Wisconsin Artists

This project was begun October 22,2000, the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Society of Milwaukee Artists

Compiled and submitted by:
Eugene B.Meier, Jr.
December 18, 2010

Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors Exhibition Record 1900-2000
Sound View Press, Madison,CT

Note: A reverse-directory in Milwaukee is referred to as a criss-cross directory in Chicago; the latter is a brand-name

The following Milwaukee telephone exchanges appear below:

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Ulbricht,Mrs.Oswald  H.
      1935:915 N.28th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]West 3331
      1936.Ulbricht,Augusta r915 N 28th..[1936 MCD]
              :Ulbricht,Elsa E.(see above)..[1936 MCD]
              :Ulbricht,Eug F. slsmn r915 N.28th.. [1936 MCD]
              :Ulbricht, Oswald  H.died March 7th,1936 age 77 [1936 MCD]
              :Ulbricht,Roland O. died June 16th,1936 age 40.[1936 MCD]
              :Ulbricht,Sadie(wid.Roland O.)r915 N 28th..[1936 MCD]

       1935:2501 S.6th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936 Piskula,Frank(Stella) gro 2501 S 6th h do[1936 MCD] & reverse
               :Ullenberg,Geo T(Charlotte A)coml artist Ed Schuster & Co,h3218 S Springfield av[1936 MCD]
       1937:2501 S.6th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
       1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943
	113.Memory,watercolor @ $35.00

Ulm Mayhew,Mary L.-WP&S Southeast Chapter
        1989:W 4151 Tay Gay Tay,Waubeka,WI 53021[WP&S 1989]entrants[Mary Ulm]
	Herd of Wisconsin?;oil[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
        1991:6871 Hickory Rd.,West Bend,WI 53095[WP&S 1991]
        1995:6871 Hickory Rd.,West Bend,WI 53095[WP&S 1995]oil painting
        1997:6871 Hickory Rd.,West Bend,WI 53095[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;oil

Ulmschneider,Frank J.
      New York City,NY ca 1890-           
        1915:Ulmschneider Frank J artist 612 North av h629 Chambers[1915 MCD]
	75.The Stream
	76.October Afternoon
        1917:Ulmschneider,Frank J comlartist 534,120 Wis hE Mil[1917 MCD]
	106.Moonlight @ N/L
	107.Midwinter @ N/L [#47 1917-18 Rotary Exhibition @ $100.00]
        1917-18 Rotary Exhibition:#48 Wisconsin River,Kilbourn @ $45.00;#49 Sunset Hill @ $40.00;
#50.When Land Meets Sea @ $75.00
        1919:534 Wells Bldg.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1919 membership]
        1921:534 Wells Bldg.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  "Exhibitors 1921"]
                     543 Wells Bldg[WP&S Feb 1921 membership]
        1922:"3605 Grand Ave.">443 Olive St.,Shorewood,WI[ WP&S Nov.16,1922 membership]
        1924:443 Olive St.,Shorewood,WI[WP&S 1924 membership]
        1925:443 Olive St.,Shorewood,WI[WP&S 1925 membership]
        1926:443 Olive St.,Shorewood,WI[WP&S 1926 membership]
        1927:Who's Who in Art & Music,res.443 Olive St.,Shorewood,WI,p.261[Marlor SIA]
        1929:443 Olive St.,Shorewood,WI[BULLETIN 4-1929]
        1930:443 Olive St.,Shorewood,WI[WP&S April 1930 membership]
        1931:Ulmschneider,Frank J.(Emma)coml artist 413 E Mson R 1 h2109 E.Olive[1931 MCD]
        1932:2109 E.Olive St.,Shorewood,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#554 Autumn Twilight @ $200.00;#555 Moonlight @ $200.00;#556 Indian Summer @ $200.00]
        1935:2109 E.Olive St.,Shorewood,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Ulmschneider,Bernice clk Aluminum Co of Am r2109 E Olive[1936 MCD]
	 : Ulmschneider,Frank J.(Emma)coml artist 259 E Wells r412,h2109 E Olive[1936 MCD]
        1937:2501 E.Olive St.,,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

	1924:not listed in 1924 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	12.Character Sketch[price not given][sculpture]
	[Honorable Mention to F.J.Ulrich for "Character Sketch"]

Ulrich,Robert Paul
          2000:2906 S.13th st.,Milwaukee,WI 53215[WP&S 2001][Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate 53:Lillians;acrylic on paper;30" x 42"

Unger,Frank J.
           1937:620 Lunham Ave.,Cudahy,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

	153.Old Wisconsin Farmer,oil & encaustic @ $300.00
	154.Jefferson Junction,oil & encaustic @ $250.00

Urban,Miss Gertrude
	1910:Milwaukee Public Library
	WMRF to GU 5-28-1910-vz Spicuzza

	Time Out for Repairs--gouache
	58.We Lived Upstairs,oil @ $75.00

Uren,Miss Emma L.
          1935:2420 N.Dousman St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:Uren,Janet Mrs underwriter Robt R Elsner Co h3420 N Dousman[1936 MCD]
                  :Uren,Richd F(Janet)eng Louis Allis Co h3420 N Dousman[1936 MCD]
          1937:2420 N.Dousman St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Urich, Mrs. Gertrude Holberg [see Mrs H.L.Urich below][WP&S Bio data 22nd Ann.Exhibition/1935]
          1933:2811 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	[#523a Primroses @ $10.00]
          1935:2811 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:2811 W.National-Urich,Harry L.[1936 MCD]reverse
                  :Urich,Harry L(Gertrude H.),dentist 2637 W Nat'l Ave h2811 do[1936 MCD]
          1937:2811 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
          1945:Ulrich,Harry L(Gertrude H)dentist 904 S.Layton blvd h8111 W Nat'l av[1944-45 MCD]
	75.Black-Eyed Susans,oil @ $30.00
         1951:[West National ave.,Milwaukee,WI]
	101.Flowers and Pottery-oil
         1952:[West National ave.,Milwaukee,WI]
	137.The White Vase-watercolor
          1959:[West National ave.,Milwaukee,WI]
	164:A Wintry Scene,watercolor @ $75.00
          1960:[West National ave.,Milwaukee,WI]
	111.A Winding Road,watercolor @ $60.00
          1961:3015 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
          1963:3015 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee 15,WI[WP&S 1963 Active]
          1964:3015 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee 15,WI[WP&S 1964]
          1965:3015 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee 15,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
          1966:3015 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee 53215[WP&S 1966-67]
          1970:3015 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee 53215[WP&S 1970]
          1972:3015 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee 53215[WP&S 1972]
          1974:3015 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee 53215[WP&S 1974]

Urich,Mrs.Harry L.[see Mrs Gertrude H.Urich above]
            1933:2811 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$.50]

	99.Two Figures in an Interior Exposure,oil @ $125.00
	85.Winged Manicolfa Mangi,oil @ $500.00[56th Exhibition]

          1936:Utpatel,Chas F(Celia)guard Marshall & Ilsley Bank h2508 S.Williams[1936 MCD]
                   Utpatel,Gilbert B.(Ethel)city firemn h2524 S.Williams[1936 MCD]
	206.Fuel Makers-black and white
          1948: Centennial
	264.Edge of the Village; wood engraving @ $10

Uttech,Tom-WP&S President  1975
     Merrill,WI 1942-    [100 Years:Union League Club of Chicago,pp.126-7]
        1972:3078 N.Fratney,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1972]
	81.Untitled;oil @ $1,000.00[57th Exhibition]YSH[ill.]
	82.Untitled;oil @ $1,000.00[57th Exhibition]YSH
        1973:3078 N.Fratney,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1973]
$600.00 award for #65,#66 and #67
	65.Aino and the Trout,Painting for Jean Sibelius;oil @ $1,500.00[58th Exhibition]
	66.Painting for Pickle Crow Ontario;oil @ $2,500.00[58th Exhibition]
	67.Untitled,Pickle Crow Series;oil @ $1,500.00[58th Exhibition][ill.]
        1974:2582 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1974]
        1975:2582 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
        1977:2582 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]

Uyvari,Robert A.
	100.Transit No.1, mixed media @ $450.00
	78.Unit Five,mixed @ $450.00[54th Annual]

           1935:2314 E.Wyoming Place,Milwaukee,WI{WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1936:2324 Bradford Apts A:Vacheron,Jean R[1936 MCD]reverse
                    :Vacheron,Dorothy R Mrs paarole officer Wis Industrial Sch for Girls
 h2314 E Wyoming pl apt A [1936 MCD]
                    :Vacheron,Jean R (Dorothy R)instr Vocational Sch h2314 E Wyoming pl apt A[MCD]
           1937:2314 E.Wyoming Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Valenti,Vito-WP&S Southeast Chapter
          1996:Valenti Vito 6835 Auburn Av[Ameritech 1996-97]
	Endgame;steel,polyresin,animal skull[Past,Present & Future]
          1997:6835 Auburn Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1997]pro
          2000:Valenti Vito 6835 Auburn Av[Ameritech 2000-01][Centennial Exhibition]
 	Plate 54:Il Forno;steel,resin,film;18" x 12"

	156.Mother and Child--sculpture

Valentine,John G.
          1949:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1949 MCD
	74.Elm and Broadway,oil @ $100.00          
	102.Ventral Theme-oil
	84.Bicycles -oil & encaustic
WP&S Purchase Prize-to a member in good standing:John Valentine-Bicycles-oil-$100.00
	85.The City-oil & encaustic
	69.Urban Trio-oil & encaustic
	70.Chicago-oil & encaustic
Milwaukee Art Institute Awards-John G.Valentine-Chicago-oil-$50.00

Valentine,Marian Kissinger (Mrs.Hans G.)/WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          Milwaukee,WI 1901-
           See :KISSINGER,Marian
          1934:Valentine,Hans G(Marian K)clk N W Mut Life Ins Co h1913 E Royall pl[1934 MCD]
	135.Water Color-watercolor
	136.Apple Sauce-drawing
          1935:1613 E.Royal Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]Lake.1109
          1936:Valentine Hans G (Marion K)Special Agent NW Mut Life Ins Co h1613 E Royall pl[MCD]
          1938:Valentine,Hans G.(Marion)slsmn h1613 E Royall pl[1938 MCD]
	183.The Duet-drawing
	265.Composition; watercolor @ $25

Van Brunt,Mrs.Bradlee(Miss Laura Russell)[Gregory IV pp.205-6
        1935:1879 N.Cambridge Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Van Brunt,Bradlee(Laura)special representative  Mutual Life Ins Co.,
h River Road,River Hills[1936 MCD];1879 N.Cambridge vacant[1936-rev]
        1937:1879 N.Cambridge Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Van de Boom,Suzanne
          1990:1912 East Beverly Rd.,Shorewood,WI 53211[WP&S 1990]
          1991:1912 East Beverly Rd.,Shorewood,WI 53211[WP&S 1991]

Van de Erve,Mrs.Julia
        1935:504  Wauwatosa Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1937:504  Wauwatosa Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Van den Berg, Joseph A.
         1948: Centennial
	266. Driftwood; ;oil @ $200

Vanderbloemen,Kate-WP&S South Central Chapter
         1993:1906 Manchester Crossing,Waunakee,WI 53597[WP&S 1993]$20.00
         1997:607 Augusta Dr.,Waunakee,WI 53597[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;painting

Vander Heiden,George N.
     1931:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
     1932:1630 N.Racine St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  A.B.C.list]
	34.Trees-watercolor @ $25.00[#127 on A.B.C.list]
	[#126 Silence @ N/L]
     1935:506 E.Hancock St.,Appleton,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
     1937:506 E.Hancock St.,Appleton,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Vander Heyden,Marsha
	101.Ladies in Waiting,oil @ $200.00

Van Deven,Mary Elizabeth
        1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951
	104:Girl in Doorway-oil
              207.Enigma Above Knuckles-sculpture
	86.Struggle-oil & encaustic
	87.Interior-oil & encaustic
	71.Myshkin-oil & encaustic
	165.Welded Structure #2,steel @ NFS
          1961:Milwaukee School Board,1110 N.10th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
	131.Extinctus,steel @ $250.00
          1963:2515 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1963 Active]

Van Eimeren,James J
	72.Parisien Reflections-oil & encaustic
	166.Roman Bird,mixed @ $400.00
	112.Moonwatch,polymer tempera @ $500.00

            Evanescent Sky;oil on masonite,11 ½" x 33" @ $800.00

Van Etta,Vivian
     1931:Sketch Book of Milwaukee,res 1917 E.Belleview Ave.,Milwaukee,p.198
     1932:1917 E.Bellview Pl.,Milwaukee,WI[ WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#156 Amaryliss @ N/L;#157 The Boat @ N/L]
     1935:1917 E.Belleview Pl.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]Lake.0587
     1937:1917 E.Belleview Pl.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Van Handel,Raymond
             1935:221 Park Ave.,Sheboygan,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Ray]
             1937:221 Park Ave.,Sheboygan,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
	162.Bell Tower,Centerville,Wis-water color
	114.Filling the Silo,watercolor @ $40.00
	187.Pig & Piglets-drawing
	138.The Sun and the River-watercolor
	139.Back Porch-watercolor
	167.Oil Refinery,watercolor @ $50.00
            1961:2108 N.19th St.,Sheboygan,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
	132.Social Lion,watercolor @ $100.00
$50 Friends of Art Award 132 Social Lion watercolor Raymond van Handel
            1962:[2108 N.19th St.,Sheboygan,WI]
	140.Psychiaqua Analysis-Walden Pond,watercolor @ $100.00
             1963:2108 N.19th St.,Sheboygan,WI[WP&S 1963 Prof]

Van Koert, John Owen["Jack"][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
            Minneapolis,MN 1912-
             1933:5969 N.Kent Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.00]…….[John]
	68.Still Life-watercolor[#86b WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $25.00]
	[#87b Landscape @ $25.00]
             1934:Vank Koert,John O student r5969 N Kent av(WB)[1934 MCD]
             1935:5969 N.Kent Ave.,Milwaukee ,WI[WP&S bio. 22nd annual/1935]
[PERMANENT ADDRESS-is a grad student]….[Jack]
             1935:815 John Jay Hall,Columbia University,NYC,NY
					[UNIVERSITY ADDRESS-is a grad student]
	203.Houses in New Jersey-black and white
	204.Riverside Park,New York City-black and white
             1936:Van Koert, John H.(Elinor )acct  3008 Plankinton Blg
 h5969 N Kent av Whitefish Bay[1936 MCD]
	207.Central Park,New York City-oil
	208.Central Park-black and white
             1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:Central Park
             1937:815 John Jay Hall,Columbia University,NYC,NY(WP&S 1937 mailing][John]
             1937:5969 N.Kent Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]……………………… [Jack]
	163.Campus Scene-oil
                 [Milwaukee Art Institute Purchase Prize of $35.00]
              1938:Van Koert,John H(Elinor)acct 3008 Plankinton Bldg h5969 N Kent av(WB)[1938 MCD]
             1940:Van Koert,John H(Elinor)acct 3008 Plankinton Bldg h5969 N Kent av(WB)[1940 MCD]
	163.Concert-egg tempera
	164.Landscape No.2-watercolor
             1942:Van Koert,John H(Elinor)acct 3008 Plankinton Bldg h5969 N Kent av(WB)[1942 MCD]
	Family with Landscape--oil
             1943:Madison,WI………………………………………………………………………. [John]
	49.Family in Landscape,tempera @ NFS
               115.Stone Quarry,watercolor @ NFS
	267. The Shopper; casein @ $150

Van Lanen, Camille
        1999:Neenah[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

Van Ouwerkerk,Joellen
	86.Hospital Painting,acrylic @ $300.00[56th Exhibition][ill.]
	87.Moose Head Painting,acrylic @ $300.00[56th Exhibition]
$500 award[unspecified]
	83.Fox Painting;acrylic @ NFS[57th Exhibition]YSH
Award "second" for #84
	84.Trapeze Painting;acrylic @ NFS[57th Exhibition][ill.]YSH

Van Ryn,Henrietta A.[Gregory IV pp.307-8]
           1921:Van Ryn Henrietta tchr 31st St sch r 1902 Cedar[1921 MCD]
	122.Above Sea Level
           1935:1904 W.Kilbourn Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1937:1904 W.Kilbourn Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Vander Heiden,George-see Heiden,George Vander

Vansen,Leslie L
	Argot;acrlic on canvas[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
$300 award winner Leslie Vansen Argot acrylic,60" x 60"
            1989:3132 N.Shepard Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]entrants
            1993:3132 N.Shepard Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1993]$20.00
	Wickiup;acrylic(ill.) $250 juror award
            1996:Vansen,Chas & Leslie Loomis,3254 N Newhall[Ameritech 1996-97]

Van Slate,Mrs.Margaret
         1942:not listed in 1942 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	The House Where I Was Born--oil

Van Treeck,Carl
          1935:2916 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1937:2916 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Van Vranken,Rose
          2000:3964 Plymouth Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate 55:Stele #2;mixed media sculpture;58" x 15" x 11"

Varnum,Prof.William H.
	108.The Sunset Wave @ $50.00
	109.Wisconsin River,The Dells @ $45.00
	110.Valley of the Wisconsin @ $45.00
	111.Where Land Meets Sea @ $75.00
	112.Fishing Dories in the Rain @ N/L
	113.Sunset Hill @ $40.00
	114.Golden Fields of Kilbourn @ $75.00
           1919:University of Wisconsin,Madison,WI[WP&S 1919 membership]
           1932:207 Forrest St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 5-9-1932 membership]
           1934:207 Forrest St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1934-35 membership ]
           1935:297 Forrest St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Forest]

          1968:La Crosse,WI
	79.Zone:Mustang Sally,vinyl,acrylic fiberglass @ $350.00[54th Annual]
Vavruska, Frank
	268. Tropical Fish;oil @ $250 269.Fish; wood,linoleum cut & lithograph @ $42.50

Veenendaal,Wilfred L.
	186.Shop Corner-oil
	187.Approaching Storm-watercolor
	188.Prospect Hill-watercolor
	Sunday in Amsterdam--watercolor
	116.Coaling Station,watercolor @ $15.00
	61.Chicken Coop,watercolor @ $20.00
         1948: Centennial
	270. Furniture Factory; casein @ $100
	57.Windbreak,casein-gesso @ $100.00
	173.Winter Landscape-watercolor
WP&S Award for Watercolor:Wilfred Vennendaal "Winter Landscape"-watercolor-$25.00
	140.White Leghorns-watercolor
	141.Approaching Storm-watercolor
	128.Factory District--watercolor

        1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	59.Nostalgia,oil @ $75.00

	168.Cave Drawing,oil @ $350.00

Verburgt,Carl W.        
        1942:Verburgt,Carl W(Cath A)coml artist h2843 N 26th[1942 MCD]
	Dirt Track--watercolor
        1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943
	117.Ice Breaker,watercolor @ $30.00
	122.Tug Boats in the Fog,watercolor @ $150.00
	20.The Old Corral,watercolor @ $150.00
        1949:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
        1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951
	137.Dreary Night-casein
	141.Harbor No.2,watercolor
	169.Marine Growth,watercolor @ $300.00
MILWAUKEE SENTINEL,$25.00:169.Carl Verburgt,Marine Growth
	113.Symphony,watercolor @ $100.00
         1961:124 E.Henry Clay,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
	133.Abstract,watercolor @ $300.00
	134.Edge of Town,watercolor @ $300.00
        1962:[124 E.Henry Clay,Milwaukee,WI]
	141.Abstract #1,watercolor @ $250.00
        1963:124 E.Henry Clay,Milwaukee 17,WI[WP&S 1963 Prof]
        1964:124 E.Henry Clay,Milwaukee 17,WI[WP&S 1964]
	88.Landscape,watercolor @ $250.00
        1965:124 E.Henry Clay.,Milwaukee 17,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
        1966:124 E.Henry Clay,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1966-67]

	88.Kim's Stuff,concrete @ $300.00[56th Exhibition]

Verite,Madeline L.
             1921:Verite,Madeline student h3,451 Jefferson[1921 MCD]
	125.Notre Dame de Paris
             1923:Verite,Madeline instr Mil Downer College r459 Juneau pl[1923 MCD]
	101.Sketch of Old Woman's Head

Via,Margaret V.J.
	114.Invasion,oil @ $150.00
	102.Forbidden Landscape,oil @ $200.00
	103.Rural Spring,collage @ $100.00

        1942:Viertaler,Arthur(Gusti)tmkpr Schroeder Hotel h221 E Juneau av[1942 MCD]
	"Trinitas"-carved sculpture

Vieux,Marian J.
          1985:2963 N.Summit Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1985-86]paid
          1986:2963 N.Summit Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211 [WP&S 1986-87]

	135.Ice Light,oil @ $250.00

Villwock,Alcidene-see LYON,Alcidene
Villwock,Glen Edouard[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
           1935:1310 S.21st St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Edoward in cat.]
	205.Spring Thaw--oil
           1937:1310 S.21st St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
           1938:Villwock Glen E drftsmn r1310 S 21st [1938 MCD]
	189.Roderick Hudson-watercolor
	190.Life Class-drawing
          1942:Villwock Glenn E.P.(Alcidene)drftsmn h4260 N 42d [1942 MCD]
	Mule Deer--drawing
           1947:Villwock Glen E.(Alcidene)drftsmn ACM Co r4260 N 42d [1947 MCD]
	143.Begonia,scratch board @ $10.00
           1961:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
           1963:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee 16,WI[WP&S 1963 Prof]
           1964:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1964]
           1965:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1965-66]
           1966:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1966-67]
           1970:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1970]
           1972:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1972]
           1973:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1973]
           1974:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1974]
           1975:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1975]
           1977:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1977-78]
           1979:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1979]
           1980:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1980-81]
           1982:3933 N.51st Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1982]St.;graphics,wc

Voeks,Alfred R.
             1924:Voeks,Alfred R. student r930 Garfield av[1924 MCD]
	124.Still Life @ $10.00
	125.Still Life @ $15.00

Voght,Mrs.Allen H.
         1935:650 Conkey St.,Burlington,WI[WP&S 1935 membership][no phone #]

	136.Arctic Afternoon,oil @ $125.00

          1964:2221 N.Terrace ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1964]
          1965:2221 N.Terrace ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
          1966:2221 N.Terrace ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1966-67]
          1975:4514 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
          1977:4514 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]
          1979:4514 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1979]
          1980:4514 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1980-81]
          1982:4514 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1982]

	25.Repose-sculpture @ $80.00
	26.Lamb-sculpture @ $90.00
	133.White Dove,tempera
	134.Pink Abstract,lacquer
           1961:2419 N.38th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
	137.The Phoenix,oil @ $220.00
	142.Dance Rhythm,oil @ $200.00
$50 LaVera Pohl Award 42 Dance Rhythm,oil Don Vogl
	119.Wounded Robin,oil @ $200.00

            1991:15205 Tucson Dr.,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1991]student member

Volk,Tomothy W.
          1971:Stevens Point,WI
	89.The Night I Stopped Dreaming about Barbara Steele,acrylic @ $300.00[56th Exhibition]
          1977:1932 Main,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1977-78]

Volk,Victor[undated biographical sheet]
            Milwaukee,WI 1906-                
           1931:[Wauwatosa,WI][FALK AIC 1990]
	163.Track Workers-oil
	164.Vase of Flowers-oil
               8. Man with a Hoe-sculpture
           1932:5931 W.Michigan,WAUWATOSA,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list][corrected:1936 MCD]
	110.Soldiers Home-Summer-oil @ $50.00[#709 on A.B.C.list]
	42.Boats-black and white work @ $15.00[#707 on A.B.C.list]
	[#706 Lagoon @ $15.00;#708 Soldiers Home-Fall @ $50.00;#710 Afternoon @ $75.00]
             1933:[5931 W.Michigan,Wauwatosa,WI]
	117.Soldiers Home-drawing[#299 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $N/L]
	[#296 Still Life @ N/L;#297 Head @ N/L;#299 Portrait @ N/L]
           1934:Watkins Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ][FALK AIC 1990]
	137.Wisconsin Landscape-oil
           1935:5931 W.Michigan St.,WAUWATOSA,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][corrected]
	206.In the Attic-oil
	207.The Road into Town-watercolor
	208.Drawing-black and white
          1936:Volk,Eliz K tchr Silver Spring Sch r5931 W.Michigan(W'tosa)[1936 MCD]
	209.Snow Shovelers-oil
	210.Sunken Lake-watercolor
	211.Fountain-black and white
Milwaukee Art Institute Purchase Prize :
1st Honorable Mention:Victor Volk-"Fountain"" No 523
         1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:In the Attic
	165.Soldiers' Home-tempera
	166.Composition 14-drawing
           1938:[Wauwatosa,WI][FALK AIC 1990]
	271. Whitehall; pen & ink @ $400

Volkmann,Edgar C.
         1933:1633 N.59th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
	[#602a Portrait @ N/L;#603a Portrait @ N/L;#604a Portrait @ $50.00]
         1935:1633 N.59th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1937:1633 N.59th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Von Milwaukee,Jimmie
            1989:634 W.Wisconsin,#52,Milwaukee,WI 53203[WP&S 1989]entrants
            1990:634 W.Wisconsin,#52,Milwaukee,WI 53203[WP&S 1990]
            1991:2883A Mabbitt Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1991]

Von Neumann,Angelica Marion Erika 
Von Neumann,Angela [Mrs.John Ulbricht]
      Milwaukee,WI 1928-
        1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	60.In Repose,oil @ $25.00
	[Honorable Mention:Men's Sketch Club Award of $25.00 to
 Angela von Neumann for the work,In Repose]
1948: Centennial
	272. Juan Olivares; ;oil @ $100
       1949:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1949 MCD
	75.Pensive,oil @ $200.00
The Milwaukee Art Institute Awards of $50.00 each for the six most outstanding works in any
 medium to Angela von Neumann,Pensive
	76.Lake Michigan Harbor @ $75.00
	88.On Avenida Consulado-oil & encaustic
        [ULBRICHT,Angela Von Neumann]

Von Neumann,Sr.,Robert Franz [WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          Rostock,Mecklenburg 1888-1976 West Bend,WI ;WP&S Pres.1931-33
         1925:Milwaukee,WI[not listed in 1925 MCD]
	115.German Fishing Village-pastel
	137.On the Shore of the Baltic-pastel
	138.Summer Day-pastel
	   [awarded Honorable Mention for Group]
         1929:THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL Art Dept.[BULLETIN April 1929]MEMBER
              22. Fishing Shacks, Milwaukee[oil];23.Harbor, Port Washington [oil];                                    			
              24.Industry [oil];25.Winter[ oil] JOURNAL Gallery
         1930:2014 Buffum St.,Whitefish Bay,WI[WP&S April 1930 membership ]
         1931:Sketch Book of Milwaukee,res 2516 E.Stratford Ct.,Milwaukee,WI,p.198
	98.Early Spring-oil
	99.The Old Willow Tree-oil
	100.House on the Hill-oil
	101.Houses and Shacks-oil……………………………………..[#136 FALK AIC 1990 p.918]
          1932:2516 E.Stratford Ct.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	73.Miners Homes-oil @ $175.00[#628 on A.B.C.list]…………[#200 FALK AIC 1990 p.918]
	74.Milwaukee Fishing Harbor-oil @ $175.00[#629 on A.B.C.list]
	75.Houses on the Hills-oil @ $200.00[#630 on A.B.C.list]
	76.Michigan Landscape-oil @ $200.00[#632 on A.B.C.list]
	[#631 Autumn @ $60.00]
            1933:2516 E.Stratford Ct.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	90.Bayfield Houses-oil[#302 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $100.00]
	[#301 Landscape @ $200.00;#303 Backyards @ $150.00;#304 Bridge in Wauwatosa;
                  #305 Main Street @ $300.00]………………………………………………………………….[#204 FALK AIC 1900 p.918]
             1934:2516 E.Stratford Ct.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership list]
	132.The First Net-oil
	134.On the Great Lakes-watercolor
	MILWAUKEE JOURNAL Purchase Prize of $100.00 Presented to the
 Public Schools of Milwaukee:1934:Robert Von Neumann
            1935:2516 E.Stratford Ct.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Edge.7506J
	148.Supper on the Boat-oil……………………………………….[#140 FALK AIC 1990 p.918]
	149.The Blue Boat-oil
	150.Trout Fishing on the Lakes-watercolor
	151.Herringfisher-black and white
	152.The Mother-black and white
            1936:Von Neumann,Robt F (Kath) tchr Mil State Teachers College,
h3265 N Hackett av[1936 MCD]
	213.Fishing at Dawn-oil………………………………………….[#145 FALK AIC 1990 p.918]
            1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:The Big Net
            1937:Von Neumann,Robt F(Kath)tchr h3265 N Hackett av[1937 MCD]
	168.Recovery-oil…………………………………………………[#139 FALK AIC 1990 p.918]
	169.Supper on the Boat-oil
                 [Milwaukee Art Institute Purchase Prize--$200.00]
	170.Fishery-water color
	171.Gills Rock-water color
            1938:Von Neumann Robt F(Kath J)tchr h3265 N Hackett[1938 MCD]
	137.Reeling the Nets-oil
	138.The Big Haul-oil
	139.Fishermen's Repast-watercolor
	140.Great Lakes Fishing Tug-watercolor
            1939:Von Neumann Robt F(Kath J)art instr h3265 N Hackett[1939 MCD]
	119.Card Playing Sailors,oil
	120.On The Great Lakes,oil
	121.Graveyard of Ships,watercolor
	124.Launching of the Phillis,oil
	125.Seining Around Monhegan,watercolor
           1942:Von Neumann Robt F (Cath)tchr State Teachers College h1050 W River View dr[1942 MCD]
	Leisure Hours-oil
	Between the Tides-oil
	The Big Trout Net-watercolor
	Ships Repair at Bayfield--watercolor
            1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943
	50.Apple Harvest in the Kickapoo,oil @ $250[WP&S Prize of $25.00 for the most
          meritorious work in any medium by a member of the WP&S]
	118.Threshing in Wisconsin,watercolor @ $35.00
	152.Milwaukee River,ink @ $15.00
             1944:Von Neumann,Robt F(Kath)instr State Tchrs College
 h1050 W River View dr[1944-45 MCD]
	36.Milwaukee Fishermen,oil @ $150.00
WP&S Prize of $25.00 for the most meritorius work in any medium by a member of the WP&S.
Awarded to Milwaukee Fishermen,oil,by Robert von Neumann.
          	62.Card-Playing Sailors,watercolor @ $45.00
             1945:1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee 9,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing
	76.Lake Michigan Harbor,oil @ $250.00
	77.Toilers of the Sea,oil @ $500.00
	61.A River Passes the Town,watercolor @ $100
	[The Dr.Manfred Landsberg Prize of $25.00 for watercolor.To be awarded fo
 outstanding work in watercolor to any picture,with the exception of the
 Milwaukee Art Institute purchase prize of $50.00 for a watercolor.]
	62.March,watercolor @ $50.00
           1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	61.Lake Michigan Harbor,oil @ $500.00
           1947:Von Neumann Robt F(Katherina)instr of art h1050 W River View dr[1947 MCD]
	24.Lake Huron Fishermen,oil @ $750.00……………….[#179 FALK AIC 1990 p.918]@$550.00
	273. Wisconsin Fishermen; ;oil @ $750  274.The Big Catch;mezzotint @ $30
           1949:Von Neumann Robt F(Katherina)tchr h1050 W River View dr[1949 MCD]
	77.Repairing the Net,oil @ $400.00
	69.Osprey,stone @ $500.00
          1951:[1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI]
105.Fishermen's Cove-oil……………………..………...[#208 FALK AIC 1990 p.919]
Fishermen's Cove near Grandmarres @ $300
          1952:[1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI]
	89.Picknick at Gills Rock-oil & encaustic
            	142.Summer Day-watercolor
          1953:[1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI]
	129.Summer Day-watercolor
	74.The Painter-watercolor @ $100.00
          1956:[1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI]
	135.Twining the Nets,oil
          1961:1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
          1964:1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI[life member][WP&S 1964]
          1965:1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI[life member][WP&S 1965-66]
          1966:1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53209[WP&S 1966-67]life member
          1970:1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53209[WP&S 1970]life member
          1972:1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53209[WP&S 1972]life member
          1973:1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53209[WP&S 1973]life member
          1974:1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53209[WP&S 1974]life member
          1975:1050 W.Riverview Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53209[WP&S 1975]honorary member
          1996: [Past,Present & Future]
Robert von Neumann  1888-1972,with Peter Rotier,Wild Horses n.d.;
woodblock print;lent by Jeune Nowak Wussow
     Robert von Neumann 1888-1972;Busy Hands and Busy Feet ca 1920;
oil on canvas
          2000:West Bend Art Museum's Early Wisconsin Collections Exhibition[Centennial Exhibition]
                  Robert von Neumann,Sr.,Boat Scene,n.d.;12"x16";oil on board;
gift of West Bend Rotary;1990-011

von Neumann,Robert Andrew
          Berlin,1923-1984 Urbana,IL
            1943:Milwaukee;MCD not published in 1943
	51.Rail Cleaners,oil @ $50.00
           1946:Milwaukee;MCD not published in 1946
	62.Tired Marine,oil @ $25.00
	75.Inscrutable,limestone @ $10.00

Voskuil,John F.
	142.Soft Light,oil


Wacheron,J.Richard[sic:Vacheron,Jean Richard]

        1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951
	106.Baptism of Eve-oil
	90.The Fat Boy-oil & encaustic
	73.The Red Heart-oil & encaustic
          	74.Violet-oil & encaustic

Wachs,Lester F.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         1933:3106 N.Julia St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50][corrected]
	[#518a Flower Study @ $25.00;#519a Nude @ $25.00;#520a Nude @ $25.00]
         1935:3106 N.Julia St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Wachs,Lester F(Mildred)coml artist Ed Schuster Co,h,4629 N 8th[1936 MCD]
                   Julia N 3108 :    Wachs,Walter………………   ………………...1936 MCD-reverse
	     Julia N 3128 :   Wachs,Fred W………………….……………….1936 MCD-reverse
	     Julia N 3128B:  Wachs,Arth W…………………………………..1936 MCD-reverse
         1937:3106 N.Julia St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Wadzinski,Steven W.
            1989:1836 Industrial Drive,Green Bay,WI 54302-2189[WP&S 1989]entrants
	The Extraditables;oil on canvas[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
            1993:1836 Industrial Drive,Green Bay,WI 54302-2187[WP&S 1993]$20.00

Waetjen,Dorothy E.
         1921:Waetjen Dorothy sten Goll & Frank Co h540 S.Pierce[1921 MCD]
	126.Misty Morning
	127.Babbling Brook

          1987:Sun Prairie,WI
	Still Life;mixed media[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

         1961:3057 N.39th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]

Wagner,Ronald F.
         1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951
	107.Happy Couple-oil
	91.Cerebus-oil & encaustic

Wagner,Sandra D.
         1985:W277 N2066 Lakeview Drive,Pewaukee,WI 53072[WP&S 1985-86]paid
	50.Portrait of a Father;acrylic,16.25" x 17"[Exhibition 63]
	51.Portrait of a Mother;acrylic,16.25" x 17"[Exhibition 63]
         1986:W277 N2066 Lakeview Drive,Pewaukee,WI 53072[WP&S 1986-87]
         1987:W277 N2066 Lakeview Drive,Pewaukee,WI 53072
	Les Liaisons Dangereuses;oil[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
         1989:W277 N2066 Lakeview Drive,Pewaukee,WI 53072[WP&S 1989]
         1990:W277 N2066 Lakeview Drive,Pewaukee,WI 53072[WP&S 1990]
         1991:W277 N2066 Lakeview Drive,Pewaukee,WI 53072[WP&S 1991]

Wagner,Teri Giese
	Brides (ill.);porcelain and copper;Minnesota Clay USA[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
Ceramic Award $100.00 
	Suitcase;porcelain,mixed[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Wainwright,Agnes F.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          1935:719 Cherry St.,GREEN BAY,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][corrected]
          1937:710 Cherry St.,GREEN BAY,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing][corrected]

Walczak,Anthony J.
         1993:1020 E.Lyon #202,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1993]$20.00

Waldeck,Charles R.
 80.Tonal Chromation,mixed,electronic @ $1,000.00[54th Annual][ill.]
$150 Loewi & Co.,Incorporated
      	81.Tonal Verticality,mixed,electronic @ NFS[54th Annual]
            	75.Tonal Inversion,neon,electronics @ $2,000.00[55th Annual][ill.]
$500 Gimbels-Schusters,Milwaukee

          1936:Waldeck,Henry(Marie)artist h2523 B N 3rd [1936 MCD]
          1938:Waldeck,Henry(Marie)artist h2523b N 3d[1938 MCD]
	192. On the Wabash--watercolor

Walker,Bilhenry-WP&S Southeast Chapter
           1975:4207 N.Maryland,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]Bilhemy
           1977:4207 N.Maryland,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]Bilhemy
           1989:4038 N.6th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1989]
           1991:4038 N.6th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1991]
           1995:4038 N.6th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1995]sculpture
           1996:Walker,Bilhenry 4038 N 6[Ameritech 1996-97]
           1997:4038 N.6th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1997]pro;sculptor;aluminum,neon

Walker,Mrs.Fred W.
         1935:2623 N.Terrace Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Walker,Frederick W (Marion C)v-pres NW Mut. Life Ins Co h 2623 N Terrace av[1936 MCD]
         1937:2623 N.Terrace Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Walker,Harold-WP&S Southeast Chapter
         1997:512 W.Montclaire Ave.,Glendale,WI 53217[WP&S 1997]honorary;website administrator

Walker,Katherine Perrow-WP&S South Central Chapter
           1989:324 South Mills St.,Madison,WI 53715[WP&S 1989]entrants
           1991:324 South Mills St.,Madison,WI 53715[WP&S 1991]
           1994:Walker  Kath P 324 Mills Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]
           1997:KIP Studio-3729 Zwerg Dr.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1997]pro;photography,fabric

         1935:42 Ninth St.,Racine,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1937:42 Ninth St.,Racine,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

              Vacationing Nuns 1980;charcoal on paper,41 x 58 inches[Exhibition 61][ill.]
$300.00 award
	51.Coor's Wall,1981;charcoal on paper,51 x 41 inches[Exhibition 62][ill.]
$300.00 award
	52.Wisconsin Farm;charcoal,48" x 37"[Exhibition 63][ill.]
$300 award winner Bill Wall

Wallner,Eric J.
         1985:New Berlin,WI
	53.Brooding Alligator;photograph,32.5" x 23.5"[Exhibition 63]

	52.Dog Eat Dog,1983;painted wood,11 ½ x 8 x 11 ½ inches[Exhibition 62][ill.]
$300.00 award
          1985:34 S.Owen Drive,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1985-86]paid
          1986:34 S.Owen Drive,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1986-87]
          1989:34 S.Owen Drive,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1989]

Walter,Edwin D.
         1946:Green Bay,WI
             63.Dance o'the Stumps,oil @ $150.00

       1932:2716 N.11th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#534 Along the Kinickinnic @ N/L]

	75.Untitled; acrylic @ $150.00[53rd Annual]

	143.Vox Populi,Vox Dei,watercolor @ $155.00

         1980:3321 Lake Drive,Hartland,WI 53029[WP&S 1980-81]
         1982:3321 Lake Drive,Hartland,WI 53029[WP&S 1982]sculpture

          1979:3321 Lake Drive,Hartland,WI 53029[WP&S 1979]-name crossed out

	120.Instigator,welded steel $ 400.00

Ward.Gertrude K.
        1945:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in MCD 1944-45
	6.Madre Mexicana,mahogany @ $100.00

Ward,Henry L.,Director,Public Museum of Milwaukee
	WMRF to HLW-between 7-6 and 7-9 1908-not dated
	WMRF to HLW 11-29-1909
	1911:Public Museum of Milwaukee
	WMRF to HLW 10-14-1911

Ward,Kathryn L.
          1975:3124 N.13th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53206[WP&S 1975]
          1976:3124 N.13th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53206
	Path Across the Pasture;oil @ $125.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Kathryn's Black Eyed Susan's;oil @ $100.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
          1977:3124 N.13th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53206[WP&S 1977-78]
          1979:3124 N.13th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53206[WP&S 1979]
          1980:3124 N.13th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53206[WP&S 1980-81]

        1932:3041 N.Oakland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#165 The White Muff @ $25.00;#166 Tuning the Uke @ $25.00;#167 Carmen @ $25.00]
        1936:Warecki Lilli Mrs photog h3355 N Oakland av. & Peter J.(student)[1936 MCD]

Warmuth,William L.
             1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	 144.Negro,pastel-charcoal @ NFS
             1973:13800 Juneau Blvd.,Elm Grove,WI 53122[WP&S 1973]
             1974:13800 Juneau Blvd.,Elm Grove,WI 53122[WP&S 1974]
             1975:13800 Juneau Blvd.,Elm Grove,WI 53122[WP&S 1975]
             1976:13800 Juneau Blvd.,Elm Grove,WI 53122[Milwaukee in catalogue]
	Rowann M.Prell;oil @ NFS[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Harold S.Breier;oil @ NFS[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
             1977:13800 Juneau Blvd.,Elm Grove,WI 53122[WP&S 1977-78]
             1979:13800 Juneau Blvd.,Elm Grove,WI 53122[WP&S 1979]

        1989:6314 South 35th.,Franklin,WI 53132[WP&S 1989]entrants

Warner,Alvah L.
          1935:759 N.Milwaukee St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936: 759 N Milwaukee:Colby-Abbot Bldg 401-02 Warner Alvah L.coml artist[1936 MCD]rev
                  :Warner,Alvah L(Josephine L)pres Civic Service Corp,coml artist 401 Colby-Abbot bldg
                   	r.7128 W.Loyd (W'tosa) [1936 MCD]
          1937:759 N.Milwaukee St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	135.Incantations II,steel

	143.Still Life,oil

Warpinski,Terri L
        1982:2340 Hillside Lane,Green Bay,WI 54302[WP&S 1982]mixed media,prints

Warren,Barbara K.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
        Milwaukee,WI 1915-
	138.West Main Street-oil
	139.Off State Street-drawing
         1935:2114 Wauwatosa Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	209.The Maiden Ladies-oil
	210.Port Washington Hilltop--watercolor
         1936:2114 Wauwatosa Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1936 membership]
                Warren,Delinda Mrs tchr Country Home for Dependent Children
						        r2114 Wauwatosa av(W'tosa) [1936 MCD]
                Warren,Paul G.(Delinda H)drftsmn A-C Mfg Co,r2114 Wauwatosa av(W'tosa)[1936 MCD]
                Warren,Peter J drftsmn appr……… A-C Mfg co,r2114 Wauwatosa av(W'tosa)[1936 MCD]
	215.Street Crossing-oil[1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition]
	216.Rogers Street,Wauwatosa-watercolor
	172.Self Portrait

	85.Motorcycle metamorphosis;oil @ $450.00[57th Exhibition]YH

        1938:Warren,John T.,r Soldiers Home[1938 MCD]
	193.The Willows-watercolor
        1940:xxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]

        155:Lofty Edifice,oil & encaustic @ $100.00
Artist and Display Co.Merchandise Award:Robert Warrens-Lofty Edifice-Encaustic-$25.00

Wartmann,William J
	170.Colette,lead @ $150.00
	115.Wild Turkey,welded iron @ NFS
	138.Saturday's Children,lead @ NFS
	139.Garden path,oil @ NFS

           1989:1508 Sherman Ave.,Evanston,Il 60201[WP&S 1989]

        1986:1124 W.Montclaire Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1986-87]
        1989:1124 W.Montclaire Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1989]

Wasserman,Thelma Zietlin
        1966:4876 N.Anita Ave.,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1966-67]
        1975:7640D W.Leon Terrace,Milwaukee,WI 53218[WP&S 1975]
        1977:7640D W.Leon Terrace,Milwaukee,WI 53218[WP&S 1977-78]
        1982:see FRIEDMAN,Thelma Wasserman

Waterman,Mrs.J.W.[Hazel G.]WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          1935:Monona Heights,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1937:Monona Heights,Madison,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	54.Memory Drawing of Me;ceramic,41" x 32" x 10"[Exhibition 63]
	55.Untitled;ceramic,51" x 45" x 4"[Exhibition 63]

Watrous,James Scales
       Winfield,KS 1908-1999
            1935:107 N.Randall St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1936:[107 N.Randall St.,Madison,WI]
	235.Paul Bunyan and Hels Helson-black and white
            1937:107 N.Randall St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
	173.Montana "Catskinners"-drawing["Montanna"]
	  [Milwaukee Art Institute Purchase Prize of $15.00 for drawing]
               165.Davy Crockett and His Bear "Death Hug"-egg tempera
                "I,John,Who Also Am Your Brother"-oil
William Monroe White Special Award for the Year 1942:
        $125.00 for Modern Painting-James Watrous-"I,John,Who Also Am Your Brother"--oil
	52.With Malice Toward None,oil @ NFS
	15.Prometheus,clair-obscure drawing @ $50.00
  	16.New Guinea Boy,pen & ink @ NFS
            1948: Centennial
	275.Dutch Proverb-He Has the World Dancing on His Thumb; resin-oil @ nfs
	58.The Quartet,oil @ $200.00
Lawrence College Purchase Award $200.00 TO The Quarter,oil,by James Watrous
	188.Mural Study for Masses-drawing
             1964:[honorary]Chr.Art History Dept.,University of Wisconsin,Madison,WI[WP&S 1964]
             1965:[honorary]Chr.Art History Dept.,University of Wisconsin,Madison,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
             1966:[honorary]Chr.Art History Dept.,U of W,Bascom Hall,Madison,WI[WP&S 1966-67]
             1975:Elvehjem Art Center,Madison,WI 53701[WP&S 1975]
             1977:Elvehjem Art Center,Madison,WI 53701[WP&S 1977-78]
             1979:Elvehjem Art Center,Madison,WI 53701[WP&S 1979]honorary
             1980:Elvehjem Art Center,Madison,WI 53701[WP&S 1980-81]

Watson,Dudley Crafts
               Lake Geneva,WI 1885-1972[FALK AIC 1990]
            1908:Antioch,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
	WMRF to DCW 7-23-1909
             1913:Watson,Dudley Crafts,Lake Geneva,WI
               1913:Rotary Exhibition,#47 Formal Garden-"Wychwood" @ $75.00;#48 The Yellow Tree @ $30.00;
		#49.The Trail-"Wychwood" @ $30.00;#50.Nocturnal Harmony @ $100.00
             1914:Watson,Dudley C.,h.F,398 Kane Pl.[1914 MCD]
	107.Monsalvat………………………………………………[#178 FALK AIC 1990 p.933]wc
             1919:456 Jefferson St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  1919membership]
             1921:Watson,Dudley C.(Laura J.)dir Mil Art Institute h704 Marshall[1921 MCD]
             1921:456 Jefferson St.[ WP&S  Feb.1921 membership]
	128.The Pool,Moonlight
	130.Orchid,Yellow and Green
	131.Lavender and Green
	132.Blue  and Green
	133.Yellow and Green
	134.Cerise and Green
	135.Down the Road
	136.Wood's Edge
	137.Orchard's Edge
             1922:"456 Jefferson St.">Art Institute of Chicago[WP&S  11-16-1922 membership]
             1923:Watson,Dudley C.(Laura)director Milwaukee art Institute h704 Marshall[1923 MCD]
	           [The Florence B.Fawcett Prize of $100.00 for the best flower painting in
                    any medium to Dudley Crafts Watson for "Hollyhocks"]
                        DCW resigned as Director of Milw.Art Inst on 12-4-1923,to take effect 4-30-1924
              1925 Art Institute of  Chicago[WP&S 1925 membership ]HONORARY
              1926 Art Institute of Chicago[WP&S journal  1926] HONORARY
              1926:Watson,Dudley Crafts:1119 Lunt Av.[Who's Who in Chicago 1926,p.910]
              1931:Watson,Dudley Crafts:"Trillium Dell,"Ravinia,IL[Who's Who in Chicago 1931,p.1021]
              1934:Art Institute of Chicago,Chicago,IL[WP&S 1934-35 membership ]HONORARY
              1935:Art Institute of Chicago,Chicago,IL[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
Artists of Chicago Past and Present by C.J.Bulliet,CHICAGO DAILY NEWS June 6,1936 #67
              1936:Watson,Dudley Crafts,home:Ravinia,IL[Who's Who in Chicago 1936,p.1058]
              1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:#44 Hollyhocks (1917)
              1941:Watson,Dudley Crafts,home:Ravinia,IL[Who's Who in Chicago 1941,p.875]
              1945:Art Institute of Chicago,Chicago,IL[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
              1945:Watson,Dudley Crafts,Studio:281 Marshman Rd.,Highland Pk,IL[WWiC 1945,p.930]
              1950:Watson,Dudley Crafts,Home:Ravinia,IL[Who's Who in Chicago 1950,p.610]
              1964:Watson,Dr.Dudley Crafts D.F.A.,[honorary]
291 Marshman Rd.,Highland Park,IL[WP&S 1964]
              1964:[honorary]291 Marshman Rd.,Highland Park,IL[WP&S 1965-66]
              1966:[honorary]291 Marshman Rd.,Highland Park,IL{WP&S 1966-67]

Wayne,Patrick W.
	56.Column At Question;metals,wood,plexiglass,44.5" x 40" x 40"[Exhibition 63]

         1977:641 Monches St.,Greendale,WI 53129[WP&S 1977-78]

             1947:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
             1948: Centennial
	276. Female Figure; cherrywood @ $150
             1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951
	208.Female Nude-sculpture

Weaver,Ronald L.
	90.Love Seat/Mitchells,oil @ $500.00[56th Exhibition]
	68.Maruine Shapes[two slashed equal signs]2;acrylic @ $900.00[58th Exhibition]

Weber,David A.
        1979:Suite 1200 Marine Pl.,111 E.Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1979]code S

         1935:341 N.Milwaukee St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][E.F.Schmidt Co.-printers]
         1936:Wedereit,Eug V(Joyce V)v-pres E.F.Schmidt Co h4057 N 16th[1936 MCD]
         1937:341 N.Milwaukee St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Wegman,William G.
      Holyoke,MA 1943:
	82.Untitled,vinyl @ $200.00[54th Annual]
	76.Untitled,bleached cheesecloth @ $400.00[55th Annual]

Wegner,Arnold M.
           1935:2802 McKinley Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member][no phone #]
           1936:Wegner,Arnold M, page Mil Public Library r2803 W McKinley blvd[1936 MCD]

	27.Ship of State-sculpture @ $250.00

              1927:Water Color Purchase Prize of $40.00 Donated by a Friend
 for the Best Work in the Medium,to be Presented to the Milwaukee Art Institute
1927 Margaret Wehrle

Weiler,Mrs Charles
	1904:2909 Grand Ave.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to CW 4-22-1904

	136.Reality of Even with Odd,walnut and steel
	136.Unimportant Crises,steel and copper
	137.Wordless Creed,steel

	57.Isolation/Connection;oil on canvas,50" x 64"[Exhibition 63][ill.]
	58.Isolation;pastel,charcoal on paper,30" x 40"[Exhibition 63][ill.]
$300.00 award winner Louise Weinberg[#57 and #58]

	144.My Son Jon,oil

Weiner,Edwin M.R.
          Kingston,NY 1883-
	64.Wisconsin Farmer,oil @ $750.00

	Lynn Series II;hand-colored photograph,21" x 33"

          1990:3696 Medota Drive,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1990]
Weisflog,Donald D. & Helen
          1968:West Allis,WI
	83.Horizontal No.5,electronic @ $500.00[54th Annual][ill.]
$50 Palette Shop
	91.Stimulator II,sculpture @ $950.00[56th Exhibition]
	86.Take a guess;paint @ $125.00[57th Exhibition]Y
          1975:R.2,Box 176,Racine,WI 53403[WP&S 1975]
          1977:R.2,Box 176,Racine,WI 53403[WP&S 1977-78]

Weismann,Donald Leroy[undated biographical sheet]
        Milwaukee,WI 1914-
        1934:Weisman Donald student r248 E Edgewood av[1934 MCD]
	140.White House-Pastel
	141.East Side-drawing
        1935:2118 E.Edgewood Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[Weissmann]
	211.Fourth Street-oil
	212.West Bank-watercolor
	213.Fifth Street-black and white
        1936:Edgewood Ave E 2118:Tillotson,Alex D. [1936 MCD-reverse]
                 :Tillotson,Alex D (Dorothy D)instr South Div High Sch h2118 E Edgewood av[1936 MCD]
   	218.Eighth Street-oil [1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition]
	219.Across the Tracks-watercolor

Weiss,Lee-WP&S South Central Chapter
	104.Aboretum; watercolor @ $350.00
          1966:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1966-67]
          1967:[106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI]
	76.Marsh Mist; watercolor @ $325.00 [53rd Annual]
	77.Quaking Aspen; watercolor @ $450.00 [53rd Annual]
          1970:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1970]
          1972:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1972]
          1973:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1973]
          1974:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1974]
          1975:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1975]
          1979:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1979]
          1980:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1980-81]
          1982:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1982]
          1983:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705
	Fissures and Ferns;watercolor[Juried Membership Show]
          1985:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1985-86]paid
          1986:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1986-87]
          1989:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Stones Seen and Unseen;watercolor[Juried Membership Show]
	Golden Green;watercolor[Juried Membership Show]
          1990:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1990]
          1991:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1991]
          1993:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1993]$15.00
          1994:Lee Weiss 106 Vaugh Ct.,Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]
          1996:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[Past,Present & Future]
	After New Zealand (ill.)-watercolor
Award Winner
	Moonlit Snow and Grass--watercolor
          1997:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;wc
	Opening;watercolor[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
          1999:Madison[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]
          2000:106 Vaughn Ct.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 2001][Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate L13:Cleft Rock;watercolor;34" x 47"

	140.Beyond the Walls,oil @ NFS

Weist-see Wiest

Welch,Gerald Pryor
       1932:9711 Bungalow Parkway,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#57 Lake Keesus @ $15.00;#58 Sketch @ $30.00]

               High and Inside (ill.);color intaglio[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
Heideman Gallery Award $125.00
         2000:209 E.Main st.,Mt.Horeb,WI 53572[WP&S 2001][Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate 56:Barney;sugar lift etching & drypoint/acrylic;28" x 32"
	Plate 57:After and Before;etching & drypoing;25" x 28"

	144.Winter of Discontent,watercolor @ $50.00
$75 Bocki Restaurant Award 144 Winter of Discontent,watercolor James Welsh

Wenberg,Brenda-WP&S Northeast Chapter
       1997:E2380 Lamplighter Ln.,Waupaca,WI 54981[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;wc
       1999:Waupaca[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

        1935:720 E.Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Westrand,David E.W.Medical Director NW Mutual Life Ins Co h2227 E Woodstock[MCD]
        1937:720 E.Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Weppner,Gene Sue
        1979:6994 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53209[WP&S 1979]
        1980:6994 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53209[WP&S 1980-81]

Werger,Paulette J.
        1989:1047 Sherman,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Perfume Bottle Pair;pewter,sterling[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Werner,Anita[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
       1935:3410 W.State St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	214.Monotype-black and white
	215.Portrait in Charcoal-black and white
       1936:Werner Anita J collection clk r3410 W State[1936 MCD]
	220.Linoleum Print-black and white
       1937:3410 W.State St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Werner,David J.
        1975:7863 N.Links Cir.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1975]
	Ra's Turnpike;acrylic[Juried Membership Show]
	Time Differential;acrylic[Juried Membership Show]

             1990:11831 Lincoln Spenser Dr.,Marshfield,WI 54449[WP&S 1990]
             1991:11831 Lincoln Spenser Dr.,Marshfield,WI 54449[WP&S 1991]

Wescott,Earl R.
        1935:1221 N.30th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]West 5345W
        1936:Wescott,Earl R.(Hattie J.)machopr Badger Meter Mfg Co.,h1221 N 30th[1936 MCD]

Wescott,Harold George [WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition-1935]
          Milwaukee,WI 1911-
         1932:1221 N.30th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	111.Triangle Inn-watercolor @ $25.00[#188 on A.B.C.list]
	112.Late Fall-watercolor @ $25.00[#187 on A.B.C.list]
         1933:1221 N.30th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$2.00]
	118.From Storey Hill-oil[#703a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $35.00]
	[#700a Schotch Girl @ $15.00;#701a Pt.Washington @ $35.00;#702a Near Random @ $20.00]
         1934:1221 N.30th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership list]
	142.21st Street-oil
         1935:1221 N.30th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]West 5345W
	217.Winter Landscape-watercolor
          1936:Wescott,Harold G.tchr Mil State Teachers College,r1221 N 30th[1936MCD]["Westcott"-cat]
            Milwaukee Art Institute 2nd Honorable Mention:
	Harold Wescott-"Composition" No.1050
	223.Wisconsin River-watercolor
	224.Wheat Shocks-black and white
	225.River Valley-black and white
             1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:Storey Hill
          1937:Wescott,Harold G tchr r121 N 30th[1937 MCD]
	174.Lake Shore-drawing
         1940:not listed in 1940 MCD
International Business Machines Corporation Purchase Awards:Harold Wescott-"The Marsh Farm"oil

           1940:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1940 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	167.Kneeling Figure-sculpture
	168.Seated Figure--sculpture
           1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	130.Torso,stone @ NFS

          Milwaukee,WI 1904-1970 Wilmington,DE
          1925:Wescott,Paul student r375 30th[1925 MCD]
	139.Roofs in Winter-oil
	140.Summer Afternoon-oil
          1932:Chester Springs,PA[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	43.Waterfront,Manhattan-black and white work @ $15.00[#186 on A.B.C.list]
	44.Parade-black and white work @ $15.00[#185 on A.B.C.list]
	45.Decline of the Farm-black and white work @ $15.00[#184 on A.B.C.list]

           1942:[S o u t h  M i l w a u k e e ]
	Waiting Station;Mitchell Street--oil
           1945:South Milwaukee,WI
	63.Signs of Spring,watercolor @ NFS
           1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	65.The Outsider,oil @ $50.00

West,Miss Lois A.
        1935:1325 S.25th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Mi.8074
        1936:West,Lois A tchr Fernwood Sch r1325 S 25th[1936 MCD]

West Bend Art Museum-WP&S Southeast Chapter
         1997:300 South 6th Ave.,West Bend,WI 53095[WP&S 1997]gallery

        1989:2521 North Mason,Appleton,WI 54914[WP&S 1989]entrants

Westby,Mrs.R.G.[Mrs.Louise][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual /1955]
         1935:330 Jones Ave.,Fort Atkinson,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:[330 Jones Ave.,Fort Atkinson,WI][Westby,Mrs Louise-1936 cat.]
         1937:330 Jones Ave.,Fort Atkinson,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

         1957:West Allis,WI
	138.Stillistic Life,oil
	171.Theater Marquee,oil @ $125.00
	116.Still Life in Front of Farm Faηade,oil & tempera @NFS
         1965:HERR,Beatrice Westphal

Westphal, Kenneth F.
	277. Skin Deep; oil @ $150

Westphall,Victor Walter[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         1935:915 N.Jackson St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member][no phone #]
         1936:915 Lohagen Margt A Mrs (wid Frank A) delicatessen 913 N Jackson,h915 do[1936 MCD]
         1937:915 N.Jackson St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
         1938:not listed in 1938 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	194.The Flying Dutchman--drawing

        1935:Art Department,628 N.Water St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

        1975:7518 N.Crossway Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1975]

          1989:c/o 528 Green Bay Rd.,Thiensville,WI 53092[WP&S 1989]

         1975:4632 W.Medford,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1975]
	Amber Eyes;mixed media @ $35.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	The Fit Starts Here;mixed media @ $150.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1979:2120 N.86th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1979]

	Summer Fruit;acrylic on canvas[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
         1989:1130 Links Crt.#4,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1989]      
         1990:1130 Links Crt.#4,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1990]
         1991:1130 Links Crt.#4,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1991]
         1995:1130 Links Crt.#4,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1995]
         1996:Whisler,D Krauss 1130 Links Ct[Ameritech 1996-97]

        1936:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[not in 1936 MCD]

	87.Erosion;ink,watercolor @ $100.00[57th Exhibition]YSH
        1975:5015 N.Larkin,Whitefish Bay,WI 53217[WP&S 1975]
        1979:5015 N.Larkin,Whitefish Bay,WI 53217[WP&S 1979]
        1980:5015 N.Larkin,Whitefish Bay,WI 53217[WP&S 1980-81]
        1985:1425 N.Prospect,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1985-86]paid
                :see TRIVANTI,Carolyn White

	75.City-watercolor @ NFS
	139.Johnson Wax Company,watercolor
	172.Deserted City,watercolor @ $100.00
         1961:'2044 86th St">532 No.64,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
	141.Night Watch,watercolor @ $150.00
         	142.Storm,watercolor @ $150.00
$400.00 Gimbels Milwaukee Award 142 storm watercolor Doris White
         1962:[532 N.64th St.,Wauwatosa,WI]
	145.Spring Undercurrent,watercolor @ $200.00
        	146.From This Horizon,watercolor @ $200.00
        1963:532 N.64th St.,Wauwatosa 13,WI[WP&S 1963 ]pro
        1964:6817 Cedar St.,Wauwatosa 13,WI[WP&S 1964]
	105.Forms of Earth,oil @ $500.00
	49.Winter Prelude,watercolor @ $350.00[52nd Annual]
        1975:2750 Church Road,Jackson,WI 53037[WP&S 1975]

        1970:924 E.Lyon,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1970]
        1972:1756 N.Warren #12,Milwaukee 53202[WP&S 1972]
        1982:Dir,Mil.Inst of Art & Design,207 N.Milwaukee St.,Milwaukee 53202[WP&S 1982]honorary

White,Martina J.-WP&S Northeast Chapter
         1993:3019 Waubenoor Dr.,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1993]$15.00
         1997:3019 Waubenoor Dr.,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1997]pro
         1999:Green Bay[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

White,Nancy Metz-WP&S Southeast Chapter
         1975:7117 N.Longacre Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1975]
         1976:7117 N.Longacre Rd.,Milwaukee,Wi 53217
	Transformation;inkless embossing @ $120.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Progression;inkless embossing @ $120.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1979:7117 N.Longacre Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1979]
         1980:7117 N.Longacre Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1980-81]
         1981:7117 N.Longacre Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217
	Thurst,8' x 4',steel @ $900.00[Membership Show]
	Allegro,8' x 4',steel @ $900.00[Membership Show]
         1982:7117 N.Longacre Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1982]sculpture,prints
         1985:7117 N.Longacre Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1985-86]paid
         1986:7117 N.Longacre Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1986-87]
         1987:7117 N.Longacre Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1987]pro
         1989:3038 N.Shephard,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]
         1990:3038 N.Shephard,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1990]
         1991:3038 N.Shephard,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1991]
         1995:3038 N.Shephard,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1995]
         1996:White Jos C & Nancy Metz,3038 N.Shephard Av[Ameritech 1996-97]
	The Conscious and the Unconscious;pastel [Past,Present & Future]
         1997:3038 N.Shephard,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1997]pro;painter,sculptor;pastels,sculpture

White,William P.
        1942:not listed in 1942 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
              Waterfront on Beecher-oil
	278.Milwaukee Houses; ;oil @ $100  279.Festival in Mexico; etching @ nfs

	78.Mechanical Gweduc;glass,plexiglass,steel,rubber @ $1,000.00[53rd Annual]

        1935:4160 N.Maryland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:4160 N Maryland Ave:Smith,Leland M[1936 MCD-reverse]
                :Smith,Leland M(Edith M)slsmn h4160 N Maryland av[1936 MCD]
	228.Washington Avenue--watercolor
        1937:4160 N.Maryland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Whitworth,Mrs.Marion A.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         1935:Mondovi,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1937:Mondovi,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

          1987:North Prairie,WI
	Warrior;gouache/japan paper[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
          1989:W331 S5129 Hood Pkwy,North Prairie,WI 53153[WP&S 1989]
	Another Doggie Picture Woof! Woof!;gouache/cut paper[Juried Membership Show]
	ARRRGGHH! Box 2;oil on canvas[Juried Membership Show]
          1990:W331 S5129 Hood Pkwy,North Prairie,WI 53153[WP&S 1990]
          1991:W331 S5129 Hood Pkwy,North Prairie,WI 53153[WP&S 1991]

Whyte,Bertha Kitchell [Mrs Malcolm][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          Author:Craftsmen in Wisconsin;Western Publishing Co.,Racine:1971
         1932:1041 E.Ogden Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	46.Charley-black and white work @ N/P[#96 on A.B.C.list]
	[#94 P.K.B. @ N/L;#95 Billy @ N/L;#132 Country House @ N/L]
         1933:1041 E.Ogden Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
	[709a New Hampshire Farm House @ N/L;#710a Watercolour @ N/L;#711a Drawing of A.M. @ N/L]
         1935:1041 E.Ogden Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 assoc.member] [Mrs.Malcolm]Mar.1747
         1936:Whyte Malcolm K(Bertha;Lecher,Michael,Whyte & Spohn),
Lawyer 800-14 Title Guaranty Bldg 110 E Wisconsin av.,  h1041 E Ogden[1936 MCD]
         1937:1041 E.Ogden Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Wichman, Bernard A.
	280. Bayfield Boatyard; watercolor @ $50

      1935:2524 S.9th Place,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member][no phone #]["Wickman"]
      1936 :Wichman,Edmund art tchr r2524 S 9th pl[1936 MCD]
	229.Jones Island-oil

          1989:36948 Gramling St.,Dousman,WI 53881[WP&S 1989]entrants
          1993:36948 Gramling St.,Dousman,WI 53881[WP&S 1993]$20.00
	Chris Burden;oil and silverpoint on panel(ill.)
	Exhibit B;pencil

Wickler,Charles F.-board of directors WP&S Southeast Chapter 1981-82;WP&S Pres 1982-3
         1980:235 S.Charles,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1980-81]
	Gallery Clique 1979;pastel and collage on paper,24 x 36 inches[Exhibition 61][ill.]
         1981:235 S.Charles,Waukesha,WI 53186
	Camouflage,22" x 30",pastel,collage @ $600.00[Membership Show]
         1982:235 S.Charles,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1982]paintings,pastels
         1983:235 S.Charles,Waukesha,WI 53186
	Zebra Room;pastel collage[Juried Membership Show]
	Black is Essential;pastel collage[Juried Membership Show]
         1985:235 S.Charles,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1985-86]paid
         1986:235 S.Charles,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1986-87]
         1989:1170 Downing Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1989]-cousin E @ 1020
	Pastoral Iconography;pastel collage[Juried Membership Show]
         1990:1170 Downing Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1990]
         1991:1170 Downing Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1991]
         1993:1170 Downing Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1993]$15.00
         1995:1170 Downing Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1995]painting,drawing
	Dreams of Stardom;pastel collage,24" x 36" @ $1,500.00
         1996:Wickler Chas F & Cathy A,1170 Downing Dr.,Waukesha[Ameritech 1996-97]
	Self Portrait;ebony pencil on paper[Past,Present & Future]
         1997:1170 Downing Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1997}pro;painter;drawing
              Adolescent Memories (ill.);acrylic[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
Cash award $200.00
              Self Portrait;pencil[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
          1999:Waukesha[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]
         2000:1170 Downing Dr.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 2001][Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate 58:Manifest Destiny;acrylic,wood,stones,found images;27"x33"
Wickler,Charles F.,Manifest Destiny,plate 58;$100 cash award-WP&S/WAAM

Wickman,Richard P.
	77.Fine,Soft Land,thermo-formed plastic,aluminum @ $800.00[55th Annual]

Wiens,Aurelia May[early 20th c.FALK WWW 1999]
             Born Milwaukee 5-21-1899-undated biographical sheet,Milwaukee Public Library
             1922:["2725 Wells St."Milwaukee,WI[New Members Elected Nov. 1922]
             1923:Wiens,Aurelia M artist r2728 Wells[1923 MCD]
	103.March Night
	104.The Red Curtain
             1924:Wiens,Aurelia M designer,Mil Label & Seal Co.,r2728 Wells[1924 MCD]
	126.Woods @ N/P
             1925:2728 Wells St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1925 membership]
             1926:2728 Wells St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1926 membershipACTIVE MEMBER
             1927:Who's Who in Art & Music,home-studio 2728 Wells St.,Milwaukee,WI,p.262

Wiens,Miss Dolby[sic]
        1935:2734 W.Wells St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]West 5416
        1936: Wiens,Dolly artist 2734 W Wells[1936 MCD]

         1970:503 Wisconsin Ave.,Delafield,WI 53018[WP&S 1970]
         1971:503 Wisconsin Ave.,Delafield,WI 53018[updated to 1972]
         1972:Rt.2,Box 110,Crete,IL 60417[WP&S 1972]
         1973:Rt.2,Box 110,Crete,IL 60417[WP&S 1973]
         1974:Rt.2,Box 110,Crete,IL 60417[WP&S 1974]
         1975:Rt.2,Box 110,Crete,IL 60417[WP&S 1975]
         1976:Rt.2,Box 110,Crete,IL 60417
	And Still They Fall;watercolor @ $500.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Two Biggest Oak Leaves I've Ever Seen;wc @ $500.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1979:Claire Wiest Studios,575 Huntley Ter.,Crete,IL 60417[WP&S 1979]
         1980:575 Huntley Terrace,Crete,IL 60417[WP&S 1980-81]
         1981:575 Huntley Terrace,Crete,IL 60417
	Tulips XXIII,30" x 40",watercolor @ $500.00[Membership Show]
         1982:575 Huntley Terrace,Crete,IL 60417[WP&S 1982]wc
         1985:575 Huntley Terrace,Crete,IL 60417[WP&S 1985-86]

Wiest,Kathryn Nicholson
              1929:Wiest,Kath N priv sec Morehouse Pub Co r618 Murray av[1929 MCD]
              1932:1303 N.Cass St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#33 Happy Baby @ $6.00]
                 1936:Wiest,Kath N Mrs coml artist h104 N Humboldt av apt 10[1936 MCD]

Wieter,Joseph E.[sic]
         1935:1241 N.20th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member][no phone #]
         1936:1241 Weber,Jos.H.1936 MCD rev;Weber,Jos H(Lenora K)wtchmn h1241 N 20th[MCD]

	173.Coal Hopper,watercolor @ $45.00

Wiken,Dick[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
           Milwaukee,WI 1913-              
            1932:3033 South Shore Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#86 Nude @ N/L;#109 Deck-Hands @ N/L]
            1933:3033 South Shore Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$.50]
	[#81b Primitive @ $25.00]
            1934:Wiken,Dick r3033 S Shore dr[1934 MCD]
	13.Little Italy(Piccollo Italia)-sculpture
           1935:3033 S.Shore Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	219.The Flying Dutchman and the Ancient Mariner-sculpture
	220. A Block of Marble-sculpture
           1936:Wiken,Erne B clk r3029 S Shore dr………………………….………..1936 MCD
                    Wiken,Jordis artist Bertelson Studio r 3029 S Shore dr………………..1936 MCD
                    Wiken Olaf C(Ida J)h 3029 S Shore dr…………………………………1936 MCD
                    Wiken,Richd sculptor r3029 S Shore dr……………………………….1936 MCD
                    Wiken,Ruth L clk Wadhams Oil Co r3029 S Shore dr…………………1936 MCD
	230.Glazed Terra Cotta Head-sculpture
           1937:Wiken,Richd sculptor 3029 S Shore dr r do[1937 MCD]
	175.Portrait in Ceramic-sculpture
	176.Unfinished Panel-sculpture
                [Honorable Mentions-sculpture]
            1940:Wiken,Jordis artist 110 E Wis av R1203 S Shore dr[1940 MCD]
	169.Standing Figure-sculpture
             1941:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
             1942:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
            1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943
	131.Composition in Walnut,wood @ N/P
            1945:1604 S.80th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing][Lt.Dick Wiken]
            1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943[FALK AIC 1990]
	76. Portrait of Morley Hicks,terra cotta @ NFS
            1947:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
	281.Mother and Child; black walnut @ $6000

Wiken,Miss Jordis
         1935:3033 S.Shore Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:see above
         1937:3033 S.Shore Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Wilber,Dorothy[see Wilbur below]
	153.Oyster Quay,Chesapeake Bay,pastel @ $50.00

Wilbert,Helen[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         1935:Lenz Court,Sheboygan,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1937:Lenz Court,Sheboygan,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Wilbur,Dorothy Thornton
         1917:[St.Paul,MN]-FALK WWW 1999
	115.Waiting for the Train @ N/L

Wilde,Anne-WP&S Southeast Chapter
         1997:3420 Bradee Rd.,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1997]associate

Wilde,Harold R.[WP&S  Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
        Born MilwaukeeWI May 11,1911[Gregory IV pp366-68]
        1931:[Wilde,Walter J.-U.S.collector of customs]
	9.Figure Composition No.1-sculpture
        1932:7658 N.Jefferson St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C. list]
	9.Sire-sculpture @ N/P[#431 on A.B.C.list]
        1933:[Wilde,Walter J. -U.S.collector of customs]
                 [address not given][WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$2.00]
	  :145 Iota Court,Madison,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	119.Milwaukee Yacht Club [medium N/L][#34b WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ N/L]
	120.Hand carved tectonic entrance panels-sculpture[#368 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ NFS]
	[#31b R.R.Pattern @ N/L;#32b Self Portrait @ N/L;#33b Student @ N/L;#366 Walter J.Wilde @ NFS;#367 
Portrait Frank Zozzora @ NFS;#369 Doctors of Depression @ N/L]
        1934:1840 N.68th St.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
	146.Terra Cotta  College Boy-sculpture
         Milwaukee Art Institute Medal and $50.00 For Sculpture:
	1934:Harold Wilde (medal and $50.00)
         1935:1840 N.68th St.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

Wilde,John H.
         Milwaukee,WI 1919-                 
           1937:Wilde Leslie dentist 434 Realty Bldg r1750 N 49th[1937 MCD]
             177.Dead,Cold Water-water color
            1940:Wilde John H student r1750 N 49th [1940 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	171.Autumn Still Life-watercolor
            1941:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
            1942:Wilde John H student r1750 N 49th [1942 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	Landscape with Romantic Figure--oil
           1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943
	53.Inclinations,oil @ $100.00
	119.Still Life,gouache @ N/P
	154.Karl Priebe,pencil @ $25.00
          1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946	
              66.The Small Murder,oil @ $250.00
           1947:Madison,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
           1948: Centennial
	282.Myself Working From the Nude in Silver; oil @ nfs                                                         			
	283.Design for Mesocastapoedia II; watercolor @ $50  
			284.Myself With a Revolver; pencil @ $250
	78.The Excursion,pencil @ $200.00
	92.Still Life with Diana-oil & encaustic
Milwaukee Art Institute Awards-John Wilde-Still Life with Diana-oil-$50.00

Wilder,Stephen D.
	106.My Rexall Reception,oil @ $400.00
$100 WP&S Inc Wilbert Beck Memorial Award Stephen D Wilder,Madison 106 My Rexall Reception,oil

Wilk,Fred O.[sp?]
	1912:406 Iron Block,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to FOW 4-10-1912

	174.3rd Ward Winter,oil @ NFS

         1975:1917 Mequon Rd.,Mequon,WI 53092[WP&S 1975]

        1935:2636 N.2nd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]Lo.8151
        1936:2636 N 2nd Boettcher,Fredk C.[1936 MPS]reverse

	79.Overward; polyester @ NFS[53rd Annual]

	50.Unfinished Portrait of a Nude Matisse,oil @ $400.00[52nd Annual][ill.]
$100 Milwaukee Moulding and Frame Co John Will,Menomonie,50
Unfinished Portrait of a Nude Matisse,oil

	59.Myself with a Machine for Self-Examination,pencil @ $200.00

Willey,Maruine A.
       2000:W285 N2022 Louis Ct.,Pewaukee,WI 53072]WP&S 2001][Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate 59:Memories of Water;ceramics;24"x12" x 5"

         1996:current member[Past,Present & Future]
	Five Children;color photography

Williams,Mary S.
	143.Winter View;watercolor @ $75.00
	89.Land,Wind and Rain;watercolor @ $175.00
	51.Artifact;acrylic,collage @ $75.00[52nd Annual][ill.]
$50 Dimensional Products,Inc.,Milwaukee,Mary S.Williams,Janesville 51 Artifact,arcylic,collage
        1979:2528 Riverview Dr.,Janesville,WI 53545[WP&S 1979]Mary Lou
        1980:2528 Riverview Dr.,Janesville,WI 53545[WP&S 1980-81]Mary S.
        1981:2528 Riverview Dr.,Janesville,WI 53545 Marylou S.
	Horizon III,17" x 16";handmade paper,acrylic @ $200.00[Membership Show]
        1982:2528 Riverview Dr.,Janesville,WI 53545[WP&S 1982]Marylou S.
        1985:2528 Riverview Dr.,Janesville,WI 53545[WP&S 1985-86]Mary Lou/paid
        1986:2528 Riverview Dr.,Janesville,WI 53545[WP&S 1986-87]Mary Lou
        1990:2528 Riverview Dr.,Janesville,WI 53545[WP&S 1990]Mary Lou
        1991:2528 Riverview Dr.,Janesville,WI 53545[WP&S 1991]2828

     1989:2852 Curry Lane,Green Bay,WI 54310[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Abstract Books;handmade paper[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

	1911:117 Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to PW 7-31-1911

          1971:Two Rivers,WI
	92.Adult Blocks,wood,leather @ $225.00[56th Exhibition]

Williams,Vern W.
	145.Wild Thing,wood

Williamson,Louise L.
	175.John,watercolor @ NFS


        1935:1006 Sylvan Ave.,Whitefish Bay,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Wilson,Dale(Kathleen F)Exchange Editor JOURNAL Co,h1006 E Sylvan av(WB)[MCD]
        1937:1006 Sylvan Ave.,Whitefish Bay,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Wilson,Mrs.Ella K.
         1935:2724 E.Oklahoma Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Wilson,Ella K.(wid Chas)tchr South Girls Jr Trade Sch h2724 E Okla av[1936 MCD]
         1937:2724 E.Oklahoma Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

         1983:West Allis,WI
	53.Gone Fishing,Eddy,1982;Color pencil on paper,15 x 17 inches[Exhibition 62][ill.]
$100 Strathmore Paper Company Award

        1989: 18 S.2nd St.,Madison,WI 53704[WP&S 1989]entrants
        1990: 18 S.2nd St.,Madison,WI 53704[WP&S 1990]

Wilvers,Robert W.
	94.Mill Town-casein
	76.Chicago Impression No.3-watercolor @ $125.00
	77.Chicago Impression No.4-watercolor @ $125.00
	139.Industrial Symbols,watercolor
        1957:Milwaukee,WI[Robert M.]

	84.Znor,acrylic @ $300.00[54th Annual]
	78.Light No.1,formica,neon @ $750.00[55th Annual]
	Speckled Braque Bird;acrylic on canvas[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Wimmer,Mrs.Lorraine E.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         1935:1719 Anderson Ave.,Manhattan,KS[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1937:1719 Anderson Ave.,Manhattan,KS[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Windel[no first name]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
         1932:2169 A N.37th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#413 Nude @ $50.00]

	Rhodochrosite;molded paper,acrylic relief[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

         1967:Stevens Point,WI
	80.Untitled; acrylic @ $500.00 [53rd Annual]

Madison Art Association,Madison,Wisconsin[FALK AIC 1990]
	54.Still Life,oil @ $150.00
	120.Red Church,gouache @ $50.00

         1935:661 Mendota Court,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1937:661 Mendota Court,Madison,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

          1935:2018 Chamberlin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:no Chamberlin Avenue listed in 1936 MCD-reverse
          1937:2018 Chamberlin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Winter,Becky Chapman
          1985:5400 Harold Ave.,Madison,WI 53716[WP&S 1985-86]paid
          1986:5400 Harold Ave.,Madison,WI 53716[WP&S 1986-87]
          1987:1411 Joyce Rd.,Monona,WI 53716-2950[WP&S 1987]
          1989:1411 Joyce Rd.,Monona,WI 53716-2950[WP&S 1989]
          1990:1411 Joyce Rd.,Monona,WI 53716-2950[WP&S 1990]
          1991:1411 Joyce Rd.,Monona,WI 53716-2950[WP&S 1991]

	45.Mighty Midtown-casein @ NFS
	140.Bit City Pattern,casein
	141.Rue de Prony,casein
         1961:[associate]820 N.Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
         1963:820 N.Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee 2,WI[WP&S 1963 Active]
         1964:820 N.Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee 2,WI[WP&S 1964]
         1965:820 N.Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee 2,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:820 N.Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee 53203[WP&S 1966-67]
         1970:820 N.Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee 53203[WP&S 1970]
         1972:820 N.Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee 53203[WP&S 1972]
         1973:820 N.Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee 53203[WP&S 1973]
         1974:820 N.Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee 53203[WP&S 1974]
         1975:820 N.Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee 53203[WP&S 1975]

	147. 11:45 Out of East Dubuque,oil
	176.The Patterned Blanket,oil @ $150.00
	118.The Artist's Friend with Umbrella,oil @ $200.00
	119.Girl from Ravinia,oil @ $150.00
$500.00 Gimbles Milwaukee Award:Gerald Winter 118 Girl from Ravinia,oil
	144.The Chicken Farm,oil @ $150.00
	145.The Stove,oil @ $200.00
	147.Myself Protected,oil @ $250.00
	148.Canadian Wild Flowers,oil @ $250.00
	107.Queen of May Surrounded by Harpies,oil @ $500.00

	117.Three Figures,oil @ $150.00

         1990:W188 N9270 Maple Rd.,Menomonee Falls,WI 53051[WP&S 1990]
         1991:W188 N9270 Maple Rd.,Menomonee Falls,WI 53051[WP&S 1991]

Winter,Michelle Zjala
          1989:1748 Burns Ave.,Green bay,WI 54303[WP&S 1989]entrants

          1975:829 E.Knapp,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1975]

Winzenz,Karon-WP&S Northeast Chapter
          1989:2300 Old Plank Rd.,DePere,WI 54115[WP&S 1989]entrants
          1991:2300 Old Plank Rd.,DePere,WI 54115[WP&S 1991]
          1997:2300 Old Plank Rd.,DePere,WI 54115[WP&S 1997]pro
	Sundance:The Impotence of Images;mixed media

Wirth,Lois Burley-WP&S Southeast Chapter
          1990:3271 N.Sherman Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1990]
          1991:3271 N.Sherman Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1991]
          1995:3271 N.Sherman Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1995]
          1996:Wirth Wm L & Lois,3271 N Sherman Blvd[Ameritech 1996-97]
          1997:3217 N.Sherman Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1997]pro

Wisconsin Arts Board-director--honorary
         1982:123 W.Washington,Madison,WI 53702[WP&S 1982]
         1985:123 W.Washington,Madison,WI 53702[WP&S 1985-86]
         1986:123 W.Washington,Madison,WI 53702[WP&S 1986-87]

Wisconsin Society of Applied Arts
          1935:628 N.Broadway,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

Wisconsin,University of
          1935:Extension Division,N 6th & W State Sts.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

Wise,Jack M.
	142.Dark Dominion,polymer-tempera

Witkowski,Norbert L.
         1975:3400 N.Maryland,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
	Basis;wood,plexiglass,paint @ $230.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Struggle II;wood,plexiglass,paint @ 225.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]

	149.Cashbox Grocer Plunker,mixed @ $75.00

Wittich,W.J.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         1935:225 S.15th St.,La Crosse,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1937:225 S.15th St.,La Crosse,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Witzack,Robert C.
	93.No Title,oil @ $900.00[56th Exhibition]

Woboril,Peter P.,20th c FALK WWW 1999
            1921:Woboril,Peter P.(Genevieve B.)pntr.h781 45th[1921 MCD]
	138.Afternoon Among the Birches
	139.Winter Morn

         1957:Menomonee Falls,WI
	142.Death of a Tree,oil
	143.Patterns of Progress,oil
         1959:[Menomonee Falls,WI]
	177.A Secluded Garden,oil @ $300.00
         1961:W187-N8548 Maple Road,[sic]Menominee Falls,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
                 :Menomonie,WI zip54751;Menomonee Falls,WI zip 53051
         1963:W-187 N-8548 Maple Rd.,Route 4,Menomonee Falls,WI[WP&S 1963 Active]
         1964:W-187 N-8548 Maple Rd.,Route 4,Menomonee Falls,WI[WP&S 1964]
	90.All My Nightly Dreams,oil @ $175.00
         1965:W-187 N-8548 Maple Rd.,Route 4,Menomonee Falls,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:W-187 N-8548 Maple Rd.,Route 4,Menomonee Falls WI[WP&S 1966-67]
         1970:1034 N.Point View Rd.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1970]
         1972:1034 N.Point View Rd.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1972]

         1956:Menomonee Falls,WI
	143.Day's End,oil
         1961:W187 N8548 Maple Road,MENOMONEE Falls,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
         1963:W187 N8548 Maple Rd.,Rt.4,Menomonee Falls,WI[WP&S 1963 Active]
         1964:W187 N8548 Maple Rd.,Rt.4,Menomonee Falls,WI[WP&S 1964]
         1965:W187 N8548 Maple Rd.,Rt.4,Menomonee Falls,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:W187 N8548 Maple Rd.,Rt.4.Menomonee Falls,WI[WP&S 1966-67]
         1967:Menomonee Falls,WI
	81.World's Fair; oil @ $500.00[53rd Annual]
         1970:1034 N.Point View Rd.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1970]
         1972:1034 N.Point View Rd.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1972]Delafield in catalogue
	88.No mercy;watercolor @ $1,500.00[57th Exhibition]H

Wolcott,Miss Alta Bee
       1935:2115 N.33rd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Ki.2874W
       1936:Wolcott,Alta B tchr Mil State Teachers College r2115 N 33d[1936 MCD]

	52.Advantinc Top;acrylic @ $400.00[52nd Annual
        1975:1929 Northport Dr.,Madison,WI 53704[WP&S 1975]

Wolf,Ken -WP&S Southeast Chapter
          1997:5314 W.Center St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1997]supporting

        1961:c/o Fox & Hounds,Hubertus,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]

	69.Untitled;painted,wood,metal @ $500.00[58th Exhibition]
	3 Chairs;wood @ $750.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]

         1989:2852 S.53rd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53219[WP&S 1989]
         1990:2852 S.53rd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53219[WP&S 1990]

	60.St.Peter of the Birds,oil-casein @ $200.00
The H.H.West Company $25.00 Merchandise Award
TO:St.Peter of the Birds,oil-casein by Ted Wolf
	191.Lady and Friends-drawing
Honorable Mention:Ted Wolff-"Lady and Friends"-Pen and Ink Drawing

Woller,Gordon C.
         1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	108.The Valley-oil

	85.Idaho Potato,acrylic @ $400.00[54th Annual]
	86.On Top,acrylic @ $400.00[54th Annual][ill.]
$50 Kohl's Food Stores,Milwaukee

	285. Condemned Buildings; oil @ $100
         1949:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1949 MCD
	79.Spring Evening,oil @ $100.00
	96.Mining Town--casein

Wood,Mrs Evon B.[Yvonne]
             1932:442 W.Mifflin St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 5-9-1932 membership][Wood,Mrs.Evon B.]
             1933:423 N.Mifflin St.,Madison,WI[WP&S  1933 list of paid entries:$.50][Wood,Yvonne]
	[#106b Morning @ $300.00]

Wood,Frank G.
	1908:Milwaukee Camera Club
	WMRF to FGW 3-9-1908

Wood,Mary Lou
	93.Black Roof-oil & encaustic

Woodbury,Josephine O.-WP&S South Central Chapter
         1970:6108 S.Highlands Ave.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1970]
         1972:6108 S.Highlands Ave.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1972]
         1973:6108 S.Highlands Ave.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1973]
         1974:6108 S.Highlands Ave.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1974]
         1974:6108 S.Highlands Ave.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1975]
         1979:6108 S.Highlands Ave.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1979]
         1980:6108 S.Highlands Ave.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1980-81]
	Scroll,25" x 13" x3",hand made paper,intaglio,paint @ $200.00[Membership Show]
	Burnt Sienna & Pink,19" x 23",hand made paper,intaglio @ $185.00[Membership Show]
         1982:7426 Cedar Creek Trail,Madison,WI 53717[WP&S 1982]painter,printmaker,paper
         1985:7426 Cedar Creek Trail,Madison,WI 53717[WP&S 1985-6]paid
         1986:7426 Cedar Creek Trail,Madison,WI 53717[WP&S 1986-87]
         1989:7426 Cedar Creek Trail,Madison,WI 53717[WP&S 1989]
         1990:7426 Cedar Creek Trail,Madison,WI 53717[WP&S 1990]
         1991:7426 Cedar Creek Trail,Madison,WI 53717[WP&S 1991]
         1993:7426 Cedar Creek Trail,Madison,WI 53717[WP&S 1993]$15.00
	The Raging(or Dancing)Maenad;monotype/pastel
         1994:Woodbury,Coleman & Josephine,7426 Cedar Creek Tr Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]
         1997:7426 Cedar Creek Trail,Madison,WI 53717[WP&S 1997]pro;monotype-prints
         2000:7426 Cedar Creek Trail,Madison,WI 53717[WP&S 2001][Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate L14:Elysium II;print;28 Ό" x 40 ½"

Woodwalk Gallery c/o Margaret Lockwood
          1995:8496 Hwy 42,Fish Creek,WI 54212[WP&S 1995]

	59.Shelter #5;clay,17" x 10"[Exhibition 63]

          1989:804 East Wright,St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1989]

Wright,Frank Lloyd 
             1935:Taliesen,Spring Green,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
             1937:Taliesen,Spring Green,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Wright,Genevieve T.--honorary
         1975:856 Paradise Dr.,West Bend,WI 53095[WP&S 1975]
         1976:West Bend,WI
	Pricilla;wood @ $1,200.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	I Shall Consider;wood @ $1,200.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1979:125 University Dr #321,West Bend,WI 53095[WP&S 1979]
         1980:125 University Dr #312,West Bend,WI 53095[WP&S 1980-81]
         1982:125 University Dr #312,West Bend,WI 53095[WP&S 1982]wood sculpture,jewelry
         1983:125 University Dr #312,West Bend,WI 53095
	My Son;wood sculpture[Juried Membership Show]
         1985:125 University Dr #312,West Bend,WI 53095[WP&S 1985-86]life

Wright,Mrs.James A.
             1935:5075 N.Idlewild Ave.,Whitefish Bay,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
             1936:Wright,Jas A.(Genevieve)adv displays 5075 N Idlewild av(WB) hd[1936 MCD-
             1937:5075 N.Idlewild Ave.,Whitefish Bay,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Wuchterl,Anthony,[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          -died ca 1949 Milwaukee,WI
             1935:1626 Ridge Court,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
             1937:1626 Ridge Court,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Wupper ,Josephine E.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
           1933:2351 N.Hubbard St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.00]
	121.Trees-pastel[#747a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $25.00]
	[#400a Landscape @ $50.00]
           1934:2351 N.Hubbard St.,Milwaukee,Wi[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
           1935:2351 N.Hubbard St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Co.1307R
	221.Christmas Tree-oil
	222.Studio at Night-oil
	225.Landscape-black and white
	226.Chair-black and white
           1936: Wuppert,Eugenia Mrs nurse r2351 N.Hubbard st[1936 MCD]
           1937:not listed in 1937 MCD
                  Wupper,Dorothy A art dir Gimbel Bros h 1104 N Marshall apt 807[1937 MCD]
	178.In the Studio-oil
	179.Still Life-oil
	180.Pitcher Plants-drawing

Wurl,Harold C.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          1935:2477 Auer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	227.Study in Lava-Sculpture
          1936:Wurl,Chas C.(Ida) formn P) h2477 W.Auer av.[1936 MCD]
	234.Still Life-black and white
          1937:2477 Auer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
          1940:Wurl,Harold(Ruth M)tchr Mil Univ Sch r Wauwatosa[1940 MCD]
	172.Deserted Wisconsin Farm-watercolor
          1942:Wurl,Harold(Ruth)tchr h4249 N 25th[1942 MCD]
	Staple Report-watercolor
	286. Portable Sawmill; watercolor @ $50

Wussow,Dr. George C.-WP&S Northeast Chapter
          1989:521 Dodge St.,Kewaunee,WI 54216[WP&S 1989]entrants
          1991:521 Dodge St.,Kewaunee,WI 54216[WP&S 1991]
          1997:521 Dodge St.,Kewaunee,WI 54216[WP&S 1997]pro
           1999:Kewaunee[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]
          2000:521 Dodge St.,Kewaunee,WI 54216[WP&S 2001][Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate 60:The Quest;watercolor;20"x 15 Ύ"

Wussow,Gretchen A.
	Origami and Confetti 1980;pastel on paper,30 x 40 inches[Exhibition 61][ill.]

Wussow,Jeune Nowak
        1973:1730 N.118th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1973]
        1974:1730 N.118th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1974]
        1975:1730 N.118th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1975]
        1976:1730 N.118th st.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226
	Portrait of Rob;terra cotta @ NFS[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
        1979:1730 N.118th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1979]
        1980:1730 N.118th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1980-81]
        1982:1730 N.118th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1982]
        1985:1730 N.118th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1985-86]
        1986:1730 N.118th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1986-87]
        1989:1730 N.118th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1989]
        1990:1730 N.118th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1990]
        1991:1730 N.118th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1991]
        1996:Wussow J N 1730 N 118[Ameritech 1996-97]

Wustum Museum of Art,Director
        1979:2519 Northwestern Ave.,Racine,WI 53404[WP&S 1979]honorary

Wylie,John C.
	178.Structural Detail from System One,oil @ $400.00
          1961:"9160 W.Hawthorne Ave.">1321 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961
	146.Resurrection,watercolor @ $200.00
          1962:[1321 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI]
	150.Shoreline,watercolor @ $300.00
$50 Anomynous Award 150 Shoreline,watercolor J.C.Wylie
          1963:1321 N.Prospect ave.,Milwaukee 2,WI[WP&S 1963 Prof]
	121.Morning Specturm,oil @ NFS

	54.Chien,1983;pastel on paper,25 Ό  x 38 inches[Exhibition 62][ill.]
$300.00 award
              55.My Father's Walking Stick,oil and pastel on paper, 25 ½ x 18 inches[Exhibition 62]

         2000:2634 McKenna BLvd.,Madison,WI 53711[WP&S 2001][Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate 61:Red Dream;watercolor on vellum;20" x 16"


Yager,Jay R.
	147.A Child of the Rain,lead @ NFS
	151.A Sign,steel @ $250.00

Yank,Paul J.
          1975:724 N.Water St.,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1975]
	Roost;steel,bronze,copper @ $1,600.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Comet;steel @ $750.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
          1989:W62 N718 Riveredge Dr.,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1989]entrants
          1990:W62 N718 Riveredge Dr.,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1990]
          1991:W62 N718 Riveredge Dr.,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1991]

Yankowski, Steve
         1999:Greenville[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

Yanny,Rita A.-WP&S South Central Chapter
           1993:1010 Oakland,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1993]$20.00
           1994:Yanny R 1010 Oakland Av,Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]
           1995:1010 Oakland,Madison,WI 53705
	Happen You Will Rise[ill.];mixed,12" x 10" @ $300.00
Foster Gallery,$200;Happen You Will Rise-Rita Yanny
           1997:1010 Oakland,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;mixed media
           1999:Madison[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]
           2000:1325 Drake St.,#2,Madison,WI 53715[Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate 62:Tap You Lightly;mixed media;12" x 10"
Yanny,Rita,Tap You Lightly,plate 62;$50 merchandise award-Nasco,Fort Atkinson

Yenkole,Lynn R. Silver-
          1985:2729 Beulah Heights Rd.,East Troy,WI 53120[WP&S 1985-86]supporting/paid
          1986:2729 Beulah Heights Rd.,East Troy,WI 53120[WP&S 1986-87]
          1989:3403 N.Bartlett,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]

	82.The Wild Decoy;oil @ $250.00[53rd Annual]

Ylvisaker,Mrs.Julia S.[1281 N.64th does not appear in 1936 MCD-reverse]
          1935:1281 N.64th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:Ylvisaker Dagny tchr Henry Clay Sch r4723 N Cramer[1936 MCD]
                  :Heyer,Arabelle,4723 N Cramer[1936 MCD]reverse
                  :Heyer,Arabelle,tchr 12th St Sch h4723 N Cramer[1936 MCD]
          1937:1281 N.64th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	144.Swamp Robin,casein
	148.Rose's Grocery,oil
          1961:6182 N.36th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]

	120.The New Testament,collage @ $50.00

	83.Green Cloud; oil @ $500.00[53rd Annual][ill.]
$100 Helmbacher Award

Young,George O.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          1935:1114 N.Marshall St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
                  :3935 N Cramer[WP&S Biographal data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          1936:1114 N Marshall St.:Julia Klatt Apts. N/L[1936 MCD]
                  :Young,Geo O(Leona)instr Boys Technical High Sch h4228 N Woodburn[1936 MCD]
          1937:1114 N.Marshall St.,Milwaukee,WI{WP&S 1937 mailing]

Young,Harold W.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          1931:Young,Harold W clk Chris Schroeder & Son Co r1800 E Capitol dr apt 2[1931 MCD]
	165.Still Life-watercolor
         1932:Layton School of Art,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  5-9-1932 membership]
	113.Blue Mood-watercolor @ $7.00[#433 on A.B.C.list]["Moon" in cat.]
	47.Portrait-black and white work @ $2.00/$3.00 [#445or # 432  on A.B.C.list]
	The WP&S Prize of $25.00 for the Best Black and White:1932:Harold Young
         1935:620 Oneida St.,Appleton,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	228.Sstill Life-oil
	173.Country People-oil

         1940:Yunk,Harlan student r610 W Wis av apt 42[1940 MCD]
	174.Boys in the Back Room-watercolor
         1942:Yunk,Harlan A.r624 W.Wis av apt 42[1942 MCD]
	Fisherman's Return--oil


         1938:Zabel,Herman E.(Leila M)pntr Wells bldg h3329 N 28th[1938 MCD]
	195:Municipal Pier,Sarasota-watercolor

          1985:1628 N.Franklin,Apt 10,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1985-86]paid[Su in catalogue]
	60.The Rat;oil,6' x 5.5'[Exhibition 63]
	61.The Moth;oil,6' x 5.5'[Exhibition 63]
          1986:1628 N.Franklin,Apt.10,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1986-87]
          1989:909 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53204[WP&S 1989]
          1990:909 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53204[WP&S 1990]
          1991:909 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53204[WP&S 1991]
          1993:909 W.National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53204[WP&S 1993]$15.00

Zadok, Mr. & Mrs.Charles[honorary]
          1964:40 Central Park South,apt 5A,NYC,NY[WP&S 1964]
          1965:40 Central Park South,apt 5A,NYC,NY[WP&S 1965-66]

         1945:Zagel,Geo h1923 E Jarvis[1944-45 MCD]
                  Zagel,Geo M Jr(Lila K:Geo Zagel & Bro)h4471 N Ardmore[1944-45 MCD]
	64.Mountain Scene,watercolor @ $20.00

            1975:7008 13th Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1975]

	62.Quiet Fantasy;oil,32" x 45"[Exhibition 63]

	87.Loneliness Is…,watercolor @ $125.00[54th Annual]
         1970:3150 S.55th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53219[WP&S 1970]
        [1971:3150 S.55th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53219-this whole entry would be struck out in 1972]

Zalucha,Peggy Flora-program chair,WP&S South Central Chapter 1997
          1985:5518 Tolman Terrace,Madison,WI 53711[1985-86]paid/Gerr
          1986:5518 Tolman Terrace,Madison,WI 53711[1986-87]
          1989:109 Sunset Lane,Mt.Horeb,WI 53572-1865[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Red and Black Still-Life;mixed watermedia[Juried Membership Show]
          1990:109 Sunset Lane,Mt.Horeb,WI 53572-1865[WP&S 1990]
          1991:109 Sunset Lane,Mt.Horeb,WI 53572-1865[WP&S 1991]
          1994:Zalucha,Tony & Peggy,109 Sunset La Mt Horeb[Ameritech 1994-95]
          1997:109 Sunset Lane,Mt.Horeb,WI 53572-1865[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;water based media
          2000:109 Sunset Lane,Mt.Horeb,WI 53572-1865[WP&S 2001][Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate 63:What Anchors Us;watercolor;5' x 3'

         1996:future members/student participants[Past,Present & Future]

Zanzig,Margaret E.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
           1935:450 N.50th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Blue.5064
	230.Lake Town-watercolor
          1936:Zanzig,Frank C.(Marian T)mech designer Dept Pub Wks.. h450 N 50th[1936 MCD]
	     Zanzig,Hazel J. student…………………………………… r450 N 50th [1936 MCD]
                   Zanzig,Margt E……………………………………………. r450 N 50th [1936 MCD]
	236.Town Landscape-watercolor
	237.River Valley-watercolor
Milwaukee State Teacher's College watercolor prize of $50.00 to be presented to the College:
Margaret E.Zanzig-"River Valley"-No.41
           1937:450 N.50th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
	181.Boats-water color
	182.Cove at Port Washington-water color
                [Honorable Mentions-water colors]

	179.Nino Perdido,stone @ $200.00
	122.Head Study,plastic @ $350.00

Zarling,Ruth-WP&S Northeast Chapter
          1997:409 E.Wolf River,New London,WI 54961[WP&S 1997]associate

	75.El Conquistador-oil & encaustic
	28.Non-Objective Sculpture-sculpture @ NFS

Zawadiwsky,Christina-WP&S Southeast Chapter
          1995:1641 N.Humboldt Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1995]film,video,photography
          1996:1641 N.Humboldt Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[does not appear in Ameritech 1996-97]
	Nurture[Past,Present & Future]
	I Began to Dream-video[Past,Present & Future]
          1997:1641 N.Humboldt Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1997]honorary;film,video,photo

        1989:747 Memorial Dr.,Manitowoc,WI 54220[WP&S 1989]entrants

          1989:501 Lake Terrace,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1989]

        1964:2921 N.2nd St.,Milwaukee 12,WI[WP&S 1964]
        1965:2921 N.2nd St.,Milwaukee 12,WI[WP&S 1965-66]

	108.Blue Impatia,polymer @ $275.00
$50 Anonymous,Thelma Zeitlin,Milwaukee 108 Blue Impatia,polymer

           1989:116 East Gorham St.,apt.6,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Never;oil pastel,acrylic,conte,other[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
	Responsibility;oil pastel,acrylic,conte,other 50 ½" x 34"[ill.][Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
$200.00 award
           1993:29 E.Wilson St. No.408,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1993]$20.00
           1994:Zekanowski Walter & J Ducharme 29 E Wilson Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]

	78.Overgrown in Green-watercolor @ $50.00
	79.Neenah Canal-watercolor @ $50.00

Zelm,Robert A.
	79..No Title,acrylic @ $400.00[55th Annual]

         1945:Zentner Anita M instr r1329 E Morgan av[1944-45 MCD]
	65.At the Cherry Street Bridge,watercolor @ $25.00
          1948: Centennial
	287. As Was; watercolor @ $450

Ziebert,Robert K.
	180:Bird Form,welded steel @ $200.00

	94.Untitled,steel @ $400.00[56th Exhibition]

Zimmerman,Mrs.Charles(Ida Stern)(Dr.Charles) [Gregory IV,pp.723-4]
          Mrs.Zimmerman born in Milwaukee-
	1906:511 Juneau Place,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to CZ 4-23-1906;5-7-1906;5-26-1906;5-26-1906[2nd letter]

Zimmerman,Kenneth Robert
            1944:Zimmermann Kenneth Robt student r1241 N Franklin pl[1944-45 MCD]
	37.The Last Snow,oil @ NFS
	78.Table,oil @ NFS
[MILWAUKEE JOURNAL Purchase Award of $100 for an oil painting to be added to the  JOURNAL 
Collection of works by Wisconsin artists for the Milwaukee Public Schools]
	123.Of Time,gouache,@ $150.00

Zimmerman , Miss Lillian Hortensze[FALK AIC 1990]
           Born in Milwaukee-
             1916:551 Beldon Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
             1922:1102 N.Chicago Ave.,South Milwaukee,WI[WP&S" New Members Elected Nov.1922"]
             1924:Zimmerman,Lillian H tchr Hanover St Sch res 1102 N Chicago av.,S.Milwaukee[1924 MCD]
	13.Mildred @ $50.00[sculpture]
	14.Sketch-Young Pugilist @ $35.00[sculpture]
	[The Milwaukee Art Institute Medal and $50.00 prize to Lillian H.Zimmerman
 for sketch "Young Pugilist"]
             1925:Zimmerman,Lillian Hortenze tchr Hanover St Sch,r1102 N.Chicago av[1925 MCD]
	150.Bobby Lee-plaster
	153.Relief,Ronald Scott-plaster
	[has previously received the Milwaukee Art Institute Medal for sculpture]
             1926:1102 North Chicago Ave.,South Milwaukee,WI
[WP&S 1926 journal]ACTIVE MEMBER
             1927:Who's Who in Art & Music,res.234 Mason St.,Apt.77,Milwaukee,WI,p.262
              1929:Hanover Street School,Milwaukee,WI[BULLETIN April 1929]MEMBER
              1930:234 Mason St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S April 1930 membership ]
              1934:1014 N.Astor St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
              1935:1014 N.Astor St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
              1936:Zimmermann Lillian H tchr Walter Allen Sch h1014 N Astor apt 24[1936 MCD]
              1945:1014 N.Astor St.,Milwaukee 2,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]

Zimmerman,Norman E.
           1933:Oshkosh,WI[1933 list of paid entries:$1.00]
                   :71 High St.,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	[#521a Portrait of young Lady @ $30.00;#522a Self Portrait @ NFS]
           1935:North High Street,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1937:North High Street,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	154.Head of a Girl-plaster
	155.Study of G.Armad-plaster

	91.X Marks the Spot,oil @ $250.00

Zimmermann,Mrs Amerlia A.
	1903:Beaver Dam,WI
	WMRF to AAZ 5-13-1903

Zingale,Joan Nathalie-WP&S South Central Chapter
          1991:3006 Waunona Way,Madison,WI 53713[WP&S 1991]
          1994:Zingale,Santos 3006 Waunona Way,Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]
          1997:3006 Waunona Way,Madison,WI 53713[WP&S 1997
pro;painter,sculptor;wc,mixed media sculpture

Zingale,Jr.,Michael G.
	109.Tycoon from Show Magazine,oil @ $200.00
$50 Palette Shop,Milwaukee Michael Zingale,Jr.,Madison 109.Tycoon from Show Magazine,oil
	80.Nolands Structure II,liquitex @ $300.00[55th Annual]
	95.Angle-A-Davis Series,No.2,acrylic @ $800.00[56th Exhibition]

Zingale,Santos[P&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          Milwaukee,WI 1908-                  [FALK AIC 1990]
             1931:1501 N.Jackson St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  4-27-1931 membership][FALK AIC 1990]
	166.Red Mill-watercolor
	167.Lyon Street-watercolor
	168.Negro District No. 2-watercolor
           1932:1501 N.Jackson St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	114.Corner Pleasant and Jefferson-oil @ $75.00[#523 on A.B.C.list]
	115.On Pleasant Street-oil @ $75.00[#521 on A.B.C.list]
	116.Boy-watercolor @ $50.00[#520 on A.B.C.list]
	117.Winter-watercolor @ $50.00[#519 on A.B.C.list]
	48.Across the Street-black and white work @ $10.00[#524 on A.B.C.list]
           1933:916 W.Lloyd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	122.Boy-Italian-watercolor[#315 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $35.00]
	123.Depression-oil[#382 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $25.00]
	[#311 Composition @ $3.00;#312 Italian Boy @ $3.00;#313 Men Out of Work @ $3.00;#314 In the Park @ $3.00;
	#381 Italian Laborer @ $5.00;#383 Agitator @ N/L;#384 Kibitzers @ $200.00;#385 Comrades Again @ $50.00]
           1934:1501 N.Jackson St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
	149.The Forgotten Man--watercolor
           1935:1501 N.Jackson St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	231.Strike Breakers-oil
	232.On Relief-oil
	233.The Lynching-watercolor
	234.On Relief-black and white
	335.The Lynching-black and white
           1936:Zingale,Santos (Olga)artist 926 N Plankinton av R31,h784 N Milwaukee apt E[1936 MCD]
	238.War Parade-oil [1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition]
	239.Contemporary Landscape--watercolor
           1937:Zingale Santos(Olga)artist h784 N Milwaukee apt E[1937 MCD]
           1938:not listed in 1938 MCD
	196.Air Raid,Spain-oil
	197.Air Raid,Spain No.2-watercolor
          1940:Zingale,Santos(Olga)artist 524 E Lyon h do[1940 MCD]
           1941:Falk AIC 1990
           1942:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1942 MCD[FALK AIC 1990]
	Potato Pickers-oil
	Triangle Inn--oil
           1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943
	55.Late Afternoon,oil @ NFS
           1944:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1944-45 MCD
	38.Triangle Inn,oil @ $500.00
           1947:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1947 MCD
	25.The Show Off,oil @ $500.00
            1948: Centennial
	288. White Station; oil @ nfs
	110.Variation on a Theme-oil
	94.Crossing-oil & encaustic
              95.Yo Yo Players-oil & encaustic
	156.Industrial Patterns,oil & encaustic @ $400.00
	157.Rear Entrance,oil & encaustic @ $400.00
	148.The Terrace,oil @ $1,000.00
	110.Soldier and Magical Horse,oil @ $700.00
         1994:Zingale,Santos 3006 Waunona Way,Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]
         1996:[Past,Present & Future]
Santos Zingale b 1908;Tricks or Treats;Triangle Inn ca 1938-39;oil on board;lent by the artist
         2000:West Bend Art Museum's Early Wisconsin Collections Exhibition[Centennial Exhibition]
	Santos Zingale,Air Raid ca 1940;oil on masonite;1999-035

	70.Sandbox;laminated plywood @ 275.00[58th Exhibition]

          1975:1630 N.Humboldt Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1975]

Zoelle-Miller,Amy J.-WP&S Southeast Chapter
           1995:1961 16th Ave.,Grafton,WI 53024[WP&S 1995]painting,drawing
           1996:1961 16th Ave.,Grafton,WI 53024
	The Gardner on Lake Drive;watercolor[Past,Present & Future]
           1997:1961 16th Ave.,Grafton,WI 53024[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;drawing,wc

       1944:Zolin,Annette,artist r3138 N Bartlett av[1944-45 MCD]
	69.Dark Eyes,ink @ NFS
	30.Amphibial,litho pencil and ink @ $10.00

	Domestic Series:Wall Sticks;wood,metal,rubber[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

       1932:2421 Commonwealth Ave.,Madison,WI[WP&S  5-9-1932 membership]

         1975:1205 Wisteria,Waukesha,WI 53186

       1935:2609 West St.,Two Rivers,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1937:2609 West St.,Two Rivers,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Zunk,James W.
	84.Foetuscape; acrylic @ $50.00[53rd Annual]
	88.Heaven on Earth/Button-Down; acrylic @ $200.00[54th Annual]
	89.Stormy Weather; mixed @ $100.00[54th Annual][ill.]
$50 Sax Crafts-Sax Bros.,Inc
	89.New Mexico rise;acrylic,latex,canvas @ $300.00[57th Exhibition]YSH
Award "First"for #90
	90.Arch support;acrylic,latex,canvas @ $300.00[57th Exhibition]YSH

Zunker,Richard F.
	96.Through The Eyes of An Earth Sign;oil,fur,fiberglass @ $200.00[56th Exhibition]

            1993:P.O.Box 561,Spring Green,WI 53588[WP&S 1993]$20.00

	192.Young Lady with a Beribboned Rinego-drawing
H.H.West Company Merchandise Certificate:
 	Dorothy Zupancich "Young Lady with a Beribboned Rinego"-ink drawing--$25.00
	112.Lady with Toads-casein

Zuponcic,Bonnie L.
	90.Untitled,watercolor @ $200.00[54th Annual]
	97.Untitled No.3,watercolor @ $200.00[56th Exhibition]

Zych,Sally Ann
	146.Head of a Youth,terra cotta
	181.Ibsen's Hedda,steel @ $125.00

       1944:Zygmanski,Emily student r708 E Clarke[1944-45 MCD]
	70.Still Life with Apple,pastel @ NFS