Historical Sketch

Bethany Presbyterian Society was organized July 1, 1892, Messrs, C.A. Lyon, Thomas O. Ferguson, and J.W. Latimer being elected Trustees.

The church organization was formed by a Committee of the Presbytery of Milwaukee, Rev. William Chester, Chairman, on Nov. 1, 1892, with a membership of seven, viz
James D. Walker and Mrs. Maud P. Walker
John W. Latimer and Mrs. Mary M. Latimer and Miss Nellie Latimer
Thomas O. Ferguson and George S. Stickel
James D. Walker was elected elder.

A site having been purchased at the corner of Fourteenth Ave. and Washington St., ground was broken for the new church building in the summer of 1892 and the structure completed in Feb. 1893.
The church building was dedicated to the worship of Almighty God, Oct. 8, 1893; The Rev. William Chester preached the sermon, the Revs. J.W. McNary, A.W. Bill and W.W. Macomber participating in the exercises.

On the 8th of February, 1895, a Congregational meeting was held and a call to the pastorate extended to the Rev. Edward Bryan, of Orange, N.J.

The first services in the new building were held on the 26th, of the same month, being conducted by Mr. Bryan.

At the Spring meeting of the Presbytery of Milwaukee he signified his acceptance of this call and on the 24th of April he was duly installed as pastor of the church by a Committeee of the Presbytery of Milwaukee consisting of the MOderator, Rev. William Chester, who presided and preached the sermon, Rev. A.W. Bill, who delivered the charge to the pastor, and Rev. J.W. McNary, who gave the charge to the people.

In 1927 in an effort to pay for debt, the church subdivided their lot into 1350 squares and sold the lot subdivisions to the congregation for $10 per lot. A "Certificate of Co-Operation" was issued to each purchaser by the church officers.

Articles of Association of the Immanuel Presbyterian Church

Whereas J.W. Latimer, J.D. Walker and W.P. McLaren are male persons over 21 years of age and are members of the Immanuel Presbyterian Church of the City of Milwaukee of the Presbyterian Religious Denomination the same having been organized in the state of Wisconsin, and maintaining at this time regular public worship therein and whereas due public notice has been given at a stated meeting of such church. Now therefore said members J.W. Latimer, J.D. Walker and W.P. McLaren sign and acknowledge the following certificate: Know all men by these presents, that the said J.W. Latimer, J.D. Walker and W.P. McLaren the undersigned, and those who are or may be associated with them, for the purpose herein specified have organized themselves into a religious Society of the Presbyterian Church, located in the city and county of Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin, for religious, charitable and educational purposes, which society shall be known and incorporated by the name of Bethany Presbyterian Church.

Witnesses: J.W. Latimer (seal)
Robert Mengies J.D. Walker (seal)
L.A. Wheeler Wm. P. McLaren (seal)

STATE OF WISCONSIN) ss COUNTY OF MILWAUKEE) Personally came before me this first day of July 1892, the above named J.W. Latimer, J.D. Walker and Wm. P. McLaren to be known to be the persons who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledge the same.

Recorded July 1892) No 209832
at 10:15 o'clock 1.m.)
Louis Auer
Register of Deeds

William W. Wight
Notary Public
Milwaukee Co. Wisconsin

The UWM library has records of the church 1892-1967
We are in the process of transcribing records thru 1920. For privacy we are not transcribing any later records.

List of Pastors
Name When Installed Dimissed Died
Edward Bryan April 24, 1893 April 1899 March 31, 190? Brooklyn, N.Y.
Hayden Ruthart Upton May 31, 1899 Nov. 13, 1901
J?? Frederick Slagle Jan. 15, 1903 Feb. 28, 1908
Summer Basker??ll Oct. 6, 1908 October 15, 1909
W. Wallace Oct. 22, 1910 Feb. 28, 1918
The remainder hard to read on microfilm.