Milwaukee Schools

1848-49 1857


1848-49 Milwaukee City Directory

The Public Schools of the City of Milwaukee are under the charge of a Board of Commissioners, appointed by the Common Council, for three years. By an act of the Legislature of Wisconsin passed in 1846, in relation to the Public schools of Milwaukee, the Mayor and Common Council are required to raise annually by tax on all the real and personal property of the city, such sum as the Board of School Commissioners shall certify to be necessary for the support and maintenance of the Common Schools in the city, during each year, and in their discretion such futher sum of the Commissioners may certify to be required for purposes of erection, alteration, repairs, or furniture of school houses, provided that the aggregate amount so raised by tax for school purposes shall not exceed in any one year, one fourth of one per cent on all taxable property in the city.

The Board of School Commissioners was organized under this act, in April 1846, and schools were opened in the several Wards of the City, during the ensuing months of June and July. Since that time, with but few interruptions there have been from 6 to 8 Public Schools, in operation, and free to all. During the year ending April 1st, 1848, there were eight schools in operation, and an average daily attendance of 670 scholars and an aggregate list of 865 do. The entire expenditure for the same period, on account of schools, was $3512.99, all of which was realized from the tax authorized by the Law of 1846.

The number of children, between the ages of 5 and 16, in the sevaral wards of the city, on 1st January 1847, and the 1st January 1848 were as follows:

			Jan'y 1, 1847			Jan'y 1, 1848
1st Ward			588				727
2nd Ward			627				720
3rd Ward			376				482
4th Ward			250				361
5th Ward			285				573
			----------------		-----------------
				2128				2863


1857-58 Milwaukee City Directory
Erving, Burdick & Co. 205 and 207 East Water Street

George S. Mallory, President
John A. Seger, Secretary

S. Chapman, D. Culligan, J. Hadley		1st Ward
C. F. Bode, John Noll, J. B. Selby, Jr.		2nd Ward
E. O’Neill, J. Shortell, J. Horan		3rd Ward
J. Taylor, S. L. Elmore, John A. Seger		4th Ward
C. H. Larkin, D. C. Reed, A. Mitchell		5th Ward
F. Kuehn, B. Church, D. Daggett			6th Ward
A. Bade, G. S. Mallory, H. Schwarting		7th Ward
E. G. Hayden, A. Miller, G. Burnham		8th Ward
S. Brown, W. De Vos, J. H. Lippert		9th Ward

Executive Committee:
S. Chapman					1st Ward
C. F. Bode					2nd Ward
J. Horan					3rd Ward
J. A. Seger					4th Ward
D. C. Reed					5th Ward
B. Church					6th Ward
A. Bade						7th Ward
G. Burnham					8th Ward
Samuel Brown					9th Ward

Finance Committee:
Messrs. Schwarting, Selby, O’Neill, Kuehn, Miller

Library Committee:
Messrs. Hayden, Lippert, Noll, Shortell, Culligan

Examining Committee:
Messrs. Chapman, Bade, Hadley, Larkin, Mitchell

Committee on Text Books:
Messrs. Taylor, De Vos, Daggett, Elmore, Chapman


The following is the list of teachers appointed to the Public Schools of this city for the year 1857:

NW cor Division and Van Buren Streets
Principal Department – George W. McWhorter, Principal
Miss S. E. Dewey, First Assistant
Miss E. Graham, Second Assistant

Intermediate Department – Miss S. L. Porter, Principal
Miss F. Duggan, Assistant
Primary Department – Miss C. Kavanaugh, Principal
Miss M. Quinn, Assistant

NE cor Detroit and Jackson Streets
Principal Department – F. C. Pomeroy, Principa;
Miss Mary E. Boylan, First Assistant
Miss C. Gilbert, Second Assistant
Intermediate Department – C. C. Mahoney, Principal
Miss Gilbert, Assistant
Primary Department – Miss Anna E. Mitchell, Principal
Miss Josephine Porter, First Assistant
Miss M. A. Jennett, Second Assistant

NW cor Eighth and Sycamore Streets
Principal Department – C. K. Martin, Principal
Miss E. J. Teale, Assistant
Intermediate Department – Miss Baldwin, Principal
Miss Isabelle Rogers, Assistant
Primary Department – Miss Sackett, Principal
Miss L. Teed, Assistant

NW cor Virginia and Greenbush Streets
Principal Department – J. E. Batemen, Principal
Miss Sarah H. Drake, Assistant
Intermediate Department – Miss A. D. Mitchell, Principal
Miss B. Morry, Assistant
Primary Department – Miss C. A. Alnard, Principal
Miss Nancy Packard, Assistant

Fourth, bt Cherry and Galena Streets
Principal Department – H. W. Spaulding, Principal
Miss J. Davis, First Assistant
Miss H. Clarke, Second Assistant
Intermediate Department – Miss H. Upham, Principal
Miss M. Phelps, Assistant
Primary Department – Miss E. F. Greenleaf, Principal
Miss A. E. Vandyke, First Assistant
Miss E. L. Marsh, Second Assistant

Miss E. H. Langdon, Principal
Miss Rice, Assistant

On Main, bt Mason and Oneida Streets.
This is an incorporated institution with full 
university powers.  Its present faculty consists of:

Rev. Charles Wiley, D. D., Chancellor
G. S. Lord Starks, A. M., professor of ancient languages
Geo. Bosworth, professor of mathematics
Rev. N. Dauber, professor of mathematics
I. French, A. M., professor of mathematics
Theodore B. Elliott, principal of the primary department and 
	instructor in the German language.  

The growth of this institution has been concurrent with the growth and prosperity of the community, and it now bids fair to be a city university highly eligible in its location, and not inferior in literary advantages to any in the State.


On Milwaukee near Division Street, has been in successful operation for six years. It possesses a college charter, a library and apparatus, and property to the amount of $20,000. There are at present eight experienced teachers employed in this institution.

I. A. Lapham, President
J. H. Van Dyke, Vice President
Chas. F. Ilsley, Treasurer
W. R. Freeman, Secretary

1st Class. Term expires in 1857
J. H. Van Dyke, C. F. Ilsley, Peter Martineau, S. B. Grant, Wm. E. Cramer

2nd Class. Term expires in 1858
Wm. P. Lynde, E. Cramer, M. B. Medberry, John Cummings, O. H. Waldo

3rd Class. Term expires in 1859
I. A. Lapham, C. Comstock, John Lockwood, J. H. Rogers, D. Newhall  

Miss Caroline E. Chapin, Normal Department and Teacher of Mental Science
Miss M. E. Hill, Teacher of Geography, History, &c.
Miss S. E. Huntington, Department of Classification, Teacher of Grammar, 
	Compositions, and Belles Lettres
Miss M. E. Chapin, Teacher of Natural Science and Mathematics
Miss Mary A. Small, Teacher of Latin
Mr. N. Dauber, Teacher of French and Music

has, in connection with the same, an academy for young ladies, whether boarders or day scholars.