Wisconsin Artists

This project was begun October 22,2000, the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Society of Milwaukee Artists

Compiled and submitted by:
Eugene B.Meier, Jr.
December 18, 2010

Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors Exhibition Record 1900-2000
Sound View Press, Madison,CT

Note: A reverse-directory in Milwaukee is referred to as a criss-cross directory in Chicago; the latter is a brand-name

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	82.Industrial Interior,watercolor

	71.Bird;steel @ NFS
	40.Trophy Case;wood @ $450.00
$50 Mr and Mrs Clinton E.Stryker Award 40 Trophy Case wood James Kaczmarek

           1965:West Allis,WI
	49.Songs My Mother Loved;collage @ $35.00[51st Annual]
	37.Period Weekend;oil @ $60.00[53rd Annual]

           1999:Neenah[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]
          2000:521 Harbor Light Ct.,Neenah,WI 54956[WP&S 2001]
	Plate 19:Stella d'Oro;alabaster;22 ½" x 11" x 14"[Centennial Exhibition]

Kadletz, Paul
     1948: Centennial
	134. Tain't Yours; tempera and egg @ $150

Kahlich,Karl Hermann
     Loeban, Saxony,1890-
         1936:Kahlich Karl(Hedwig)artist 3922 N Oakland av h do[1936 MCD]
         1937:Kahlich,Karl(Hedwig)sculptor h444a N Oakland[1937 MCD]
	89.Fox-sculpture[courtesy of Federal Art Project]
         1938:Kahlich,Karl (Hedwig)sculptor 4449a N Oakland[1938 MCD]
	96.Fisher Man-sculpture
         1940:Kahlich,Karl(Hedwig)sculptor 4449a No Oakland av h do[1940 MCD]
         1945:4449 N.Oakland,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]

Kaiser,Charles J.
	50.Global Gliding;oil @ $150.00[51st Annual]
	42.East;acrylic @ $400.00[54th Annual]
	30.Jackie;oil @ $400.00[55th Annual]
         1979:5028 N.Diversey Blvd.,Whitefish Bay,WI 53217[WP&S 1979]
         1980:5028 N.Diversey Blvd.,Whitefish Bay,WI 53217[WP&S 1980-81]
         1982:5028 N.Diversey Blvd.,Whitefish Bay,WI 53217[WP&S 1982]paintings
         1989:5028 N.Diversey Blvd.,Whitefish Bay,WI 53217[WP&S 1989]entrants

Kaiser-Scott,Jody L.
          1993:2419 S.Wentworth Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1993]$20.00
          1996:Scott,Jerry & Jody 7938 W Clarke[Ameritech 1996-97]
                   Scott,Jerry illustrator 225 E Mich[Ameritech 1996-97]

         1996:future members/student participants[Past,Present & Future]
	A Few of My Favorite Things…In Spotlight and in Sunlight;conte

Kalke,Edwin C.
          1968:Stevens Point,WI
	43.Gaping Generations,acrylic @ $150.00[54th Annual]
          1989:2307 Washington Ave.,Racine,WI 53402[WP&S 1989]entrants

	Still Life No.3;oil on canvas[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Kalmbach,Miss Jessie
	1902:Sturgeon Bay,WI
	WMRF to JK 6-30-1902

Kaltenbach,Marjorie[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibiton/1935]
         1932:6004 3rd.Ave,Kenosha,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[121.African @ $30.00;#122 Jim @ $50.00]
         1933:6004 3rd Ave.,Kenosha,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
	[#659a Chinese Girl @ N/L;#660a Clowns @ N/L;#661a Early American @ N/L]
         1935:6004 3rd Ave.,Kenosha,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]["Kaltenbach" in cat.]
	99.Study of a Drape-oil
         1937:6004 3rd Ave.,Kenosha,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Kaminski,Edward B.,funeral director
     Milwaukee,WI 1895-1964 Los Angeles,CA
            1922:Pomona College,Claremont,CA[Marlor SIA]
            1924:818 College Avenue,Claremont,CA[Marlor SIA]
            1924:Kaminski,Edward lab r355 Maple[1924 MCD]
	62.Still Life[no price listed]
            1931:Sketch Book of Milwaukee :office,1919 S.13th St.,Milwaukee,p.33

Kane,Marian V.
       1987:220 State St  #2,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1987]pro
	Inside Out-Outside In(Dyptich);oil on canvas[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
       1989:220 State St. #2,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1989]
       1990:P.O.Box 55,Mazomanie,WI 53560[WP&S 1990]
       1991:P.O.Box 55,Mazomanie,WI 53560[WP&S 1991]

Kanellos, Mrs. Charlotte Markham [see Markham,Charlotte]
    Manitowoc,WI 1892-1937 Manitowoc,WI[FALK WWW 1999][Marlor SIA]
      	1922:"Manitowoc,WI"[WP&S Nov.16,1922 membership]
               1922:521 N.5th St.,Manitowoc,WI[Marlor SIA]

Kantrowitz,Andrea-WP&S Southeast Chapter
          1995:2544 S.Howell St.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1995]painting,printmaking,murals
          1996:Kantrowitz,Andrea & Gaetano La Roche,2544 S Howell Av[Ameritech 1996-97]
          1997:2544 S.Howell St.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1997]pro

      1975:2906 N.Downer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
      1977:2906 N.Downer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]

Kaplan,Helen-WP&S South Central Chapter
          1990:2811 Ridge Road,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1990]
          1991:2811 Ridge Road,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1991]
          1993:2811 Ridge Road,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1993]$15.00
          1994:Kaplan Henry K 2811 Ridge Rd Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]
          1997:6422 Enterprise Ln. Apt.C1,Madison,WI 53719[WP&S 1997]
pro;painter,mixed media;handmade paper

        1975:2911A N.Fratney,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1975]
        1977:2911A N.Fratney,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1977-78]

           1966:Port Edwards,WI
	23.Construction #9; birch,pipe @ $200.00[52nd Annual]
           1975:900 Ver Bunker Ave.,Port Edwards,WI 54469[WP&S 1975]
           1976:900 Ver Bunker Ave.,Port Edwards,WI 54469
	Accretion;welded steel @ $100.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Crevice;welded steel @ $200.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
           1977:900 Ver Bunker Ave.,Port Edwards,WI 54469[WP&S 1977-78]
           1979:900 Ver Bunker Ave.,Port Edwards,WI 54469[WP&S 1979]
                   :has not paid dues since 1976;dropped from list 11-1-1979

Karger,Mr & Ms David
          1935:2633 E.Beverly Road,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:Karger David(Jennette)pres Eagle Knitting Mills h2633 E Beverly rd[1936 MCD]
          1937:2633 E.Beverly Road,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Kashnig,June Stube-WP&S Northeast Chapter
        1989:41 Webster Heights,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1989]entrants
        1990:41 Webster Heights,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1990]
        1991:41 Webster Heights,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1991]associate member
        1993:41 Webster Heights,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1993]$15.00
        1996:41 Webster Heights,Green Bay,WI 54301
	Adam and Eve in the Garden;enamel[Past,Present & Future]
        1997:41 Webster Heights,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1997]pro
        1999:Green Bay[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

           1935:1506 Martha Washington Drive,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Blue.3680

	72.Futility,oil @ $75.00

Kaster,Suzanne R.
          1993:309 ½ S.Van Buren St.,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1993]$15.00

           1935:2903 W.McKinley Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]West 0618
           1936:Kastner Alf  L(Mathilda)phys 1244 Wells bldg h2903 W McKinley blvd[1936 MCD]

Kastner,George[undated autobiographical sheet]architect
      Wimsiedel,Bavaria ca 1884-
        1929:Kastner,George drftsmn r840 26th [1929 MCD]
        1932:2352 N.26th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	19.Callipyge-black and white works @ $3.50[#441 on A.B.C.list]
	20.Terry Andrae Park,Wisconsin-black and white works @ $2.50[#136 on A.B.C.list]
	[#133 Morning at Lake Michigan @ $12.00;#134 Zeisigwald-1921 @ NFS;#135 Jones Island @ $25.00]
        1934:Kastner Geo archt 2352 N 26th r do[1934 MCD]
	69.Arrangement in Blue-oil
       1935:4217 W.North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	101.A Mood Blue-oil
	102.Apache Country-watercolor
       1935:2352 N.26th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Hop.3955R
       1936:Kastner Geo archt r2352 N 26th [1936 MCD]
       1937:4217 W.North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Katrosits,Stephen R.
	44.Saucer-Fire-Fire,watercolor,photocopy @ $150.00[54th Annual]
	45.Splash by Flash,acrylic,plexiglas @ $250.00[54th Annual]
       1971:Eau Claire,WI
	38.Untitled,spray dye @ $300.00[56th Exhibition]

         1949:Katulski,Jos designer Conrad Schmitt Studios p.o.box 1968[1949 MCD]
	40.The Attic,tempera @ NFS

Katz,Alexander Raymond
        1927:751 Montrose Ave.,Chicago,IL[CN-JSA 1927]
        1928:59 E.Van Buren St.,Chicago,Il[MARLOR SIA][CN-JSA 1928]
        1930:56 E.Congress St.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990][CN-JSA 1930]
        1931:56 E Congress St.,Chicago,IL[CN-JSA 1931]
        1932:56 E.Congress St.,Chicago,IL[CN-JSA 1932]
        1934:56 E.Congress St.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990][CN-JSA 1934]
        1935:56 E.Congress St.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990][Salon des Refuses 1935]
Artists of Chicago Past and Present by C.J.Bulliet CHICAGO DAILY NEWS,May 25,1935 #14
        1936:1247 Foster Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990][CN-JSA 1936][WWiC 1936,p.535]
        1937:1247 Foster Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990][No-Jury @ Navy Pier 1937]
        1938:1247 Foster Ave.,Chicago,IL[No-Jury @ Navy Pier 1938]
        1939:1247 Foster Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990][CN-JSA 1939][N-J @ NP 1939]
        1940:1247 Foster Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990][CN-JSA 1940]
        1941:1247 Foster Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990][CN-JSA 1941][WWiC 1941,p.441]
        1942:[1247 Foster Ave., Chicago,IL][FALK AIC 1990]
        1943:[1247 Foster Ave.,Chicago,IL][FALK AIC 1990]
        1944:[1247 Foster Ave.,Chicago,IL][FALK AIC 1990]
        1945:[1247 Foster Ave.,Chicago,IL][Who's Who in Chicago 1945,p.476]
        1950:Home:1247 Foster Ave.,Chicago;also 309 W.74th St.,NYC 23[WWiC 1950,p.314]

         1961:3575 N.Morris Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]

Kaufman, Mrs. Sylvia L.
	83.Street Scene-Taxco,watercolor and ink
	73.From 2-4,mixed @ $250.00
         1963:3575 N.Morris Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1963 ]Active
         1964:3575 N.Morris Blvd.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1964]
         1965:3575 N.Morris Blvd.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:3575 N.Morris Blvd.,Milwaukee 53223[WP&S 1966-67]
         1970:3575 N.Morris Blvd.,Milwaukee 53223[WP&S 1970]
        [1971:3575 N.Morris Blvd.,Milwaukee 53223-upgraded to 1972]
         1972:9094 N.Morris Blvd.,Milwaukee 53223 [WP&S 1972]
         1973:9094 N.Morris Blvd.,Milwaukee 53223[WP&S 1973]
         1974:9094 N.Morris Blvd.,Milwaukee 53223[WP&S 1974]
         1975:9094 N.75th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53223[WP&S 1975]

Kawa,Florence Kathryn
     Weyerhauser,WI 1912-
         1938:[University of Wisconsin Milwaukee]
	97.Sculpture No.1-sculpture
	98.Sculpture No.2-sculpture
Art Institute Medal and $50.00:Florence Kawa--Sculpture
         1940:[University of Wisconsin Milwaukee(B.S.1940)]
	88.Milking Time,oil
	90.Wood sculpture

          1991:E1698 Town Hall Road,Casco,WI 54205[WP&S 1991]associate member

Kaye,Olive A.
         1929:Kaye,Hugh P jr (Agnes A)auditor Illinois Steel Co h475 Superior[1929 MCD]
                 :Kaye,Lillian E tchr Trowbridge St Sch r 475 Superior[1929 MCD]
                 :Kaye,Olive A student r475 Superior [1929 MCD]
         1932:2747 S.Superior St.,Milwaukee,WI[ WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[80 Kitchen News @ $5.00;#81 Checks @ $5.00]
         1936:2747 S.Superior St[1936 MCD]

	22.Deserted,oil @ $100.00

Keats,Norman E.--WP&S Central Chapter
	140.Pattern in Red-sculpture
	12.[no title] -sculpture @ $50.00
	84.Bird,terra cotta
	44.Affinity,welded steel @ $300.00
           1965:412 Atwell St.,Stevens Point,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
           1966:412 Atwell St.,Stevens Point,WI[WP&S 1966-67]
           1968:Stevens Point,WI
	46.Interval VI,welded steel @ NFS[54th Annual]
           1970:3290 Clifford,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1970]
           1971:[3290 Clifford,Stevens Point,WI 54481]
	39.Western II,acrylic @ $100.00[56th Exhibition]
           1972:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1972]
           1973:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1973]
	25.Elevation;acrylic @ $200.00[58th Exhibition]
           1974:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1974]
           1975:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1975]
           1976:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481
	Shift #1;acrylic @ $250.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Ending;acrylic @ $200.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
           1977:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1977-78]
           1979:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1979]
           1980:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1980-81]
           1981:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481
	Slow,40" x 40",acrylic @ $250.00[Membership Show]
	Six Pack,40" x 40",acrylic @ $200.00[Membership Show]
           1982:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1982]sculpture,paintings
           1985:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1985-86]paid
           1986:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1986-87]
           1987:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1987]pro
           1989:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1989]
           1990:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1990]
           1991:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1991]life
           1997:3290 Clifford St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1997]life member

          1975:5159 N.91st St.,Milwaukee,WI 53225[WP&S 1975]
          1977:5159 N.91st St.,Milwaukee,WI 53225[WP&S 1977-78]

          1989:840 W.Larabee,Pt.Washington,WI 53074[WP&S 1989]entrants

	41.Picture of Purple Flowers,watercolor @ $50.00

Keller,Frederick E.
        1948: Centennial
	135. Clown Eating an Apple; watercolor-casein @ $60
	37.Presentation:Convolution-oil & encaustic
	38.Presentation:Fish-oil & encaustic

             2000:3310 High Road,Middleton,WI 53562[WP&S 2001]
	Plate 20:Treeline:Winter;watercolor & gouache;35"x 45"[Centennial Exhibition]

	30.Keith Raddatz,friend,artist;oil @ NFS[57th Exhibition]YH

Kellogg, Fred W.
       1935:322 E.Florida St[Kellogg Seed Co.].,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]["Kellog"]
       1936:Kellogg,Fredk W (Laura N)pres-treas kellogg Seed Co h2723 E Bradford av[1936 MCD]
       1937:322 E.Florida St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Kellog,Mary Jane-see Kellogg,Mary Jane                                                                                       

Kellogg,Janet Reid
     Merrill,WI 1894-
     1929:31 Bayley Ave.,Yonkers,NY[BULLETIN,April 1929]MEMBER

Kellogg,Mary Jane
         1933:2723 E.Bradford Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
	62.Interior-Oostburg-watercolor[[#442a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ N/L][Mary June]
	[#443a Smoked Fish @ N/L;#444a Still Life with Bandana @ N/L]
         1935:2723 E.Bradford Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]["Kellog"]
         1936:Kellogg,Mary J supvr WPA Handicraft Project r2723 E Bradford av[1936 MCD]
         1937:2723 E.Bradford Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]["Kellog"]   

Kelly,Rosella-WP&S Northeast Chapter
       1997:1138 Grignon St.,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1997]pro

	57.A Man and His Soul in Ying Yang,oil @ $500.00

	45.Four Score and Seven Years Ago,oil,paper @ $400.00

Kendrick,Vernon D.
	69.Harmonica Player,oil @ $100.00
$100 Milwaukee Art Center Award 69 Harmonica Player oil Vernon D Kendrick                                                                                                 

Kennedy,Grace Harlan
        1945:Kennedy Grace Mrs r1456 N Farwell av[1944-45 MCD]
	31.Old Campbell House,St.Louis,oil @ $100.00
	32.Beer,Bridges and Boats-A First Impression of Milwaukee,oil @ $150.00
       1947:Kennedy Grace H Mrs coml artist 767 N Water h2128a Howard av[1947 MCD[
	7.Hen and Rooster,brush drawing @ $50.00

	49.The Farm in Winter,water color,NFS
	159.Early Evening-watercolor

	70.Conquistador,metal @ $200.00

Kerl,Ernst Friedrich[FALK AIC 1990]
     Langensalza 1853-1920 Berlin
          1900-01:542 Jackson St.,Milwaukee,WI
	14.Afternoon at Nagawicka Lake………………………………….[#283 FALK AIC 1990 p505]
	15.Still Waters Run Deep
	16.Moonrise on the Lake…………………………………………..[#284 FALK AIC 1990 p505]
	17.A Sunny Day
	18.Four Pen Drawings from Nagawicka Lake
               19.Grave of an Indian-pen drawing
         1902:[3rd exhibit]157 Lyon St.[Keil,Fritz][FALK AIC 1990]
	8.At the Foot of the Rocky Mountains
         1902:[4th exhibit]157 Lyon St.
	12.Spring Idyl
	13.Lake Park,Looking North
	14.Lake Park,Looking South
	15.Sixty Years Ago
        2000:West Bend Art Museum's Early Wisconsin Collections Exhibition[Centennial Exhibition]
        Fritz Kerl,Untitled 1901;oil on canvas;1992-005

Kern,Lewis M.
         1949:Kern,Lewis M artist L Peterson & Assoc r945 N 13th apt 58[1949 MCD]
	41.Fisherman,oil @ $200.00
	42.Point of View,oil @ $100.00
         1950:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1950 MCD
	35.Displaced Persons,oil @ $100.00
	48.Little Frog-oil
	37.City's Children-oil & encaustic
Medal of Honor-Lewis Kern-City's Children-oil

          1995:13844 N.Port Washington Rd.,Mequon,WI 53097[WP&S 1995]student

Kesting,Amy-WP&S Northeast Chapter
          1997:1819 August St. #3,Green Bay,WI 54302[WP&S 1997]student;painter

Keul,Robert P.
	71.City No.3,oil @ $100.00

        1975:1812 E.Dean Rd.,Fox Point,WI 53217[WP&S 1975]
        1977:1812 E.Dean Rd.,Fox Point,WI 53217[WP&S 1977-78]

Key,Donald,Art Director,MILWAUKEE JOURNAL[honorary]
          1964:7519 N.Crossway,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1964]Gross Way
          1965:7519 N.Crossway,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1965-66]Gross Way
          1966:MILWAUKEE JOURNAL,Milwaukee 52203[WP&S 1966-67]
          1972:7519 N.Crossway,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1972]Gross Way
          1975:7519 N.Crossway,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1975]
          1977:7519 N.Crossway,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1977-78]life
          1979:7519 N.Crossway,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1979]honorary
          1980:7519 N.Crossway,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1980-81]
          1982:7519 N.Crossway,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1982]honorary
          1985:7519 N.Crossway,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1985-86]honorary

     Paris,France 1874-1926,Chicago,IL
           1899:1039 Fine Arts Bldg.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
          1913:Key,Mabel Miss h 311,254 Mason[1913 MCD]
                    1913 Rotary Exhibit #19 Iris @ $30.00;#20.Weigera Syringa @ $50.00
           1914:Key,Mabel Miss,h.311,254 Mason[1914 MCD]
	62.Pink Peonies
	63.A Study Note from the Garden
	64.A Decorative Study
	65.White Peonies
          1915:Key,Miss Mabel h311,254 Mason[1915 MCD][311 Cudahy Apts-FALK AIC 1990]
	41.In the Light
          1916:[311 Cudahy Apts.][FALK AIC 1990]
          1917:311 Cudahy Apts,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
               52.Azalias and Cinerarias (Owned by the Tea Shop)…[#124 FALK AIC 1990 p506]wc @ $50.00
          1917-18 Rotary Exhibition:#26 Flower Panel-Old Gold and Rose @ $25.00;
#27 Flower Panel-Pink,White and Lavender @ $40.00
           1918:254 Mason St.,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
           1919:Milwaukee Art Institute,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
           1919:"Mil.Art Institute">610 Fullerton Parkway,Chicago[1919  WP&S membership]
	36.Hyacinth Motif………………………………………………….[#87 FALK AIC 1990 p506]wc
               1919:Milwaukee Art Institute Medal and $100 For Painting:1919 MabelKeyh(medal)
               [The Medal to Mabel Key for the canvas,Hyacinth Motif]
               37.Iris and Tulips
           1920:610 Fullerton Parkway,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
	46.Blue Larkspur
	47.April in Lincoln Park Greenhouse
           1921:610 Fullerton Parkway,Chicago,IL[WP&S Feb 1921 membership][FALK AIC 1990]
	59.Decorative Panel (right)
	60.Decorative Panel (left)
            1922:[610 Fullerton Parkway,Chicago,IL][FALK AIC 1990]
            1923:610 Fullerton Parkway,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990][MARLOR SOA]
            1924:"no address given"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990];not listed in 1924 MCD
	63.Oriental Poppies……………………………………………….[#99 FALK AIC 1990 p.506]wc
	[Honorable Mention to Mabel Key,for "Oriental Poppies"]
	64.Christmas Morning[loaned by Mrs.H.W.Marsh]
            1925:Resigned[WP&S  1925 membership]"no address given"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
            1926:Key,Mabel(Miss )home 420 Wrightwood Av.;
address:609,81 E Madison St[Who's Who in Chicago 1926]

Kieckhefer,Mrs.Alfred[Kiekhefer family Gregory III,pp.502-3]
         1935:Dean Road,Fox Point,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Kieckhefer Alf J[Allison M]pres Nat'l Enameling & Stamping Co Inc
 hDean rd RD 6 Sta C Box 459[1936 MCD]
         1937:Dean Road,Fox Point,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]


Kieller,Margo[undated autobio]
        Address:2286 Wauwatosa Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI

        1932:207 Bernard Ct.,Madison,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#115 Landscape @ NFS]
        1935:c/o Memorial Union,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1937:c/o Memorial Union,Madison,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Killam Grabner,Michelle
        1993:901 E.Clark St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1993]$20.00
        1996:Grabner Michelle 2563 N Gordon Pl[Ameritech 1996-97]

         1991:2006 Danbury St.,Madison,WI 53711[WP&S 1991]
	Untitled;watercolor,ink collage[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
         1994:Killian Sara 128 Dunning Mdsn[1994-95]

         1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951
	200.2 A.M.-sculpture
	13.The Jester-sculpture @ $60.00
	14.The Children-sculpture @ NFS
	74.St.Francis,walnut @ NFS
	42.Owl,marble @ NFS

	75.Quiescence,watercolor @ NFS
Artist and Display Company,$15.00:75.Arline Kimbel,Quiescence

	23.The Big Bang;oil and mixed,5' x 6'[Exhibition 63]

           1991:2063 Cambridge Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1991]
           1996:King,K A 2063 N Cambridge Av[Ameritech 1996-97]

         1935:1029-B  North 17th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:1029-B Lange Herman C[1936 MCD]
         1937:1029-B  North 17th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

         1975:3018 N.Cambridge,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
         1977:3018 N.Cambridge,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]

Kinsley, F. Vivian
     1948: Centennial
	136. West Tisbury; watercolor @ $65

       1946: Wauwatosa,WI
	98.Cape May Chapel,watercolor @ $50.00

	38.No Title-oil & encaustic

Kirkpatrick,Marjorie E.
	76.Winter at Mount Mary,oil @ NFS

Kirschling,Kris L.
         1989:2534 N.Oakland,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Primalplasm;clay and oil[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

          1915-1991[Source:West Bend Gallery of Fine Arts]
          1936:Kishner Saml (Anna)br mgr Atlas Radio Stores Inc h1927 E.Locust[1936 MCD]
          1937:Kishner,Melvin student r12927 E Locust[1937 MCD]
	91.Big Horn Mountains-water color
          1938:Kishner,Melvin designer r1927 E Locust apt 2[1938 MCD]
	99.Lower South Side-oil
          	100.Orthodox Jew-drawing
           1940:not listed in 1940 MCD Who's Who in American Art
           1942:Kishner Melvin A(Jane)artist JOURNAL Co h1827 E Park pl apt 1[1942 MCD]
	River Road--oil
           1943:[Kishner Melvin A(Jane)artist JOURNAL Co h1827 E park pl apt 1]
	83.7:30 A.M. War Time,watercolor @ $20.00
           1944:Kishner,Melvin A(Jane)artist JOURNAL Co h1827 E Park pl apt l[1944-45 MCD]
	13.Winter Landscape,oil @ $25.00
           1945:1827 E.Park Pl.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing][Melvin]
	33.State Highway 9, oil @ $35.00
	27.Landscape,watercolor @ $25.00
          1946:[Kishner,Melvin A(Jane)artist JOURNAL Co h1827 E Park pl apt 1]
	23.Riverside,oil @ $35.00
          1947:Kishner,Melvin A (Jane)artist JOURNAL Co h1827 E Park pl apt 1[1947 MCD]
	8.White Gulls & Shacks,watercolor @ $30.00
        1948: Centennial
	137. Daddy, Let's Go Skating on the River; oil @ $100
          1949:Kishner,Melvin A(Jane)artist JOURNAL Co 
h1827 E Park pl apt 1[1949 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	43.A Piece of White Cloth,gouache and glaze @ $50.00
	160.Lime Kiln-watercolor
	161.The Valley-watercolor
	99.Radio Towers at Dusk-casein
	39.Spring in the 6th Ward,No.3-oil & encaustic
Anonymous Award for Oil Painting-Mel Kishner-Spring in the 6th Ward-oil-$25.00
	84.4th St.Progress-casein
	35.White Walls and Red Fence-casein @ $150.00
	36.Strange Forest-casein @ $125.00
	68.Trout Stream,casein
	77.Returning Hunters,casein @ $135.00
WP&S Award for oil,$25.00:77.Mel Kishner,Returning Hunters
          1961:Rt.4,Box 475,Pewaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
          1963:Rt 2,W-269 N-1574 Hy.G,Pewaukee,WI[WP&S 1963 Prof]
          1964:Rt.2,W-269 N-1574 Hy.G,Meadowbrook Rd.,Pewaukee,WI[WP&S 1964]
          1965:Rt.2,W-269 N-1574 Hy.G,Meadowbrook Rd.,Pewaukee,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
          1966:Rt.2,W-269 N-1574 Hy.G,Meadowbrook Rd.,Pewaukee,WI[WP&S 1966-67]
          1970:Rt.2,W-269 N-1574 Hy.G,Meadowbrook Rd.,Pewaukee,53072[WP&S 1970]
          1972:Rt.2,W-269 N-1574 Hy.G,Meadowbrook Rd.,Pewaukee,53072[WP&S 1972]
          1973:Rt.2,W-269 N-1574 Hy.G,Meadowbrook Rd.,Pewaukee,53072[WP&S 1973]
          1974:Rt.2,W-269 N-1574 Hy.G,Pewaukee,WI 53072[WP&S 1974]life member
          1975:Rt.2,W-269 N-1574 Hy.G,Pewaukee,WI 53072[WP&S 1975]life member 53702
          1977:Rt.2,W-269 N-1574 Hy.G,Pewaukee,WI 53072[WP&S 1977-78]life
          1979:Rt.2,W-269 N-1574 Hy.G,Pewaukee,WI 53072[WP&S 1979]life
          1980:Rt.2,W-269 N-1574 Hy.G,Pewaukee,WI 53072[WP&S 1980-81]
          1982:Rt.2,W-269 N-1574 Hy.G,Pewaukee,WI 53072[WP&S 1982]life
          2000:West Bend Art Museum's Early Wisconsin Collections Exhibition[Centennial Exhibition]
            Mel Kischner,Aftermath,n.d.;oil on board;1993-017

         1929:Kissinger,Chester A phys h460 Marshall apt 22[1929 MCD]
         1935:3467 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Kissinger,Chester A.(Anna)plys 4084 Plankinton bldg h3467 N Fredk av[1936 MCD]
         1937:3467 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Kissinger, Miss Marion[ see:VALENTINE,Marion Kissinger]
        1929:Kissinger,Marion r1040 Shepard av[1929 MCD]
                 Kissinger,Mathilde Mrs h 1040 Shepard av[1929 MCD]
        1931:Kissinger,Marion,instr Layton School of art r3476 N Shephard[1931 MCD]
        1931:3476 N.Shepard Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 4-27-1931 membership]
	60.Still Life-watercolor
       1932:x3476 N.Shepard Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	44.Wet Pavement-watercolor @ $35.00[#676 on A.B.C.list]
	45.Summer Morning,Ephraim-watercolor @ $35.00[#674 on A.B.C.list]
	46.Tulips-watercolor @ $35.00[#675 on A.B.C.list]
	[#673 Still Life @ $25.00;#677 Sandy Beach Ephraim @ $50.00]
       1934:758 N.Jefferson St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
      1935:1613 E.Royall Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
      1936:1613 Valentine Hans G(Marion K)Special Agent NW Mutual Life In Co[1936 MCD]

Kitchell,Bertha-see WHYTE,Bertha Kitchell

      1989:Rt.2,Box 127,Waupun,WI 53963[WP&S 1989]entrants

Kittleson,Earl(and Dorothy)
	115.Pavanne-oil & encaustic @ $150.00
          1963:2728A N.Maryland ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1963 Prof]
          1964:2728A N.Maryland ave.,Milwaukee WI 53211[WP&S 1964]
          1965:8035 N.Grandview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53223[WP&S 1965-66]treasurer
          1966:8035 N.Grandview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53223[WP&S 1966-67]vice-pres.
          1970:8035 N.Grandview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53223[WP&S 1970]
          1972:8035 N.Grandview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53223[WP&S 1972]
          1973:8035 N.Grandview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53223[WP&S 1973]
          1974:8035 N.Grandview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53223[WP&S 1974]
          1975:8035 N.Grandview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53223[WP&S 1975]
          1977:8035 N.Grandview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53223[WP&S 1977-78]

	50.Spring Song-oil
	51.Morning Song-oil
	40.Richmond,Cana,Etc.-oil & encaustic

	23.Grand Old Folks,oil @ $500.00

         1989:14415 Jambo Creek Rd.,Mishicot,WI 54228[WP&S 1989]entrants

Klatt,Jane[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         1935:1904 E.Beverly Road,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:1904 Klatt Emil A(Eva)elec supplies 4409 N Oakland av h1904 E Beverly rd[1936 MCD]

Klawing,Mr J
	1908:638 Broadway,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to JK 9-26-1908[#382]

            1990:29 North Sixth St.,Madison,WI 53704[WP&S 1990]
            1991:1746 N.Owaissa St.,Appleton,WI 54911[WP&S 1991]

Klein,Barbara Eden Kobrin-WP&S South Central Chapter
             1990:126 Forest St.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1990]Foest
             1991:126 Forest St.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1991]
             1997:126 Forest St.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1997]pro;painter,water based media

Klein,David-WP&S Southeast Chapter
          1997:N2156 Highway W,Campbellsport,WI 53010[WP&S 1997]pro
          1999:Campbellsport[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]
          2000:N2156 Highway W,Campbellsport,WI 53010[WP&S 2001]
	Plate 21:Rendezvous;oil;30"x24"[Centennial Exhibition]

	41.Ten Outs #111,steel sculpture @ $250.00
$50 Wisconsin Architects Foundation 41 Ten Outs #111 steel Jack Klein(selected by the donor)

Kleist,Addie Littlefield (Mrs.John)[undated autobiographical sheet]
              Dale,WI 1863-1953 Santa Cruz,CA
             [born March 19,1863-fact sheet,Milwaukee Public Library]
           1914:Kleist,John G.(Kleist,Harriman & Knappe),h.Whitefish Bay[1914 MCD]
	66.Spring Foliage
           1919:Kleist,Jno.C.(Kleist Harriman & Knappe)res Whitefish Bay[1919 MCD]
           1921:Kleist,John G(Addie:Kleist & Harriman)res Whitefish Bay[1921 MCD]
	61. Birches in Spring
           1922:Whitefish Bay,Wis.[WP&S "New Members Elected Nov.1922"]
           1923:Kleist,Jno C(Addie L;Kleist & Harriman)res Whitefish Bay[1923 MCD]
               31.A Garden Bouquet
	32.After the Storm
	33.A Thiensville Garden
            1924:Kleist,John C.(Addie L;Kleist & Harriman)res Whitefish Bay[1924 MCD]
	64a.An Ideal Playground @ $30.00
            1925:Kleist,John C(Addie L:Kleist & harriman)res 2270 Lake dr WB[1925 MCD]
            1925:2270  Lake Drive,Whitefish Bay,WI[WP&S 1925 membership]
	69.Summer Cottages-watercolor
          1926:2270 Lake Drive,Whitefish Bay,WI[WP&S 1926 journal][Mrs.John]
          1929:not listed in 1929 MCD

        1935:Portage,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1937:Portage,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing

Klich,Kitty Lynne
            1993:N3188 Woodridge Ct.,Sheboygan Falls,WI 53085[WP&S 1993]$20.00

Klimowicz,Henry C.
	30.Home-Beach above Light Pull,1983;concrete,grass and tar,96 x 84 inches[Exhibition 62]
	31.Sky dark,Kid pulls,She Eats Flys,1983;paper and encaustic,36 x 24 x 24 inches[do]

Klingbury,Arthur[WP&S biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition /1935]
        1935:1005 ½ Church St.,Beloit,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1937:1005 ½ Church St.,Beloit,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Klitzkie,Frances M.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         1935:516 Hickory St.,Fort Atkinson,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1937:516 Hickory St.,Fort Atkinson,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing list]
         1942:Fort Atkinson,WI
         1943:Fort Atkinson,WI
	24.September Still Life,oil @ N/P
	84.Abandoned Farm at Otter Creek,gouache @ N/P
         1946:Fort Atkinson,WI
	99.Apples and Fish,watercolor @ $45.00
        1948: Centennial
	138. The Time of Year; oil @ $100

Klode,Betsy Mautz[also Mautz-Klode]
        1985:2951 N.Marietta,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1985-86]
                :Rt.2,Oostburg,WI 53070[WP&S 1985-86]paid
        1986:2951 N.Marietta,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1986-87]
        1987:655 Irving Park Rd.,Chicago,IL 60613[WP&S 1987]
        1989:838 S.Morgan St.,Chicago,IL 60607[WP&S 1989]

      1977:1325 Vilas Ave.,Madison,WI 53715[WP&S 1977-78]

Klug,Miss Bernice
        1935:2920 W.Highland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:2920 Prinz Lillian furn rms[1936 MCD]
        1937:2920 W.Highland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	44.Two Nudes,pen and ink @ $35.00
Frank Dau Paint Company Prize of $10.00 in artists materials for a drawing to:
Wesley Klug for Two Nudes,pen and ink
	101.Young Lovers-casein

        1970:4080 Windermere La.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1970]
        1972:4080 Windermere La.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1972]
        1973:4080 Windermere La.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1973]
        1974:4080 Windermere La.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1974]
        1975:4080 Windermere La.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1975]
        1977:4080 Windermere La.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1977-78]

Kluge,Catherine Rice
       1940:Kluge Adolph jr (Cath)sls mgr J.M.Nash Co h2938 N Newhall apt 4[1940 MCD]
	91.Snow on the Roofs,watercolor

	58.Rapallo;oil @ $100.00   
	51.On This Day;oil @ $100.00[51st Annual]

	41.The Captain's Daughter-oil & encaustic
	142.Her Highness--sculpture

Knapp,Wilhelm [Willi]
    St.Wendel near Saarbruecken 1901-1972 Wiesbaden
         1924:c/o M.Hanke,Claredon Beach Hotel,Chicago,IL[Marlor SIA]
          1929 Knapp Wm artist 721 Franklin pl h do [1929 MCD]
        1930:Milwaukee Art Institute Medal and $50.00 for Sculpture:1930 Willi Knapp(medal and $50.00)
         1930:99 Townsend St.Milwaukee,WI[Marlor SIA]
         1931:[Townsend St.,Milwaukee,WI]
	62.Street in Menominee Falls-oil
	63.Near Grafton-oil
	64.Farm by Genesee-oil
	65.Tree by Hamilton-oil
         1932:419 E.Townsend St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	47.Still Life-oil @ $175.00[#725 on A.B.C.list]["Hill Life"in printed catalog]
	48.On Holton Street-oil @ $200.00[#724 on A.B.C.list]["An Holton Street" on A.B.C.list]
	49.Street Corner-oil @ $250.00[#722 on A.B.C.list]
	50.In Detroit-oil @ $250.00[#723 on A.B.C.list]
    	21.Revelers-black and white works @ $4.00[#726 on A.B.C.list]
	22.Madonna-black and white works @ $4.00[#727 on A.B.C.list]
	7.Lietzel-sculpture [does not appear on A.B.C.list]
	8.Mrs.Pabst-sculpture [does not appear on A.B.C.list]
	Milwaukee Art Institute Medal and $100.00 For Painting:
		1932-Willi Knapp (medal and $100.00)
     1933:419 E.Townsend St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	63.Head-sculpture[#131 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $150.00]
	64.Torso-sculpture[#133 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $200.00]
	65.Picnic Concert-dry point[#134 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $7.00]
	66.Field Road-dry point[#394 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $5.00]
	67.Street-watercolor[#396 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $75.00]
	[#132 Portrait @ $150.00;#135 Bathing Girls @ $6.00;#391 Ships in Harbor @ $75.00
#392 Wisconsin Landscape @ $250.00;#393 Boy @ $150.00;#395 Bridge & Hospital @ $5.00]

Knasinski,Ralph E.
	Soliloquy;acrylic on canvas[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
           1989:1005 Vilas Ave.,Madison,WI 53715[WP&S 1989]
	Azazel;acrylic,aluminum[Juried Membership Show]
           1990:1005 Vilas Ave.,Madison,WI 53715[WP&S 1990]
           1991:1005 Vilas Ave.,Madison,WI 53715[WP&S 1991]
           1992: SC Chair and State Board President,WP&S

Knaths,Karl(Otto Karl Knaths)
     Eau Clare,WI 1891-1971 Provicetown,MA
             1922:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;MARLOR SOA]
             1924:not listed in 1924 MCD
	65.Chicken Thief[no price given]
	66.Geraniums[no price given]
	[Honorable Mention to Karl Knaths for "Geraniums"]
             1928:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
             1929:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
             1932:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
             1933:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[MARLOR SOA]
             1939:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
             1940:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
             1941:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
            1942:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
            1945:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
            1946:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
            1947:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]

Knauff,Robert J.
	31.Compt-One,light,plastic,metal @ $3,000.00[55th Annual]

Kneale, Armella[Mrs.Blendon  Kneale][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
            1935:2736 S.Delaware Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1936:Kneale,Blendon(Armella I.)coml artist h 2736 S Delaware av[1936 MCD]
            1937:2736 S.Delaware Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]                                                                                

Kneale,Blendon A.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
            1935:2736 S.Delaware Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1936Kneale Blendon A (Armelia I)coml artist h2735 S Delaware av[1936 MCD]
            1937:2736 S.Delaware Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]         

Kneale,Collan B.
	59.Encasement,oil @ $100.00       
	42.Essence of Cobra,walnut @ $500.00                                                                  

             1935:3376 S.Indiana Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
             1936:3376 Andersen Harold M(Ethelyn M)drftsmn h3376 S Ind av[1936 MCD]
             1937:3376 S.Indiana Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKnight,Arthur,Milwaukee/Columbian Expoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Knight,John J.
            1921:Chicago,IL[WP&S  "Exhibitors 1921"]
            1923:not listed in 1923 MCD
	34.Chateau de Luynes
	35.Sentry Tower,Marmoutier
             1929:Knight John J(Mathilde)artist Milprint Products Corp h601 Fredk av[1929 MCD]
             1935:2641 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
             1936:Knight John J(Mathilde)coml artist h2641 N Fredk av[1936 MCD]
             1937:2641 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

            1993:3471 N.Newhall,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1993]$20.00
	Mall Tourist;oil (ill.)--$250 Juror's award

             1993:3771 N.Newhall,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1993]$20.00
	Kings Ground;oil on canvas

        1989:910 S.29th St.,Manitowoc,WI 54220[WP&S 1989]entrants

Knoerr,Rudolph R.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          1931:Sketch Book of Milwaukee,Office 1015 N.Milwaukee St.,p.81
          1935:1015 N.Milwaukee St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:Knoerr,Rudolph R (Bertha)sec-treas Knoerr & Fischer Inc h1015 N Milwaukee[1936 MCD]
          1937:1015 N.Milwaukee St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
	162.Door County-watercolor
	43.Four Of A Kind,watercolor @ $50.00

Knudsen, June Burkee
     1948: Centennial
	139. Shell; watercolor @ nfs

          1943:Green Bay,WI
	139.Karl,pastel @ $25.00

Knutesen,Edwin B.
         1940:Knutesen,Edwin A(Esther L)tchr Risko Art Academy h2437 W Mineral[1940 MCD]
         1942:Knutesen Edw B(Laura )artist h113 E Wells[1942 MCD]
	Corn Husker-watercolor
        1944:Knutesen Edwin B (Laura M)inspr h3223 N Bremen[1944-45 MCD]
	50.Milwaukee River,watercolor @ $65.00
	78.Still Life,oil @ $100.00

Koch,Arthur G.
         1935:1310 N.31st St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936 vacant[1936 MCD]-reverse
         1937:1310 N.31st St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	31.Fields;pastel,acrylic on canvas @ $125.00[57th Exhibition]H
	32.Untitled;pastel on paper @ $90.00[57th Exhibition]YSH

Koehler Robert 
     Hamburg 1850-1917 Minneapolis,MN
     [Koehler's family emigrated to Milwaukee in 1854]
       1893:New York residence::Columbian Exposition,Chicago,IL
       1894:719 Hennepin Ave.,Minneapolis,MN[FALK AIC 1990]
       1895:719 Hennepin Ave.,Minneapolis,MN[FALK AIC 1990]
       1897:4816 Portland Ave.,Minneapolis,MN[FALK AIC 1990]
       1902:4816 Portland Ave.,Minneapolis MN[FALK AIC 1990]
	WMRF to RK-26 letters 1895 to 1909
               1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:#34 In the Park(1887)

Koelsch,Randolph Philip[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          1935:2254A S 30th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
                   2015 N.Cambridge,Milwaukee[WP&S 1935 bio sheet]
	103.Red House-oil
          1936:Koelsch,Randolph appr H Nacker & Co r2637A S 34th[1936 MCD]
          1937:2254A S.30th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

     Cologne 1860-1943 Milwaukee,WI
            1914:Koenig,Ferdinand,instr.Normal sch,h.461 ½ 30th[1914 MCD]
	114.Mystery of Death[sculpture]
	115.Figure for a Fountain[sculpture]
            1915:Koenig,Ferdinand instr State Normal h2907 Vliet[1915 MCD]
	42.Spirit of Spring
            1919:Koenig Ferdinand instr Normal sch h397 Park pl[1919 MCD]
"3 97 Park Pl">573Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1919 membership]
[Hors Concours]
	4.Veritas [sculpture]
            1920:Koenig, Ferdinand sculptor h573 Murray av[1920 MCD]
             1920:573 Murray Av.,Milwaukee,WI[ WP&S Feb 1921 membership]
	44.Playing Children Fountain
	45.Relief Portrait
             1921:Koenig,Ferdinand(Annette)sculptor 573 Murray av[1921 MCD]
             1921:Milwaukee,WI[WP&S "Exhibitors 1921"] --sculpture-[ibid]
              1921:573 Murray Ave.[WP&S Feb.1921 membership]
             1922:573 Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[ WP&S  November 16,1922 membership]
             1924:Koenig,Ferdinand(Annette)sculptor h573 Murray av[1924 MCD]
             1924:[573 Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI][WP&S 1924 membership]
             1925:573 Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[Resigned--WP&S 1925 membership]
             1929:Koenig,Ferdinand,sculptor 573 Murray av h do[1929 MCD]
             1931:Koenig,Ferdinand (Annette)sculptor 2538 N Murray av h do[1931 MCD]
             1935:2587 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
             1936:Koenig,Ferdinand (Annette)sculptor h2587 N Murray av[1936 MCD]
             1937:2587 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Koenig,Linda-WP&S South Central Chapter
            1991:4206 Hillcrest Dr.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1991]
            1994:Koenig L M 4206 Hillcrest Dr Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]
            1997:4206 Hillcrest Dr.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;wc

Koeper,Jean Crane
          1975:7310 N.Longacre Rd.,Fox Point,WI 53217[WP&S 1975]Koepper
          1977:7310 N.Longacre Rd.,Fox Point,WI 53217[WP&S 1977-78]Koeper
          1979:7310 N.Longacre Rd.,Fox Point,WI 53217[WP&S 1979]
          1980:7310 N.Longacre Rd.,Fox Point,WI 53217[WP&S 1980-81]
	Untitled No.1,30" x 38",watercolor[Membership Show]
	Untitled No.2,30" x 36",watercolor[Membership Show]
          1982:8830 W.Hawthorne Rd.,Mequon,WI 3092[WP&S 1982]paintings

	33.Polonaise;acrylic @ $500.00[57th Exhibition]YSH
	34.Untitled;acrylic @ $300.00[57th Exhibition]Y

         1993:4651 N.Ironwood Lane,Glendale,WI 53209[WP&S 1993]did not pay

Koester,Frederic C.
            1945:Koester,Frederic r7828 N Bech dr (FP)[1944-45 MCD]
	34.Length and Width and Time,oil @ $50.00
             1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951
	52.Rue Parisienne-oil

	72.Industrial Complex;oil @ $200.00

	24.Flying Critters;oil stick @ $75.00[52nd Annual]
	38.Monolothic Orange Horse;acrylic @ $300.00[53rd Annual]

Koetting,Anna E.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Expo/1935]
              1924:Koetting,Anna E r377 14th av[1924 MCD]
	67.Reflections @ $10.00
	68.Cinerarias @ $20.00………………………………………….[#184 FALK AIC 1990 p518]
             1925:Koetting,Adelaide E.M. buyer T.A.Chapman Co r377 14th[1925 MCD]
                      Koetting,Mary A (wid John) h377 14th[1925 MCD]
                      Koetting,Mary C.,nurse r 377 14th[1925 MCD]
	70.Study in Values-oil
              1927:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
              1929:Koetting,Adelaide E M buyer T A Chapman Co h629 Murray av apt 6[1929 MCD]
                       Koetting,Anna r629 Murray av apt 6[1929 MCD]
                       Koetting,Mary C masseuse r629 Murray av apt 6 [1929 MCD]
             1932:2735 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list][C N-JSA]
	[#101 Irene @ N/P;#102 The Dory @ N/P;#103 Wharf at Sheboygan @ N/P;#104 Still Life @ N/P;
#105 Kiln at Port Washington @ N/P]
             1933:2735 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$2.50]
	#24b Memories @ $25.00;#25b Wharf @ $25.00;#26b Greeting @ $25.00;#27b Winter @ N/L;
99b Sketch in Black & White @ N/L]
               1934:2735 N.Murry Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[C N-JSA]
             1935:2735 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Lake.5382M
	104.Blue Iponia-watercolor
             1936:Koetting,Adelheld E r2735 N Murray av apt 6[1936 MCD]
                      Koetting,Anna E h2735 N Muray av apt 6[1936 MCD]
                      Koetting Mary C nurse r2735 N Murray av apt 6 [1936 MCD]
             1937:2735 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,Wi[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Kohl,Barbara Sherman
	25.Landscape in Blues and Greens; @ NFS[52nd Annual]
             1979:1440 W.Dean Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1979]
             1980:1440 W.Dean Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1980-81]
             1982:1440 W.Dean Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1982]paintings
             1985:1440 W.Dean Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1985-86]
             1987:1440 W.Dean Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1987]pro
	Cups-Diptych;watercolor[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
             1989:1440 W.Dean Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1989]
             1990:1440 W.Dean Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1990]
             1991:1440 W.Dean Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1991]
             1995:see SPIRO,Barbara Kohl

Kohler,Ruth,director,John Michael Kohler Art Center
          1979:608 New York Ave.,Sheboygan,WI 53081[WP&S 1979]
          1980:608 New York Ave.,Sheboygan,WI 53081[WP&S 1980-81]
          1982:608 New York Ave.,Sheboygan,WI 53081[WP&S 1982]honorary
          1985:608 New York Ave.,Sheboygan,WI 53081[WP&S 1985-86]honorary
          1986:608 New York Ave.,Sheboygan,WI 53081[WP&S 1986-87]

Kohler,Mrs. Walter J.[Charlotte Schroeder][undated autobio sheet]
"Another well-known Milwaukeean with whom Colnik worked closely was the architect,Richard Philip,
who designed Riverbend,the great home at Kohler,Wisconsin,of the first Walter J.Kohler who was 
Governor of this State."Craftsmen of Wisconsin,p.146
            Died 1947-FALK WWW 1999
	66.Earth Bound-oil
            1932:Kohler,WI-WP&S roster 5-9-1932[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	43.Dolls "Playmates"-oil @ NFS[#160 on A.B.C.list][a.k.a. "Acacia" on A.B.C.list]
	[#159 California Sunshine @ NFS;#161 Winter Bouquet @ NFS;#461 Landscape,Black River @ NFS]
               1933:Kohler,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	#141 Fall Flowers @ N/L;#142 Nahyda-Deborah @ N/L;#143 Zinnias @ N/L;#144 Calla Lillys @ N/L;
#145 Peonies @ N/L]
               1934:Kohler,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership list]
               70.From the Good Earth--oil
             1935:Kohler,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
             1945:Kohler,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]

Kohlhoff,Ralph E.
	116.City-oil & encaustic @ NFS
	79.Milwaukee Scene,watercolor @ $50.00
	73.Victorian Waiting Room,oil @ $100.00

	44.Still Life with Flowers;oil @ $75.00
	74.Still Life with Fruit;tempera @ $100.00
	60.Still Life;watercolor @ $50.00
$100 Milwaukee Art Center Award 60 Still Life,watercolor Suzanne Kohlhoff
	46.Portrait of Dooley;oil @ $150.00
	52.Still Life;watercolor @ $50.00[51st Annual]
$50 Anonymous Suzanne Kohlhoff,McFarland 52.Still Life,watercolor

Kohlmetz,Leonard William[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
	72.Snow Scene-oil
          1935:Waukesha Public Schools,Waukesha,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
                    R #3 ,Oconomowoc,WI[WP&S 1935 bio sheet]
	105.Cinder Pile--oil
          1936:"Waukesha Public Schools">721 Arcadian Ave.,Waukesha,WI[WP&S 1936 membership]
	108.Fall Windup-oil
	109.Becher Street Derricks--watercolor
          1945:1820 N.84th St.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]

Kohloff,Thomas P.
	37.Red Adam-casein @ NFS

Kohlstedt,Dale A.
          1979:2751 N.Bremen St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212 [WP&S 1979]
          1980:2751 N.Bremen St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212 [WP&S 1980-81]

Kohn,Joan M.-WP&S Northeast Chapter
             1993:Kohn,Saunders J.,W6470 Birch Tree Rd Plymouth[MCI Sheboygan Co.,Dec 1993-94]
             1993:W6470 Birch Tree Rd.,Plymouth,WI 53073[WP&S 1993]$20.00
	Correlation of Feathers and Fibers III;fiber[ill.]
	Correlation of Feathers and Fibers VI;fiber
Merchandise Awards:$100 Palette Shop;$50 Sax Arts & Crafts;$50 Green Bay Art Supply,Inc.
             1996:W6470 Birch Tree Rd.,Plymouth,WI 53073
	Untitled 2;fiber and elm bark[Past,Present & Future]
             1997:W6470 Birch Tree Rd.,Plymouth,WI 53073[WP&S 1997]pro
             1999:Plymouth[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

Kokalis,Tinamarie S.
           1996:future member/student participant[Past,Present & Future]
	Art Museum;acrylic

Kolberg,Mr & Mrs.Rich.
           1921:232 W.22nd St.,New York[WP&S Feb 1921 membership]

	43.Pretty Hair and Green My Eyes,oil and lucite,@ $275.00
$50 Dimensional Products,Inc. Award 43 Pretty Hair and Green My Eyes,oil and lucite Larry Kolden

         1989:1109 N.Cass,#101,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1989]
                 :711 W.Wisconsin Ave. #13,Milwaukee,WI 53203[WP&S 1989]entrants
         1990:711 W.Wisconsin Ave. #13,Milwaukee,WI 53203[WP&S 1990]
         1991:2883A Mabbitt Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1991]

	39.Landscape with Figure;acrylic collage @ $75.00[53rd Annual]

             1925:Komm,Loraine student r769 38th[1925 MCD]
                      Komm,Gustave F(Alma)clk,R.J.Schwab & Sons inc h769 38th [1925 MCD]

Konkel,Merideth-WP&S Southeast Chapter
	Ophalia;bronze[Past,Present & Future]
         1997:2743 S.Adamo Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1997]pro;sculptor;bronze[sic]

           Milwaukee,WI 1905-    undated biographical fact sheet,Milwaukee Public Library
            1930:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMARLOR SOA
            1931:East 14th Street,New York City[WP&S  4-27-1931 membership][MARLOR SOA]
	5.Magna Mater--sculpture
	6.Mrs.William Sommerfeld-sculpture
             1931:Milwaukee Art Institute Medal and $50.00 For Sculpture[hand-written note in catalog]
             1933:213 W.14th St.,NYC[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	[#146 The Thinking Girl @ $50.00;#147 Female Torso @ $100.00;#148 Stone Head @ $50.00]
	69.Female Torso-sculpture
	70.Stone Head--sculpture
             1935:202 W.14th St.,c/o W.Sommerfield,NYC,NY[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
             1937:202 W.14th St.,c/o W.Sommerfield,NYC,NY[WP&S 1937 mailing list][FALK AIC 1990]

Kopf,John W.
            1935:803 E.Wells St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1936:[see below]
            1937:803 E.Wells St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Kopf,Lurien J.
             1935:803 E.Wells St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
             1936:Kopf,John W (June E)artist Progressive Fine Art Co h803 E Wells apt 22[1936 MCD]
             1937:803 E Wells St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

            1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951
	122.52 (String);casein
	39.Trapezoids;oil & encaustic
	38.Fair Grounds 24 Hour Cycle;casein @ $200.00
	117.With Apologies to J.B.Priestly;oil & encaustic @ $175.00
	85.Joshua,the Sun and the Moon;brass and wood
	45.New York Tenement;iron & brass @ $250.00
             1916:4837 N.Anita Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
             1962:[4837 N.Anita Ave.,Milwaukee,WI]
	61.Milkweeds;iron @ NFS
$100 WP&S Award 61 Milkweeds,iron Simon Kops
$250 Edith Halpert Purchase Award for Milwaukee Art Center Collection 61 Milkweeds,iron,Simon Kops
             1963:4837 N.Anita Avenue,Milwaukee 17,WI[WP&S 1963 Prof]
             1964:5220 N.Diversey Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1964]
             1965:5220 N.Diversey Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
	53.Child Bride;welded iron @ $275.00[51st Annual]
             1966:5220 N.Diversey Blvd.,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1966-67]
             1975:5220 N.Diversey Blvd.,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1975]
             1976:5220 N.Diversey Blvd.,Milwaukee 53217
	Mata Hari;metal @ $400.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Bishop of Ingolstadt;steel-enamel @ $450.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
             1977:5220 N.Diversey Blvd.,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1977-78]
             1985:5220 N.Diversey,Whitefish Bay,WI 53217[WP&S 1985-86]paid
             1986:5220 N.Diversey,Whitefish Bay,WI 53217[WP&S 1986-87]
             1987:5220 N.Diversey,Whitefish Bay,WI 53217[WP&S 1987]pro
             1989:5220 N.Diversey,Whitefish Bay,WI 53217[WP&S 1989]

Kord,Victor G.
	42.Midwestern Landscape,acrylic @ $450.00[54th Annual]

            1942:Kordes,Eliz L clk r3528 N 21st[1942 MCD]
	The Ballet Dancers-oil…………………………….[#82 FALK AIC 1990 p522]@$250.00
            1943:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990][Who's Who in Am.Art]
            1947:Kordes,Eliz L clk r3528 N 21st r do[1947 MCD]
	9.Taboret,watercolor @ NFS
            1951:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990][Who's Who in Am Art]

	26.star Baby;mixed construction @ $325.00[58th Exhibition]

	75.Untitled,oil @ $200.00

Koroscik,Judith Smith
	27.Disintegration;acrylic,pencil @ $250.00

       1945:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1944-45 MCD
	28.Sleepy P'Town,watercolor  @ $50.00


	46.Blizzard No.1,oil @ $35.00

Kosy,Clifford W.
	15.[no title],sculpture @ $50.00

Kotilainen,Hans [undated biographical sheet]
     Finland 1913-1944    
          1935:2201 S.62nd St.,West Allis,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Kutilainen in cat.]
          1936:not listed in 1936 MCD
	110. City-oil [1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition][Hannes]
          1937:2201 S.62nd St.,West Allis,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
          1938:"no address listed'[FALK AIC 1990];not listed in 1938 MCD
          1940:Kotilainen,Hans artist 312 W State r 1515 S 33d[1940 MCD]
          1943:Milwaukee,WI[Kotelainen];MCD not published in 1943
	25.On the Balcony,oil @ $125.00
	85.At the Farm,watercolor @ $35.00[Marie Jussen Special Prize of $25.00 for Watercolor]
        1948: Centennial
	140. Northern Ireland; watercolor @ nfs

Kovac,Thea-WP&S Southeast Chapter
          1989:2623 East Belleview Place,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]entrants
          1990:2623 East Belleview Place,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1990]
          1991:2623 East Belleview Place,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1991]
          1993:2633 East Belleview Place,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1993]$15.00
          1995:2623 East Belleview Place,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1995]wc,mixed media
          1996:Kovac Peter J & Thea M--------[Ameritech 1996-97]
          1997:2623 East Belleview Place,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1997]pro,painter,mixed media,wc
          1999:Milwaukee[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

Kowalski,Bruce Z.
	48.Turko abo,acrylic @ $350.00[54th Annual]

Kox,Norbert H.(Carolyn)-WP&S Northeast Chapter
          1989:1622 Harold St.,Green Bay,WI 54302[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Blood Offering:Yesu Christ the Sacrifical Lamb;acrylic,oil on canvas 96"x48"[ill.]
[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
$300.00 Award
          1991:1622 Harold St.,Green Bay,WI 54302[WP&S 1991]student member
          1993:1533 Morrow St.,Apt.1,Green Bay,WI 54302[WP&S 1993]$15.00
          1995:New Franken,WI
	The Big Banana and His Bunch(ill.);mixed media,30" x 40 ½" @ $12,000.00-Best of Show
Meyer J. and Norma I.Ragir Foundation,$500.00;Best of Show:The Big Banana and His Bunch-N.Kox
	The Tribute Fish;metal,wood,bone,28" x 623" x 12" @ $2,650.00
          1996:current member [Past,Present & Future]
	The Feast of the Beast (ill.);acrylic and oil on panel
Award Winner-
          1997:P.O.Box 109,New Franken,WI 54229[WP&S 1997]pro
        	Secret Babylon the Great;acrylic and oil[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
	Roots of Rebellion:The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil;acrylic and oil[Wis.Artists Biennial]
          1999:New Franken [Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

         1963:2755 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1963] Prof
         1964:2755 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1964]
         1966:2755 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1966-67]

Kraemer,Paula Schuette
        1989:719 Farwell Dr.,Madison,WI 53704[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Obstacle Course with Hose-Flamingo;monotype,craypas[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Kraemer,Sharon-WP&S Northeast Chapter
          1997:13202 Pioneer Rd.,Newton,WI 53063[WP&S 1997]associate

Krafft,Elton G.[FALK AIC 1990]
        1937:[Racine,WI][FALK AIC 1990]
	94.[no title],oil
	100.Washday on Guadalcanal,watercolor @ NFS
        1948: Centennial
	141. From a Hillside; watercolor @ $25
	54.Hillside Cut-oil

Krafft,Olga Kucera
	101.Eagle Harbor,Ephraim,watercolor @ NFS

	80.Brown Inerior,oil @ $180.00

        1989:5550 I-Ah-Maytak,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1989]entrants

      Milwaukee 1893-1957 Wauwatosa,WI
         1917:[Milwaukee,WI]["E.Kramer];not listed in 1917 MCD
              52a.Decorative Motif @ N/L
	53.Little Sister @ N/L
	53a Sunlight and Shade @ $100.00
	54.The Poplars @ $50.00
	55.Japanese Parasol @ N/L
         1919:500 W.24th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1919 membership]
         1922:"500 W.24th St">756 46th St.,Milwaukee,WI[ WP&S Nov.16,1922 membership]

Kramer,Sharyn F.
	40.Realm of the Nth Degree;acrylic,oil @ $350.00[56th Exhibition]

	26.Two Rabbits;oil @ $900.00[52nd Annual]

          1935:1613 Norton Ave.,Racine,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1937:1613 Norton Ave.,Racine,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Kranycez,Marjorie Ann
           1935:2723 N.Downer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Lake.5686
           1936:Kranycez Marjorie tchr r2723 N Downer av[1936 MCD]
	      Kranycez Maurice A (Eliz)drftsmn Bd of Public Land Comnrs h2723 N Downer av[MCD]

Krasnan, Miss Ann[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibit/1935][FALK AIC 1990]
          1935:3419 N.5th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Co.4285W
          1936:Krasnan Ann V student………………………………….. r3419 N 5th [1936 MCD]
                   Krasnan Anthony G policemn…………………………… r3419 N 5th [1936 MCD]
                   Krasnan Elsie ……………………………………………..r3419 N 5th [1936 MCD]
                   Krasnan John jr elec eng…………………………………. r3419 N 5th [1936 MCD]
                   Krasnan John P wirewkr Holton & Hunkel Co………….. h3419 N 5th [1936 MCD]
                   Krasnan Mary typist NW Mut Life Ins Co……………….. r3419 N 5th [1936 MCD]
          1937:3419 N.5th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
	95.Smoke Fish for Two-water color
          1938:Krasnan Ann V artist r3419 N 5th [1938 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	104.Shell Pattern-watercolor
          1940:Krasnan,John P wirewkr Holton & Hunkel Co h3419 N 5th[1940 MCD]
	95.Sunday Afternoon,oil
	96.Black Cat,watercolor
          1942:Krasnan,John P wirewkr Holton & Hunkel Co h3419 N 5th[1942 MCD]
	Still Life--watercolor
          1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943
	26.Billie,oil @ $50.00
	86.Tulips,gouache @ $40.00

        1989:256 Meadowview Dr.,Baraboo,WI 53913[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Denial Series;oil,pastel[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

          1933:845 Villa St.,Racine,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$2.50]

Kraus,Charles A.
	41.Untitled,bronze @ $500.00[56th Exhibition]
         1975:2027 N.Prospect,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1975]
         1976:2027 N.Prospect,Milwaukee,WI 53202
	Second Parting;cast bronze and aluminum @ $400.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Second Parting;cast silica aluminum and silica bronze @ $400.00[Non-Juried Membership Exh.]
         1977:2027 N.Prospect,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1977-78]
         1989:3374 N.55th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1989]
	The Sentinel;cast bronze 96" x 17" x 18"[ill.][Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
$300.00 award

           1933:1613 Morton Ave.,Racine,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	[#328 Near Iceland @ N/L;#329 Morning Mist off Sea @ N/L;#330 -no title--@ N/L;
#528 Hammershus,Denmark @ N/L;#529 Moonlight on the Baltic @ N/L]

Krause,Emeline Olga
          1942:not listed in 1942 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	American Woodland-watercolor
         1948: Centennial
	142. Orchid Phalaenopsis; watercolor @ nfs

Krause,Gail-WP&S Southeast Chapter
         1997:305 W.Armour Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;acrylic on canvas

Krause, H.A.
     1948: Centennial
	143. Trapper's Cabin; oil @ $50

Krause,Jerome C.(and Gail)
	44.The Kukryniksy;oil @ $200.00
	54.No Title;oil @ $400.00[51 Annual]
         1966:1737 W.116th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[not paid member Oct 1966]
	40.Homage to Robert H.Goddard for the 16 of March,1926;
mylar,aluminum,vinyl,lacquer @ $750.00[53rd Annual]
	32.Monument to a Legacy,1969;rug,animals @ $1,000.00[55th Annual]
Honorable Mention
       1970:1519 N.Cass St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1970]
	42.Lincoln Wrist Box,mixed media @ $550.00[56th Exhibition]
        1972:27 N.Prospect,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1972]
	35.Magic Forest;oil @ $500.00[57th Exhibition]H
	36.Forest Floor Composition;wood,sisal @ $600.00[57th Exhibition]YH

Krause,Susan C.
	49.Mushroom Composition Enclosed,enamel,plastic @ $150.00[54th Annual]

Krause,Thomas M.
	43.Tube Machine,wood,plastic @ $150.00[56th Exhibition]

Krauski,Bob and Mary
          1975:3932 N.Maryland,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
          1977:3932 N.Maryland,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]

	81.Kneeling Figure,alabaster @ $100.00
	47.Winter Landscape,oil @ NFS

Krauss,James Alton
	33.Nimbus Two,candy apple enamel,polyurethane @ $700.00[55th Annual]

Kraynik,Rosemary Fontaine
	40.Ballerina-oil & encaustic
	41.At the Beach-oil & encaustic
	70.Bradford Beach,watercolor

	42.The Strange Visitor from Eaons Beyond Basic-Basic;oil & encaustic
Milwaukee Art Institute Awards-Ted Kraynik-Phoenix-sculpture-$50.00
	16.Atoms to Atoms and Dust to Dust;sculpture @ $490.00
WP&S Award for Sculpture-Ted Kraynik-Atoms to Atoms and Dust to Dust-$25.00
         71.New York Venus;welded steel,brazed
	86.Woman Combing Her Hair;welded steel
	82.Toro;terrazzo and steel @ $800.00
	76.Phoenix Ascending,;steel @ $350.00
	47.Icarus Falling;welded steel @ $1,900.00
	48.Untitled;welded steel @ $1,900.00
$75 Bockl Restaurant Award 48 Untitled,steel Ted Kraynik
	45.Kwang Kai;welded aluminum @ $1,900.00
	46.Organic Fountain;annodized aluminum @ $1,200.00
	55.The Serpent;bronze @ $250.00[51st Annual]
          1966:2977 N.Marietta,Milwaukee 53211[not paid member Oct 1966]

        1989:2442 Chalet Gardens Ct. #1,Madison,WI 53711[WP&S 1989]entrants

Krebs,Jim M.
	50.Thonnet,mixed @ $3,000.00[54th Annual]
	51.Part of the System,mixed @ $2,000.00[54th Annual]

Kreilick,Marjorie E.
	83.Sacrifice;metal @ $400.00
	41.Pillar of Fire;bronze @ $2,000.00[53rd Annual]

	72.Esoteric Fruits;oil
	73.The Lace Tablecloth;oil

         1975:1735 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1975]
         1976:1735 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208
	Sign for Alice and the White Rabbit;photography and mixed media @ NFS[Non-Juried Mem.Ex.]
	For J.A. with Love;photography and pencil @ NFS[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1977:1735 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1977-78]
         1979:1735 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1979]
         1980:1735 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1980-81]
         1981:1735 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208
	Point Lobos Revisited,20" x 26",photograph @ $75.00[Membership Show]
	Point Lobos Memories,32" x 40",photograph @ $85.00[Membership Show]
         1982:1735 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1982]photography,sculpture
         1985:1435 N.49th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1985-86]paid
         1986:1435 N.49th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1986-87]
         1987:1435 N.49th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1987]pro
	Tight Rope Walker;photo installation[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
$100.00 award winner,Philip Krejcarek Tight Rope Walker,photographs,7 images ea.11" x 14"
         1989:1439 N.49th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1989]entrants
	The Second Coming;type C print[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
	Birth of Venus Revisited;type C print 32" x 40"[ill.][Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
$200.00 award
         1990:1439 N.49th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1990]
         1991:1439 N.49th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1991]

Krembo,Mrs.Helen Foster
            1935:Division St.,Fond du Lac,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1937:Division St.,Fond du Lac,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Kremer,William J.
	44.Extruding System,clay @ $100.00[56th Exhibition]

	88.The Crated Sculpture-silver
	48.Dragon,silver @ NFS
	49.Fletcher,silver @ NFS

Kreznar,Richard J.
	50.Landscape with White;oil @ $125.00
	62.Landscape;oil @ $650.00
$150 Gimbels Milwaukee Award 62 Landscape,oil R.J.Kreznar
	63.Totem;oil @ $350.00
	49.Hill with Trees;oil @ $350.00
	50.Harbor;oil @ $600.00
$150 Milwaukee Art Center Award 50 Harbor oil R.J.Kreznar
	47.Friend;welded steel @ $500.00
$500 MILWAUKEE JOURNAL Purchase Award for the Milwaukee Art Center Permanent Collection
	47.Friend; welded steel R.J.Kreznar
	48.Place !!;oil @ $750.00
$1,000 Gimbels-Schusters 50th Anniversary Award Milwaukee Art Center Medal of Honor
         48.Place II oil R.J.Kreznar
              56.Imaginary Landscape with 37 Birds;oil @ $1,000.00[51st Annual]

Kriz,Mrs.G.Alan[Laura Gaterman][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
        1929:Kriz,Geo A. phys 845 Sherman blvd  r do[1929 MCD]
        1931:Kriz Geo A(Laura)phys 806 N 11th R4 h5929 W Wash blvd apt 14[1931 MCD]
        1933:1520 N.54th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	71.Young Negress-sculpture[#637 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $20.00]
	[#636 Portrait of Husband @ N/L;#638 St.James Cathedral @ $5.50;#639 Piggsville @ $5.00;
$640 Sample Bouquet @ $12.50]
        1934:Kriz Geo A(Flora)phys 806 N 11th R6 h4127 N 9th[1934 MCD]
        1935:4127 N.9th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Kriz,G.Alan(Laura)phys 806 N 11th R6 h4127 N 9th[1936 MCD]
        1937:4127 N.9th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

         1989:406 N.Ingersoll,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Maraud;oil,mixed media on canvas[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
         1990:406 N.Ingersoll,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1990]
         1991:406 N.Ingersoll,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1991]

            1924:Kroening,Clifford A student r 631 Orchard[1924 MCD]
	69.Ranch in Carmel Valley @ $75.00
            1925:Kroening,Clifford student r631 Orchard[1925 MCD]
	73.Wharves at Monterey-oil
            1929:Kroening,Clifford A acct The Koch Co r631 Orchard[1929 MCD]

Krohn,Norman K
	102.Labyrinthian Clown-casein

	Masque 2;C-print[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

	84.The Family,ceramic clay @ $175.00

          1977:2460 W.Good Hope,Glendale,WI 53209[WP&S 1977-78]
          1979:Rt.2 Oak Road,Spring Green,WI 53588[WP&S 1979]

          1990:S65 W12636 Byron Road,Muskego,WI 53150[WP&S 1990]
          1991:S65 W12636 Byron Road,Muskego,WI 53150[WP&S 1991]

Kronquist,Emil F.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
        1927:Who's Who in Art & Music,res.586 51st St.,Milwaukee,WI,p.250
        1929:Kronquist,Emil F(Helga)pres Industrial Art Studio Inc h586 51st[1929 MCD]
        1935:1501 N.Franklin Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1935:Milwaukee Vocational School,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]Mar.1550
        1936:Kronquist Emil F instr Vocational Sch h1505 N Franklin pl apt 801[1936 MCD]
        1937:1501 N.Franklin Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Kronsnoble,Jeffrey M.
	85.The Ascetic,watercolor @ $100.00
	77.I Have Sought Thy Face,oil @ $150.00
	64.The Ascent,oil @ NFS
$300 Gimbels Milwaukee Award:64 The Ascent,oil Jeffrey M. Kronsnoble
$250 Gimbels Milwaukee 64 The Ascent,oil Jeffrey Kronsnoble

	65.Pot of Dead Flowers,oil @ $150.00
	66.Spring Tree,steel @ $200.00

        1977:715 Highland View Dr.,West Bend,WI 53095[WP&S 1977-78]

Krueger,Jewel E.
	-died 1936["b.1936"-FALK WWW 1999]look in 1937 MCD
            1921:Krueger,Wilhelmina(wid Julius)h610 48th[1921 MCD]
            1923:Krueger,Wilhelmina(wid Julius)610 48th St[1923 MCD]
              36. Delphiniums
	[Special mention to Jewel E.Krueger for "Cinerarias."]
	39.Flower Study-sketch
           1924:Krueger,Wilhelmina(wid Julius)610 48th st[1924 MCD]
	70.African Marigold Study @ $50.00
            1925:Krueger,Wilhelmina(wid Julius)610 48th st[1925 MCD]
              --Krueger,Elsie E artist Moe-Bridges Co r1620 10th av S Mil[1925 MCD]
                 --Krueger Julia E artist r610 48th [1925 MCD]"Jewel" E.Krueger?
                 --Krueger Laura M artist Moe-Bridges r 76  31st N Milwaukee[1925 MCD]
	74.A Bowl of Flowers-watercolor
             1926:610 48th st.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1926 journal]ACTIVE MEMBER
             1929:610 48th st Krueger Wilhelmina Mrs (wid Julius)[1929 MCD]

	118.Bouquet-oil & encaustic @ NFS
 	74.The Red Flowers,oil
	75.Smone Watch,Some Wait,oil

           1921:5 "Laura Kruegers" in 1921 MCD
	65.In the Heart of the Woods
	66.The Dancer
          1925:Krueger Laura M artist Moe-Bridges r76 31st N Milwaukee[1925 MCD]

Krueger,Lothar,20th c.,FALK WWW 1999
	102.Wet Night,watercolor @ $75.00
       1948: Centennial
	144. Evening Coming Complication;encaustic @ $200 145. Time Listening; wc @ $100

       1935:2523 W.Atkinson Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:2523 Krueger Fred W(Nina E)prin clk Dept Pub Wks h2523 W Atkinson av[1936 MCD]
       1937:2523 W.Atkinson Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Krueger,Jr.,Roger L
           1993:P.O.Box 535,Manitowoc,WI 54220[WP&S 1993]$15.00

Krueger,William R.
	76.Only the Old,wrought lead
	77.Organic Necessity,steel
Milwaukee Art Institute Awards $50.00 each-William R.Krueger,77.Organic Necessity,steel

       1935:751 N.Broadway,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:751-57 Rice Wm J drugs[1936 MCD]
       1937:751 N.Broadway,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	43.The Beginning or the End?-oil & encaustic
	42.Before Infinity-oil & encaustic
	78.Ancient City,lacquer

         1977:4542 N.Morris Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]

            1944:Milwaukee,WI;Krythe families @  2968 N 9th & 2726 S Lenox[1944-5 MCD]
	14.Negro Girl,oil @ $45.00
	51.Katie's Tavern,watercolor @NFS
	29.Movement in Red,gouache @ $50.00

Krzysko,Jane[undated autobio sheet]
         1935:2731 S.43rd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	106.Still Life-oil
         1936:Krzysko Jane tchr r2731 S.16th [1936 MCD]
         1937:2731 S.43rd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

       1989:1691 B N.Marshall,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1989]entrants

Kubota,Irene S.
	45.Talking in the Desert,acrylic @ $225.00[56th Exhibition][ill.]
$500 award[unspecified]

Kubota, Jean
        1948: Centennial
	146. Madison House No. 1; etching @ $25

         1975:3630 E.Whittaker Ave.,Cudahy,WI 53110[WP&S 1975] 
         1977:3630 E.Whittaker Ave.,Cudahy,WI 53110[WP&S 1977-78]

Kuecker,Ted W.
          1951:Milwaukee,WI[MCD not published in 1951]xxxxxxxxxxxxx
	56.Rescue Mission--oil

Kuehner,Sophie[undated autobio sheet:"formerly of Cedarburg,WI"]
          1935:2430 N.2nd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:Mathisen Arlid P (Jennie)clk Register of Deeds Office h2430 N 2d[1936 MCD]
          1937:2430 N.2nd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Kuehns,Carl[Merrill] [Gregory IV pp 74-5]
    Magdeburg 1853-1947 Milwaukee,WI
        1902:[4th exhibit] 423 Poplar St.,Milwaukee,WI

          1929:Kuetemeyer,Geo(Dora)carp h1322 Richards[1929 MCD]
                   Kuetemeyer,John clk Palmolive Co r1322 Richards[1932 MCD]
                  :Kuetemeyer,Paul C br mgr JOURNAL Co r1322 Richards[1929 MCD]
          1932:4102 N.7th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	23.Portrait-black and white works [#148 Portrait @ $50.00;#149 Portrait @ N/L-A.B.C.list]
          1933:Kuetemeyer,Paul G,appr.Will Ross Inc r4102 N 7th[1933 MCD]
          1933:[Milwaukee,WI][WP&S 1933 list of paid entires:$1.00]
	   :4102 N.7th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
		[#561 Futility @ $15.00;#562 Head @ $15.00]
          1935:4108 N.7th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:Kuetemeyer Paul r4102 N 7th [1936 MCD]
          1937:4106 N.7th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

	1933:2426B W.Nash St.,Milwaukee,WI
	[#92b Milwaukee River @ $20.00;#93b Still Life @ $15.00;#94b Field Flowers @ $25.00]

	40.Early Autumn
	41.Mid-summer Afternoon

           1991:2504 S.29th St.,La Crosse,WI 54601[WP&S 1991]

	37.Untitled;oil @ $250.00[57th Exhibition]Y

        1985:909 N.Marion,Janesville,WI 53545[WP&S 1985-86]paid
        1986:909 N.Marion,Janesville,WI 53545[WP&S 1986-87]

Kundman,Gertrude[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         1929:Kundmann, Edgar student r2901 North av[1929 MCD]
                  Kundmann Franz C.(Martha)baker 2901 North av h do [1929 MCD]
                 :Kundmann Gertrude student r2901 North av[1929 MCD]
         1931:Kundmann Gertrude,r2901 W North av[1931 MCD]
         1932:2901 W.North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[Kundeman in cat.][Kundman in A.B.C.list]
	51.Jones Island Smoke House-watercolor @ $25.00[#403 on A.B.C.list]
	24.From My Window-black and white work @ $1.00[#409 on A.B.C.list]
	[#404 North Avenue Bridge @ $25.00;#406 Coal Yard @ $25.00;#406 Kinnickinnic River @ $25.00;
#407 Cyclemen @ $35.00;#408 Patty @ N/P]
         1933:2901 W.North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$4.00][Kundman]
	72.Cyclamen-watercolor[Kundmann][#39b No.1 watercolor @ $25.00]
	73.Coming to School-watercolor[#40b No.2 watercolor @ $15.00]
	74.No.1-drawing[#42b WP&SS 1933 Entrants list @ $5.00]
	[#37b Negro Head @ N/L;#38b Study @ N/L;#41b No.3 watercolor-unchecked--@ $25.00;
#43b No.2 drawing-unchecked-- @ $5.00;#44b No.3 drawing-unchecked--@ $5.00]
         1934:2901 W.North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ][Kundmann]
	75.Northwestern Depot-oil
         1935:2901 W.North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Kundman m/l & cat.]
         1935:2901 W.North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership][Kundmann]Kil.7540
	107.The Pianist--oil
          1936:Kundmann Gertrude tchr Rufus King High Sch r2901 W North[1936 MCD]
         1937:Kundmann,Gertrude tchr Rufus King High Sch r2901 W North a[1937 MCD]
	96.Study No.1-drawing
                [Honorable Mentions-sculpture]
          1938:Kundmann Gertrude tchr R King Hi Sch r2903 W North av[1938 MCD]
	105.Broncho Buster-sculpture
          1959:see ERSKINE,Gertrude Kundman

Kunkel,Mrs. Annie[Kunkel family,Gregory III,pp485-6]
           1933:5921 W.Garfield Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$.50]
	[#14b Chrysanthemums @ N/L][Mrs.Anita]
           1935:5921 W Garfield Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing]
           1936:Kunkel,John E(Anita)pres-treas Cream City Bedding Co h5921 W Garfield av[MCD]
           1937:5921 W.Garfield Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S mailing]

Kurk,Janis J.
	One For Mon;watercolor[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

	24.Kick the Can;acrylic,72" x 72"[Exhibition 63]
	25.Spud;acrylic,66" x 66"[Exhibition 63]

        1973:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1973]
        1974:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1974]
        1975:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1975]
        1976:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186
	Real Avacado;acrylic @ $120.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Magic Carpet;acrylic @ $210.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
        1977:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1977-78]
        1979:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1979]
        1980:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1980-81]
        1981:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186
	Birds of Paradise,23" x 30",colored pencil @ $250.00[Membership Show]
        1982:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1982]paintings
        1985:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1985-86]paid
        1986:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1986-87]
        1987:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1987]pro
        1989:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1989]
        1990:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1990]
        1991:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1991]
        1995:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1995]Kathe/wc
        1996:Kurz,Max & Kathe,1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha[Ameritech 1996-97]
        1997:1007 Belmont Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1997]Kathe/pro;painter,wc

Kusche,Carlton Julius
               Oshkosh,WI 1873-1943[Marlor SIA]
             1921:524 10th St.,Oshkosh,WI[Marlor SIA]
             1922:524 10th St.,Oshkosh,WI[C N-JSA]
             1923:[524 10th St.,Oshkosh,WI]
	42.Nocturns,Blue and Silver
             1932:524 10th St.,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#564 Winter Joy Ride @ $170;#565 Lake Breeze,Winnebago North Park @ $85.00]
               1935:10th St.,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
             1937:10th St.,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

           1995:2623 E.Belleview Place.,Milwaukee,WI 53211-3829
           1996:does not appear in Ameritech 1996-97

             1933:2426 W.Nash St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
             1936 2426 Mueller  Hilbert C(Frances)slsmn Wilke Dairy Co h2426A W Nash[1936 MCD]

Kwas,Susan E.
	26.Why did all the good songs remind her of him?;crayon,41" x 36"[Exhibition 63]
            1987:7702 W.Keefe,Milwaukee,WI 53222[WP&S 1987]pro
            1989:7702 W.Keefe,Milwaukee,WI 53222[WP&S 1989]
            1990:2244 North Prospect #22,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1990]
            1991:921 N.Marshall #507,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1991]
            1993:720A N.55th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1993]$20.00
            1996:Kwas Susan  904 S 30[Ameritech 1996-97]

            1986:2931 S.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53219[1986-87]
            1987:2931 S.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53219[WP&S 1987]pro
            1989:2931 S.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53219[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Tracks;acrylic on board[Juried Membership Show]
	Credo #1;oil on canvas 70" x 50"[ill.][Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
$500.00 award
	Credo #2;oil[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
            1990:2931 S.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53219[WP&S 1990]
            1991:1770 S.Muskego Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53204[WP&S 1991]
            1996:Kwint,Kenneth 1770 S Muskego Av[Ameritech 1996-97]

          1977:2305 Shore Dr.,Marinette,WI 54143[WP&S 1977-78]

	38.Vergitterung;acrylic @ $450.00[57th Exhibition]Y
	28.Icking;acrylic @ $800.00[58th Exhibition]

Lachowicz,Dorothy Saul
	44.Number 1-oil & encaustic
Milwaukee Art Institute Award:Dorothy Lachowicz-No.1-oil-$50.00
	43.No.4-oil & encaustic
	119.No.9-oil & encaustic @ $50.00

           1948: Centennial
	147. Tim's Place, watercolor @ $25
           1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	45.Horizontal;oil & encaustic
	46.Vertical;oil & encaustic
	44.Variant No.12;oil & encaustic
	45.Camera;oil & encaustic
	120.Mechanical Unit;oil & encaustic @ $200.00
	79.Tower;oil and lacquer
	86.Prologue;oil and aluminum @ $800.00["Proloque"]
	57.Blues Elegy;mixed media @ $500.00[51st Annual]
	58.Promontory;oil,aluminum @ $400.00[51st Annual]
$400 Gimbels-Schusters William Lachoqitz,Milwaukee 58 Promontory,oil and aluminum

La Crosse,Audrey Tito
	36.Chimneys,oil @ NFS
	89.Young Girls,oil
	87.Mother and Child,soap stone,NFS
H.H.West Company,$25.00:87.Audrey La Cross,Mother and Child

       1929:Ladwig,Eugenie(wid Paul) h95 32d[1929 MCD]
               :Ladwig,Valeska r95 32d [1929 MCD]
       1931:Ladwig,Valesca,r517 N 32d[1931 MCD]
       1935:517 N.32nd st.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]West 3888
       1936:517 N.32nd st.[1936 MCD]

LaFayette,Floyd A.
	14.Control Exerted by Reason,oil @ $100.00

       1929:Lafferty Chas E(Blanche)agt Auer Inc h1664 19th [1929 MCD]
       1935:5469 Danbury Road,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]Edge.4396
       1936:Lafferty Chas E(Blanche)agt Penn Mut Life Ins Co h5469 N Danberry rd,Whitefish Bay[MCD]

	78.Catherine's Men,oil @ $250.00

Lahmann, Joan Arend
        1948: Centennial
	148. Patzwald's Floral Shop; watercolor @ $50

La Hore,Mr.Chet H.[La More,C.Harmon-A.B.C.list]
          1932:541 West Johnson St,Madison,WI-[WP&S 5-9-1932 membership]

Lahti, Jean
         1985:323 S.Prairie Ave.,Waukesha,WI 53186[1985-86]paid
         1986:323 S.Prairie Ave.,Waukesha,WI 53186[1986-87]
         1987:323 S.Prairie Ave.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1987]pro
         1989:323 S.Prairie Ave.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1989]
         1990:323 S.Prairie Ave.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1990]

Lalk, Mrs. Millie Rose[FALK AIC 1990]
          1935:Fort Atkinson,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1937:Fort Atkinson,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing list]
          1940:[Fort Atkinson,WI]
	97.Pride of Wisconsin,oil
	98.Filling the Silo on Our Farm,watercolor
          1942:Fort Atkinson,WI
	Bringing Cows Home-oil
	The White Horse--oil
          1943:Fort Atkinson,WI @ $90.00[FALK AIC 1990]
	27.Husking Corn,oil

La Malfa,James T.
	51.Maenad,welded steel @ $350.00
	52.Sacred Tree,welded steel @ $450.00
          1966:818 Platt St.,Eau Claire,WI[not paid member Oct 1966]

Lamb,James V.
          1989:858 N.Sherwood,Beloit,WI 53511[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Modern Art Class;acrylic[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
          1991:858 N.Sherwood,Beloit,WI 53511[WP&S 1991]

          1935:705 Meade St.,Appleton,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1937:705 Meade St.,Appleton,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

        1989:8549 N.Servite Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53223[WP&S 1989]entrants
        1996:Lambrecht,Brad & Stephanie A Jensen,8534 N Servite Dr[Ameritech 1996-97]

	53.Red Bird,oil @ $400.00

Lamers,Nancy L.[WP&S Southeast Chapter]
          1985:Rt.L,Box 267,Theresa,WI 53091[WP&S 1985-86]
          1986:Rt.L,Box 267,Theresa,WI 53091[WP&S 1986-87]
          1987:Rt.L,Box 267,Theresa,WI 53091[WP&S 1987]pro
          1989:Rt.L,Box 267,Theresa,WI 53091[WP&S 1989]
                  :N8082 Hwy 175,Theresa,WI 53091[WP&S 1989]entrants
          1990:Rt.L,Box 267,Theresa,WI 53091[WP&S 1990]
          1991:Rt.L,Box 267,Theresa,WI 53091[WP&S 1991]
          1992:Lamers,Stanley & Nancy, N8082 Hwy 175[The Phone Book of Dodge Co 11th ed.,Jan 1992]
          1993:N8082 Hwy 175,Theresa,WI 53091[WP&S 1993]$15.00
	[Past,Present Future];watercolor and sumi
          1995:N8082 Hwy 175,Theresa,WI 53091[WP&S 1995]painting
          1997:N8082 Hwy 175,Theresa,WI 53091[WP&S 1997]pro;painter
          1999:Theresa[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]
          2000:N8082 Pine Ct.,Theresa,WI 53091[WP&S 2001]
	Plate 22:Man and His Pump;watercolor & sumi ink;42"x 30"[Centennial Exhibition]
Lamers,Nancy,Man and His Pump,plate 22;$50 merchandise award-Palette Shop,Milwaukee

La More,C.Harmon[La Hore,Mr.Chet H.]WP&S  5-9-1932 membership]
La More,Chet Harmon[FALK WWW 1999,p.1935]
	Dane Co.,WI 1908-1980 Ann Arbor,MI,or Buffalo,NY
          1932:541 West Johnson St.,Madison,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#292 Madison Houses @ $15.00;#293 Grace @ $75.00;#294 Flowers @ $50.00]
           1933:541 N.Johnson St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	[#360 Girl Reading @ $50.00]
          1935:14 E.Madison St.c/o Mr.Swerdloff,Baltimore,OH[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1937:14 E.Madison St.c/o Mr.Swerdloff,Baltimore,OH[WP&S 1937 mailing]
         1948: Centennial
	149. Metropolis ; oil @ $350

	59.Wilbur's Cow;concrete,iron,wood @ $150.00[51st Annual]

          1942:Landt,Gerald P. artist r3292 N.26th[1942 MCD]
	Along the Shore-watercolor
Seven Arts Society Award-Gerald Landt-"Along the Shore"-watercolor
	Real Estate--oil
          1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943Who's Who in American Art
	87.In Two Rivers,watercolor @ $50.00
	140.A Manicure,pastel @ $100.00
         1944:Landt,Gerald P tchr Mil Country Day Sch r3292 N 26th[1944-45 MCD]
	66.Road in the Woods,pastel @ $85.00
          1945:3292 N.26th St.,Milwaukee 6,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing][FALK AIC 1990]
	30.Street of Old Houses,watercolor @ $100.00
	31.The Decaying Boat,watercolor @ $100.00
         1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	103.Von Neumann in a Fisherman's Cap,watercolor @ $75.00
	135.Young Girl,pastel @ $75.00
	[Incentive Prize{Awarded to members in good standing who have won no other prize)
	WP&S Award of $15.00 to Gerald Landt for the work,Young Girl]
        1948: Centennial
	150. The River; watercolor @ $200
        1949:Landt,Gerald P (June)tchr Mil Country Day Sch r2628 N Humboldt av apt 302[1949 MCD]
	45.Bay at Macatawa,watercolor @ $200.00
	46.In the Bay,watercolor @ $150.00
Anonymous Prize of $200.00 to a member of WP&S for an outstanding work in any medium:
Gerald Landt for In the Bay,watercolor
	163.Part of the City-watercolor
	127.River in Milwaukee-watercolor
	64.Ellison Bay-watercolor @ $250.00
	81.The Beach at Marinette,watercolor
	90.Fog at Grand Marais,watercolor
	88.Wisconsin Woods,watercolor @ $150.00
         1961:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
         1963:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 18[WP&S 1963 Prof]
         1964:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 18,WI[WP&S 1964]
         1965:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 18,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 53218[WP&S 1966-67]
         1972:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 53218[WP&S 1972]
         1973:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 53218[WP&S 1973]life member
         1974:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 53218[WP&S 1974]life member
         1975:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 53218[WP&S 1975]life member
         1977:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 53218[WP&S 1977-78]

Landt,June Buchholz
	123.Girl at the Table-casein
	103.Birds in the Trees-casein
	114.In the Orchard-watercolor
	65.Apple Trees-watercolor @ $100.00
	80.South Shore Harbor,watercolor
	91.The River,watercolor
	89.The Cathedral,watercolor @ $150.00
         1961:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
         1962:[4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI]
	67.Forest Patterns,watercolor @ $150.00
         1963:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1963 Prof]
         1964:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 18[WP&S 1964]
         1965:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 18[WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 53218[WP&S 1966-67]
         1972:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 53218[WP&S 1972]
         1973:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 53218[WP&S 1973]life member
         1974:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 53218[WP&S 1974]life member
         1975:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 53218[WP&S 1975]life member
         1977:4523 N.57th St.,Milwaukee 53218[WP&S 1977-78]

         1964:Stevens Point,WI
	49.Relinquished Meaning 112263, oil @ $300.00
	50.Thou Hath Spoken,oil @ $300.00
$100 WP&S 50th Anniversary Award 50 Thou Hath Spoken oil William Landwehr
         1965:3126 S.49th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53219[WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:3162 S.49th St.,Milwaukee 53219[WP&S 1966-67]
	52.Love Wall for an Unknown Girl,assemblage canvas,tar,fitted wood @ $500.00[54th Annual]
	34.Blue Condition,polyvinyl @ $600.00[55th Annual]

	7.Vertical Growth,Dorlands wax

Lane,Mrs.Helena C.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
           1929:Lane Elmore C(Helena C)h78 Prospect[1929 MCD]
           1935:1716 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1936: Lane Elmore C(Helena C)with Water Appliance Co h1714 N Prospect av apt 4[MCD]
           1937:1716 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Lane Stacia
           1987:Elm Grove,WI
	Spring;acrylic on canvas[Wisconsin Artist Biennial]

	27.The Entertainer;wood,glass @ NFS[52nd Annual][ill.]
$50 Sax Brothers,Milwaukee Rodger Lang,Madison 27 The Entertainer,wood,glass

          1950:Lange,H Franklin artist Frank H.Becker Studios r W.Allis[1950 MCD]
	37.Sea and Rocks,oil @ $250.00
Milwaukee Art Institute Award of merit,$50.00
TO:Sea and Rocks,oil,by H.Franklin Lange
         1948: Centennial
	151. Orchard; oil @ $325 152.Plant in Red Pot; casein @ $125
           1951:West Allis,WI
	58.Still Life-oil
           1952:West Allis,WI
	47.Sea and Rocks-oil & encaustic
           1953:West Allis,WI
	46.Road with Willows-oil & encaustic
           1955:West Allis,WI
	121.Arroyo-oil & encaustic @ $150.00
	90.Stampede,oil @ $200.00

           1935:51st St. near Fond du Lac Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1936:no Langes on 51st St-Mary(wid Rudolph)r2556 N 50th [1936 MCD]
           1937:51st St. near Fond du Lac Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	91.Still Life,II,oil @ $80.00

	Girl with her Mom;ektacolor print[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

           1929:Langland Ada (wid Benj F)h2528 Wells apt 4[1929 MCD]
           1932:2904 W.Wisconsin Ave.[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#440 Flowers @ $200.00]
             1936:Langland,Ada (Wid Benj F.)h2904 W Wisconsin av apt 3[1936 MCD]
                    Langland Janet A steno r2904 W Wisconsin av apt 3[1936 NCD]

          1913:not listed in 1913 MCD
	1913 Rotary Exhibition:#21 The Opal @ $40.00;#22 Natalie @ $30.00;#23 On the Porch @ $25.00

               1929:Lanz,Robt H(Stella)trav h1351 Richards[1929 MCD]
               1931:Robt H(Stella)trav h3207 N Richards[1931 MCD]
	1932:3207 N.Richards St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#1 Ground Swells @ $30.00;#2 Afternoon @ $30.00]
              1936:Lanz,Howard(Gladys)musician r3207 N Richards[1936 MCD]
	        :Lanz,Robt H(Stella)slsmn h3207 N Richards[1936 MCD]

             1989:1824 N.2nd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1989]

          1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943
	141.Women Sewing,ink @ $10.00
          1945:Larsen,Hazel student r2965 S Superior[1944-45 MCD]
	35.View from South Shore,oil @ $125.00
	14.Grandma,pen and ink @ $25.00

         1989:616 N.Michigan,Prairie du Chien,WI 53821[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Wisconsin Bluff Top;oil pastel[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

           1993:1050 Jenifer St.,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1993]$20.00
           1994:Larson,Brandy,2017 E Wash Av Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]

           1942:Larson,Clifford M.(Inez)ad writer JOURNAL Co r1837 N 60th W'tosa[1942 MCD]
	Portrait of a Clown-watercolor
	Grain Elevators--oil
           1945:San Angelo,TX
	32.Summer Morning,gouche @ $80.00
          1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	24.Meditation,oil @ $75.00
          1948: Centennial
	153. Crows in a Winter Landscape; oil @ $150

Larson,Dara-Southeast Chapter
          1995:2628A S.Ninth Place,Milwaukee,WI 53215[WP&S 1995]
          1996:2628A S.Ninth Place,Milwaukee,WI 53215[Past,Present & Future]
	Morning Light at the Green Pond;handcolored monoprint
	El Bano de Dolores;handcolored drypoint
          1997:2628A S.Ninth Place,Milwaukee,WI 53215[WP&S 1997]pro
	Carne-val Knowledge;ink[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
          2000:3439 S.Illinois Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 2001]
	Plate 23:Day of the Dead-Oaxaca;book-xerox;11" x 17"[Centennial Exhibition]

	Regeneration 1977;canvas,stitchery and plexiglass 16 Ό x 20 Ό x1 1/2inches[Exhibition 61][ill.]

         1935:4276 N.27th St.,Apt 8,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Larson,Donald(Clara A)tchr Kosciuszko Jr.Trade Sch h4276 N 27th apt 8 [1936 MCD]
         1937:4276 N.27th St.,Apt.8,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

         1991:4620 N.Saint Clair,Racine,WI 53402[WP&S 1991]

Larson, Marion
     1948: Centennial
	154. Winter Thaw; casein @ $50

Larson-see Mennon,Muriel Larson

Larson,Patricia-WP&S Central Chapter
           1997:440 3rd St.,Wisconsin Rapids,WI 54494;supporting;painter;paper,pottery

	60.Grandfather Clock;pine wood @ NFS[51st Annual]

	61.War God;bronze @ $350.00[51st Annual]

Last,Lane E.
          1993:33 University Sq.suite 173,Madison,WI 53715[WP&S 1993]$20.00
          1994:Last,E L 7343 Tree La Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95][sic]

	Knowing;acrylic/acrylex[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

	59.Lake Pepin--oil

Laux, Miss Grace
          1932:1331 N.Astor St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#62 Cyclamen @ N/P]
          1933:903 E.Kilbourne Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
	[#464 Still Life @ N/L;#465 Composition @ N/L;#466 Still Life @ N/L]
          1935:784 N.Milwaukee St.,Milwaukee,WI [WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:Laux,Ethel clk r784 N Milwaukee apt c[1936 MCD]
          1937:784 N.Milwaukee St.,Milwaukee,WI [WP&S 1937 mailing]

La Valley,Debra
          1975:3022 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53125[WP&S 1975]
          1977:3022 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53125[WP&S 1977-78]

Lawler,John G.
         1971:Eau Claire,WI
          46.Gulliver's Gun;lacquered steel,rope,wood @ $400.00[56th Exhibition][ill.]
$500 award[unspecified]

	42.A Park in a Room (Turning); enamel @ $600.00[53rd Annual]
	43.Tables in a Room in Tables;enamel @ $600.00 [53rd Annual]

Lawson Gates,Sherry
           2000:1820 N.Drew Street,Appleton,WI 54911[WP&S 2001][Gates,Sherry][Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate 24:Damsel Fly Phial;machine embroidery over canvas beads;12"x8"x5 ½"

	1902:Layton Art Gallery,Milwauee,WI
	WMRF to FL 8-29-1902[position of curator for Layton Gallery:Mrs Susan K.Cressy]

Layton School of Art
           1935:Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

Lazzaro,Richard A.
	44.Paramount-Baby;oil @ $500.00[53rd Annual]
$500 Milwaukee Art Center
	35.Fan II;acrylic @ $1,000.00[55th Annual][ill.]
          1990:519 South Page,Stoughton,WI 53519[WP&S 1990]
          1991:519 South Page,Stoughton,WI 53519[WP&S 1991]

         1975:Rt.5,Box 39,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1975]
         1977:Rt.5,Box 39,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1977-78]

Leavens,Ralph A.
         1935:4704 W.Woodlawn Court,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Aken Mamie Mrs(wid Carl)v-pres Aken Flour Co h4704 W Woodlawn ct[1936 MCD]
         1937:4704 W.Woodlawn Court,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Le Clair,Charles(George)[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Anuual Exhibition/1935]
     Columbia,MO 1914-                    
           1935:Fess Hotel,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	110.Gree House-oil
	111.Figure Decoration-watercolor
	112.Chinese Alley-black and white
           1936:[Fess Hotel,Madison,WI]
	112.The White Table-oil [1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition]
	113.Sculptor at Work-oil
           Milwaukee Art Institute 1st Honorable Mention:
	Charles LeClair-"Sculptor at Work" No.1100
	114.The Red House-watercolor
        Anonymous $25.00:2nd Honorable Mention for watercolor:
	Charles LeClair-"Buildings,Stillwater"-No 1098
           1937:Fess Hotel,Madison,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
           1938:[Madison,WI]Who's Who in American Art
	111.Limestone Head-sculpture
          1944:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK  AIC 1990]
          1945:Buffalo,NY[FALK AIC 1990]Who's Who in American Art]
         1948: Centennial
	155. Duet: Libby Holman and Josh White; oil @ $500  156. Chanteuse; wc @ $100

Lederhause,Kathryn H.
	Golden K;photography[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
	Bands of Gold;photography[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Lee,Claudette-board member WP&S Southeast Chapter 1995-96;mem.at large,1997
         1995:2471 S.Wentworth Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1995]mixed media,painting
         1996:Lee, C & Dean Roseland,2471 S.Wentworth Av[Ameritech 1996-97]
	Canyons Remembered;acrylic[Past,Present & Future]
         1997:2471 S.Wentworth Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1997]pro
	Downtown Summer (ill.);acrylic[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
Pallette Shop merchandise Award $100.00

Lee,Ellen C.[Mrs.Phillip][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         1929:Lee,Philip L(Ellen C)mgr Postal Tel-Cable Co rFox Point,WI[1929 MCD]
         1932:Fox Point,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#14 Henrietta @ $50.00;#15 Sketch-Julia @ $30.00;#16 @ $Red White & Blue @ $30.00;
#17 Pitcher of Flowers @ $40.00;#18 Studio Tea @ $30.00]
         1933:Bridge Lane,Fox Point,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.00]
	[51b My Daughter @ N/L;#52b Picture of Flowers @ $30.00]
         1935:Bridge Lane,Fox Point,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 assoc.member]Edge.4003
         1936:Lee,Philip L (Ellen C)supt Postal Tel-Cable Co h2843 N Marietta av[1936 MCD]
         1937:Bridge Lane,Fox Point,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Lee,Frances Newell
	60.Our Winter and its Outside World-oil
         1953:Hales Corners,WI
	47.Dance No.2-oil & encaustic
	48.Daydream Under A Shadow-oil & encaustic
	51.A Sheltered Place,egg tempera @ $100.00
         1996:[Past,Present & Future]
Frances Newell Lee;The Fall of Lucifer;Untitled:Inspired by Music 1964;egg tempera;
lent by Barbara and Wallace Lee

Lee,Ila May[Mrs.Lowell Merritt Lee]
          1936:Lee,Lowell M(Ila M)art teacher Mil State Teachers College[1936 MCD]
          1937:2507 N.Oakland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI  [Ila Mae]
          1938:Lee,Lowell M(Ila May)tchr h3068 N Fredk av[1938 MCD]
          1940:Lee,Lowell M(Ila M)tchr Mil State Tchrs Coll r Sta F Rd 9(Town of Mil.)[1940 MCD]
          1944:Lee,Lowell M(Ila M)instr State Tchrs College r Laramie La Rd 9 Sta F[1944-45 MCD]
          1945:Sta 1,Rt 9,Milwaukee 9,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
	36.Abstraction No.13,tempera @ $50.00
          1946:MCD not published in 1946
          1949:Lee,Lowell M(Ida M)tchr State Tchrs College r800 W Laramie 1a[1949 MCD]

Lee,Mrs.John H.
          1935:Prospect Ave.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member][no phone #]

Lee,Lowell Merritt 
          Oscoda,MI 1906-             
            1935:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
            1936:Lee,Lowell M(Ila M)art teacher Mil State Teachers College,
h.2507 N Oakland av[1936 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	116.Coal Street-oil…………………………………………….[#124 FALK AIC 1990 p544]
	117.The White Gown-oil [1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition]
	118.Grand Marais Harbor-black and white
	Milwaukee Art Institute 1st Honorable Mention:
	Lowell M Lee-"Mayamado"-No.139
            1937:2507 N.Oakland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing][FALK AIC 1990]
	100.Lady in Tulip Wood-sculpture
	101.Marlow with Ball-sculpture
            1938:Lee,Lowell M(Ila May)tchr h3068 N Fredk av[1938 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	108.Down by the Tracks-oil………………………………….[#101 FALK AIC 1990 p544]
	109.The Road to Damascus-sculpture
             1939:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
             1940:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
            1943:Milwaukee,WI[MCD not published in 1943]Who'S Who in American Art
	28.Country Churchyard, oil on tempera @ $200.00……………[#71 FALK AIC 1990 p544]
	88.The Search,watercolor @ $50.00
	128.Mother of Earth,wood @ $100.00
            1944:Lee,Lowell M(Ila M)instr State Tchrs College
 r Laramie La RT9 STA F[1944-45 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	15.Making Hay,oil on tempera @ $150.00
            1945:Sta.I,Rt.9,Milwaukee 9,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
	37.Lonesome Harbor,oil on tempera @ $300.00
	33.Once Upon a Time,watercolor @ $50.00
	15.Mother and Child,ink and wash @ $25.00
	4.Positive and Negative,cherry @ $150.00
          1946:Milwaukee;MCD not published in 1946Who's Who in American Art[FALK AIC 1990]
	69.No.9, wood @ $50.00
          1947:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
          1948: Centennial
	157. Still Life; oil @ $600
          1949:Lee,Lowell M.(Ida M.)tchr State Tchrs College r800 W Laramie 1a[1949 MCD]
	47.Standing for You and Me and All,oil,@ $600.00
              86.Mother of Earth,stone @ $300.00
              87.Space Configuration,iron,brass and copper @ $150.00
         1950:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
	48.Back Stage-oil & encaustic

Lee,Vera K.[Mrs.Thomas Lee]
             1932:1403 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#168 Bobby @ NFS]
             1936:Lee,Janet r1408 N Farwell av[1936 MCD]
             1936:Lee,Vera K(wid.Thos:The Georgian)r1408 Farwell[1936 MCD]
                     :Georgian The (Mrs.Vera K Lee,Geo Becker)interior designer 1408 N.Farwell av[1936 MCD]

         1975:807 Tommy's Turnpike,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1975]
         1977:807 Tommy's Turnpike,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1977-78]

            1935:Muirdale Sanatorium,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 assoc.member]Blue.2040

Leenhouts,Sara[related to Hartmans(q.v.),Gregory III,p.312]
         1929:Leenhouts,Cornelius(Jennie:Lennhouts & Guthrie)h836 Marietta av[1929 MCD]
                 :Leenhouts,Sara E archtl designer r836 Marietta[1929 MCD]
                 :Lennhouts,Willis C archt Leenhouts & Guthrie r836 Marietta[1929 MCD]
                 :Leenhouts & Guthrie (Corn.Leenhouts,Hugh W.Guthrie)architects 301 Jefferson Bldg[MCD]
         1935:7828 N.Beach Drive.Fox Point,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]Edge 4379J
         1936:Leenhouts Sara E r7828 N Beach dr (FP)[1936 MCD]

LeFeber,Eleanor M.
           1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951
	201.Opus in Limestone-sculpture

Lehner,Mrs.Otto P.(Marion Ebert)
           1935:425 S.Monroe Ave.,Green Bay,WI{WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1935:Grace Manor,Monroe Ave.,Green Bay,WI[WP&S 1935 membership][no phone #]
           1937:Grace Manor,Monroe Ave.,Green Bay,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]  

Leib,Mary Virginia
          1944:Leib,Virginia r1220 N 18th[1944-45 MCD]
	16.Down in the Valley Where the Grass Grows Green,oil @ $25.00    


             1929:Leidgen Chas O (Marion)dentist 4706 North av r4 Stickney (W'tosa)[1929 MCD]
             1933:2835 N.Maryland Ave,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50][Mrs.]
	[#107b Study in Red & Black @ N/L;#108b Naval Officer @ N/L;#109b Blonde Study @ N/L]
             1935:2825 N.Maryland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Miss]
             1936:2825 Youngren Hazel A drsmkr (& family)[1936 MCD]
                     :Leidgen Chas O (Marion F)dentist 606 E State apt 26 hMequon Wis[1936 MCD]
             1937:2825 N.Maryland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Leigh,Hazel,early 20th c FALK WWW 1999
             1919:Leigh,Hazel artist 87 New Ins bldg r360 Kane pl[1919 MCD]
	39. In Fairyland

          1975:2025 Sherman Ave.,Evanston,IL 60201[WP&S 1975]
          1977:2025 Sherman Ave.,Evanston,IL 60201[WP&S 1977-78]

	92.Old Building,pastel @ $50.00
          1961:"1505 N.Franklin">3402 N.Gordon Pl.Apt 3,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
	79.Thistles,watercolor @ $80.00

           1929:not in 1929 MCD
           1935:3113 W.Glendale Ave[apts].,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1936 :Leitgen,Belden J (Frances E)firemn Luick Dairy Co h2402 W.Hope av[1936 MCD]
           1937:3113 W.Glendale Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

          1940:not listed in 1940 MCD
	101.Self Portrait,oil

Lembcke,Mrs.Martha M.[undated biographical data]
	Lembcke,Mrs M.L.Marschke [Marlor SIA]
          Address:705 N.Meade St.,Appleton,WI
	1940:[Appleton,WI][Marlor SIA]
	    102.My Home in Winter,watercolor
               1941:[Appleton,WI][Marlor SIA]

Le Mieux,Jeff-WP&S Northeast Chapter
          1997:100 E.Glendale Ave.,Appleton,WI 54911[WP&S 1997]associate;painter
           1999:Hortonville[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

            1993:Photographic Im[a]g[es],.S31 W22382,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1993]$20.00
	Boats on the Nile,Egypt;photograph}
	Hot Springs Yellowstone;photograph[ill.]}
         $250 juror's award
             1996:Lemke,Wm S31 W22382,Waukesha[Ameritech 1996-97]

Lenicheck,Herbert C.A.
           1929:Lenicheck,Emil(Mildred L)(Lenicheck & Lenickeck)h650 28th [1929 MCD]
                    Lenickech,Frank A.v-pres-genl mgr Citizens Abstract & Title Co;r650 28th [1929 MCD]
                   :Lenicheck Harold A (Lenicheck & Lenickeck)r650 28th [1929 MCD]
                    Lenicheck,Herbert student r650 28th [1929 MCD]
                   :Lenicheck,Mildred L dir Citizens Abstract & Title Co r650 28th [1929 MCD]
           1935:198 N.88th St,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Blue.8256
           1936:Lenicheck Herbert C A (Helen V)treas Citicens Abstract & Title Co h198 N 88th(W'tosa)

	93.Always Hungry,casein @ $30.00

           1940:Lent,Wilmer F.(Mildred)elec eng h2825 N Farwell av[1940 MCD]

Lenz,August[see Merrill,p.61]
           1927:Who's Who in Art & Music[Nicholas],studio 4003 North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI,p.250
           1929:Lenz,Nicholas(Louise)artist 4003 North av h424 W 37th [1929 MCD]
           1931:Lenz Nicholas(Louise)artist 4003 W North av r750 Western av(W'tosa)[1931 MCD]
           1935:4003 W.North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1936:Lenz Art Studio(Nicholas Lenz)4002 W North av[1936 MCD]
                    Lenz Nicholas (Louise:Lenz Art Studio)r2504 N 83d (W'tosa)[1936 MCD]
           1937:4003 W.North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Lenz,David M.
          1975:3122 N.Newhall,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
          1977:3122 N.Newhall,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]
	Crash in the Woods;oil on masonite[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
          1991:2508 E.Belleview Pl.#58,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1991]

          1975:R.6,Box 260A,Menomonie,WI 54751[WP&S 1975]
          1977:R.6,Box 260A,Menomonie,WI 54751[WP&S 1977-78]Lens

Lenz,Jr.,Walter J.
	94.And on the Sixth Day,oil @ $555.00
            1965:2893 S.96th St.,West Allis,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
            1966:2893 S.96th St.,West Allis,WI[WP&S 1966-67]

         1989:3563 Meadow Way,Green Bay,WI 54313[WP&S 1989]entrants

Leo,Sister Mary,S.S.N.D.[WP&S biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
             1935:Mount Mary College,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	113.Character Study-oil
	114.Old Margaret-oil
             1936:[Mount Mary College,Milwaukee,WI]
	121.Sister of Charity--oil
             1937:Mount Mary College,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
	102. Girl with Violin-oil

          1929:Leon,David S (Esther)slsmn A F Oeder h596 32d apt ll[1929 MCD]
                  :Leon,Maurice D,page Mil Public Library r596 32d apt 11[1929 MCD]
          1932:1550 N.50th Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	25.Fishermen-black and white work @ $1.00[#176  on A.B.C.list]
          1933:341 N.39th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.00]
	[#409 Share Croppers Revolut @ $2.00;#410 The Thinker @ NFS]
          1935:341 N.39th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:341 N 39th [apartments][1936 MCD]
                   :Leon Maurice D asst Mil Public Library r738 Cass[1936 MCD]
          1937:341 N.39th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Leonard,Lois Van Lieu-WP&S Southeast Chapter
         1977:2244 N.Prospect,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1977-78]
         1985:502 Crescent Lane,Thiensville,WI 53092[WP&S 1985-86]paid
         1986:502 Crescent Lane,Thiensville,WI 53092[WP&S 1986-87]
         1989:502 Crescent Lane,Thiensville,WI 53092[WP&S 1989]
         1990:502 Crescent Lane,Thiensville,WI 53092[WP&S 1990]
         1991:502 Crescent Lane,Thiensville,WI 53092[WP&S 1991]
         1995:502 Crescent Lane,Thiensville,WI 53092[WP&S 1995]painting,acrylic
         1997:502 Crescent Lane,Thiensville,WI 53092[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;acrylic

	39.And all the stars came out;acrylic @ $150.00[57th Exhibition]YSH

           1967:West Allis,WI
	45.Tulips;oil @ $150.00[53rd Annual]

	95.Owl,crayon @ $140.00

Lesh,Scott-WP&S South Central Chapter
            1993:3810 University Ave.,Shorewood,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1993]$20.00
	Peels and Tails;banana peels/mice tails
            1997:3810 University Ave.,Shorewood,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1997]
pro;painter;mixed media,painting

	46.Azure Melody;acrylic @ $150.00[53rd Annual]

          1961:1204 E.Olive St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]

	122.Wharf-oil & encaustic @ $75.00
	94.The Thames,oil
	52.Reflection,oil @ $100.00

Levin,Jennie Z
	93.Two Boys on the Beach,oil
	96.Red Geraniums,oil @ $90.00

         1961:5303 N.Santa Monica Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]

         1929:Levin,Ben(Ida)sexton Congregation Beth Israel Temple h1225 Wright[1929 MCD]
                  Levin,Hal slsmn r1225 Wright[1929 MCD]
                  Levin Mitchell mach r1225 Wright[1929 MCD]
         1931:Levin Max student r1305 W Wright[1931 MCD]
         1935:1305 W.Wright St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Levin,Benj D sexton h1305 Wright[1936 MCD]
                  Levin,Max archt r1305 W Wright[1936 MCD]
                  Levin,Michael cabtmkr r1305 W.Wright[1936 MCD]
         1937:1305 W.Wright St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Levy,Grace Carlsruh
         1929:Levy,Grace C v-pres Badger Metal Plating Co r 1643 Newhall[1929 MCD]
                  Levy,Henry M (Grace)pres-treas Badger Metal Plating Co r1643 Newhall[1929 MCD]
         1931:Levy Henry M(Grace C)spl agt NW Mutual Life Ins Co h4501 N Newhall(SWD)[1931 MCD]
         1932:4501 N.Newhall St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#27 Spring Rain @ $25.00;#28 Tulips @ $25.00]
         1936:4501: O'Donnell Jas M.[1936 MCD]

Levy,Sharon Bubes
         1989:1685 Patton St.,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1989]entrants;"Bubbs"
         1991:1685 Patton St.,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1991]

Lewandowski,Edmund D.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
     Milwaukee,WI 1914-               
             1933:1720 S.21st St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.00]
	75.Composition No.1-watercolor[#432 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $15.00]
	[#431 Composition #2 @ $15.00]
             1934:Lewandowski,Edmund clk Kadow's Drug Store,r1930 W Mitchell[1934 MCD]
	77.Sister Bay Shacks-watercolor
             1935:1930 W.Mitchell St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	115.Still Life-oil
	117.Roof Tops-watercolor
             1936:Lewandowski,Edmund  artist r1930 W Mitchell [1936 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
             1937:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
             1938:Lewandowski,Edmund r1930 W Mitchell[1938 MCD]
	112.South Side Roofs-watercolor
	113.Deserted Steel Mills-watercolor
Art Institute Purchase Award of $50.00:Edmund Lewandowski-"Deserted Steel Mill"-water color
            1940:Lewandowski,Edmund D(Dolores)artist r1724 W.Washington[1940 MCD]
	104.Foot of Mitchell Street,oil
Art Institute Medal and $100.00 for Painting-Edmund Lewandowski-"Foot of Mitchell Street"-oil
            1941:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
               1942:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
               1943:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
               1944:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
               1948: Centennial
	158. Dynamo; oil @ $750
               1949:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
	97.Steel Structures,oil @ NFS
             1964:[honorary]Director,Layton Art School,1362 N.Prospect Ave.,Mil[WP&S 1964]
             1965:[honorary]Director,Layton Art School,1362 N.Prospect Ave.,Mil[WP&S 1965-66]
             1966:[honorary]Director,Layton Art School,1362 N.Prospect Ave.,Mil[WP&S 1966-67]

	80.Mt Tam,oil @ $150.00
	54.Mt.Tam IV,oil @ $225.00

Lewis,Frank C.
27.Risk House;acrylic,14" x 18"[Exhibition 63][ill.]
$100.00 award winner Frank Lewis;Artist and Display Award
         1986:820 E.Center,Milwaukee,WI 53212[1986-87]
         1987:2540 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1987]pro

           1929:Lewis,Rose A artist JOURNAL Co r New Hotel Randolph[1929 MCD]
           1935:c/o THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1936:Lewis,Rose A artist JOURNAL Co r913 E Kilbourn av apt 4[1936 MCD]
           1937:c/o THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL[WP&S 1937 mailing]

          1986:see NAUTILUS

            1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	25.Zinnias,oil @ $20.00

Libbey,Mrs V.
         1935:1328 E.Albion St.,Apt.31,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Br.6241
         1936:1328:Gainsborough Apts.#31 Campbell,Arth F.(Helen L)dept mgr Nat'l Tea Co[MCD]

Lichter,Harry Edward[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
       Russia 1912-
         1929:Lichter,Harry clk r2210 Walnut [1929 MCD]
                  Lichter,Isador clk Lichter's Shade Service r2210 Walnut[1929 MCD}
                  Lichter,Max student r2210 Walnut[1929 MCD]
                  Lichter,Paul(Rebecca:Lichter's Shade Service)h2210 Walnut[1929 MCD]
                 :Lichter's Shade Service(Paul Lichter)window shades 2210 Walnut[1929 MCD]
         1931:Lichter,Harry student r2212 W Walnut[1931 MCD]
	67.Water-front-linoleum print
         1932:2210 Walnut St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	29.Maternity-black and white work @ $10.00[#196 on A.B.C.list]
	[#195 Self Portrait @ $100.00;#197 Amethyst Flask @ $50.00]
         1933:2210 W.Walnut St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
	78.Still Life-oil[#745 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $50.00]
	[#435 Self Portrait @ $10.00;$743 Kinnikinnic River @ $50.00;#744 Third Ward @ $25.00]
         1934:Lichter,Harry r2212 W Walnut[1934 MCD]
         1935:2210 W.Walnut St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	118.Old Port-oil
	119.Ninth Street-oil
         1936:Lichter Harry artist 926 N Plankinton av apt 34 h do[1936 MCD]
         1936:2210 W.Walnut St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1936 membership]
	122.Portrait of Self-oil [1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition]
	123.Courthouse Park--watercolor

Lichtner,F.Schomer[undated biographical data]
     Peoria,IL 1905              
         1925:Milwaukee,WI[not in 1925 MCD]
                 :Lichtner Marie P copy holder JOURNAL Co r682 40th[1925 MCD]
                 :Lichtner Pauline (wid.Frank J)h 682 40th [1925 MCD]
         1929:Adams Hall,University of Wisconsin,Madison[BULLETIN April 1929]MEMBER
         1929:Lichtner, Pauline(wid Frank J)r1104 49th [1929 MCD]
             13. In Town [oil] JOURNAL Gallery
         1930:1104 49th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S April 1930 membership list]
          1931:Lichtner,Schomer artist 2675 N 3rd & 312 W State r2802 N 49th[1931 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	69.Studio Corner-oil
	70.Oil Stove-oil
	71.Still Life-oil
	72.Port Washington-oil
            1932:2675 N.3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	52.Still Life on Round Table-oil @ $140.00[#665 on A.B.C.list]
	53.Street Corner-oil @ $120.00 [#664 on A.B.C.list]
	MILWAUKEE JOURNAL Purchase Prize of $50.00 For a Painting Presented to 
The Public Schools of Milwaukee:1932 Schomer Lichtner
	54.Autumn Landscape @ $90.00[#662 on A.B.C.list]
	55.Self Portrait;oil @ $80.00[#661 on A.B.C.list]
	26.City Street;black and white work @ $20.00[#658 on A.B.C.list]
	27.From the Window;black and white work @ $3.00[#659 on A.B.C.list]
	28.Trees;black and white work @ $20.00[#660 on A.B.C.list]
		[#663 Freight Yard @ $90.00]
             1933:2075 N.3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	76.Sunday Afternoon;drawing[#151 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $15.00]
	77.Harvesting;oil[#155 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $200.00]
	[#151 Sketch @ $15.00;#153 The Fire @ $15.00;##154 Parker-Schomer match @ $200.00;
	#320 Composition @ $100.00;#321 Viaduct @ $3.00;#322 Brewery @ $3.00;#323 People @ $200.00;
	#324 Hamburgers @ $100.00]
             1934:8213 Red Arrow Court,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
	79.Tennis Tournement;oil
	80.Seeing Something for Nothing;drawing
             1935:2619 N.Downer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	121.Dried Corn Cob;black and white
	122.The Market;black and white
             1936:Lichtner Schomer(Ruth)artist 2619 N Downer av h do[1936 MCD]
	124.Milkmaid;black and white
              1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:Milk Weed
             1937:Lichtner,Schomer(Ruth)artist 2619 N Downer av h do[1937 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	103.Milk Weed;oil
	104.Pitcher Plants;drawing
                 [Milwaukee Art Institute Purchase Prize of $15.00 for drawing]
	105.Market Sketch;drawing
            1938:Lichtner,Schomer(Ruth)artist 2619 N Downer av h do[1938 MCD]
	116.The Grave;drawing
           1940:Lichtner,Schomer(Ruth)artist 2619 N Downer av h do[1940 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
           1942:Lichtner,Schomer(Ruth)artist 2619 N Downer av h do[1942 MCD]
	The Herd;drawing
            1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943 Who's Who in American Art
	29.Picking Potatoes;oil @ $65.00
	89.Bulls;watercolor @ $35.00
            1944:Lichtner,Schomer(Ruth)artist h2626a N Maryland[1944-45 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	17.Corn Shucks;oil @ $75.00
	16.Bulls in the Arena;wash drawing @ N/P…….[#254 FALK AIC 1990 p552]tempera @ $75.00
	[The WP&S Prize of $15 for drawing or pastel]
            1948: Centennial
	159. The Bull; ;oil @ $250  160. Cows; drawing @ $45
           1949:Lichtner,Schomer F(Ruth O)artist h2626a N Maryland av[1949 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	48.Blowing Milkweed;casein @ $300.00
	49.Red Cow;casein @ $300.00
           1951:Milwaukee,WI;2626a N Maryland Av[2000-2001 Ameritech]
	124.Under the Willow;casein
	125.Sun on the Landscape;casein…………….[#167 FALK AIC 1990 p552]@ $175.00
          1952:Milwaukee,WI;2626a N.Maryland Ave.[2000-2001 Ameritech]
          1953:Milwaukee,WI;2626a N.Maryland Ave.[2000-2001 Ameritech]
	85.Pasture Texture;casein
          1956:Milwaukee,WI,2626a N.Maryland Ave.[2000-2001 Ameritech]
	83.Lines and Spots;casein
          1960:[Milwaukee,WI]2626a N.Maryland Ave.[2000-2001 Ameritech]
	53. 10-27-59;gouache @ $75.00
          1963:[Milwaukee,WI]2626a N.Maryland Ave.[2000=2001 Ameritech]
	55.White Bird;tempera @ $175.00
         1965:Milwaukee,WI;2626a N.Maryland Ave.[2000-2001 Ameritech]
	62.Head;acrylic @ $300.00[51st Annual]
	63.Landscape;acrylic @ $300.00[51st Annual]
$50 Northern Gases and Supplies Co.,Milwaukee Schomer Lichtner,Milwaukee 63 Landscape,acrylic
         1972:Milwaukee,WI,2626a N.Maryland Ave.[2000-2001 Ameritech]
	40.The Herd;tempera on board @ $300.00[57th Exhibition][ill.]H
	41.The Butterfly;acrylic @ $750.00[57th Exhibition]YH
         1973:Milwaukee,WI;2626a N.Maryland Ave.[2000-2001 Ameritech]
	29.Symetric;casein @ $300.00[58th Exhibition]
          1980:Milwaukee,WI,2626a N.Maryland Ave.[2000-2001 Ameritech]
	Barnyard 1980;acrylic on paper,23 x 35 inches[Exhibition 61][ill.]
	Cow 1980;acrylic on paper 35 x 23 inches[Exhibition 61][ill.]
           1996:[Past,Present & Future];2626a N.Maryland Ave.[2000-2001 Ameritech]
Schomer Lichtner b 1905;The Lake 1949;Cows 1948;casein on paper;lent by the artist
           2000:West Bend Art Museum's Early Wisconsin Collections Exhibition[Centennial Exhibition]
             Schomer Lichtner ,Cows,n.d.;ink drawing;gift of Mathilde V.Schwalbach;1994-007
           Lichtner,Schomer,2626-A N Maryland Av.[Ameritech 2000-2001]

Liddicoat,Jr.,Roy H.
	95.Spring Thing,lead
	98.Strata,mixed @ NFS
           1961:5612 Boelde Lane,Madison,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]

Liebenow,Martha-WP&S South Central Chapter
       1989:309 Lake View Ave.,Lake Mills,WI 53551[WP&S 1989]entrants list
       1990:309 Lake View Ave.,Lake Mills,WI 53551[WP&S 1990]
       1991:P.O.Box 314,Lake Mills,WI 53551[WP&S 1991]
       1992:Liebenow Roland R Dr & Martha,W8243 Stockbridge Ct.
[The Phone Book of Jefferson Co.,12th ed.,July 1992]
       1993:W8243 Stockbridge Ct.,Lake Mills,WI 53551[WP&S 1993]
       1996:[W8243 Stockbridge Ct.,Lake Mills,WI 53551][Past,Present & Future]
	Reflection of Giverny No 1
	Reflection of Giverny No 2-oil on canvas
       1997:W8243 Stockbridge Ct.,Lake Mills,WI 53551[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;oil
	If It Doesn't Feel Right-Don't Do It;oil[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
       1999:Lake Mills[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

Lightfoot,Mrs.E.N.[Harriet A.][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         1934:Wisconsin No-Jury
         1935:1850 N.68th St.,WAUWATOSA,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][1935 bio sheet]
         1937:1850 N.68th St.,WAUWATOSA,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

            1929:Lillquist,Arvid E eng r2816 Wells [1929 MCD]
            1934:Lillquist,Arvid E(Ella M)eng h2354 N 4th[1934 MCD]
	82.A Day in Winter-oil
            1935:2354 N.4th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1936:Lillquist,Arvid E(Ella M)eng h2354 N 4th st[1936 MCD]
            1937:2354 N.4th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	96.Purgatory I,oil and lucite
	99.Toluca,acrylic resin & oil,$250.00
	54.Trinidad Head,oil @ $300.00

Lincoln,Agnes Harrison
     Minneapolis,MN 1870-c.1955 [FALK AIC 1990]
           1913:637 Hackett Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
            1914:Lincoln,Agnes H.,Mrs.,h.637 Hackett Av.[1914 MCD]
	67.Portrait of Miss H.H.R.
	68.The Blue Stocking
	69.Portrait (loaned by Mrs. Otto Hansen)
            1919:637 Hackett Ave.,Milwaukee[FALK AIC 1990];not in 1919 MCD
	40.Flowers in a Bowl
            1920:not listed in 1920 MCDAmerican Art Annual
	49.Summer Flowers
	[In painting,the Clara Snyder Memorial Prize ]
            1921:not listed in 1921 MCDAmerican Art Annual
	67.June (loaned)
	69.Bridge of Gold
            1925:Minneapolis,MNAmerican Art Annual
	78.Rose Peonies-pastel
	79.Early Spring-pastel[awarded the Florence B.Fawsett Prize]
           1926:Florence B.Fawsett Prize of $100.00 for the Best Flower Painting:
1926 Agnes Harrison Lincoln
          1929:1063 Glenwood Blvd.,Schenectady,NY[BULLETIN April 1929]MEMBER
          1930:2509 Irving Ave.,South Minneapolis,MN[WP&S April 1930 membership ]
          1931:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]American Art Annual
          1933:Kemper Hall,Kenosha,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
	79.The Flutist-oil[#476 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $N/L]
	#475 Little Grey Girl @ $200.00;#477 Youth with Folded Arms @ N/L]
          1935:Kemper Hall,Kenosha,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1937:Kemper Hall,Kenosha,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Lindberg,Thorsten H.F.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
	Stockholm,Sweden 1878-
           1914:Lindberg,Thorsten,h.359 Madison[1914 MCD]
	70.The Herald (decorative)
	71.Shedding Peacocks(decorative)
            1919:3603 Grand Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1919 membership]
            1920:Lindberg,Thorsten H.F.art designer h3603 Grand av[1920 MCD]
            1920:3603 Grand Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1921 membership]
            1921:3603 Grand Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  "Exhibitors 1921"]
                       3603 Grand Ave.[WP&S  Feb 1921 membership]
            1922:"3605 Grand Ave.">:c/o The Acorn Press,1214-16 Howard St.,Omaha,Nebr.
	                [  WP&S November 16,1922 membership ]
            1923:not listed in 1923 MCD
	43.Menomonee Valley in Winter
            1924:not listed in 1924 MCD
            1924:[3603 Grand Ave."crossed out:"not living in the city"][WP&S 1924 membership]
	71.March Day in Nebraska @ $175.00
            1925:Resigned[WP&S 1925 membership]
            1929:N/L in 1929 MCD
            1935:2551 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	123.The Old Mill-Farm,Nebr.-oil
            1936:Lindberg,Thorsten H F (Alma E J)artist h2551 N Farwell av[1936 MCD]
            1937:2551 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
            1948: Centennial
	161. Old Homestead; watercolor @ nfs

           1989:719 York St.,Manitowoc,WI 54220[WP&S 1989]Shimon & Lindemann;entrants 
	--see SHIMON,John
           1990:719 York St.,Manitowoc,WI 54220[WP&S 1990]
           1991:719 York St.,Manitowoc,WI 54220[WP&S 1991]

Linden,Chris J.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
      1935:2507 Taylor St.,Marinette,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
      1937:2507 Taylor St.,Marinette,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

        1975:2975 N.Fratney,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1975]
        1977:2975 N.Fratney,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1977-78]Erick

Lindner,John W.
             1924:Lindner,John W.(Hazel) artist,Olson & Enzinger Inc,h677 55th[1924 MCD]
	72.Piggsville[price not given]
             1929:Lindner,John W (Hazel D)coml artist 49 E Wells st R304,r189 Windsor av[W'tosa][MCD]
             1935:111 E.Seeboth St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
             1936:111:Sosman Bros clo mfrs;Wis Mfg Co gloves;Modern Cap & Spat Co;Mil Form & Wax Co.
             1937:111 E.Seeboth St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Lindow,Mrs.Laura Lapham
          1929:Lindow,Guy C(Laura L)ins agt h486 Stratford ct[1929 MCD]
          1935:314 E.Stratford Ct.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Edge.2169
          1936:Lindow,Guy C(Laura L)slsmn Kansas City Life Ins Co h314 E.Stratford ct[1936 MCD]

          1942:Lindsey Lois student r2324 E Bennet av[1942 MCD]

           2000:2361 N.Nine Mound Rd.,Verona,WI 53593[WP&S 2001]
	Plate 25:Papa Brahms;oil;24"x18"[Centennial Exhibition]

           1945:Liotta,Jos(Ruth)coml artist h3807 N Maryland av[1944-45 MCD]
   	34.Boys,watercolor @ $10.00
	38.Industrial,tempera @ $25.00
            1948: Centennial
	162. Picking Fowl; watercolor @ $35

         1975:1146 E.Singer Cir.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1975]
         1976:1146 E.Singer Cir.,Milwaukee,WI 53212
	Field and Room Series;pastel and pencil @ $160.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1977:1146 E.Singer Cir.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1977-78]

Lipman, Mrjorie
         1948: Centennial
	163. Dixie Lullaby; lithograph @ $58

	56.Pont[Neuf] I,steel,brass @ $400.00
	57.Pont Neuf II,steel @ $400.00
$100 The M.Grumbacher Artits Materials Co Award 57 Pont Neuf II,steel Marvin Lipofsky

          1942:Lipschutz,June,clk r2646 N 50th [1942 MCD]
	In the Lobby--drawing
           1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943
	90.Yellow Fringe,watercolor @ $50.00
           1945:Lipschutz,June C artist Boston Store r2802 N 48th[1945 MCD]
	35.Taxco,Mexico,watercolor @ NFS

Lipscomb,Lyle T.
	64.Schemes of Existence;watercolor @ $65.00
	28.Arise On A Splendid Plane;watercolor @ $150.00[52nd Annual]
	47.Aggyatta Re Montao;watercolor @ $485.00[53rd Annual]

Liskowiak,Edward M.[FALK AIC 1990]
              1936:Liskowiak,Edward N.,pntr r3315 S.16th [1936 MCD]
	     106.Yellow Hen-oil…………………………………[#118 FALK AIC 1990 p.557]
              1938:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]

Liskowiak,Witold J.
             1933:3315 S.16th St.,Milwaukee WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
             1933:3315 S.16th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries $.50]
	[#668 Character Study @ N/L]
             1935:3315 S.16th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
             1936:Liskowiak,Bruno(Anna)decorator………………..… 3315 S 16th h do[1936 MCD]
                      Liskowiak,Edw N pntr ………………………………….  r3315 S 16th[1936 MCD]
                      Liskowiak,Sophie…………………………………………r3315 S.16th[1936 MCD]
       Liskowiak,Witold(Prisra)pntr…………………………… r3315 S 16th[1936 MCD]
             1937:3315 S.18th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

            1936:Litch,Dorothy student r917 N 11th [1936 MCD]
            1937:Litch,Dorothy student r917 N 11th[1937 MCD]
	107.Appreciation of Art-water color

         1987:W302 S2832 Bethesda Cir.,Waukesha,WI 53188[WP&S 1987]pro/Crt.
         1989:W302 S2822 Bethesda Cir.,Waukesha,WI 53188[WP&S 1989]Cir.
         1990:W302 S2832 Bethesda Cir.,Waukesha,WI 53188[WP&S 1990]
         1991:W302 S2822 Bethesda Cir.,Waukesha,WI 53188[WP&S 1991]

         1977:1552 Chicago St.,Green Bay,WI 53400[WP&S 1977-78]

Little,Dorothy V.
          1993:2755 Colgate Rd.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1993]$20.00
          1994:Little,Sidney C & Dorothy V-------[Ameritech 1994-95]

Little Gallery[Milwaukee}
            1935:see Milwaukee Book Shop and Little Gallery[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

Little Gallery,The
             1935:c/o Mrs.Lester Davis,Manitowoc,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

Livingston,Edith A.
           1925:Milwaukee,WI[not listed in 1925 MCD]
          1929:Livingston,Edith A tchr Cass St Sch r rear 407 Windsor pl[1929 MCD]
                   Livingston, Grace M clk Badger Paint & Hdwr Stores r rear 407 Windsor pl[1929 MCD]
                   Livingston,Max E cond h rear 407 Windsor pl[1929 MCD]
          1932:1823 E.Windsor Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#711 Mine Shaft House @ $10.00;#712 Portrait @ $100.00;#713 Self Portrait @ N/L;#714 Laura @ N/L;
#715 Decorative Composition @ $30.00]
          1936: not in 1936 MCD

        1982:1500 Palisades Dr.,Appleton,WI 54911[WP&S 1982]paintings
	Forbiddens;oil,acrylic[Juried Membership Show]
	Artist's Items;oil,acrylic[Juried Membership Show]
        1985:Art Dept.,UW-Fox Valley,Menasha,WI 54952[WP&S 1985-86]paid
        1986:Art Dept.,UW-Fox Valley,Menasha,WI 54952[WP&&S 1986-87]

Locke,Alan G.
            1938:Locke,Allen student r1029 E Knapp[1938 MCD]
                     Locke Allan r3813 N Morris blvd[1938 MCD]
	120.The Brothers-sculpture
	104.Nude,watercolor @ NFS
	88.Michiko,red standstone @ $50.00
	89.Young Figure,carrara marble @ NFS
	49."Domino"-oil & encaustic

Lockwood,Margaret[see Woodwalk Gallery]WP&S Southeast Chapter
           1995:1922 N.Oakland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1995]oil painting,gallery owner
     :Fish Creek[WP&S catalogue]
  Night Falling;oil on canvas and wood,18" x 50" @ $1,800.00
           1997:1922 N.Oakland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1997]supporting;painter;oil
	Aligned-October;oil[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

         1996:future members/student participants[Past,Present & Future]
	Tracing a Seismograph;mixed media

Bavaria 1887-1934 Provincetown,MA 1934
       1914:4346 N.Hermitage Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
       1915:Kimball Bldg.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
       1916:Kimball Bldg.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
       1917:4346 N.Hermitage Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
	53.Sunlight Girl @ $100.00
	56.Study of a Lifesaver @ $100.00 [#28 1917-18 Rotary Exhibition @ $100.00]
	58.Study of a Young Girl @ $300.00……………………..[#221 FALK AIC 1990 p559]@$500.00
	59.Dunes and Sea @ $50.00 [#29 1917-18 Rotary Exhibition @ $50.00]
	60.Nude Portrait @ $200.00
	60a.Portrait-Mrs.Mead @ N/L
     1922:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[MARLOR SOA]
     1923:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[MARLOR SOA]
     1925:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[MARLOR SOA]
     1929:Litchfield,Conn;summer,Provincetown,MA-AAA 1929[FALK AIC 1990]

        1945:Lowe,Richd E.(Hazel)USN r2268 N 59th[1944-45 MCD]
	39.Saturday Night,egg tempera @ NFS

        1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943
	50.Native Woman,oil @ $50.00

        1977:1220 E.Chambers,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1977-78]

	29.Landscape;watercolor @ $85.00[52nd Annual][ill.]
$50 Bobke Paint,Inc.,Milwaukee A.R.Lofman,Madison 29 Landscape,watercolor

Loga,Mrs.Elmer[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         1935:Fort Atkinson,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1937:Fort Atkinson,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Logan,Clarice George[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
     	Maysville,NY 1909-              [FALK AIC 1990]
            1929:is not in 1929 MCD under Clarice George
            1934:1915 E.Greenwich Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 mem. list][corrected:1936 MCD]
            1935:1915 E.Greenwich Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member][no phone #]
	124.The Heart of Milwaukee-oil
	125.Main Street of St.Ignace-oil
	126.Morning Silhouette-black and white
	127.Dwarf Chrysanthemums-black and white
            1936 [see entry for Logan,Fredk M(Clarice)below]
	125.Evening Recreation-black and white
	126.Hudson River-black and white
Milwaukee Art Institute Purchase Prize:
3rd Honorable Mention:Clarice G.Logan-"Hudson River"-No.1073
             1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:Waterfront Yard
            1937:[see entry for Logan,Fredk M(Clarice)below]
	109.Water Color-water color
            1938:[see entry for Logan,Fredk M(Clarice)below]
	121.Holding David-oil
	122.Portrait of David-oil……………………………………[#117 FALK AIC 1990]
            1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943
	31.Spring Bouquet,oil @ $50.00
             1945:Logan,Fredk C (Clarice)instr State Tchrs College h2757 N Murray av[1944-45 MCD]
	40.Pasture Motif,oil @ $150.00
            1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	26.Moonlight and Roses,oil @ $100.00
	136.Sun in the Trees,wash drawing @ $35.00
            1948: Centennial
	164.Black Cat and Ruins; ;oil @ $250  165.August; wood engraving @ $25

Logan,Dwight Robert[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
        1929:Logan,Robt D artist SENTINEL Co r204 7th av (W'tosa)[1929 MCD]
        1931:Logan,Dwight artist r3209 A W Highland blvd[1931 MCD]
	73. "Gus"
        1933:450 N 33rd St,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:N/P]
	80.Snow-drawing[#420 WP&S 1933 Entrants list@ $50.00]
	#421 Head Study @ N/L;#422 Oil Study @ $150.00]
        1935:1518 E.Windsor Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	128.Still Life-watercolor
        1936:Logan,Robt D(Ruth W)artist h1518 Windsor pl[1936 MCD]

Logan,Frederick Manning[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
	Racine,WI 1909-            WP&S President 1935(and/or Myron Nutting);1944-46
            1929:Logan,Fredk student r876 55th [1929 MCD]
                     Logan,Harvey W(Isabelle)[see below]
            1932:2420 N.55th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	56.Rolling Country-watercolor @ $40.00[#437 on A.B.C.list]
	[#438 Stairway @ $35.00;#439 Trees @ $35.00]
            1933:2420 N.55th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$.50]
	The WP&S Prize of $25.00 for the Best Black and White:1933:Fred M.Logan
	81.Winter Sun-drawing[#16b WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $10.00]
	82.Crossroads,Church-drawing[#17b WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $30.00]
	[#15b Side Street Menominee @ $10.00;#18b Trees in Pasture @ $15.00;#19b Oak Grove @ $10.00;
#23b Hamilton @ N/L]
            1934:915 E.Greenwich Ave..,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership list]
	83.The New $500,000 High School-watercolor
             1935:2420 N.55th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1935:1915 E.Greenwich Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Mr & Mrs Fred M.]
	129.Tourist Lodgings-oil
	130.Castle Rock-oil
	131.Trespassers Prosecuted-black and white
             1936: Logan,Fredk M.(Clarice) tchr Steuben Jr High Sch h.2460 W.Juneau av[1936 MCD]
             1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:Bay Shore Highway
             1937:Logan,Fredk M(Clarice G)tchr Steuben Jr High Sch r1232 N 34th[1937 MCD]
	110.Country Road-drawing
	111.Lake Front-drawing
             1938:Logan,Fredk M (Clarice)tchr Steuben Jr Hi Sch h2551 N 44th[1938 MCD]
	123.Hill Farm-oil………………………………………………[#118 FALK AIC 1990 p560]
	124.Bill Board Row-watercolor
	125.Heights to Hell Gate-drawing
            1939:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
            1940:Logan,Fredk M(Clarice)tchr Steuben Jr Hi Sch h2551 N 44th [1940 MCD]
	107.On the Road to Hog's Back,oil
            1941:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
            1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943[Who's Who in American Art]
	32.Moon Clouds, oil @ $75.00
	142.Lake Front Street,drybrush @ NFS
             1944:Logan,Fredk K(Clarice)instr State Tchrs College
 h2757 N Murray av[1944-45 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	18.Cottage Pier,oil @ $100.00……………………………………[#75 FALK AIC 1990 p560]
             1945:2757 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
	41.Night Shift,oil @ $50.00
	17.Stoughton Hill Slope,dry brush @ $25.00
            1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
  	27.Supper Table,oil @ $75.00
	[Incentive Prize(Awarded to members in good standing who have won no other prize):
WP&S Award of $25.00 to Fred Logan for the work,Supper Table]
1948: Centennial
	166. Willows in the Snow; dry brush and ink @ $50

Logan,Harvey W.
           1929:Logan,Harvey W (Isabelle)mech eng A.O.Smith Corp h876 55th [1929 MCD]
                   :Logan,Fredk student [see above][1929 MCD]
                   :Logan,Raymond student r 876 55th[1929 MCD]
           1933:2420 N.55th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$2.50][H.W.]
           1935:2420 N.55th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1936:Logan,Harvey W(Isabella)mech eng h2420 N.55th[1936 MCD]
	128.Brookfield Farm--oil
           1937:2420 N.55th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
	108.Our Neighbors,watercolor
	19.Summit Grove,oil @ $100.00

Logan,Marjorie S.
          1927:Who's Who in Art & Music,res.Holton Hall,M-D College,Milwaukee,WI,p.251
          1929:Logan,Marjorie S instr Mil-Downer College[1929 MCD]
          1935:Milwaukee Downer College,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1935:2512 E.Hartford Ave.,Downer College[WP&S 1935 associate member]Edge.6187
          1936:Logan,Marjorie S instr Mil Downer Coll r2512 E Hartford[1936 MCD]
          1937:Milwaukee Downer College,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Logan,Robert-see DWIGHT Robert Logan above

Logan Gallery of Art
           1935:Beloit College,Beloit,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

Logemann,Mrs.Adolph G.
           1935:2837 E.Park Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Lake.1385
           1936:Logemann,Adolph G.(Ella H),pres Logemann Bro Co[hydrolics,die & label printing]MCD

          1935:1737 N.72nd St.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 member]Blue.5901

	58.Young,oil @ $225.00

Lohr,Edwin A.
          1917:Lohr,Edwin A mech artist h739 Layton boul[1917 MCD]
          	61.Autumn Meadow @ $30.00 [#30 1917-18 Rotary Exhibition @ $30.00]

Lohr,Ruth H.
            1929: Lohr,Edwin A (Elsie)artist Chas E McCreedy Inc h597 52d[1929 MCD]
              McCreedy,Chas E.,Inc,Art Service for Advertisers ,321 Metropolitan Blk, 290 3d[MCD]
               Lohr,Ruth  student r597 52nd [1929 MCD]
            1931:Lohr,Edwin A.(Elsie)artist Chas E McCreery Inc h1749 N 52nd [1931 MCD]
              Lohr Ruth student r1749 N 52d[1931 MCD]
74.[sic]Black Catt-watercolor
            1932:1749 N.52nd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#128  Study @ $25.00;#129 The Red Sweater @ $25.00]
           1935:1749 N.52nd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1936:Lohr,Ruth H. tchr Washington High sch r1749 N 52nd st[1936 MCD]
                   :Lohr,Edwin A (Elsie A)artist Chas E McCreedy Inc h1749 N 52d[1936 MCD]
           1937:1749 N.52nd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

         1961:715 E.Juniper Lane,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]

	68.Ancient Vessel,steel @ $400.00
	59.Ice Cream Cone,oil @ $1,000.00
$200 Gimbles Milwaukee Award 59 Ice Cream Cone,oil,Keith Long
	60.Totem,welded steel @ $700.00
	51.Child Toys II,oil @ $1,750.00
$125 WP&S Memorial Award 51 Child Toys II oil Keith Long

Loomis,Mrs. Casey Vaughn(Miss Irma Haak,Davenport,IA)[Gregory III,pp444-47]
          1935:2106 E.Lake Bluff Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:2106 E.Lake Bluff Blvd:Hentzen,Herbert D[1936 MCD]-rev
                  :Hentzen Herbert D(Marie F)sec-treas Wisconsin Paint Mfg Co h2106 E.Lake Bluff blvd[MCD]
                  :Loomis,Casey V.(Erma)supt h2508 E Belleview pl,apt.32[1936 MCD]
          1937:2106 E.Lake Bluff Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

            1933:4118 N.13th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$.50]
	[#470a Portrait in Oil @ $25.00]
            1935:4118 N.13th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1936:Loose,Raymond artist Dosie & Johnson Co r4118 N 13th [1936 MCD]
            1937:4118 N.13th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Lorence, Jr.,John Clement
	69.The Estrangement,oil @ $900.00
	70.Metaphor for Men,oil @ $75.00["475"]
$100 Milwaukee Art Center Award 70 Metaphor for Men,oil John Clement Lorence
           1963:620 E.Knapp St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1963 Prof]
	61.Femme and Foe of Magnifico,oil @ $1,000.00

       Weimar 1858-1915 Milwaukee,WI 
       1893:Milwaukee,WI:Columbian Exposition,Chicago,IL
       1894:Chamber of Commerce,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
       1895:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
       1897:Chamber of Commerce,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
       1900:Chamber of Commerce,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
       1900-01:Mitchell Building,Milwaukee,WI
	21.Chinese Belle
	22.In a Texas Pasture
       1901:72 Mitchell Bldg.,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
       1902:[3rd exhibit]Mitchell Building,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
	9.Snipe Hunters
       1903:72 Mitchell Bldg.,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
       1904:72 Mitchell Bldg.,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
       1905:73 Mitchell Bldg.,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
       1907:Mitchell Bldg.,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
       1908:72 Mitchell Bldg.,Milwaukee,WI[fALK AIC 1990]
        1914:Lorenz,Richard,artist,h.485 Jefferson[1914 MCD]
	72.A Ranchman of North Dakota
	73.--and Up[perhaps "Stand Up" or "Up and Up"-first 2-3 letters obliterated]
      1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:#31 Western Plains (ca 1887);#32 The Roundup (ca.1899);
#33 Winter Afternoon (1905)
      2000:West Bend Art Museum's Early Wisconsin Collections Exhibition[Centennial Exhibition]
            Richard Lorenz,Horst Market Midwinger(Hales Corners Horse Market)1911;
30"x40";oil on canvas;1997-006

Lorski,Boris Lovett
        1921:16 Lime St.,Boston,MA[Marlor SIA]
        1922: "c/o Layton School of Art"[WP&S 1922 New Members Elected Nov.1922]

Lottermoser,Joyce Paul
         1975:2868 N.41st St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1975]
         1976:2868 N.41st St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210
	Novice;mixed media @ $200.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1977:2868 N.41st St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1977-78]

         1989:1116 Chandler St. #3,Madison,WI 53715[WP&S 1989]entrants

Loy,William F.
	123.Carl Sandburg's Chicago-oil & encaustic @ $175.00
	84.The Merry-GO-Round,welded steel
	85.Fugitives,etched steel
Luchini, Dolores
         1948: Centennial
	167. Lakefront; serigraph @ $150

Ludlow,Albert S
	WMRF to ASL 12-8-1894[more]
	WMRF to ASL 8-15-1908
	WMRF to ASL 1-26-1909;2-8-1909;11-5-1909;12-31-1909

Ludwig,Catherine J.
       1993:2308 A N.Weil St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1993]$15.00
       1996:Ludwig,Cathy J 2308-A N Weil[Ameritech 1996-97]

	147.No Title--sculpture

Luedke,Charles F.
        1950:Luedke,Chas F(Margt E)studt h4309 W Sherman blvd[1950 MCD]
         	38.Clansmen,oil @ $50.00
        1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951
	50.Magic Lures-oil & encaustic
           	51.Gull Call-oil & encaustic
	17.Electorate-sculpture @ $250.00
	124.Clansmen No.2-oil & encaustic @ $75.00
	86.Bison,welded steel
	87.Bellerophon,welded sculpture

	47.Spoons and Snake in a Columbian Landscape,gouache @ $150.00[56th Exhibition]
	42.Empty spoon on the floor of a South American hotel;gouache @ $150.00[57th Exhibition]YSH
	43.Killo-II;transparent water color @ NFS[57th Exhibition]Y

Lueloff, Marjorie Kaltenback
	Kenosha,WI 1906-
           1936:not listed in 1936 MCD
	129.Self Portrait-oil
           1940:not listed in 1940 MCD
              109.The Blue Veil,oil
WP&S  Award:Marjorie Lueloff-"The Blue Veil"--oil
           1945:236 5th Ave.,West Bend,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
	42.Arrangement,oil @ $75.00
           1946:West Bend,WI
	28.Still Life,oil @ $150.00
            1947:"Grafton,WI":FALK WWW 1999
            1959:"Milwaukee 17,WI":FALK WWW 1999
            1963:Lueloff,Mrs.R.T.,1777 W.Bradley Rd.,Milwukee 17,WI[WP&S 1963 ]Active
            1964:Lueloff,Mrs.R.T.,1777 W.Bradley Rd.,Milwaukee 17,WI[WP&S 1964]
            1966:Lueloff,Margery,1777 W.Bradley Rd.,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1966-67]
            1972.Lueloff,Margery(Mrs.R.T.),1777 W.Bradley Rd.,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1972]
            1973:Lueloff,Marjorie,1777 W.Bradley Rd.,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1973]life member
            1974:Lueloff,Marjorie,1777 W.Bradley Rd.,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1974]life member

           1935:12561 3rd Ave.,Detroit,MI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1937:12561 3rd Ave.,Detroit,MI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
           1961:1777 W.Bradley Rd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
           1963:1777 W.Bradley Rd.,Milwaukee 17,WI[WP&S 1963] Active
           1964:1777 W.Bradley Rd.,Milwaukee 17,WI[WP&S 1964]honorary
           1965:1777 W.Bradley Rd.,Milwaukee 17,WI[WP&S 1965-6] honorary
           1972:1777 W.Bradley Rd.,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1972]honorary

        1977:1007A E.Locust,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1977-78]

        1945:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1944-45 MCD
	5.Sculpture,plaster @ $100.00
        1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	105.Devastation,watercolor @ $10.00

Lukow,Margaret M-WP&S Southeast Chapter
          1993:5725 Weston Drive,Racine,WI 53406[WP&S 1993]$15.00
          1995:5725 Weston Drive,Racine,WI 53406[WP&S 1995]painting
          1997:5725 Weston Drive,Racine,WI 53406[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;oil
          1999:Racine[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

	44.Untitled #1;dye and acrylic @ $150.00[57th Exhibition]YS

Lundahl,David W.
         1993:Box 340,Townhall Rd.,Beloit,WI 53511[WP&S 1993]$20.00

Lundgren,Mr & Mrs Otto[Mrs.H.N.][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
        1935:730 E.Linus St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Lundgren,Otto L(Hattie E)acct Mid-City Lbr Co h730 E Linus [1936 MCD]
        1937:730 E.Linus St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Lusk, John H.
        1948: Centennial
	168. Rural Scene;oil @ $180

Lutz,Frank G.
	71.Untitled;oil @ $125.00
	62.Aztec;enamel,oil @ $400.00
	65.The Visitor;aluminum @ $150.00
	66.Big "Thing"Bird; welded steel @ $500.00
$100 Friends of Art of the Milwaukee Art Center,Frank G.Lutz,Milwaukee 66.Big"Thing"Bird,welded steel
	48.GT-90X; mixed @ $400.00[53rd Annual]
	53.Incised Drum; plywood @ $700.00[54th Annual]
	54.GT-300; mixed @ $500.00[54th Annual]
	45.Untitled;plexiglas @ $150.00[57th Exhibition]H
       1974:12025 W.Mill Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53225[WP&S 1974]
       1975:12025 W.Mill Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53225[WP&S 1975]
       1977:12025 W.Mill Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53225[WP&S 1977-78]

Lutzke,Richard G.
	46.Light & Space #4;water color @ $100.00[57th Exhibition]YH
	30.Landscape Space #11;watercolor @ $135.00[58th Exhibition]
          1974:2576 N.Pierce,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1974]
          1975:2576 N.Pierce,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1975]
          1976:2576 N.Pierce,Milwaukee,WI 53212
	Junction;mixed media @ $400.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Repose;mixed media @ $400.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
          1977:2576 N.Pierce,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1977-78]

Luy,Marjorie Lipman
         1949:Luy,Wm A.(Marjorie)slsmn The Paetow Co h5516 N 31st apt 3[1949 MCD]
	50.Christmas Phantasy,pastel @ $75.00

Lyman,Paul H.
        1935:8125 Warren Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Blue.4914

        1935:3959 Harcourt Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 member]Edge.1096
        1936:Lynch,May E tchr Maryland Av Sch r3959 Harcourt pl[1936 MCD]

Lynch,William H.-WP&S attorney
        1982:625 N.Milwaukee St.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1982]

Lyon,Alcidene[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         1933:2140 N.39th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$.50]
	[#28b Jordan @ NFS]
         1934:Wisconsin No-Jury Show[bio]
         1935:2140 N.39th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]Ho.8672R
         1936:Lyon,Alcidene W slswn r2140 N State r2140 N 39th [1939 MCD]
                  Lyon,Geo S(Augusta S)slsmn Clough-Cook & Co,[livestock]h2140 N 39th [1939 MCD]
         1937:2140 N.39th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
         1942:see VILLWOCK,Alcidene

Lyster-Baime,Sonya-WP&S Southeast Chapter
        1996:Baime,Peter & Sonya,1100 W River Park La[Ameritech 1996-97]
        1997:1100 West River Park Ln.,Milwaukee,WI 53209[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;wc
	Jupiter and It's Moons;watercolor[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

         1936:Lytle,Thos sign appr Hartwig Studios Inc r1573 N Prospect av[1936 MCD]
	130:Bottom Street-watercolor