Independent Cemetery

Oak Creek


This cemetery is located on the corner of 27th and Oakwood Road, Oak Creek. It is adjacent to Independent Cemetery.


This is a partial list.

[P] means there is a picture of the tombstone available at
WIGenWeb Website

[P] Arsand, Emma E. and Carl F.
[P] Arsand, Ernst
[P] Arsand, Friedericka
[P] Arsand, Gustav and Wilhelmina
[P] Behling, Johann
[P] Behling, Johanna
[P] Behling, Louisa
[P] Behling, Maria
[P] Brand, Louis
[P] Brinkmann, Heinrich
[P] Cartwright, Colleen
[P] Clauer, Caroline
[P] Clauer, Christian
[P] Clauer, Elizabeth
[P] Clauer, Hilda
[P] Clauer, Oliver
[P] Clauer, P.
[P] Clauer, Sophia M.
[P] Erb, Maria M.
[P] Ferber, Johann P.J.
[P] Frank, Milton
[P] Goelzer, Daniel
[P] Goll, John
[P] Goll, Pauline
[P] Grams, Carl F.L.
[P] Guenther, Alwina L.
[P] Guentzel, Amelia
[P] Gutlich, Philipp
[P] Hahn, Elisabeth
[P] Hahn, Georg
[P] Hahn, Salome
[P] Heidtke, Albert
[P] Heidtke, Maria Fortkamp
[P] Heidtke, Minnie Abel
[P] Hess, Lena
[P] Hoffmann, Elizabeth
[P] Hoffmann, George
[P] Hoffmann, Johann
[P] Hoffmeier, Diedrich
[P] Hoffmeier, Maria
[P] Hoffmeier, Mrs. Diedrich
[P] Holm, John F.
[P] Holm, Maria C.E.
[P] Kiefer, Peter
[P] Kleinmann, Merrill and Edna
[P] Klug, Albert F.P.
[P] Klug, Albertine
[P] Klug, Carl
[P] Lindemann, Friedricka
[P] Lindemann, William
[P] Loppnow, Albert
[P] Loppnow, Leona
[P] Loppnow, Minnie
[P] Loppnow, Wm.
[P] Mitzenheim, Mary Wirsing
[P] Mueller, Dorothy
[P] Ninnemann, Carolina
[P] Paap, Carolina Raaths
[P] Paap, Wilhelm
[P] Prochnow, Albertina
[P] Prochnow, Eduard
[P] Radtke, Sophia
[P] Rodell, Julie A.
[P] Roth, Charles
[P] Roth, Elizabeth
[P] Roth, Jacob
[P] Roth, Karolina
[P] Schattner, Barbara
[P] Schattner, Christian
[P] Schattner, Elisabeth
[P] Schattner, Eva
[P] Schattner, Georg
[P] Schattner, Jacob
[P] Schattner, Johann
[P] Schattner, Minnie
[P] Scherbarth, Emilie
[P] Scherbarth, Henry
[P] Schleicher, Anna Maria
[P] Schmidt, Amelia
[P] Schmidt, Barbara
[P] Schmidt, Carl L.
[P] Schmidt, Christ
[P] Schmidt, Fred
[P] Schmidt, Friedrich
[P] Schmidt, Geo. M.
[P] Schmidt, Heinrich C.
[P] Schmidt, Johann G.
[P] Schmidt, Laura E.
[P] Schmidt, Lizzie M.
[P] Schmidt, Rosina Knoell
[P] Schubring, August F.G.
[P] Soherbarth, Heinrich
[P] St Ampp, Johannes
[P] Stampp, Charlotte
[P] Steinmueller, Louis
[P] Strasser, Elisabeth
[P] Tischendorf, Franz E.
[P] Trost, Dorathea
[P] Trost, Fred
[P] Trost, Ida B.
[P] Trost, William
[P] Walter, John
[P] Walter, Katharina
[P] Walter, Simon
[P] Wendt, Carl
[P] Wendt, Sophia
[P] Wirsing, Dorothy
[P] Wirsing, Edward
[P] Zeisse, Edwin W.J.
[P] Zeisse, Eva
[P] Zeisse, Ida H.C. and Matie E.C.
[P] Zemtgraf, Caroline
[P] Zimdars, Johann C.F.
[P] Zimdars, Wilhelmine