Milwaukee County Catholic Churches

Source: From the book "A History of Poles in America to 1908" Part IV by Waclaw Kruszka (translated edition) with additional information by Karen D.


St. Stanislaus originated in 1866, operating from a formerly Lutheran Church before building their own on the corner of Grove and Mitchell Streets. "Just as bees swarm when it is too crowded for them in one beehive--that is, a part of them move out and form a separate group--so the Milwaukee parishes soon filled to overflowing and divided themselves to form new parishes. And so, the mother beehive of St. Stanislaus put forth two swarms: St. Hyacinth in 1882 and St. Josephat in 1888. Then the beehive of St. Hyacinth also issued two swarms: St. Vincent in 1888 and SS. Cyril and Methodius in 1893."

Be aware that address regularization took place in 1930, but the locations given in the book (1908) explain the addresses and division borders:
St. Hyacinth: corner of 10th Ave. and Becher, for Poles living west of 6th Avenue
St. Vincent: corner of 16th Ave. and Mitchell St. Josephat: corner of First Ave. and Lincoln SS. Cyril & Methodius: corner of American and Windlake, a few blocks south of St. Hyacinth

Records Assistance

The experience has been rthat parish offices are willing to help, but the turnaround is a bit slow. For Catholic records (baptism, marriage, death) before 1920, if is best to write the Archives at the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. There is a small donation/fee, but they do excellent research (especially if you are unsure of the parish, can provide the residence address. They are also pretty quick.
The archives is located at:
Archdiocese of Milwaukee
3501 South Lake Drive
P.O. Box 070912

Milaukee, WI 53207-0912