Lake Protestant Cemetery/ Thompson Ave. Cemetery


Original Epitaphs & information transcribed by George J. Ramponi (1971) with additional information (Lot Owners) from the Milw. Genealogical Society

The cemetery property was originally owned by the Thompson Family.

That part of Lake Protestant Cemtery in the Northeast 1/4 of Section 22-6-22. It is bounded and described as follows: Commencing at a point in the East line and 660 feet South of the Northeast corner of said Northeast 1/4 of 22-6-22; thence West on a line which is parallel to the North line of said 1/4 section, 165 feet to a point; thence South on a line which is parallel to the East line of said 1/4 section 198 feet to a point; thence East on a line parellel to the North line of said 1/4 section 165.00 to a point in the East line of said 1/4 section, thence North on the East line of said 1/4 198 feet to the point of beginning, containing 3/4 of an acre.

The last deed was in 1882, the title is in the name of the trustees of Lake Protestant Cemetery, Corporation articles are on file.

The Thompson Family

Jared Thompson (Esq)/Born Jan. 31, 1805/Died Feb. 21

The elder Thompson is, if I may so impudently disparage his companions, the most "respectable" inhabitant of the cemetary(sic). He first achieved notority(sic), if that is the word, as one of the organizers of the Wisconsin Temperance Movement. A nearly continuous political career follows in which he served (as Whig later as Republican) as State Assemblyman for the 6th Ward and as Chairman of the board for the Town of Lake. The size of the voting public can be judged from the printed results of the election of 1853 for State Assembly (one in which Thompson lost); "Lavies 187, Thompson 184 ("A close fit" as the Sentinel aptly put it), Winkler 43 -Sentinel Nov. 10, 1853.

Thompson was also Justice of the Peace- an office he held from April of 1855. A little over two months after his election to this post;

"a dead person, name to be unknown, (was) found washed up on the beach of the Lake at the south point near Mrs. Sam Sexton's... There appears no marks of violence upon the body no inquest was held; a coffin was provided and the body was conveyed to the Protestant Cemetary(sic) in the Town of Lake and decently interred. Any person wishing further particulars can enquire(sic) of the undersigned."
Jared Thompson
Justice of the Peace.
(Sentinel June 8, 1855)

Three more bodies were washed ashore September of that year, victims of the sinking of the merchant ship Sebastopol.

Thompson was apparently a creditable farmer. The Sentinel, which continually supported the "substantial citizen" in all his political endeavors, goes into a fit of ecstacy(sic) due to Jared's having raised 300 bushels of peach blow(sic) potatoes from 12 bushels of seed." Peach plow(sic) was a potato "particularly free from rot (that) can be kept longer than any other potato." -Sentinel Dec. 20, 1860.

Select Burials and Interments

Francis M./wife of Jared Thompson Esquire/Died March 20, 1860/Aged 53 years
	This woman bore Jared ten children all of whom survived their mother 
	long enough to witness their father's other bumper crop.

Thompson Sr.

Susannah/wife of Jared Thompson (presumably Jr.)/Died Nov. 27 (the final two 
	Lines obscured)

First Line Lost/Thompson/died Jan. 6, 1873/Aged 3 mo. 3 days

Eva/Daughter of H.M. & M.E. Thompson/died Sept. 8, 1854/6 (years?) --Months/
	and 10 days/Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the
	kingdom of heaven.

J.T. Thompson

Mary E. Thompson (Mrs. Delaney)/b. March 21st (?) 1830/d. April 25th 1868

James N. Delaney (husband of above)/died Oct. 21, 1867/Aged 58 years 6 mo.

Lewis B./son of W. W. A(and?) G.M. Thompson/died April 29, 1861/
	Aged by 2 mo 16 days/"Little Lewis"/_____________ power could____________
	by quiet goodness_________________ Easy ______________________

The Estes Family

Elijah S. Estes/b. Jan. 30, 1814/d. Dec. 8, 1887
	Estes was one of the first trustees of the Village of Bay View and was 
	fellow Justice of the Peace with Jared Thompson at the time of the
	Sebastopol disaster.

Zebiah W. Estes (nee Wentworth)/b. APr. 19, 1810/d. July 2, 1887
Myron E. Estes/b. July 12, 1848/d. Dec. 12, 1848
Catherine L. Estes/b. April 7, 1852/d. May 6, 1853
Wentworth Estes/b. July 22, 1854/d. Oct. 4, 1854
Mary Susan Estes/wife of Horace Ris__ and daughter of E.S. & Z.W. Estes/
	b. Mar. 14, 1846/d. Apr. 14, 1876/____ Consolations in her last words:
	"I will meet you at the gate mother."

Her Baby/Mary Estes/b. March. 27, 1876/d. August 5, 1876
In memory of Judy Estes/d. Oct. 3, 1865/aged 21(?) years
Libbie Estes/d. Oct. 3, 1872/aged 29(?) years

The packard Family

Zebedee Packard/d. 1855 Sept 20/aged 66 years 5 mo. 27 ds.
	This interesting gentleman, a veteran of the War of 1812, was the 
	central figure of an amusing anecdote involving a rumored Indian 
	raid and a greased boot.  The story can be found in a pamphlet 
	entitled The Milwaukee Story published in 1948.

John P./son of Z. & Nancy Packard/d. Aug. 1816/aged 2 years 9 months
	Either this child was, after perhaps twenty years, exhumed from
	a cemetery back east and taken here by his parents for reburial,
	or Packard settled here even before Juneau.

(Geo)rge (P)ackard/_____ - 1889
Mother/Cynthia/wife of Daniel Packard/d. April 13, 1895/aged 76 years
	Her husband was made Constable of Lake in April of 1858 after
	chasing a horse thief to Racine.

G(?) C.P.


The Eggers Family

Father/John Eggers/b. Mar. 29, 1848/d. June 20, 1929
Mother/Emily Eggers/b. Dec. 31, 1851/d. Dec. 13, 1902
Frieda Eggers/1875-1951
Herman Eggers/1874-1943

The Turrell Family

Rosa G. Warren (Nee Turrell)/1871-1893
Myron Turrell/1827-1894

The Kiphutt Family

Mother Caroline/b. Aug. 26, 1835/d. Sept. 1, 1912
Wilhelm Kiphutt/d. 1897
W.F. (?) Rel-- Kiphutt/1882(?) 29(?)

The Baker Family

Asa Baker/father/d. Apr. 20, 1863/aged 84 years
Jane Baker/mother/d. Apr. 20, 1863/aged 84 years
Jane/daughter/d. Apr. 16, 1863/Aged 50 years

The Grebe Family

R. Grebe/b. Jan. 1881/d., Mar. 189_
Husband/Fred Grebe/b. Nov. 2, 1887/d. Apr. 15, 1912

Other Burials

Rosenzweig/Mother Emelia/b. Mar. 4, 1847/d. June 3, 1906

George F. Beal/1874-1934

Our Son/Otto L. Scillben/b. Oct. 17, 1888/d. Dec. 24, 1904

Friss Andras Szuletett/Decz 15, 1887/Meghalt July 12, 1907

Luna Domsime/b. May 28, 1866/d. Aug. 1, 1869

Martin Repta/b. 23 Juna 1879/d. 7 Jan 1908

Hier Ruht in Gott/Willie Mathews/Geb. 1 Mai 1889/Gest 3 Juli 1894/
	Ruhe Sanft

Laura Newton/wife of Israel B. Cross/died Nov. 26, 1865/aged 40 years
	9 mo. & 11 days
Above this epitaph is carved a hand pointing straight upwards-a burst
of religious optimism proving once again that hope springs eternal, etc.

Hugo Belz/geb. March 31, 1897/gest May 27 1897

Walter Dietrich/b. Sept. 26, 1880/d. Sept. 28, 1909/Ruhe Sanft

Evidence of other Family Plots

Philips Hunt Donsily

A family was interred here who's first initial was "W" (Warren?)

The following six epitaphs are all those of children in the Cudahy
area who died, possibly, of influenza at the arrival of that disease 
in 1910.

Stefan Tuska/b. Nov. 28, 1909/d. Aug. 17, 1910

Krystina Krocjan/b. Dec. 5, 1907/d. June 10, 1910

Emilia Kral/b. Oct. 16, 1907/d. June 10, 1910

Olga Kalus/b. OCt. 16, 1907/d. June 8, 1910

Stefan Martos/b. Apr. 26, 1909/d. July 31, 1910

Irene Krala/b. Mar. 7, 1909/d. Aug. 9, 1910

The Bessey Family

The following is from a researcher/see contributors page

I have four additions to Lake Protestant Cemetery/ Thompson Ave. Cemetery in the city of St. Francis. I was unable to find grave markers in the early 1970s when the cemetery was very overgrown so it's not surprising that Jerry Ramponi didn't record the following burials. I was also unable to find any markers on a second visit in 1995. However the burials are supported by oral family history and Thompson Ave. Cemetery burials for three are referenced in Milwaukee County death records. Their father Jacob Bessey was a farmer in the Town of Lake.

1) Eleanore Bessey, daughter of Jacob Bessey and Magdalena Mack Bessey, born 18 Dec 1900 and died before 13 Aug 1902. I was unable to find a death record but there could have been confusion over the twins and only one death was recorded.

2) Ruth Lilly Bessey, daughter of Jacob Bessey and Magdalena Mack Bessey, born 18 Dec 1900-died 13 Aug 1902 (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin deaths volume 203 page 440) According to oral family history Ruth was placed in the same grave as her twin Eleanor who had predeceased her.

3) Adolph Gustav Bessey, son of Jacob Bessey and Magdalena Mack Bessey, born 7 March 1907-died 19 April 1907 (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin deaths volume 258 page 133)

4) Karl Jacob Bessey, twin of Adolph Gustav and son of Jacob Bessey and Magdalena Mack Bessey, born 7 March 1907-died 28 April 1907 (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin deaths volume 258 page 427)

NB - Jacob Bessey (also a twin) born 16 April 1850-died 6 March 1837 was buried at Union Cemetery according to his obituary and Magdalena Mack Bessey born 8 Oct 1866-died 4 November 1853 was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery on Howard Ave. in section 12, block 2, row 1, grave 10 or 11.

Cemetery Lot Owners

173/573 Lot 3	Jared Thompson Sr. & Martha lw		QCD 1/16/1909 #41445
		to Myron Torrell

177/136 Lot 4	Lake P. Cem by John H. Watson, Pres.	QCD 2/27/1882 #42596
		William Duning, Treas. to John Mellen

460/66	Lot 4	John Mellen & Mary lw			QCD 6/12/1903 #469570
		to Herman Schwan

187/334 Lot 6	Jared Thompson & Frances lw		WD 6/29/1855 #59296
		to Giles M. Packard of Portage County

179/545 1 1/2
	Lot 7	L.P.C. by J.H. Watson, Pres, William	QCD 1/17/1882 #43945
		Duning, Treas. to Walter White

  /134 	Lot 7	Same as above 				QCD 2/27/1882 #42570

435/87	Lot 9	Elizabeth D. Thompson & Hayden M.	QCD 12/26/1899 #394141
		her husband to Leon Howard

171/462	Lot 10	Jared Thompson Sr. & Martha lw		QCD 8/1/1881 #37300
		to James H.(?) Watson

171/773 Lot 11	Jared Thompson Sr. & Martha Lw		QCD 7/14/1881 #36846
		to Michael Schmidt

182/319	Lot 12	L.P.C. by Watson & Duning		QCD 2/27/1882 #51369
		to August Miller

179/630 1/2
	Lot 13	L.P.C. by Watson & Duning		QCD 8/26/1882 #49510
		to Royal Oliver

???/125	Lot 13	L.P.C. by Watson & Donsing		QCD 8/26/1888 #50315
		to W.P. Phillips

171/326	Lot 15	Jared Thompson & Frances lw		WD 6/29/1850 #36776
		to James S. McFadden

193/611		No Good! No conveyance for Lot 15
			in this QCD and Page
		to Henrietta Martin
177/392 E1/2
	Lot 17	Jared Thompson & Martha lw		QCD 1/17/1882 #43945
		to William W. Thompson

216/39	Lot 18	L.P.C. by same Trustees above		QCD 10/27/1888 #134740
		to Lucy E. Leineborgen of Evanston, Ill.

171/202	Lot 21	Jared Thompson & Frances lw		WD 4/24/1850 #35878
		to Israel B. Cross

214/416	Lot 22	L.P.C. by Watson & Duning		QCD 11/18/1882 #124457
		to John Textor

179/131	Lot 24	Jared Thompson, Sr. & Martha		QCD 12/2/1881 # 46395
		to Wm. Beal

460/431	Lot 26	William Donsing as Trustee of LPC	QCD 8/19/1903 #479033
		to Jacob Jenni

171/218	Lot 30	Jared Thompson Sr. & Martha lw		QCD 6/15/1881 # 35957
		to George W. Wentworth

358/30	Lot 30	George H. Wentworth			W.D. 8/26/1895 #287607
		to William Putney

216/12	Lot 31	L.P.C. by Ferdinand Olman Gustav 
			Schmidt				QCD 10/27/1888 #133874
		to John Eggert & Thodore Eggert

171/319	Lot 33	Jared Thompson Sr. & Martha lw		QCD 6/27/1881 #36461
		to William Dunsing?

173/127 Lot 34	Jared Thompson Sr. & Martha lw		QCD 8/1/1881 #39004
		to Melissa Moulter

173/512		Jared Thompson Sr. & Martha lw		QCD 8/12/1891 #41090
		to Caroline Kiphutt

87/123		Jared Thompson Sr. & Martha		QCD 7/12/1882 #57901
		to Julia A. Hubbell (a certain portion of lot 17 rest blurred)