1894 Census Cudahy Wisconsin

Incorporation Census Cudahy
In the Matter of the Application for the
Incorpation of the Village of Cudahy
Census of the Proposed Village of Cudahy, taken Nov. 2nd, 1894

Listing of the Cudahy Census by Line
561?ARKSBarneyAdultHead of Family 
562?ARKSMargaretAdultHis WifeN.E. !/4 Sec 22
563?ARKSAnnie12 yrs  
564?ARKSLizzie8 yrs.  
565?ARKSJohnnie1 yr.  
550ALLMANNPeterAdultHead of Family 
551ALLMANNMargarethaAdultHis WifeS.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
552ALLMANNJohn8 yrs.  
553ALLMANNGeorge6 yrs.  
554ALLMANNEmma1 yr.  
568ALLMANNFrederickAdultHead of Familyin S.E. 1/4 Sec. 22
569ALLMANNMinnieAdultHis WifeLots 37 & 38 Blk. 2
570ALLMANNRichard19 yrs. W?rner & Wanbolds Sub
571ALLMANNAlbert18 yrs. in S.E. 1/4 Sec. 22
572ALLMANNLaura14 yrs.  
573ALLMANNWilliam12 yrs.  
574ALLMANNRudolph8 yrs.  
575ALLMANNDora2 yrs.  
836ANDERSONJohnAdultHead of familyLot 19 Blk. 7 Cudahy Park
837ANDERSONMinnieAdultHis wifeIn N.E. 1/4 Sec. 27
838ANDERSONWalter10 yrs.  
839ANDERSONLulu8 yrs.  
840ANDERSONGeorge6 yrs. Lot 19 Blk. 7 Cudahy Park
841ANDERSONHarry4 yrs. in N.E. 1/4 Sec. 27
843ANDERSONSamuelAdultHead of family 
844ANDERSONEmmaAdultHis wife 
845ANDERSONSusie11 yrs.  
846ANDERSONWilmer3 yrs.  
658ATTE?MEYERHenryAdultHead of family 
659ATTE?MEYERMaryAdultHis wifeS.W. 1/4 Sec. 23
661ATTE?MEYERHenry16 yrs.  
662ATTE?MEYERPauline11 yrs.  
441BAEHRGustavAdult Lot 8 Blk. 41
790BARTHELCharlesAdultHead of Family 
791BARTHELClaraAdultHis wife 
792BARTHELHenry9 yrs  
793BARTHELFrieda8 yrs  
794BARTHELMargaretha7 yrs  
422BARTOLPaulineAdult Lot 6 Blk. 41
423BARTOLLaura14 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
424BARTOLFrank13 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
425BARTOLStanislava8 yrs.  
426BARTOLMartha3 yrs.  
427BARTOLAlexander1 & 1/2 Mon.  
663BARTOLLucasAdultHead of family 
664BARTOLMargarethaAdultHis wifeS.W. 1/4 Sec. 23
704BASSERTWilliamAdultHead of family 
705BASSERTLauraAdultHis WifeN.W. fracl 1/4 Sec. 25
706BASSERTPaul7 yrs.  
707BASSERTPaulina5 yrs.  
708BASSERTEmil2 yrs.  
709BASSERTHedwig6 mos  
713BAUMGARTELCharlesAdultHead of family 
714BAUMGARTELMaryAdultHis WifeN.W. fracl 1/4 Sec. 25
809BAUMGARTELHenryAdult S.W. 1/4 Sec. 26
810BAUMGARTELBerthaAdultHis wife 
811BAUMGARTELCarrie5 yrs.  
812BAUMGARTELEmilie3 yrs.  
813BAUMGARTELHattie6 mos  
604BENTONLeslie O.AdultHead of Family 
605BENTONJuliaAdultHis WifeN.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
606BENTONLaurel L.2 yrs.  
361BERGMANNJohnAdultHead of FamilyCudahy N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
362BERGMANNLenaAdultHis WifeLot 31 Blk. 35
363BERGMANNLena3 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
364BERGMANNMartha2 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
295BIERERWilliam F.AdultHead of FamilyAdd # 1 to Cudahy
296BIERERMaryAdultHis WifeN.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
387BOEHMMatthiasAdultHead of Family 
388BOEHMLouiseAdultHis WifeLot 34 Blk. 34
725BONFIELDJoseph16 yrs.  
726BONFIELDMary14 yrs.  
727BONFIELDAlexander11 yrs.  
650BONGBarneyAdultHead of family 
651BONGChristinaAdultHis wifeS.W. 1/4 Sec. 23
652BONGKatie12 yrs.  
653BONGTony11 yrs.  
654BONGJoseph7 yrs.  
655BONGBarney Jr.4 yrs.  
656BONGLizzie5 yrs.  
657BONGMary1 1/2 yrs.  
229BRAUCHLEDr. GustaveAdult  
230BREDONAugusteAdult Head of familyLot 22Blk 27Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼ 23
506BRONIZESKIWladislausAdultHead of Family 
507BRONIZESKIAnnieAdultHis WifeLot 2 Blk. 50
508BRONIZESKIHelena4 yrs Add #2 to Cudahy
509BRONIZESKIWladislaus1 yr. S.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
822BRUHNHelenaAdultHis wife 
670BUNTYWilliamAdultHead of family 
671BUNTYChristinaAdultHis wifeS.W. 1/4 Sec. 23
672BUNTYWilliam Jr.14 yrs.  
673BUNTYWalter5 yrs.  
674BUNTYMamie11 yrs.  
675BUNTYAddie8 yrs.  
722BURNESSFrank B.AdultHead of family 
723BURNESSElizabethAdultHis WifeN.W. fracl 1/4 Sec. 25
724BURNESSFrank Jr.18 yrs.  
616BUSCHJosephAdultHead of Family 
617BUSCHHelenAdultHis WifeN.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
618BUSCHPeter Joseph4 yrs.  
619BUSCHJohn1 yr.  
344CAMPBELLKenneth A.Adult N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
747CESSJohnAdultHead of family 
748CESSTheresaAdultHis WifeN.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
749CESSIda20 yrs.  
750CESSAlma6 yrs.  
630CONRADEmilAdultHead of family 
631CONRADMargarethaAdultHis wifeN.W. 1/4 Sec. 23
632CONRADMargaretha2 yrs.  
780CONRADFredAdultHead of familyN.W/ 1/4 Sec. 26
781CONRADUrsulaAdultHis wife 
728CUDAHYMichael1 yr.  
598DAHLEANNWilliamAdultHead of Family 
599DAHLEANNAnnaAdultHis WifeS.E. 1/4 Sec. 22
649DAWSONFrank19 yrs.  
297DIEDERICHNicholasAdultHead of Family 
298DIEDERICHLizzieAdultHis WifeLot 28 Blk. 33
299DIEDERICHHenry20 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
300DIEDERICHKatie18 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
301DIEDERICHMary11 yrs.  
769DONANJosephAdultHead of familyN.W/ 1/4 Sec. 26
770DONANMrs. Jos.AdultHis wife 
771DONANPrudence6 yrs.  
710DOUGLASSJohnAdultHead of family 
711DOUGLASSElenoreAdultHis WifeN.W. fracl 1/4 Sec. 25
712DOUGLASSMary AnnAdult  
333DRECZKAFrankAdultHead of Family 
334DRECZKAEmilieAdultHis WifeLot 7 Blk. 35
335DRECZKAHieronyous12 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
336DRECZKAJulia11 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
337DRECZKAMartha9 yrs.  
338DRECZKAFrank7 yrs.  
339DRECZKALeo5 yrs  
340DRECZKASylvester29 yrs.  
282DUGANMichaelAdultHead of FamilyN.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
283DUGANMiss AnnaAdult Lot 30 Blk. 32
779EAGLERKittie14 yrs.  
730EATONAugustus BarneyAdultHead of family 
731EATONCatherineAdultHis WifeS.W. fracl 1/4 Sec. 25
732EATONFrank16 yrs.  
733EATONAlice14 yrs.  
734EATONAnnie13 yrs.  
735EATONNellie11 yrs.  
736EATONMay9 yrs.  
737EATONKittie18 mos  
443ENSSLIENHermanAdultHead of Familyin N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
444ENSSLIENKatieAdultHis Wife 
448ENSSLIENE____4 yrs.  
449ENSSLIENAlred8 Mos.  
825ERDMANNChristianAdultHead of familyN.E. 1/4 Sec. 27
826ERDMANNJosephineAdultHis wife 
827ERDMANNIda7 yrs.  
828ERDMANNAlwina4 yrs.  
829ERDMANNHermann2 yrs.  
31FARRELLBerkrleyAdultHead of familyLot 33 Blk. 10
32FARRELLAnnAdultHis wifeTownsite of Cudahy
33FARRELLHughAdult S.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
34FARRELLThomas20 yrs.  
35FARRELLBerkeley16 yrs.  
36FARRELLMary11 yrs  
459FISCHERAugustAdultHead of Family 
460FISCHERAnnieAdultHis WifeLot 13 Blk. 42
461FISCHERFrancis13 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
462FISCHERWilliam11 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
463FISCHERHenry6 yrs.  
849FISHERHermanAdultHead of familyS.E. 1/4 Sec. 27
850FISHERMarthaAdultHis wife 
851FISHERWesley2 mos  
306FLOETHERMaxAdultHead of FamilyN.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
307FLOETHERMaggieAdultHis WifeLot 27 Blk. 24
308FLOETHERJohn1 yr. Add # 1 to Cudahy
332FOOTEMrs. NettieAdultHead of Family 
222FORANGeorge W.AdultHead of Family 
223FORANMrs.George W.AdultHis WifeLot 11 Blk. 28
224FORANJosephineAdult Townsite of Cudahy
225FORANJohnAdultHead of FamilyS.W.1/4 Sec. 23
226FORANMrs. JohnAdultHis Wife 
227FORANFlora6 mos.  
529GANSKELouisAdultHead of Family 
530GANSKELenaAdultHis WifeN.E. !/4 Sec 22
531GANSKEIrvin13 yrs.  
533GANSKEAlice7 yrs.  
534GANSKEIrma4 yrs.  
535GLISCHMartha4 yrs  
536GLISCHMichaelAdultHead of FamilyLot 36 & 38Blk 25Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
537GLISCHAnna10 yrs  
538GLISCHCatherineAdultHis wife 
539GLISCHMary12 yrs  
540GLISCHKatie2 yrs  
541GLISCHMichael6 yrs  
542GLISCHRosa8 yrs  
398GONDAAloysAdultHead of FamilyN.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
399GONDADorotheaAdultHis WifeLot 34 Blk. 37
400GONDAJohn9 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
401GONDAAloys Jr.8 Months N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
284GRANTRobertAdultHead of FamilyAdd # 1 to Cudahy
285GRANTMaryAdultHis WifeN.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
583GRAVESFrederickAdultHead of Family 
584GRAVESUlrickeAdultHis WifeBlock 3
585GRAVESGarrett20 yrs. Cudahy Station Sub
586GRAVESHelen18 yrs. S.E. 1/4 Sec. 22
587GRAVESEdward16 yrs.  
588GRAVESElla14 yrs.  
589GRAVESFrederick7 yrs.  
40GRIMSHAWMiss SusanAdult  
389GUELZONAugustAdultHead of Family 
390GUELZONMinnieAdultHis WifeLot 35 Blk. 34
391GUELZONWilliam18 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
392GUELZONAugust15 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
393GUELZONEmma14 yrs.  
394GUELZONArthur10 yrs.  
852GUENTHERJohn19 yrs.  
11GUSEWilliamAdultHead of familyLot 22 Blk. 9
12GUSEBerthaAdultHis wifeTownsite of
13GUSEMartha12 yrs. Cudahy
14GUSECharles9 yrs.  
15GUSEWilliam7 yrs.  
16GUSERichard4 yrs.  
17GUSEMeta2 yrs.  
18GUSEAlma10 Mon.  
317HANSENMartinAdultHead of Family 
318HANSENSarahAdultHis Wife 
218HARRINGTONTheodoreAdult S.W.1/4 Sec. 23
435HEAFFRONMichaelAdultHead of Family 
436HEAFFRONAnnieAdultHis WifeLot 16 Blk. 40
437HEAFFRONPeterAdult Add # 1 to Cudahy
438HEAFFRONJamesAdult N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
439HEAFFRONJoseph8 yrs.  
341HEGNERWilliamAdultHead of Family 
342HEGNERMaryAdultHis WifeLot 13 Blk. 26
343HEGNERGeorge7 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
373HENGELERMichaelAdultHead of Family 
374HENGELERMaryAdultHis Wife 
375HENGELERChristian6 yrs.  
240HENRICIFrederick C.AdultHead of Family 
241HENRICILouisaAdultHis WifeLot 14 Blk. 28
242HENRICIRudolph13 yrs. Townsite of Cudahy
243HENRICIEmma9 yrs. S.W.1/4 Sec. 23
244HERWIGJosephAdultHead of family 
245HERWIGMinnieAdultHis wife 
802HESSEChristAdultHead of familyS.W. 1/4 Sec. 26
803HESSEMinnaAdultHis wife 
804HESSEElla11 yrs.  
805HESSEOtto7 yrs.  
790HICKEYMichaelAdultHead of familyN.W/ 1/4 Sec. 26
791HICKEYBridgetAdultHis wife 
792HICKEYMary18 yrs.  
793HICKEYMartha8 yrs.  
794HICKEYThomas6 yrs.  
795HICKEYJulia14 yrs.  
405HIESAntonAdultHead of FamilyCudahy N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
406HIESCarolinaAdultHis WifeLot 19 Blk. 38
407HIESFrank15 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
408HIESAnton Jr.13 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
409HIESRudolph7 yrs.  
410HIESAnnie7 yrs.  
412HIESTony4 yrs.  
413HIESEmilie2 yrs.  
414HIESMary2 & 1/2 Mon  
411HIES,JAMES 6 yrs.  
52HOPKINSRobertAdultHead of familyLot 37 & 38 Blk.21
53HOPKINSMaryAdultHis wifeTownsite of CudahyS.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
798HOWELLIrvingAdultHead of familyN.W/ 1/4 Sec. 26
799HOWELLAnnaAdultHis wife 
800HOWELLFillmore15 yrs.  
801HOWELLEthel10 yrs.  
64JACOBSONHansAdultHead of familyLot 23 Blk. 15
65JACOBSONDoraAdultHis wifeTownsite of Cudahy
67JACOBSONClara9 yrs  
68JACOBSONHattie7 yrs  
69JACOBSONMyrtle4 yrs  
66JACOBSONÀžCaspar15 yrs. S.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
263JENKINSJohn Wm.AdultHead of FamilyS.W.1/4 Sec. 23
264JENKINSAnnie M.AdultHis WifeLot 6 Blk. 4 Greens Add to
265JENKINSCharles H.7 mos. Cudahy S.W. 1/4 Sec. 23
515JENNERJAHNJohnAdultHead of FamilyS.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
516JENNERJAHNSophieAdultHis WifeLot 19 Blk. 52
517JENNERJAHNJohn11 yrs. Add #2 to Cudahy
518JENNERJAHNFrank9 yrs. S.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
519JENNERJAHNEmilie7 yrs.  
520JENNERJAHNAdolph19 yrs  
577JENNEYJacobAdultHead of Family 
578JENNEYAnnaAdultHis WifeLots 17 & 18 Blk. 2
579JENNEYJohn7 yrs. Cudahy Station Sub
580JENNEYPeter4 yrs. S.E. 1/4 Sec. 22
581JENNEYJacob Jr.2 yrs.  
582JENNEYHenry1 yr.  
475JEZWINSKI AdultHead of FamilyN.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
476JEZWINSKIHelenaAdultHis Wife 
10JOHNSONCharles19 yrs.  
320JOHNSONJohnAdultHead of Family 
321JOHNSONAnnieAdultHis WifeLot 3 Blk. 35
322JOHNSONJohnAdult Add # 1 to Cudahy
323JOHNSONNina15 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
324JOHNSONChristiana14 yrs.  
325JOHNSONMollie12 yrs.  
326JOHNSONAlvina10 yrs.  
327JOHNSONClara8 yrs.  
328JOHNSONJessie5 yrs.  
329JOHNSONAnnie3 yrs.  
330JOHNSONWylie1 yr.  
331JOHNSONMabel18 yrs  
676JUNKGeorgeAdultHead of family 
677JUNKBarbaraAdultHis wifeLot 15 Blk. 4
678JUNKEdward3 yrs. Cudahy Station Sub
679JUNKGeorge2 yrs. S.W. 1/4 Sec. 23
480KAMERONSKIPeterAdultHead of FamilyS.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
481KAMERONSKIMarieAdultHis WifeLot 16 Blk. 45
482KAMERONSKIMichael17 yrs Add #2 to Cudahy
483KAMERONSKIJosepha15 yrs. S.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
484KAMERONSKIFrank13 yrs.  
485KAMERONSKIGertrude8 yrs.  
486KAMERONSKIPaul6 yrs.  
487KAMERONSKIAloys2 yrs.  
359KASINAJohnAdultHead of FamilyN.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
360KASINAAugustaAdultHis WifeLot 30 Blk. 35 Add #1 to
730KIMNACHErnest5 yrs  
732KIMNACHCarl Jr.6 yrs  
733KIMNACHLouiseAdult His wife 
734KIMNACHHedwig2 yrs  
735KIMNACHCarlAdult Head of family 
736KIPHUTTMrs. CarolineAdultHead of FamilyLot 22Blk 25Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
737KIPHUTTJohn W.Adult  
738KISIELEWSKIMary7 yrs  
739KISIELEWSKISophie12 yrs  
740KISIELEWSKILottie13 yrs  
741KISIELEWSKIAngelineAdultHis wife“““
742KISIELEWSKILillie4 yrs  
743KISIELEWSKIGeorgeAdultHead of family“““
744KISIELEWSKISamuel9 yrs  
745KISIELEWSKIEllen16 yrs.  
590KITTLEJohnAdultHead of Family 
591KITTLEAnnieAdultHis WifeLot 20 Blk 8
592KITTLECharlesAdult Jordon & To?heys
593KLEINJoseph S.Adult Head of family 
594KLEINIlka3 yrs  
595KLEINBerthaAdult His wife 
598KLEINEIDERStellaAdult His wife 
599KLEINEIDERFlorence2 yrs  
600KLEINEIDERPeterAdult Head of family 
593KLIENRobertAdult S.E. 1/4 Sec. 22
453KLOCKSINWilhelmAdult N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
286KOHLHARDTEmilAdultHead of Family 
287KOHLHARDTMaryAdultHis WifeLot 24 Blk. 33
288KOHLHARDTWilliam10 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
289KOHLHARDTCaroline8 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
290KOHLHARDTGeorge4 yrs.  
351KRANZPeterAdultHead of Family 
352KRANZRosaAdultHis WifeLot 24 Blk. 35
353KRANZRosie5 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
354KRANZLeokadia2 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
355KRANZJohn11 Months  
310KRESSNICKAndreasAdultHead of Family 
311KRESSNICKAnnaAdultHis WifeLot 33 Blk.34
312KRESSNICKGustav14 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
313KRESSNICKAndreas Jr.9 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
600LADISCHAugust F.AdultHead of Family 
601LADISCHEmelieAdultHis WifeN.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
602LADISCHHenry12 yrs.  
603LADISCHGeorge10 yrs.  
830LAMBERTGeorgeAdultHead of familyN.E. 1/4 Sec. 27
831LAMBERTEllenAdultHis wife 
832LAMBERTEthelinda13 yrs.  
833LAMBERTCharles10 yrs.  
834LAMBERTUna7 yrs.  
835LAMBERTMargaret5 yrs.  
836LEHRGeorgeAdultHead of FamilyLot 6Blk 21Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
837LEHRAnnaAdultHis wife 
838LEHRWilliam17 yrs  
839LEHRIda16 yrs  
840LEHREwald12 yrs  
776LORIGGeorgeAdultHead of familyN.W/ 1/4 Sec. 26
777LORIGLizzieAdultHis wife 
778LORIGGeorge Jr.2 yrs.  
853LOTHARIUSJacobAdultHead of familyS.E. 1/4 Sec. 27
854LOTHARIUSAnnie TAdultHis wife 
383LOZINSKILudwigAdultHead of Family 
384LOZINSKIJosephaAdultHis WifeLot 37 Blk. 36
385LOZINSKIMarianna5 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
386LOZINSKIFelix2 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
607LUNDEphriam W.Adult  
753MAHNFrederickAdultHead of family 
754MAHNChristinaAdultHis WifeS.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
757MAHNAmelia16 yrs.  
512MARTINMary AdultHis wife 
513MARTINPeter5 yrs  
514MARTINJacobAdult Head of familyLot 23Blk 26Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼ Sec 23
694MARTINWilliamAdultHead of family 
695MARTINEllenAdultHis wifeS.W. Fracl 1/4 Sec. 24
697MARTINMamie17 yrs.  
698MARTINAmy14 yrs.  
699MARTINElla10 yrs.  
700MARTINHattie5 yrs. S.W. fracl 1/4 Sec. 24
701MARTINElsie3 yrs.  
702MARTINWilliam Jr.8 mos  
742MARTINEmmit V.Adult  
743MARTINHerminiaAdultHis WifeN.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
744MARTINClara10 yrs.  
745MARTINHelera8 yrs.  
54MATTHEWSFerdinandAdultHead of familyLots 4 & 5 Blk. 14
55MATTHEWSOttiliaAdultHis wifeTownsite of Cudahy
56MATTHEWSGeorgeAdult In S.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
57MATTHEWSFerdinand Jr.16 yrs.  
628MAXWELLJohnAdultHead of familyN.E. 1/4 Sec.
629MAXWELLMaryAdultHis wife 
643MCCRIMMINSNormanAdultHead of family 
644MCCRIMMINSElizabethAdultHis wifeS.W. 1/4 Sec. 23
645MCCRIMMINSJohn10 yrs.  
646MCCRIMMINSNorman Jr.8 yrs.  
647MCCRIMMINSDonald7 yrs.  
648MCCRIMMINSSylvester5 yrs.  
649MCCUEHarry9 yrs  
650MCCUEFrank2 yrs  
651MCCUEGeorge7 yrs  
652MCCUEKatieAdultHis wife 
653MCCUELawrence P.AdultHead of FamilyLot 38Blk 25Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
654MCCUEAlice5 yrs  
58MCDERMOTTMichaelAdultHead of familyLot 20 Blk. 15
59MCDERMOTTJennieAdultHis wifeTownsite of Cudahy
60MCDERMOTTEmmit11 yrs. S.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
621MCGRATHPatrickAdultHead of Family 
622MCGRATHMary E.AdultHis WifeN.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
623MCGRATHFrank J.13 yrs.  
624MCGRATHDennis7 yrs.  
625MCGRATHBridget11 yrs.  
626MCGRATHMary E.9 yrs.  
627MC GRATHMichaelAdult ec. 23
628MCGUIREPatrickAdultHead of FamilyLot 6Blk 20Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
629MCGUIREIsabelleAdultHis wife 
631MCGUIRERegina20 yrs  
261MCNAMARAMichael J.AdultHead of FamilyLot 7 & 8, Blk. 1
262MCNAMARAAnnaAdultHis WifeMetropolitan St. Cos. Sub.
263MEDROWJohnAdultHead of FamilyLot 29Blk 20Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
264MEDROWFrederickaAdultHis wife 
266MEDROWLouis17 yrs  
267MEDROWPauline14 yrs  
268MEDROWRobert11 yrs  
269MEDROWRosa10 yrs  
270MEDROWGustav8 yrs  
271MEDROWJohn4 yrs  
272MEDROWAlma1 yrs  
273MEDROWCharles19 yrs  
367MERKELMiloAdultHead of Family 
368MERKELAddieAdultHis WifeLot 34 Blk. 35
369MERKELErma13 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
370MERKELAmelia10 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
371MERKELJohn8 yrs.  
372MERKELArthur4 yrs.  
415MESICKJosephAdultHead of Family 
416MESICKHattieAdultHis WifeLot 4 Blk. 40
418MESICKMabel15 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
419MESICKLaura5 yrs  
420MESICKLettie4 yrs.  
417MESICK. FREDERICK 16 yrs. Add # 1 t0 Cudahy
259MICHAELEWSKIMartin18 yrs.  
260MONROEAlexanderAdultHead of FamilyLot 28Blk 25Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
261MONROEAnnaAdultHis wife 
262MONROEHenry15 yrs  
263MONROEAlbert7 yrs  
608MONROEWilliamAdultHead of Family 
609MONROEMamieAdultHis Wife 
610MONROEWilliam Jr.4 Months  
566MORELANDFrancisAdultHead of Family 
567MORELANDEstherAdultHis WifeLots 1 & 6 Blk. 2W?rner & Wanbolds Sub
611MUELLERPeterAdultHead of Family 
612MUELLERLizzieAdultHis WifeN.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
615MUELLERStephen19 yrs.  
639MUELLEREdwardAdultHead of family 
640MUELLERAugustaAdultHis wifeS.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
641MUELLERAdolph3 yrs.  
642MUELLERHelena2 mos  
764MUELLERAugustAdultHead of family 
765MUELLERAugusteAdultHis WifeN.W. 1/4 Sec. 26
766MUELLERJohn20 yrs.  
767MUELLERJulia9 yrs.  
768MUELLERMary18 yrs.  
61NELSONWilliamAdultHead of family 
63NELSONAgnes4 mos.  
450NEUBAUERJohannAdultHead of Family 
451NEUBAUERUlrickaAdultHis WifeLot 13 Blk.41
452NEUBAUERFriedrica9 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
747NOCKAnnie16 yrs  
748NOTNABELKatieAdultHis wife 
749NOTNABELJosephAdultHead of Family 
303NOTNABELGeorgeAdultHead of Family 
304NOTNABELMary His WifeLot 32 Blk. 33
305NOTNABELEdward2 Months Add # 1 to Cudahy
43O'BRIANMichaelAdultHead of familyS.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
44O'BRIANMaryAdultHis wife 
46O'BRIANMary17 yrs.  
47O'BRIANLulu16 yrs.  
48O'BRIANMaggie14 yrs.  
49O'BRIANJohn12 yrs.  
50O'BRIANCatherine5 yrs.  
51O'BRIANEdward3 yrs.  
216O'DWYERGeorgeAdult “““
217OGDENEdwardAdultHead of FamilyLot 6Blk 16Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
218OGDENFlorenceAdultHis wife 
219OGDENJohn1 yr  
1PACKARDDaniel R. Jr.AdultHead of familyLots 17 & 18 Blk. 4
2PACKARDMartha J.AdultHis wifeTownsite of
3PACKARDHerbert9 yrs. Cudahy S.E. 1/4
4PACKARDFrank25 yrs. Sec. 23
5PAWLUKONISWilliamAdultHead of FamilyLot 1Blk 24Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
7PAWLUKONISBronizeska8 yrs  
8PAWLUKONISFlorian6 yrs  
9PAWLUKONISMartha25 yrs (sic)  
10PAWLUKONISHelena4 yrs  
11PAWLUKONISMary 2 yrs  
808PERSONSCharles R.AdultHead of familyS.W. 1/4 Sec. 26
535PIPKORNAugustAdultHead of Family 
536PIPKORNMinnieAdultHis WifeN.E. !/4 Sec 22
539PIPKORNHarry17 yrs.  
540PIPKORNAnnie12 yrs.  
691POCKRANDTHermanAdultHead of family 
692POCKRANDTJosieAdultHis wife 
693POCKRANDTHelena1 yr.  
233PONTETheodoreAdultHead of Family 
234PONTEErnestinaAdultHis WifeLot 12 Blk. 28
235PONTEArthur18 yrs, Townsite of Cudahy
236PONTERichard13 yrs. S.W.1/4 Sec. 23
237PONTEGeorge10 yrs.  
238PONTEAlfred8 yrs.  
758PORTZOswaldAdultHead of family 
759PORTZHuldaAdultHis WifeN.W. fracl 1/4 Sec. 25
760PORTZRosa9 yrs.  
761PORTZWanda8 yrs.  
762PORTZOswald Jr.7 yrs.  
763PORTZOlga3 yrs.  
814PUETZJordanAdultHead of familyN.E. 1/4 Sec. 27
815PUETZElizabethAdultHis wife 
817PUETZJohn20 yrs.  
818PUETZJoseph17 yrs.  
819PUETZNellie14 yrs.  
445RAASENHerman13 yrs  
446RAASENJohn11 yrs.  
447RAASENAuguste8 yrs.  
680RADENKIRCHMichaelAdultHead of family 
681RADENKIRCHMaryAdultHis wife 
682RADENKIRCHMaggie11 yrs.  
683RADENKIRCHMathilda9 yrs.  
684RADENKIRCHEdward7 yrs.  
686REINKEWilliamAdultHead of family 
687REINKEMarthaAdultHis wifeS.W. Fracl 1/4 Sec. 24
688REINKEMatilda11 yrs.  
689REINKEWilliam Jr.9 yrs.  
690REINKEMartha5 yrs.  
692RHODESGeorgeAdultHead of familyLot 3Blk 26Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼ Sec 23
693RHODESFrederickeAdult His wife 
694RHODESGeorge Jr.3 yrs  
695RHODESMargaret2 yrs  
5ROLANDMichael J.AdultHead of familyLot 25 Blk. 8
6ROLANDEllenAdultHis wifeTownsite of
7ROLANDKatie3 yrs. Cudahy
8ROLANDBessie2 yrs.  
279ROMINSKIJohnAdultHead of Family 
280ROMINSKIJosephAdult Lot 29 Blk. 30
281ROMINSKIStanislaus16 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
282ROONEYHenryAdult Lot 38Blk 25Original Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼ SW 23
283ROSENZWEIGJohnAdultHead of FamilyLot 23Blk 23Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
284ROSENZWEIGEmilieAdultHis wife 
258ROSSMANNHenryAdult S.W.1/4 Sec. 23
594ROTHJohnAdultHead of Family 
595ROTHChristenaAdultHis WifeS.E. 1/4 Sec. 22
596ROTHJohn Jr.Adult  
469SACHOWSKILukasAdultHead of Family 
470SACHOWSKIMaryAdultHis WifeLot ? Blk. 43
820SAGERHenryAdultHead of familyN.E. 1/4 Sec. 27
212SALSICHSherman B.Adult  
464SAVADOS? ArfradAdultHead of Family 
465SAVADOSMaryAdultHis WifeLot 12 Blk. 43
466SAVADOSSophie13 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
467SAVADOSAnnie6 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
468SAVADOSJonas4 yrs.  
37SCHADEHenry C.AdultHead of familyLot 32 Blk. 13
38SCHADEMaud A.AdultHis wifeTownsite of Cudahy
39SCHADEClayman G.6 Mos. S.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
245SCHENDELCharlesAdultHead of Family 
246SCHENDELAugusteAdultHis WifeLot 15 Blk. 28
247SCHENDELMartha10 yrs. Townsite of Cudahy
248SCHENDELWilliam8 yrs. S.W.1/4 Sec. 23
249SCHENDELLena6 yrs.  
250SCHENDELPaul5 yrs.  
251SCHENDELOlga3 yrs.  
252SCHENDELAnnie1 Yr.  
253SCHENDELAdele1 Month  
496SCHIMMELPFENNIGJosephAdultHead of Family 
497SCHIMMELPFENNIGAnastaciaAdultHis WifeLot 17 Blk. 46
498SCHIMMELPFENNIGFrank3 yrs. Add #2 to Cudahy
499SCHIMMELPFENNIGJoseph Jr.2 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
500SCHLOESSERJohnAdultHead of FamilyLot 24Blk 25Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
501SCHLOESSERTheresaAdultHis wife 
504SCHLOESSERCurtis12 yrs  
266SCHMIDTCharlesAdultHead of Family 
267SCHMIDTMary C.AdultHis WifeLot 9 Blk. 5
555SCHOENBORNAdolphAdultHead of Family 
556SCHOENBORNAdeliaAdultHis WifeS.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
557SCHOENBORNRichard9 yrs.  
558SCHOENBORNTheodore7 yrs. S.E. 1/4 Sec. 22
559SCHOENBORNAlvinia5 yrs.  
442SCHOUPAlbertAdult Add # 1 to Cudahy
255SCHUBRINGPeterAdultHead of FamilyLots 16 17Blk 18Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
256SCHUBRINGAnnieAdultHis wife 
257SCHUBRINGHerbert1 month  
823SCHULTZHeinrichAdultHead of family 
824SCHULTZAnnaAdultHis wife 
228SHERMANDr. HenryAdult  
512SHUKERSKIGeorgeAdultHead of Family 
513SHUKERSKIAntoninaAdultHis WifeLot 17 blk. 50
514SHUKERSKIJosephine15 yrs Add #2 to Cudahy
260SILBARAlbert17 yrs.  
261SIMONFredAdultHead of FamilyLot 21Blk 21Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
262SIMONAugustaAdultHis wife 
263SIMONLillie3 yrs  
265SIMONWalter3 mos  
404SKANDAGeorgeAdult Lot 34 Blk. 37 Add #1 to
471SKULANPaulAdultHead of FamilyAdd # 1 to Cudahy
472SKULANKatherineAdultHis WifeN.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
473SKULANPauline6 yrs. Lot 8 Blk.43
474SKULANJoseph1 yr. Add # 1 to Cudahy
216SMITHFrankAdult Lot 1 Blk. 28
428SOBOZINSKIMichaelAdultHead of Family 
429SOBOZINSKIConstanciaAdultHis WifeLot 9 Blk 40
430SOBOZINSKIRosa8 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
431SOBOZINSKIStainslava2 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
432SOBOZINSKIJohn6 yrs.  
433SOBOZINSKIThomas MilaAdult  
434SOBOZINSKIJohn MilaAdult  
716SPEISSMaryAdultHis WifeN.W. fracl 1/4 Sec. 25
717SPEISSMary18 yrs.  
718SPEISSIda14 yrs.  
719SPEISSTheresa7 yrs.  
720SPEISSOtto3 yrs.  
721SPEISSAnna2 yrs.  
715SPIESS. EDWARD AdultHead of family 
220ST. JOHNGrantAdult  
257STEHLOWWilliamAdult Lot 18 Blk. 28 Cudahy
782STEITZJacob R.AdultHead of familyN.W/ 1/4 Sec. 26
783STEITZLuellaAdultHis wife 
784STEITZJacob R. Jr8 yrs.  
785STEITZOrange Mabel7 yrs.  
786STEITZHattie Elmira4 yrs.  
787STEITZByron Cyrus2 yrs.  
788STEITZUnnaned infant son1 mo  
521STERLINGHermanAdultHead of Family 
522STERLINGAdelheidAdultHis WifeLot 1 Blk. 62
523STERLINGHenry17 yrs. Add #2 to Cudahy
524STERLINGJohn15 yrs. S.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
525STERLINGAnnie13 yrs  
526STERLINGHerman Jr.9 yrs.  
527STERLINGEdward6 yrs.  
528STERLINGKatie3 yrs.  
847STRAUSSFrederickAdultHead of familyLot 1 Blk. 3 Cudahy Central
848STRAUSSMinnieAdultHis wifeSand Cos Add S.E. 1/4 -27
356SULLIVANTimothyAdultHead of Family 
357SULLIVANTimothy Jr.Adult Lot 29 Blk. 35
358SULLIVANNoraAdult Add # 1 to Cudahy
359SZATEKKatieAdultHis wife 
360SZATEKJuliusAdultHead of familyLot 38Blk 25S.E. ¼ Sw23
751TELKANTZJohnAdultHead of family 
752TELKANTZBerthaAdultHis WifeS.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
294TESSFrederickAdult Lot 24 Blk. 33
395THEISSCarlAdultHead of Family 
396THEISSErnestinaAdultHis WifeLot 23 Blk. 37
397THEISSTruda3 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
72TICEPhillipAdultHead of FamilyLot 15Blk 16Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼
73TICECatherineAdultHis wife 
74TICERobert4 yrs  
75TICEAlice3 yrs  
76TICELeRoy9 mos  
477TOMELKazimirAdultHead of Family 
478TOMELElizabethAdultHis WifeLot 17 Blk. 45
479TOMELJohn3 Months Add #2 to Cudahy
634TURRELLMaryAdultHead of family 
635TURRELLWilliamAdult N.W. 1/4 Sec. 23
638TURRELLLillie18 yrs.  
309URBANJohnAdult N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
217VOHOSKEJosephAdult Townsite of Cudahy
268VOLITZAntonAdultHead of FamilyGreens Add S.W. 1/4 Sec. 23
269VOLITZFranciskaAdultHis WifeLots 20 Blk. 30 Add #1
314VRECHKOBlazeusAdultHead of Family 
315VRECHKOElizabethAdultHis Wife 
316VRECHKOAugusr3 Months  
345VURNDKELouisAdultHead of Family 
346VURNDKEMinnieAdultHis WifeLot 17 Blk. 35
347VURNDKEMartha9 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
348VURNDKEAnna4 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
349VURNDKELena3 yrs.  
350VURNDKEWilliam5 Months  
541WALSHWilliamAdultHead of Family 
542WALSHWilliam Jr.19 yes. N.E. !/4 Sec 22
543WALSHMary17 yrs.  
544WALSHGeorge13 yrs.  
545WALSHClara11 yrs.  
546WALSHFrank10 yrs.  
547WALSHJoseph8 yrs.  
548WALSHNellie6 yrs.  
440WALTHERSGeorgeAdultHead of Family 
500WARKOWSKIJohnAdultHead of Family 
501WARKOWSKIAppoloniaAdultHis WifeLot 20 Blk. 49
502WARKOWSKIKasimira8 yrs. Add #2 to Cudahy
503WARKOWSKIClemens6 yrs. S.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
504WARKOWSKIHelena4 yrs.  
505WARKOWSKIJulia1 yr.  
506WEBERHazel10 yrs  
19WEIDNERHermanAdultHead of familyLot 9 Blk. 10
20WEIDNERSelmaAdultHis wifeTownsite of
21WEIDNERElla10 yrs. Cudahy
22WEIDNERAlma7 yrs. S.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
23WEIDNEROlivia5 yrs.  
24WEIDNERWilliam3 yrs.  
25WEIDNERLydia9 Months  
270WIEGNERBernardAdultHead of FamilyTo Cudahy, N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
271WIEGNERMaryAdultHis WifeLot 33 Blk. 30
272WIEGNERFrank20 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
273WIEGNERCarl16 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
274WIEGNERWilliam12 yrs.  
275WIEGNERJoseph8 yrs.  
276WIEGNERJosephine8 yrs.  
277WIEGNERMary6 yrs.  
278WIEGNERClara3 yrs  
454WILHELMChristianAdultHead of Family 
455WILHELMJohannaAdultHis WifeL ot 26 Blk. 41
456WILHELMChristian Jr.1 yr. Add # 1 to Cudahy
41WILSONRobertAdultHead of familyLot 33 Blk. 13
42WILSONMaryAdultHis wifeTownsite of Cudahy
365WISNIEWSKIWilek20 yrs.  
457WISOJNEKMaria12 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
488WITKOWSKILudwigAdultHead of Family 
489WITKOWSKIJosephaAdultHis WifeLot 22 Blk. 45
490WITKOWSKIMary8 yrs. Add #2 to Cudahy
491WITKOWSKIKatie3 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
492WITKOWSKISophie8 Months  
207WOEHSNERChristAdultHead of Family 
208WOEHSNERLenaAdultHis WifeLot 1 Blk. 27
209WOEHSNERLydia7 yrs. Town of Cudahy
210WOEHSNERHulda2 yrs. S.W.1/4 Sec. 23
772WOHLUSTHenryAdultHead of familyN.W/ 1/4 Sec. 26
773WOHLUSTEmilieAdultHis wife 
774WOHLUSTErnest8 yrs.  
775WOHLUSTGeorge5 yrs.  
27WOLBERTTheodoreAdultHead of familyLot 21 Blk.5
28WOLBERTAnnieAdultHis wifeTownsite of
29WOLBERTGeorge5 yrs. Cudahy
30WOLBERTArthur2 yrs. S.E. 1/4 Sec. 23
31ZACHERSophieAdultHis wife 
32ZACHERElsie5 yrs  
33ZACHEREdwin3 yrs  
34ZACHERClara6 yrs  
35ZACHEROscarAdultHead of family 
36ZAUSCHJohn MoritzAdult Head of familyLot 8Blk 27Townsite of Cudahy S.E. ¼ sec
37ZAUSCHLouiseAdultHis wife 
38ZAUSCHCaroline12 yrs  
39ZBIKORSKILizzie13 yrs  
377ZOEBELEmilyAdultHis WifeLot 28 Blk. 36
378ZOEBELEdward6 yrs. Add # 1 to Cudahy
379ZOEBELJohn5 yrs. N.E. 1/4 Sec. 26
380ZOEBELHenry4 yrs.  
381ZOEBELFrederick2 yrs.  
382ZOEBELHelen9 Months  
738ZOEBELFrank A.AdultHead of family 
739ZOEBELMaryAdultHis WifeS.W. fracl 1/4 Sec. 25
740ZOEBELSusan6 yrs.  
741ZOEBELAlbert5 yrs.