>Milwaukee County Literary Organizations

Concordia Club

(Source: History of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Western Historical Company, Chicago; A.T. Andreas Proprietor, 1881

This society is composed of members of the former Harmonic Club. In 1878, a reunion of this society was held at a hall in Broadhead's block and the Concordia Club organized. The charter members were:
Adler, David
Adler, T.D.
Benjamin, H.M.
Friend, Elias
Landauer, Adolph
Landauer, Max
Mack, H.S.
Mindel, H.M.
Shackman, L.
Silvermann, E.
Weil, Ben.
and several others.

The first officers elected were H.M. Benjamin, President; H.S. Mack, Vice President; Adolph Landauer, Treasurer; S. Heller, Secretary. At that time the membership was fifty. At present there are forty, with the following officers: G. Engel, President; H.S. Mack, Vice President; J.E. Friend, Secretary; Max Landauer, Treasurer; S.D. Adler, Manager.

This club has a hall fitted up in the most recherche style. They ahve a library of 150 volumes, reading rooms, card and billiard parlors. The reading room is supplied with the best weekly papers and is open every evening. No regular meetings are held.