The following ships were listed in various sources, newspapers 
and publications as having a Milwaukee connection.
This list includes information collected by David D. Swayze, Lake Isabella, MI


Type at Loss: propeller, wood, bulk freight
Official No.: C133822
Built: 1891, Milwaukee Shipyard, Milwaukee hull# 33
Specs: 219x37x19, 1493 t.
Date of Loss: 1926, Jan 16
Place of Loss: Kingston, Ont.
Lake Lost: Ontario
Type/Cause: fire
Lives Lost: none
Cargo: none
Details: She burned at her winter layup dock. Thought to be rebuild-able, but finally scuttled in L. Ont. in 1937 without repair. Sold Canadian in 1913, US150512 Rebuilt and shortened 7' in 1913. Originally 1349g 1054n


Specs: 214nt
Enrollment: Milwaukee, also Chicago
Owner: Lawrence & Saveland
Date of Loss: Sept 25 1921
Place of Loss: Barrie Island North Channel Georgian Bay
Lake Lost: Huron
Type/Cause: sunk/lost
Lives Lost:
Details: JOHN MEE 1881-1912, EDWARD E. SKEELE 1912-1921 Dragged anchor and stranded total loss


Specs: 139x26x11, 332gt 316nt
Date of Loss:
Place of Loss:
Lake Lost:
Lives Lost:
Details: abandoned in 1923


Official No: 120719
Type of Ship: propeller, wood, passenger & package
freight break-bulk carrier
Place of Loss: off Milwaukee
Type/Cause: collision
Cargo: gen frt
More details: Towed into Milwaukee by the ferry, but soon declared a total loss. The hull was used by a local yacht club as a clubhouse until January, 1936, when it was sunk by gunfire off Evanston, IL.
Date Built: 1888
Builder: Detroit Dry Dock
Where Built: Wyandotte, MI hull# 89
Size: 187x35x12, 941g 680n


Type at Loss: schooner-barge, wood, 2-mast bulk freight
Official No.: 150474
Built: 1889, Milwaukee Shipyard Co., Milwaukee
Specs: 201x34x12, 633g 602n
Enrollment: Milwaukee
Date of Loss: 1928, Aug 11
Place of Loss: off Harbor Beach, MI
Lake Lost: Huron
Type/Cause: storm
Lives Lost: none
Cargo: lumber
Details: She broke from her tow steamer and went aground. Heavily damaged, she was later towed to Bay City for repairs. She was declared a constructive total loss and abandoned in the Saginaw River. where her remains still lie 1/2 mi N of the Davidson Shipyard site.
Abandoned 1935


Specs: 634t
Enrollment: Chicago
Date of Loss:
Place of Loss:
Lake Lost:
Lives Lost:


Official No: 19766
Type of Ship: schooner, wood, 2 mast
Place of Loss: near Rondeau, Ont.
Type/Cause: storm
Cargo: coal
More details: A wrecking expedition which was sent to rescue her in mid-October gave the job up as hopeless. Rebuilt in 1869.
Date Built: 1854
Builder: Roderick Calkins
Where Built: Cleveland
Size: 136x25x11, 264g [371 t. om]

Detroit Free Press, Dec. 23, 1866
Vessels Rebuilt in 1866
Schooner Phalarope, at Milwaukee, extensive repairs at a
cost of $7,000.


Specs: 46t
Enrollment: Chicago, also Michili
Date of Loss: yr 1857
Place of Loss: Chicago
Lake Lost: Michigan
Type/Cause: sunk
Lives Lost:
Details: details unknown; another ship named Pilot is listed with an accident date of 1883, collided and sunk on Lake Michigan, details unknown, unknown if same PILOT


Type at Loss: propeller tug, wood
Official No.: 150270
Built: 1882, Wolf & Davidson, Milwaukee
Specs: 55x16x8 31t 15n
Enrollment: Chicago, also Marquette
Owner: G. Barber
Date of Loss: 1899, Jul 29
Place of Loss: on Green Bay
Lake Lost: Michigan
Lives Lost:


Specs: 205x34x14, 747gt 710nt
Date of Loss: Dec 3 1898
Place of Loss: 50 mi S of Cape Sable NS
Lake Lost:
Type/Cause: sunk/lost
Lives Lost: none
Cargo: unknown
Details: in tow of propeller ARGON, along with schooners DAVID WALLACE and SAN DIEGO, broke tow line and sank. Crew rescued by tug PROCYON Dec. 4, 1898

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Official No: Netherlands PGWF
Type of Ship: propeller motor vessel, steel, package freight Place of Loss: 3.75 mi E of Milwaukee Harbor mouth
Type/Cause: collision
Cargo: T.V.'s, gen frt
More details: Her crew of 30 were rescued by the Coast Guard cutter HOLLYHOCK. *She was scuttled while building to prevent capture by Nazis, refloated and completed in 1948-9.
Date Built: 1940
Builder: N.V. Scheepswerf en Machinefabreik
Where Built: Rotterdam, Neth.*
Size: 258 ft., 1567 t.


Type at Loss: propeller, wood, bulk freight Official No.: 150205 Built: 1880, Wolf & Davidson, Milwaukee Specs: 255x37x20, 1596gt 1310nt Enrollment: Milwaukee Date of Loss: 1905, Oct 20 Place of Loss: Green Bay Lake Lost: Michigan Type/Cause: storm Lives Lost: none Cargo: Details: Stranded in a gale with heavy damage near Green Bay. Declared a total Loss Nov. 1905. Her machinery and hull were recovered separately the next year. She was not ret