Elizabeth Street Cemetery


Before the opening of Forest Home Cemetery (1850), there was a burial ground on Elizabeth Street (Now National Ave.) where many protestant familes were buried. This plot was about ten acres in size located on the north side of Elizabeth Street extending from Muskego Ave. to the "Holden Tract". This graveyard was abandoned in 1867.

Authority was given by the Secretary of State to John W. Dunlop, sexton of Forest Home, and to G. H. Seemans, an assemblyman, to have the graves moved to Forest Home. William Sivyer was in charge of the work. Books showed there were 1018 persons buried there, but after the reburials, 38 more bodies were found. An attempt was made to re-inter these but some south side old-timers could remember that there were coffins and a few bones in a corner of the yard where children played.

John Dunlop was given the land upon which the cemetery was as payment for his services. He sold the land to George Burnham, a brick manufacturer. The original burial book has long since disappeared.

On the Milwaukee Public Library Digital archives is a photo of the original cemetery office (photo courtesy of the Milwaukee Historical Society). Notes on the archives finding aid: a view of the Elizabeth Street Cemetery Office located on Elizabeth Street. there was a white fence surroundin the two story building and the nearby trees are bare. The cemetery was also know as the Milwaukee Cemetery and was abandoned in 1864. Elizabeth Street Cemetery Office located on the north side of Elizabeth Street (National Ave.) , east of present day S. 16th str.