St. Joseph's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery


St. John's Evangelical was formerly located in section 32 on S. Howell Ave. In 1975 it was moved due to the expansion of Mitchell Field Airport. The graves were moved to Forest Hill Cemetery in Oak Creek. Dottie W. was able to track them down and visited the cemetery. Unfortunately, the graves were not placed in their original order, so family groups may not have been kept together -they appear to be alphabetized! There are also many marked with "Unknown" as their markers were no longer legible. All of the "unknown" were grouped together, rather than with the original neighboring graves.

They did not give access to a list for the graves that were moved. If you know a name you can ask and they will look at the burial cards. There was not a lot of information on the person buried, but it did tell if they shared a grave (like children) who else it was shared with.

Below are the known graves from that cemetery. The graves that were not moved by family elsewhere are now buried at Forest Hill.

Select Burials and Interments

This is a partial listing.

Contributed to Milwaukee Genealogical Socity by Dorothy Paul found in a South Milwaukee newspaper dated Aug. 30, 1973

The heirs of some of the early settlers whose graves remain in St. John's Ev. Lutheran church cemetery, 5601 S. Howell ave., are being sought. Graves are being removed from the property now owned by the county, to make room for expansion of the west runway at Mitchell field.

Name of deceased and available dates:

ANGELHART, Maria/Jan 8, 1881
ARNDT, August F.W./b. June 21, 1803/d. Feb 3, 1870
ANTONSEN, Deter & Eva E./Children/Dec, 1853-54
CORDES, Katarina/July 6, 1859
CORDES, Molly/Sept 10, 1832
FELDERMANN, Johann H./no dates
FISCHER, Mary H./1894-1968
GEBHARDT, Maria/17, 1810-6,1873(sic)
GOLL, William H./Dec. 1, 1853-April 18, 1882
KLEIN, Katharina/Dec 19, 1832-Oct. 30, 1899
KLEIN, Michael/1848-1934
KOENIG, Johann/Dec. 22, 1872
KOENIG, Caroline/June 26, 1819-Nov 12, 1879
KRAK, Maria/May 10, 1840-Oct. 18, 1873
KRUSE, William/infant/July 1873-Sept 1873
KUNOLD, Catharine/Dec. 1800-May 1870
KUNOLD, Martin/Aug 19, 1818-Nov 12 1894
LEITZMANN, Frederich/Oct. 11, 1840-Nov. 21, 18??
LEITZMANN, Fredericke/Nov. 21, 1869-Jan 17, 1877
LEITZMANN, Elizabeth/FEb. 26, 1803-Sept 16, 1870
REHFELD, Carl/Jan. 25, 1890-July 31, 1899
RIESS, Martin W./Aug. 22, 1819-Jan 7, 1881
SCHIFFLER, Anna M./May 20, 1796 (only one date)
SCHIFFLER, Dorothea/May 25, 1823-Mar 12, 1906
STREIFF, Carl/no date
STREIFF, Christian/no dates
WETTKE, Louise/Aug 14, 1841-May 6, 1911
WEILIPP, no first name/Jan. 16, 1859-Jan 19, 1880

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