Milwaukee County Cemeteries

Burials and Interments


All of the cemeteries below are incomplete. As I obtain more burials at each location, I will add them to the listing. If you have any obituary or cemetery information you would like to contribute, please email me. When referring to a cemetery please include the number as well as the name.

Cemetery X-Those who had residence in Milwaukee County, but the cemetery is not known or is not within the county.

Milwaukee Archdioces Catholic Cemetery Database Very good resource for those of the Catholic Denomination

Alphabetical Listing

(002) Agudas Achim	
(030) Allis Street Cemetery	
(012) All Souls Cemetery
(031) Anshai Lebowitz Cemetery	
(020) Arlington Park Cemetery	
(099) Armenian Cemetery/St. Haroutun, South Milwaukee
(032) Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel Cemetery
(032b) Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel Cemetery
(004) Bethlehem
(034) Blessed Sacrament Cemetery (Catholic)
(035) Brazelton Cemetery
(010) Burrwood Stock Farm/Carmen Family
(036) Calvary Cemetery (New)
(037) Calvary Cemetery (Old)
(010) Carmen Family/Burwood Stock Farm	
(021) Chapel Hill Cemetery/Polish National Catholic Cemetery, Greenfield
(038) East Granville Cemetery	
(051) Elizabeth Street/Milwaukee Cemetery
(100) Episcopal Cemetery	
(023) Evangelical Emanuel Cemetery
(017) Evangelical Memorial/Zion Kirche/Memorial United Methodist Cemetery
(039) Evergreen Cemetery	
(040) Ever Rest Cemetery/Chevre Kedushe
(041) Fairview Mausoleum	
(101) First Congregational United Church of Christ Cemetery, South Milwaukee
(042) First Ward See Calvary Cemetery (New)
(084) Forest Hill Memorial Park, Oak Creek
(043) Forest Home Cemetery
(004) Fox Point Burying Ground	
(007) Franklin Dutch Reformed Cemetery, Franklin
(013) Gilead Lodge Cemetery
(039) Glen Oaks Cemetery (formerly Evergreen)
(019) Good Hope Cemetery
(059) Good Hope Cemetery	
(044) Graceland Cemetery (Lutheran)	
(110) Greenfield Park Cemetery
(045) Green Tree Meadows Cemetery	
(046) Greenwood Jewish Cemetery	
(047) Holy Cross Chapel Mausoleum
(003) Holy Sepulcher Cemetery
(048) Holy Trinity Cemetery
(107) Honey Creek
(049) Hopkins Street Jewish Cemetery/Shaarei Tzedek
(087) Independent Cemetery, Oak Creek	
(098) Lake Protestant Cemetery	
(018) LaVies Cemetery (AKA St. Barnabas Cemetery) Greenfield	
(050) Lincoln Memorial Cemetery (formerly Wanderers Rest)
(017) Memorial United Methodist Cemtery/Zion Kirche/Evangelical Memorial
(051) Milwaukee Cemetery/Elizabeth Street	
(014) Milwaukee Township Cemetery (Union)	
(052) Mount Olivet Cemetery and Mausoleum (Catholic) 	
(082) Oak Creek Community Cemetery/Oak Creek Salem	
(083) Oak Creek Memorial Cemetery
(105) Oak Hill
(089) Oakwood, Franksville
(086) Oakwood Rest Cemetery, Oak Creek
(008) Old Cemetery
(011) Painesville Cemetery	
(053) Pilgrim's Rest Lutheran Cemetery
(104) Pinelawn Memorial Park	
(021) Polish National Catholic Cemetery/Chapel Hill Cemetery, Greenfield
(054) Potter's Field East Side	
(103) Potter's Field, Alms House; Paupers Cemetery The 
	Milwaukee "County  Farm" Cemetery (a.k.a. Potter's Field)
(055) Rest Haven Cemetery	
(009) Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Cemetery	
(096) Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (Catholic)	
(056) St Adalbert's Cemetery/Polish Union	
(018) St. Barnabas Cemetery, (AKA LaVies Cemetery) Greenfield	
(057) St. Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Cemetery	
(097) St. Francis Seminary Woods Cemetery	
(081) St. James Catholic Cemetery, Franklin
(075) St. James Episcopal Cemetery
(006) St. John Lutheran Cemetery
(058) St. Johannes Lutheran Cemetery
(059) St. John's Evangelical Lutheran (0ld), Good Hope	
(060) St. John's Evangelical Lutheran, Forest Home	
(061) St. John's Evangelical	
(080) St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery	
(100) St. Mark's Episcopal Cemetery
(062) St. Martin's Catholic Cemetery
(009) Saint Martin of Tours	
(022) St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery
(085) St. Matthew's Catholic Cemetery, Oak Creek	
(063) St. Matthias Cemetery
(001) St. Michael's Irish Catholic Cemetery
(015) St. Paul's Cemetery	
(064) St. Peter Immanuel (Lutheran)	
(095) St. Peter's Lutheran
(016) St. Peter's Ev. Lutheran Cemetery Franklin	
(065) St. Stanislaus Cemetery
(066) St. Stephen's Catholic Cemetery	
(067) Second Home Cemetery (Jewish)
(068) Second Ward
(069) Spring Hill Cemetery
(030) Stewart Allis Cemetery
(040) Temple Menorah Ever Rest Cemetery/Chevre Kedushe	
(098) Thompson Avenue Cemetery
(202) Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Ozaukee County
(070) Union (Lutheran) Cemetery
(071) Valhalla Memorial Park	
(050) Wanderers Rest/Lincoln Memorial Cemetery
(102) Old Wauwatosa Cemetery (removed see Cemetery #106)
(106) Wauwatosa Cemetery
(074) West Granville
(017) Zion Kirche/Evangelical Memorial/Memorial United Methodist
(073) Woodlawn Cemetery
(072) Wood National Cemetery(090) Name Unknown