St. Stanislaus


The author has been researching Polish families since 1983, and was on staff at the Peoria Arizona North Stake LDS Family History Center from 1987 to 2003.

St. Stanislaus was Milwaukee’s first Polish parish, and the only Polish parish to include place of origin in marriage and death entries with any consistency. Although the microfilmed death register extends from 1866 to 1920, the individual’s place of origin was often listed as “Poznan,” “Prussia,” “Poland,” “Europe” or left the column blank.

This index omits persons whose place of origin was listed as Prusy (Prussia). With one possible exception, it also omits all deaths of persons whose birthplace was within Milwaukee County.

If there is a Tilde (~) after a letter it means that the original letter was a polish letter, and therefore pronounced differently than the American combination of letters.

The author’s apologies for incorrectly spelled surnames; some handwriting was difficult to read. The same applies to the places of origin themselves, most of which were unfamiliar to the author, and perhaps to the priest himself. In some an “educated guess” or “correction” is included in brackets. For the most part, however, the place of origin is a literal transcription.

If this index helps you locate your ancestor’s place of origin, say a prayer of thanks for Father P. Szulercki, who was solely responsible for maintaining St. Stan’s death register for the years 1895 to 1911.

An index of St. Stan’s marriage records for the period 1900-1909, listing brides’ and grooms’ parents and places of origin, is available from the author for $12.00, post paid.

Contact: Mary Popovich, 2029 W. Wilshire Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85009. (602) 340-9062. Online:

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Name/Date of Death/Age/Place of Origin
Adryan, Rozalia
	d. 18 Aug 1901/Age 37/Tupadl~o

Andrzejewski, Szymon
	d. 28 Dec 1904/Age 85/Poznan

Bajer, Tadeusz
	d. 8 Oct 1898/Age 79/Raczkowo

Ba~k, Ignacy
	d. 2 Mar 1909/Age 22/(Prusy) Galicya

Ba~k, Maryanna
	d. 4 Apr 1907/Age 47/Newton

Bakula, Wiktorya
	d. 3 May 1910/Age 18/Schamoken

Balczerowski, Jakub
	d. 2 Sep 1903/Age 69/Poznan

Banaszek, Michalina
	d. 17 Jun 1903/Age 29/Konowo

Banaszynski, Michal
	d. 20 Jul 1900/Age 63/Sadki

Baranowski, Antoni
	d. 10 Jan 1904/Age 59/Poznan

Barnet, Franciszka
	d. 7 Mar 1905/Age 22/Prusy Sl~upy

Bartkowski, Augustyn
	d. 8 Aug 1901/Age 38/Ostrau

Bartowicka, Albina
	d. 18 Sep 1898/Age 41/Grabowska

Bartuszkiewicz, Wincenty
	d. 9 May 1905/Age 48/Poznan

Baszk, Walenty
	d. 14 May 1908/Age 53/Jastarnia Gdansk

Belter, Maryanna
	d. 8 Sep 1896/Age 86/Potulice

Bemka, Augustyn
	d. 1 Aug 1907/Age 41/Tupadl~o

Biedrzycki, Jan
	d. 8 Oct 1901/Age 58/Bul~gowo [Bl~ugowo]

Biedrzycki, Marcin
	d. 13 Dec 1900/Age 49/Bugowo [Bl~ugowo]

Bielawski, Feliks
	d. 7 Feb 1896/Age 54/Szubin

Bigus, Michal
	d. 25 Jul 1899/Age 47/Gdansk

Bilaf, Catarzyna
	d. 23 Mar 1899/Age 50/Tl~ukom

Bizewska, Rozalia
	d. 19 Jun 1906/Age 53/Polska Gdansk

Blechacz, Jan
	d. 13 Mar 1904/Age 65/Wl~ochowo

Bober, Jozef
	d. 25 Oct 1910/Age 61/Jastarnia

Borkowski, Jan
	d. 1 Jan 1907/Age 27/Jesiorski

Brozkowski, Maryanna
	d. 4 Aug 1900/Age 42/Kazmiro

Brza~kal~a,* Franciszek
	d. 18 Jun 1901/unknown/Skic

Brzuszkiewicz, Rozalia
	d. 6 May 1903/Age 68/Kcynia

Buda, Anna
	d. 14 Jan 1908/Age 46/Jastarnia

Budisz, Rozalia
	d. 19 Feb 1896/Age 70/Puck

Budka, Jozef
	d. 3 May 1900/Age 35/Podlesie Wysokie

Budnik, Jan
	d. 7 Jan 1910/Age 37/Poznan

Budnik, Jan
	d. 26 Feb 1899/Age 22/Manistee, MI

Budzisz, Antoni
	d. 3 Oct 1908/Age 15/Oshkosh, WI

Budzisz, Augustyn
	d. 5 Jun 1908/Age 76/Cejnowo

Budzisz, Fransiszka
	d. 24 Oct 1899/Age 35/Kusfeld

Budzisz, Jan
	d. 4 Jul 1909/Age 60/Cejnowo

Budzisz, Jozef
	d. 31 Jul 1900/Age 55/Cejnowo

Budzisz, Maryanna
	d. 22 Apr 1898/Age 70/Wejherowo

Budzisz, Piotr
	d. 5 Mar 1909/Age 84/Kusfeld

Bulewicz, Aloizy
	d. 3 Jun 1904/Age 41/Wl~brzowol~

Butka, Franciszka
	d. 7 Jul 1909/Age 65/Skorcz

Buzy, Piotr
	d. 10 Apr 1906/Age 46/Bugowo [Bl~ugowo]

Choinski, Franciszek
	d. 18 Jan 1905/Age 67/Poznan

Chroscicka, Jozefa
	d. 4 Sep 1907/Age 35/Poznan

Cicha, Maryanna
	d. 12 May 1900/Age 45/Blankwitt

Cichacka, Jozefa
	d. 28 Jun 1909/Age 47/Pinsk

Ciubinska, Anna
	d. 9 Sep 1895/Age 02
	d. 12/Racine, WI

Cyborowska, Anna
	d. 28 Mar 1906/Age 53/Kiel~pin

Cyborowska, Katarzyna
	d. 2 Nov 1905/Age 69/Kiel~pin

Cyrczak, Edward
	d. 22 Nov 1903/Age 2/Warszawa

Cyskowska, Konstancya
	d. 28 Feb 1898/Age 73/Gdansk

Cyskowski, Jan
	d. 26 Feb 1896/Age 79/Wajherowo

Cyskowski, Jan
	d. 1 Mar 1903/Age 71/Tupadl~o

Cywinski, Wojciech
	d. 17 Dec 1900/Age 61/Poznan

Czaplewska, Sr. Bonifacya
	d. 15 May 1906/Age 22/Piaseczno

Czaplinski, Ignacy
	d. 25 May 1905/Age 54/Poznan

Czechorski, Franciszek
	d. 31 Mar 1903/Age 65/Popowo Koscielne

Czechorski, Walenty
	d. 13 Jun 1901/Age 64/Poznanskie

Czerwinski, Franciszek
	d. 25 Oct 1909/Age 84/Poznanskie

Czerwinski, Roman
	d. 18 Jun 1906/Age 45/Bl~agowo

Czeska, Krystyna
	d. 15 Aug 1901/Age 55/Chl~apowo

Czol~nowski, Jan
	d. 1 Dec 1905/Age 73/Smielin

Czygicz, Jan
	d. 28 Sep 1906/Age 33/Rogolowka

Da~browski, Marcin
	d. 15 Sep 1906/Age 80/L~asin

Dargacz, Franciszek
	d. 16 Oct 1897/Age 71/Lubiszyn

Daszkowski, Walenty
	d. 5 Jan 1911/Age 79/Kaszub

Datka, Jan
	d. 6 Apr 1897/Age 43/Stol~eszyn

Datka, Michal~
	d. 2 Feb 1900/Age 35/Rusc

De~bek, Elzbieta
	d. 19 Feb 1902/Age 62/Cejnowo

Dega, Antoni
	d. 31 Aug 1901/Age 26/Poznan

Deser, Michal~
	d. 1 Feb 1909/Age 38/Osikol~o

Detlaf, Anna
	d. 3 Jun 1909/Age 71/Jastarnia

Detlaf, Katarzyna
	d. 23 Mar 1901/Age 71/Wielka Wies

Detlaf, Stanisl~aw
	d. 17 Apr 1904/Age 19/Strzelno

Dl~ugia, Walenty
	d. 23 Mar 1905/Age 67/Jastarnia

Drychta, Antonina
	d. 18 Sep 1897/Age 30/Kcynia

Dziekan, Franciszek
	d. 25 May 1907/Age 62/Bugowo [Bl~ugowo]

Eltmach, Ewa
	d. 26 Nov 1907/Age 65/Zelazno

Eltmach, Wawrzyniec
	d. 18 Dec 1901/Age 64/Samostrzelcy

Ertman, Pawel~
	d. 18 Apr 1901/Age 59/L~ugowo

Ewald, Franciszek
	d. 18 Mar 1910/Age 60/Starzyno

Fabisz, Michal~
	d. 23 Dec 1896/Age 66/Puck

Falaran, Jozefa
	d. 5 Feb 1910/Age 46/Poznan

Ferbich, Marianna
	d. 2 Oct 1909/Age 78/La~k

Filut, Jan
	d. 6 Oct 1896/Age 21/Sl~awica

Filut, Jan
	d. 28 Jul 1901/Age 41/Poznan

Flisowski, Jozef
	d. 27 May 1910/Age 75/Lubowice

Frydrichowicz, Barbara
	d. 13 Oct 1900/Age 66/Jetzendorf

Frydrichowicz, Mateusz
	d. 19 Jul 1897/unknown/Duza Klonia

Frydryszek, Jozef
    	d. 3 Dec 1907/Age 66/Kosztowo

Gajzler, Franciszek
	d. 5 Mar 1903/unknown/Poznan

Gal~dynska, Agnieszka
	d. 26 Dec 1901/Age 51/Krolestwo Polskie

Gal~dynski, Antoni
	d. 21 Aug 1903/Age 52/Poznan

Garsztka, Wladysl~awa
	d. 19 Dec 1896/Age 37/Poznan (Ryczywol~)

Gawin, Apolonia
	d. 25 Nov 1910/Age 52/Wielkie Buczki

Gawin, Jan
	d. 18 Jan 1908/Age 53/Chojnice

Gawin, Marianna
	d. 30 Oct 1909/Age 73/Leszno

Gielinski, Aleksander
	d. 19 May 1897/Age 51/Torun

Gieztowska, Marianna
	d. 29 Dec 1907/Age 76/Brodnica

Gil, Wojciech
	d. 29 Oct 1902/Age 40/Poznan

Ginter, Marta
	d. 22 Sep 1901/Age 35/Pol~ajewo

Gizela, Maryanna/30 Aug 1902/Age 51/Jelenek

Gora, Katarzyna
	d. 17 Jun 1906/Age 67/Zl~otowo

Gorska, Aniela
	d. 15 Apr 1908/Age 21/Zawdawola

Gorska, Anna
	d. 22 Feb 1897/Age 72/Kurzetnik

Gorski, Antoni
	d. 11 Sep 1908/Age 45/Augustowo

Gorski, Fr. Hypolit
	d. 20 Jun 1895/Age 48/Nowy Dwor, Prusy Zach.

Gorski, Franciszek
	d. 24 Jan 1897/Age 40/Kurzetnik

Gorski, Jan/9 Oct 1902/Age 70/Zamek

Gorski, Jozef
	d. 10 Jul 1908/Age 18/Zawdawola

Graj, Maryanna
	d. 28 Apr 1898/Age 42/Lubasz

Groszczyk, Wojciech
	d. 14 Sep 1901/Age 55/Poznan

Grucza, Anna
	d. 25 Jun 1905/Age 58/Nowa Cerkiew

Grucza, Franciszek
	d. 16 Jun 1901/Age 58/Nowa Cerkiew

Grucza, Szymon
	d. 23 Jun 1907/Age 66/Nowa Cerkiew

Gruen, Fryderyk
	d. 23 Nov 1900/Age 76/Westfalia

Gurda, Franciszek
	d. 1 Sep 1910/Age 68/Skic

Halda, Jan
	d. 11 Oct 1904/Age 23/Berylian

Hausz, Maryanna
	d. 1 Feb 1896/Age 81/Czajer

Haza, Jozef
	d. 14 Dec 1904/Age 55/Smol~ag

Hejdak, Jan
	d. 11 Sep 1903/Age 48/Poznan

Heler, Sylvester
	d. 29 Sep 1901/Age 43/L~obzenica

Helinska, Ewa
	d. 13 Aug 1904/Age 80/Poznan

Inda, Michal~
	d. 12 Mar 1896/Age 45/Brodnica

Jabl~onska, Tekla
	d. 11 Mar 1908/Age 3/St. Louis, MO

Jagodzinska, Maryanna
	d. 23 May 1898/Age 50/Mal~a Koscierzyna

Jagodzinski, Michal~
	d. 23 Apr 1898/Age 73/Poborka

Jagodzinski, Walenty
	d. 17 Nov 1906/Age 59/Poznan

Jakubiski, Wojciech
	d. 16 Nov 1909/Age 63/Poznan

Jakubowska, Maryanna
	d. 2 Nov 1906/Age 71/Wolwark

Janiszewska, Pelagia
	d. 25 Sep 1899/Age 25/Nowa Cerkiew

Jankowska, Fransciszka
	d. 26 Aug 1905/Age 40/Mrocza

Jankowski, Jozefa/6 Aug 1898/Age 40/Barcin

Januszewski, Franciszek
	d. 11 Apr 1905/Age 65/Wierzysk [Wyrzysk]

Janyska, Jan
	d. 19 May 1910/Age 66/Czarkowo

Jarzyna, Marianna
	d. 1 Jan 1910/Age 23/Potokzl~aty

Jaserczyk, Marianna
	d. 13 May 1908/Age 48/Trzecewnica

Jasinski, Marcin
	d. 12 Apr 1897/Age 69/Olszanowskie Nowiny

Jeka, Jan/6 Jun 1900/Age 50/Strzelno

Jesko, Augustyn
	d. 18 Sep 1897/Age 69/Pol~ajewo

Jesko, Maryanna
	d. 17 Jul 1898/Age 39/Mal~e Potowo

Jeszka, Jan
	d. 30 Aug 1899/Age 67/Zl~otowo

Jurkiewicz, Antoni
	d. 10 Aug 1901/Age 66/Krajenka

Jurkiewicz, Justyna/8 Nov. 1900/Age 69/Augustowo

Ka~kol, Adam
	d. 15 Oct 1900/Age 20/Kusfeld

Ka~kol, Dorota 
	d. 4 Apr 1906/Age 70/Jastarnia Gdanski

Ka~kol, Floryan
	d. 19 Sep 1895/Age 68/Gasfeld, W. Prus. [Kusfeld]

Ka~kol, Jan
	d. 13 Dec 1899/Age 43/Chl~apowo

Ka~kol, Jan
	d. 23 Jun 1903/Age 85/Gdansk

Ka~kol, Julianna/6 Dec 1908/Age 43/Kusfeld

Ka~kol, Krystyna
	d. 3 Feb 1910/Age 62/Cejnowo

Kaczmarczyk, Jan
	d. 16 Oct 1906/Age 56/Cyk [or Byk]

Kaczmarek, Franciszka
	d. 4 Oct 1897/Age 87/Da~bki

Kaczmarek, Kazimierz
	d. 3 Jun 1905/Age 36/Gniewkowicz

Kaczorowski, Jan/8 Dec 1901/Age 33/Poznan

Kafura, Augustyn
	d. 22 Dec 1897/Age 75/Czarkowo

Kaminska, Anna
	d. 2 Mar 1910/Age 61/Koscierzyna

Kaminska, Paulina
	d. 18 Sep 1900/Age 45/Szczyt

Kaminski, Jozef
	d. 26 Mar 1899/Age 29/Lubieszyn

Kanczewski, Stefan
	d. 3 Nov 1910/Age 2/Saloniene[?]

Kapl~anek, Maryanna
	d. 15 Aug 1897/Age 09
	d. 12/Antigo, WI

Kapkiewicz, Anna
	d. 3 Jun 1909/Age 20/Litwo

Karaskiewicz, Walenty
	d. 21 Jul 1896/Age 29/Podjezioro

Karpinska, Franciszka
	d. 1 Mar 1896/Age 80/Brodnica

Karpinski, Wl~adysl~aw
	d. 21 May 1906/Age 3/Chicago, IL

Kasperowicz, Konstanty
	d. 27 Jan 1899/Age 75/Laskownica

Kasperowicz, Magdalena
	d. 14 Aug 1900/Age 80/Topol

Kazimierczak, Lukasz/8 May 1904/Age 82/Poznan

Klimek, Rozalia
	d. 25 Jan 1904/Age 60/Wyrzysk

Klinkiewicz, Wiktorya
	d. 21 Nov 1908/Age 52/Poznan

Knofczynska, Anna
	d. 26 Oct 1908/Age 68/Romanhof

Knopa, Jan
	d. 27 Jul 1910/Age 46/Starogard

Kolasinski, Jan/9 Nov 1903/Age 51/Tuchol[a]

Komorowska, Jozefa
	d. 17 Mar 1904/Age 49/Kobus

Kormowska, Anna
	d. 12 Dec 1907/Age 58/Poznan

Kowalska, Anna
	d. 1 Aug 1910/Age 5/Sokal

Kowalska, Magdalena
	d. 19 Nov 1907/Age 57/Poznan

Kowalski, Stanisl~aw
	d. 30 Jul 1910/Age 12/Sokal

Kowalski, Wl~adysl~aw
	d. 20 Jun 1903/Age 13/Chicago, IL

Kozl~owski, Szczepan
	d. 22 Aug 1906/Age 25/Garczyn

Kozak, Anna
	d. 8 Dec 1906/unknown/Poznan

Krajewski, Marcin
	d. 19 Jun 1909/Age 60/Zaborowo

Krawczek, Helena
	d. 11 Oct 1908/Age 23/Prochowo

Krefka, Jozef	
	d. 6 Dec 1896/Age 30/Kartuzy

Krefta, Farnciszek
	d. 9 Sep 1900/Age 36/Tokary

Krepa, Roman
	d. 22 Dec 1905/unknown/Berlin

Krueger, Gottlieb
	d. 9 Sep 1896/Age 86/Chojny

Krygiel, Josefina
	d. 12 Aug 1897/Age 14/Karagien

Kryzel, Jan
	d. 4 Aug 1901/Age 67/Tl~ukom

Krzewinska, Monika
	d. 20 Apr 1902/Age 25/Pr. Starogard

Kubacki, Michal~
	d. 2 Apr 1905/Age 66/Runowo

Kuchnowski, Jan
	d. 14 May 1910/Age 63/Puck

Kuchnowski, Jozef
	d. 26 May 1896/Age 35/Puck

Kuchta, Maryanna
	d. 3 Dec 1896/Age 46/Starogard

Kuczkowska, Antonina
	d. 3 Jul 1905/unknown/Jasiniec Swecie

Kujawa, Michal~
	d. 19 May 1908/Age 78/Obiecanowo

Kulas, Julianna
	d. 27 Jun 1899/Age 70/Lipusz

Kuplerska, Tekla
	d. 21 Dec 1901/Age 61/Wasaz

Kwasigroch, Jan
	d. 30 Oct 1895/Age 36/Me~dromierz

Kwasigroch, Maryanna
	d. 21 Mar 1901/Age 36/Koninskie Huby

Laskowski, Michal~
	d. 31 Aug 1900/Age 34/Zl~otowo

Latus, Florentyna
	d. 12 Apr 1897/Age 57/Polska Rudnica

Latus, Jakub
	d. 24 Jun 1904/Age 69/Poznanskie

Lenc, Klara
	d. 6 Jan 1910/Age 10/Jastarnia

Lewan, Anna
	d. 14 Apr 1909/Age 75/Puck

Lewandowska, Kordelia
	d. 7 Sep 1903/Age 32/Kcynia

Lica, Antonina
	d. 12 Mar 1898/Age 58/Bierszyn

Ligman, Maryanna
	d. 3 Jul 1897/Age 82/Kiel~pin

Lorbiecka, Faustyna
	d. 3 Aug 1902/Age 68/Stary Bukowiec

Lubowski, Teresa
	d. 12 Jul 1897/Age 20/Lugoszcz[?]

Lubowska, Ludwika
	d. 3 Apr 1906/Age 59/Ugoszcz[?]

Lukaszewska, Joanna
	d. 6 Jul 1896/Age 63/Gniezno

Lupa, Katarzyna
	d. 4 Aug 1895/Age 69/Poznan

L~aboda, Julianna
	d. 2 Feb 1896/Age 24/Bydgoszcz

L~oboda, Salomea
	d. 4 Oct 1904/Age 63/Poznan