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Fortnightly Club

From: The History of Milwaukee The Western Historical Company, Chicago A.T. Andreas Proprietor, 1881

In the Winter of 1874-'75, a number of young men who were desirous of forming a society for mutual benefit, met and organized the "Fortnightly Club." The club has as few and as flexible rules as possible, and avoids formality. The only officers are an Executive Committee of three, and a Secretary and Treasurer; the latter being held by one person. There is no regularly appointed place of meeting, but for the last four years the gatherings have been held at the Plankinton House, where sociability, and the presentation and discussion of papers upon every conceivable subject, have passed away many pleasant evenings. As the name implies, the meetings are held fortnightly, the time being Saturday evening. The great feature of the club is its catholicity, dicussing freely all topics, without bias or restriction. The number of members is limited to sixty, and the list is full.