Milwaukee Schools
Private Educational Institutions

Source: History of Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
The Western Historical Company, Chicago; A.T. Andreas Proprietor, 1881

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Milwaukee College
The Misses Wheelock's School
Madame Anneke's School
Markham Academy
German and English Academy
The Engelmann Museum
West Side German-English High School
The South Side German-English Academy
Spencerian Business College
Charles Mayer's Commercial College
Dr. Wm. Bayer's Commercial College

The Kindergarten System
(from pg.. 558-9)

In the year 1874, the late Professor Engelmann, of the Berman-English Academy, first broached the idea of establishing, a kindergarten association. One was accordingly organized under the name of the Milwaukee Kindergarten Association, but Professor Engelmann did not live to see the gratifying results of the movement. Professor W.N. Hailmann, however, an enthusiastic believer in the system, and who had received his inspiration at its fountain head, Switzerland, came to the city just in time to actively push on the work. Through the efforts of himself and wife and other earnest Germans, gardens were opened in the German-English Academy; on the West Side, on Seventh between Chestnut and Prairie, under the control of the Ladies' Society, and which, when the building was purchased by the city, became incorporated with the normal department; on Seventh, between Walnut and Sherman, under the supervision of the NOrth Side Kindergarten Society; and corner of Greenbush and Mineral, managed by the South Side organization. Subsequently gardens were put into operation by means of the association of private individuals, on Jefferson street, near Oneida (Mrs. Clarke's); at No. 736 Franklin street; on Tenth street, south of Grand avenue; and in the basement of the Unitarian church, on Cass street. The original association has been dissolved,. The system which has met with such hearty encouragement in Milwaukee, from all educators of children, is the developed German rather than the crude Swiss method, the followers of Froebel being greatly in the majority. The most active mover, beyond dispute, in this new plan of primary education-new to the United STates and the West- is Professor Hailmann, who after a residence of five years in Milwaukee, moved to Detroit.

See Prof. W.N. Hailmann bio.

South Side Kindergarten Verein-This society was once the South Side Independent Academy. In October, 1878, they reorganized under the name of Kindergarten Verein of the South Side. They occupy a large frame building, which was constructed at an expense of $5,000. The present officers are:
Peter Barth, President
Jacob Herter, Secretary
C.J. Kuesel, Treasurer
There are at present fifty pupils between the age of four and seven years. Two lady instructors are employed, Miss Holzheiser and Miss Hilberg. A tuition fee of fifty cents per month is charged each pupil. The present membership is forty-eight. The society meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

The Milwaukee English Kindergarten-In the Spring of 1875, this little institution started with about twenty pupils, and after varying its location for the third time, it finally settled in the pleasant parlors of the Unitarian church, on Cass street, where it has been for the past three years. During that period 125 children between the ages of three and ten years, from all parts of the city, have been in attendance. Mrs. C.H. Clarke, the Kindergartner, is ably assisted by Miss Mary H. Hummel, and those interested in this method of instruction are always welcome as visitors.