Evangelical Lutheran Emmanuel Church Cemetery

Oak Creek, Milwaukee County Wisconsin Genealogy


This is a 12 Grave cemetery located at 10870 S. Chicago Road, Oak Creek.

Information from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel http://www.jsonline.com/news/Metro/may02/44985.asp May 21, 2002

This cemetery was established by the Evangelical Lutheran Emmanuel Church. This church, no longer in existence split off from a Caledonia church in 1868.

The small church disbanned about 20 years after its establishment and left only the cemetery behind.

The cemetery was discovered in August 2002, by a Margaret Berres, curator of the Oak Creek Historical Society. In the article it was stated there were efforts going on for some agency or organization to maintain the 12 grave cemetery.

There were many broken headstones in the cemetery, however, Margaret cataloged the cemetery with the Burial Sites Preservation Program.

It was found that Pvt. Frank Wilke of Caledonia served in the Civil War. Wilke died in 1892 and was buried in the cemetery.

The transcriptions of the remaining tombstones have been completed. They are likely available through the Oak Creek Historical Society or the State Historical Society.


This is a partial listing.

Charles L Green/b. unknown/d. Apr. 3, 1863/age 19Y 8M 24D

Bernard Kleinschmidt/b. 1831/d. 1923

Frederick C. Steven/b. Jul. 22, 1849/d. Jan. 24, 1872/age 22Y 8M 25D
Henry H. Steven/b. Mar. 1, 1845/d. Jan. 6, 1872/age 26Y 10M 6D
Henry J. Steven/b. Jun. 24, 1792 Schale Prussia/d. Nov. 10, 1870/age 73Y 4M 16D