Wisconsin Artists

This project was begun October 22,2000, the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Society of Milwaukee Artists

Compiled and submitted by:
Eugene B.Meier, Jr.
December 18, 2010

Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors Exhibition Record 1900-2000
Sound View Press, Madison,CT

Note: A reverse-directory in Milwaukee is referred to as a criss-cross directory in Chicago; the latter is a brand-name

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Pabst,Mrs.Frederick[Ida Uihlein]
[Source:When Midwest Millionaires Lived Like Kings, by Jean Lindsay Johnson(1981)]
         1935:Oconomowoc,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1937:Oconomowoc,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Pacala,Carl J.
           1933:2545 S.15th Place.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
	[#622a Motherly Love,portrait @ $200.00;#623a Lovers Night Dream @ $50.00;#624a Lonely Stream @ $30.00]

Pacholski, Raymond
     1948: Centennial
	198. Sunny; oil @ $100

	79.Woman #1,unique bronze @ $3,000.00
$100 Milwaukee Moulding and Frame Co David Packard,Chicago 79.Woman #1,unique bronze

         	92.Scrubwoman,Bedford stone @ NFS

Paesel,Audrey Linquist-WP&S South Central Chapter
         1996:[Madison,WI][Past,Present & Future]
	Adam and Eve Revisited (ill.);oil on panel
Solo Show Award
	Children Don't Count II;oil on panel in old ammunition crates
         1997:416 S.Blount St.,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1997]pro
	Check Mate;oil on wood[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
          1999:Madison[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]
         2000:416 S.Blount St.,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 2001][Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate 34:Cain and Able(or Boys Will Be Boys);oil on panel in old printer's drawer

          1964:Wingspread Foundation,Racine,WI[WP&S 1964]
          1965:Wingspread Foundation,Racine,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
          1966:Wingspread Foundation,Racine,WI[WP&S 1966-67]
          1972:Wingspread Foundation,Racine,WI 53404[WP&S 1972]
          1975:Wingspread Foundation,Racine,WI 53404[WP&S 1975]
          1977:Wingspread Foundation,Racine,WI 53404[WP&S 1977-78]
          1979:Wingspread Foundation,Racine,WI 53404[WP&S 1979]

Pagac, John J.
        1948: Centennial
	199. Fishing in Thiensville; watercolor @ $0

           1935:1226 N.25th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]West 5878J
           1936:Pagel,Emma (wid Otto)h 1226 N.25th [1936 MCD]
                   :Pagel,Emma M.r1226 N 25th [1936 MCD]

           1935:1226 N.25th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]West 5878J
           1936:Pagel,Hedwig clk U.S.Int Rev r1226 N