Awards Given to World War II Soldiers

Milwaukee Servicemen Receive Awards
	Extracted From 13 April 1945 Milwaukee Journal

Submitted by Sherry Brown, See contributors page


Awarded In India:
Cpl. N. Sshapiro
Sgt. A. Dolensek
Cpl. R. Engel

Awarded In England:
T/Sgt. S. Awers
1st Lt. A. Werk

Awarded in Italy:
1st Lt. E. Kreuser

Awarded in China:
T/Sgt. R. Gebhardt


Awarded in Italy:
Sgt. W. Malecki
Flight Officer W. Bennett
2nd Lt. R. Paliafito
2nd Lt. D. Ferch
Cpl. K. Carlson
Flight Officer G. Kaskaska
2nd Lt. A. Rodenbeck
Cpl. H. Fuhrmann
Sgt. R. Curtis
Sgt. J. Rashinsky
2nd Lt. P. Johnson
Sgt. R. Usbelher

Awarded in England:
2nd Lt R. Wolf
Cpl. H. Crosby
Sgt. M. Genthe
Sgt. R. Santo.  

Awarded in India:
Sgt. R. Monson
Sgt. J. Stich
Sgt. M. Sickinger
Sgt. W. White

Awarded in France:
1st Lt. C. Schmidt



Awarded in England:
1st Lt. F. Bellon 
1st Lt. W. Stevens
S/Sgt. G. Willmes
T/Sgt. D. Emery
1st Lt. K. Loehndorf
2nd Lt. H. Staats
S/Sgt. J. Bernhart
S/Sgt. E. Protasiewicz
1st Lt. H. Piatkiewicz
1st Lt. K. Rawling
S/Sgt. I. Kuzba
1st Lt. F. Kieferndorf

Awarded in the Philippines:
1st Lt. G. Reeves
T/Sgt. G. Graves
T/Sgt. R. Pilot

Awarded in England:
2nd Lt. R. Eberle
2nd Lt. E. Lietman
Sgt. A Faccio
2nd Lt. G. Washechek

Awarded in Burma:
Sgt. S. Starck
Sgt. L. Redfield

Awarded in India:
Cpl N. Shapiro

Awarded in France:
1st Lt. R. Flood