>Milwaukee County Literary Organizations

Verein Fortschritt

From: The History of Milwaukee The Western Historical Company, Chicago A.T. Andreas Proprietor, 1881

Organized February 12, 1879, at Bader's Hall, on Fourth street, near State. The charter
members were:
F. Nevermann
Dr. J.E. Birkhaeuser
W.O. Hoya
Chas. Boerke,
Emil Lange
Christ Steinmetz
Frank Ryff
F. Schmidt
Julius E. Franke
F. Lenz
D. Kleinmann
Ernst Eckhart
The first officers elected were:
F. Lenz, President; F. Nevermann, Vice-President; F. Ryff, Secretary; D. Kleinmann, Book-keeper;
F. Schmidt, Treasurer; F. Balzer, Door-keeper. The present membership is fifty. Following
are the officers: Chas. Jacob, President; Frank Ryff, Vice President; Robert Moeller, Secretary;
Wm. Zeunert, Book-keeper; D. Schweer, Treasurer; H. Graefe, Librarian; Ernst Eckhart,
Door-keeper; Trustees, Geo Zink, Jul. E. Franke, and Fred. Wendt.

This society has a library, and meets every two weeks at the hall, southesast corner
of Prairie and Third street.