First Congregational United Church of Christ Cemetery


First Congregational Cemetery

This cemetery was established in 1842 and is one of the oldest in South Milwaukee.

The church office is located at: 1111 N. Chicago Ave. South Milwaukee, WI 53172-1630 (phone) 414-762-3121

P-means there is a picture of the tombstone available at WIGenWeb Website

Select Burials and Interments

This is a partial listing of interrments.

P-Anderson, Gerald T.
P-Anderson, Hilda M.
P-Anderson, Norman L. and Doris
P-Arnold, Ada V.
P-Bager, Frederic E.
P-Baldwin, Albert and family
P-Baldwin, Harry H. and Josie
P-Baldwin, Horace
P-Baldwin, Mary Ann
P-Banks, Henry T.
P-Banks, Jessie Grover
P-Bard, John and Katherine J.
P-Bauman, Edwin Jr.
P-Belder, Erskine Elcana
P-Bergmann, Nelle G.
P-Bertke, Clinton C. and Elsie A.
P-Bethel, Adin D. and Amelia
P-Bethel, James M.
P-Bethel, Joseph A. and Agnes S.
P-Christensen, Dorthea
P-Clingman, Ida R.
P-Cook, Mary Elizabeth
P-Damschen, Gerhard and Laura
P-Day, Eliza
P-Day, Lloyd Kenrick
P-Dibble, Albert and family
P-Dibble, Betsy
P-Dibble, C.M.
P-Dibley, Carolyn N.
P-Dibley, Isabella A. and Ebbie M.
P-Dibley, Joseph
P-Doleshal, Joseph and Adele
P-Dronso and Sliumski family,
P-Dyer, George Edward
P-Eaton, Nathan and family
P-Ellinger, Richard A.
P-Engel, Nellie E. Grover
P-Estes, Anna Fowle
P-Fauver, Culver and Ethel Hoffman
P-Finner, Charles and Mary
P-Fisher, Anna
P-Fisher, Isabelle
P-Fisher, John Sr.
P-Fisher, William
P-Forbes, Sylvester B.
P-Fowle, Dr. Irving H.
P-Fowle, Ellen F.
P-Fowle, Frances
P-Fowle, Frederick
P-Fowle, Fredrick
P-Fowle, Horace N.
P-Fowle, John Jr. and Lavina
P-Fowle, John
P-Fowle, Louisa A.
P-Fowle, Nicholas
P-Fowle, Sarah
P-Fowle, unclear S.
P-Frank, Flora M.
P-Frederick, Harold
P-Frederick, John
P-Fykse, Adelaide M.
P-Fykse, Mitchell L.
P-Gee, Mary Jane
P-Graham, James
P-Grover, Abbie B. Cook
P-Grover, Alison
P-Grover, James S. and Lois R.
P-Grover, Louise Hammerle
P-Grover, Nettie L. and Fannie P.
P-Grover, Sanford W.
P-Grover, Warren E.
P-Hallman, Ernest H.
P-Halverson, Peter A. and Edna E.
P-Harris, Ella Jane
P-Helm, Charles
P-Helm, Mary
P-Hess, Eunice A.
P-Hobart, Elvira P. and Willie
P-Holritz, Jennie E. Bard
P-Hook, Maude Persis
P-Hook, Ray A. and Angie R.
P-Howes, George W.
P-Howes, Levi B.
P-Howes, Nathan
P-Hughes, Cynthia Dibble
P-Hutchings, William H. and Edith A.
P-Irving, Natalie S.
P-Jarvis, Theodore C.
P-Kakaska, Henry and Kath
P-King, Clark W. and Carrie
P-Kinney, Lucretia
P-Koch, Elizabeth
P-Kozma, Joseph and Sophia
P-Kugler, Joseph and Ottilie
P-Kukla, Wilhelmena
P-Lacy, Ella
P-Lacy, Mary
P-Lacy, Veere T.

Matilda B. "Tillie"/b. Aug. 30, 1905 St. Louis, MO/d. Dec. 27/2001/daughter of Christian and 
	Clara (Schallenbach) Bernard/wife of Del Laughlin

P-Leist, Fred J. and Norma M.
P-Leist, Frederick O. and Dorothy J.
P-Leist, Robert Norman
P-Lindquist, Nels and Karen
P-Lindstrom, Otto and Tekla
P-Lippel, Ella
P-Luhn, Mildred
P-Mangold, Henry
P-Manka, Henry
P-Manka, Mathilda
P-Manka, William and family
P-Mantey, Ellancra Bertke
P-McCann, Clarence and Florence
P-McCoy, Louis A. and Mildred E.
P-McCoy, Robert Allen
P-Means, Charles H.
P-Miller, Florence
P-Miller, Verland L. and Norma M.
P-Miner, Levi A. and Sallie E. Russell
P-Momberg, Richard
P-Moore, Caroline
P-Moore, James and John
P-Mortensen, Elmer Hans
P-Moss, Elizabeth M.
P-Moss, Milton E. and Julia V.
P-Moss, Solomon J.
P-Nelson, Carl
P-Nelson, Karl O.
P-Oldenburg, Friedrich
P-Olsen, Russell W.
P-Park, Alexander
P-Peacock, Melvin C.
P-Peake, Evalyn E.
P-Peake, Henry and Viola
P-Peake, William A.
P-Plietz, Herman and family

P-Potter, Louise Chartier/b. May. 7, 1854/d. Apr. 17, 1928
P-Potter, Robert N/b. Sep. 5, 1848/d. Sep. 20, 1928
P-Potter, Bernice L.
P-Potter, Matthew and Rose

P-Ramey, Chauncey
P-Ramey, T. Sherburn and Clara Gladys
P-Randolph, Mildred E.
P-Rawson, Catharine H.
P-Rawson, Louis
P-Rawson, Moses
P-Rawson, Oliver
P-Reed, Harold E. and Dorothy L.
P-Richardson, Harry E. and Beryl K.
P-Robarge, Francis A.
P-Robarge, Lorena
P-Rundle, Chas L.
P-Rundle, Ella A.
P-Rundle, Euretta
P-Russell, Mary Ann
P-Savage, Anna
P-Sawyer, Alice M.
P-Sawyer, Frank Stowe
P-Schauer, Emil and Naida and Baker, Sarah
P-Schmitzer, Jacob
P-Schmunk, Andrew and Rebecca E.
P-Schofield, Pauline Dyer
P-Schottlaender, George
P-Schottlaender, Oscar and Caroll
P-Schultz, Adelbert and Louise
P-Schultz, Henry W. and Grace E.
P-Schultz, Rosalia
P-Schulz, William and Katharina
P-Searles, Thomas
P-Selber, Frank and Mary
P-Shelley, Lennie A.
P-Shelley, William P.
P-Shirley, Andrew and Elizabeth McCreedy
P-Shirley, Halberd F.
P-Shogren, Bernhard and Hazel
P-Shogren, Carol Mae
P-Shore, Thomas J. and Elsie L.
P-Skepper, Alice M.
P-Smith, Louis T. and Mary E.
P-Smoot, Bertha Mary
P-Sporleder, Friedrich
P-Stark, Anna
P-Stark, Frederick and Augusta
P-Stark, Gertrude
P-Stearns, Amelia and Levi O.
P-Stearns, Levie and Hannah P.
P-Stevenson, Margrete F.
P-Stockwell, Sophia
P-Stone, Emma J. and Alice
P-Strelow, Herbert H.
P-Strong, George R.
P-Strong, Martha A.
P-Stuessi, John and Mary
P-Teist, Lovina
P-Treu, Harry J. and Bernice H.
P-Turner, Joseph and Sophia
P-VanNess, Carrie S. Learned
P-Vassel, Michael S. and Grace M.
P-Vassel, Thomas A.
P-Weiland, Carl and Helene
P-Wemyss, Gordon Charles
P-Wemyss, Margaret Steele
P-Wendt, Gustave and Augusta
P-White, Norris Almon
P-Whitmore, Edna Schultz
P-Whitmore, Ida A.
P-Whitmore, Mary
P-Whitmore, Ray
P-Wiesenthal, Blanche
P-Wiesenthal, Stella
P-Wilke, Elmer H. and Mabel H.
P-Willis, Finette
P-Winkler, Gordon R. and Barbara A.
P-Winkler, Robert and Nora
P-Wise, Jessie R. and Virginia R.
P-Wogan, Alice M.
P-Wogan, Irene S.
P-Wohlust, William and Marie
P-Wood, Abner
P-Wulff, Dorathea