Milwaukee County Churches
St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal Church

(The oldest African American Church established in 
Milwaukee and the first of its kind to be organized 
in the State of Wisconsin)
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Pastors Who Have Served This Church 1869-1938:

1869-1870 Rev. Theodore Crosby
1870-1871 Rev. M. Patterson
1871-1872 Rev. C. S. Jacobs
1872 1873 Revs. Payne and J. B. Dawson
1873-1874 Rev. G. H. Hann
1874-1875 Rev. Gordon
1875-1876 Rev. E. C. Freeman
1876-1878 Rev. Henry Brown
1878-1880 Rev. Henry Simons
1880-1882 Rev. Henry Brown
1882-1883 Rev. Myers
1883-1884 Rev. Holly
1884-1885 Rev. A. J. Burden
1885-1886 Rev. H. J. Peterson and Coston
1886-1888 Rev. W. R. Alexander
1888-1889 Rev. E. M. Harper
1889-1890 Rev. Daniel P. Brown
1890-1902 Rev. T. W. Lewis
1902-1903 Rev. L. M. Fenwick
1903-1904 Revs. Fenwick and H. W. Jameson
1904-1905 Rev. H. W. Jameson
1905-1906 Rev. D. E. Butler
1906-1911 Rev. H. P. Jones
1911-1912 Rev. Philips
1912-1917 Rev. Jesse Woods
1917-1922 Rev. M. O. Morley
1922-1926 Rev. Eugene Thompson
1926-1927 Rev. Carl Tanner
1927-1931 Rev. C. A. Fisher
1931-1932 Rev. M. Thornton
                   Rev. Robert Thomas, R. E. Wilson served the balance of 1932
1932-1938 Rev. Robert E. Wilson
1938-           Rev. H. E. Stewart