front section]	Taibelle/b. 1882/d. 1941/OSSW Yidel next to Rachel & Max, "Our Beloved Parents"						
[left front section]	Yidel/b. 1878/d. 1945/OSSW Taibelle next to Rachel & Max, "Our Beloved Parents"						
[left front section]	Max/d. 2 Mar 1920/OSSW Rachel, next to Tailbelle & Yidel, "Our Beloved Father"	63 yrs old					
[left front section]	Rachel/d. 29 Jan 1917/OSSW Max next to Taibelle & Yidel, "Our Beloved Mother"	70 yrs old					
Edward/d. Jun-1945

[left front section]	Morris/b. 1851/d. 1917/Next to Caroline & Emma, "Father"						
[left front section]	Caroline/b. 1862/d. 1937/Next to Morris & Emma, "Mother"						
[left front section]	Emma/b. 15 Sep 1887/d. 5 Jun 1971/Next to Morris & Caroline						
[left front section]	Ignatz/d. 9 Mar 1947/Next to Theresa	88 yrs old					
[left front section]	Theresa/d. 9 Feb 1924/Next to Ignatz	59 yrs old					
[left front section]	Theodore/b. 1888/d.  Apr1964/OSSW Selma next to Helen, "Father"						
[left front section]	Selma Broder/b. 1896/d. 1962/OSSW Theodore, next to Helen, "Mother"						
[left front section]	Helen/b. 1890/d. no date/Next to Theodore & Selma						

[front right section]	Frank/d. 6 Nov 1934/Next to Dorothy, "Daddy"	35 yrs old					
[front right section]	Dorothy/d 5 Oct 1927/"Baby", next to Frank						

[front right section]	Morris/b. 1887/d. 1960/Next to Hannah & Max, "Beloved Son"						
[front right section]	Hannah/b. 1863/d. 1941/Next to Morris & Max, "Beloved Mother"						
[front right section]	Max/b. 1859/d. Jun 1952/Next to Morris & Hannah, "Beloved Father"						
[front right section]	Sarah M./b. 28-Nov-1893/d. 1973/Next to Fannie, "Beloved Daughter"						
[front right section]	Fannie/b. 14-Jul-1889/d. Jan-1967/Next to Sarah, "Beloved Daughter"						
Anna/d. Jul-1941

Morris/d. 1-Jun-1960

[left back side]	Simon/d. 18 Nov 1915/"Our Beloved Father"	40 yrs old					
[left back side]	Bertha/b. 1879/d. 1968/						

[left front section]	Adolf/b. 1851/d. 1918/Next to Rose						
[left front section]	Rose/b. 1850/d. 1925/Next to Adolf						

Irene Stellner/b. 6-Dec-1924/d. 3-Apr-1999

[front right section]	Harry L./b. 11-Jan-1907/d. Jan-1974/Next to Sarah, "Husband & Father"						
[front right section]	Sarah/b. 1910/d. 1994/Next to Harry L., "Wife & Mother"						

[left back side]	Max/b. 4-Feb-1900/d. Mar-1979 Milwaukee, WI/OSSW Mildred Klein						
[left back side]	Mildred Klein/b. 1908/d. 1987/OSSW Max						
[left back side]	Oscar/b. 1906/d. 1973/"Father"						

Sarah/d. Aug-1976

[front right section]	Joseph/d. 22 Oct 1913/OSSW Sarah	65 yrs old					
[front right section]	Sarah/d. 18 Jul 1928/OSSW Joseph	 79 yrs old					

[left front section]	Sarah/b. 1886/d. 1976/OSSW Mike Barto, "Sister"						

[back right]	Blanche/b. 1919/d. 1920/"Baby"						

Henry E. (Dr.)/b. 15-Aug-1899/d. Apr-1966 Milwaukee, WI

Anita Anna/b. 22-Dec-1928 Germany/d. 24-Jul-1997 Fox Point, WI
Kurt/b. 29-May-1923/d. Oct-1980 Milwaukee, WI
[back left]	Judy/b. 2 Aug 1959/d. 12 Oct 1964/Next to Kurt						

[front right section]	Johanna/d. 8 Apr 1937/"Mother"	70 yrs old					

[back left]	Ignatz/b. 1864/d. 1927/"Father"						

[left front section]	David/b. 1 Jan 1929/d. 22 Apr 1984/"Beloved Husband, Father & Grandfather"						

Harvey L./b. 31-Mar-1927/d. 7-Jun-1978/W Single R2G26

[left back side ]	Mary/d. 14 Apr 1925/"Mother"	49 yrs old					

David/b. 1-Jan-1929/d. Apr-1984 Milwaukee, WI

[back right]	Bessie/d. 1 May 1924/"Baby"	4 yrs old					
[front right section]	Louis/b. 1887/d. Feb-1956/OSSW Julia, next to Eleanor & Emil Weiss & Rose & Jack Bach						
[front right section]	Julia/b. 1885/d. Apr 1976/OSSW Louis, next to Eleanor & Emil Weiss & Rose & Jack Bach						
[front right section]	Eleanor Kaiser/b. 18 Sep 1911/d. 28 Oct 1963/Next to Julia, Louis & Emil Weiss & Rose & Jack B. Bach, "Beloved Wife"						
[front right section]	Emil L./b. 14 Dec 1909/d. 29 Jul 1967/Next to Julia, Louis & Eleanor Weiss & Rose & Jack B. Bach, "Beloved Husband"						
[left front section]	Adolph/b. 1881/d. Oct 1959/OSSW Anna, "Father"						
[left front section]	Anna Brichta/b. 1882/d. Mar-19701970/OSSW Adolph, "Mother"						
[left front section]	Alex ("Sandor")/b. 24-Dec-1887/d. Oct-1967 Milwaukee, WI/OSSW Irma, next to William & Irma, "Father"						
[left front section]	Irma/b. 1897/d. Mar 1962/OSSW Alex, next to William & Irma, "Mother"						
[left front section]	William/b. 17 Apr 1896/d. 19 Jul 1976 Milwaukee/OSSW Irma, next to Alex & Irma						
[left front section]	Irma/b. 7 Aug 1901/d. 19 Jul 1976/OSSW William, next to Alex & Irma						
[left front section]	Ignatz/d. 22 Aug 1939/Next to Ida, "Father"	80 yrs old					
[left front section]	Ida/d. 14 Feb 1932/Next to Ignatz, "Mother"	65 yrs old					
[left front section]	Isadore/b. 1877/d. Nov 1958/OSSW Bertha, next to Michael M., "Father"						
[left front section]	Bertha/b. 03-Feb-1881/d. Sep-1972 Milwaukee, WI/OSSW Isadore, next to Michael M., "Mother"						
[left front section]	Michael Meyer/b. 20-Oct-1909/d. Jul-1986 Milwaukee, WI/Next to Isadore & Bertha, "Husband & Father"						
[left front section]	Helen Lehner/b. 1893/d. Nov-1959/"Wife"						
[left front section]	Joseph/d. 1 Apr 1931/Next to Lena, "Father"	74 yrs old					
[left front section]	Lena/d. 9 Feb 1937/Next to Joseph, "Mother"	94 yrs old					
[left front section]	John/b. 11 Oct 1884/d. 15 May 1933						
[left front section]	Julius/b. 1905/d. May 1961/OSSW Muncie, "Father"						
[left front section]	Muncie/b. 1903/d. 1991/OSSW Julius, "Mother"						
[left front section]	Theresia/b. 1862/d. 1936/"Mother"						


[back left]	Harvey Leon/b. 31 Mar 1927/d. 7 Jun 1978/"S2 US Coast Guard WWII"						

[front right section]	Herman/b. 1896/d. 1967/OSSW Helen, "Father"						
[front right section]	Helen/b. 1902/d. 1990/OSSW Herman, "Mother"						

[left back side ]	Morris/d. 12 Jun 1970/OSSW Anna, "Father"						
[left back side ]	Anna/d. 4 Feb 1988/OSSW Morris, "Mother"	91 yrs old					

[front right section]	David/b. 1898/d. 1956/"Father", Amer Leg & Jewish War Vet marker						
[front right section]	Frieda/b. 1901/d. 1990/Next to David & infant, "Mother"						
[front right section]	Baby/d. 12 Feb 1962/Next to Frieda & David, "Baby Son"						
[front right section]	Jacob/b. 1885/d. 1953/Next to Rebecca & Louis, Jewish War Vet marker						
[front right section]	Louis/d. 28 Mar 1929/OSSW Rebecca next to Jacob, "Father"	73 yrs old					
[front right section]	Rebecca/d. 19 Mar 1934/OSSW Louis next to Jacob, "Mother"	70 yrs old					
[front right section]	Bess/b. 1897/d. 1984/Next to Rose Gash, "My Good Sister"						
[front right section]	Hyman/d. 20 Apr 1950/"Father"	60 yrs old					

[left front section]	Alexander/b. 1892/d. 1952/Next to Jenny, "Father"						
[left front section]	Jennie/b. 1896/d. 1992/Next to Alexander, "Mother"						

Lena R./d. Jan-1953