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The Sieben Family
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Finally Cobbled together
March 12, 2007 by Barry Zanca
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The Sieben Family of New Orleans, LA, originated in Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany. The progenitors in this country seem to be five-fold. By order of birth, they were: HENRY SIEBEN (1807); BETTY SIEBEN (1809); JACOB SIEBEN (1811); ANDREAS SIEBEN (1818); and JOHN SIEBEN (1820).

At this writing, the relationship among these people is not clear - they may be siblings- or they may be cousins - or a mixture of both. Research is ongoing as to their European roots. The connections, however, are obvious: crossover of children's names from one family to the next, plus the time-frame, and the proximity of their initial settlement in the Milwaukee, WI area, bind them all together.

In the 1860 US Census, HENRY SIEBEN is listed as being a Farmer in Germantown, Washington Co., WI. Found to be living with him were his wife, CHRISTINA (b. in Darmstadt), and his children, JACOB / JAKOB (b. 1832) in Bayern, Germany) and GEORGE W. (b. 1848 in Hannover, Germany). Also living with them was HERMAN SIEBEN (b. 1851 in Holland). HERMAN was the son of BETTY (Elisabeth) SIEBEN (b. 1809) in Darmstadt.

BETTY SIEBEN arrived in this country on September 20, 1847. She was 38 and her son, HERMAN, was 1. She is probably the sister-in-law of HENRY (1807).

While HENRY and CHRISTINA remained in Germantown on their farm, JACOB, and his wife, along with GEORGE, and HERMAN journeyed down the Mississippi River to New Orleans. The four SIEBENS lived in St. Charles Parish (County) at the home established by JACOB SIEBEN and wife, MARY ANNA CRUCH/CROUP (born in Bavaria/Germany in 1837/1841).

Evidently, MARY ANNA was pregnant when they started their trip, because she gave birth in St. Louis, MO, to a daughter. The girl was named CHRISTINA (b.1860), after Jacob's mother. Three years later in 1863, a son was born: GEORGE W. (in New Orleans). Little George was named for his Uncle George.

Between the birth of GEORGE W. and the next daughter, JACOB (1832) joined the Confederate army. He served in Company I, 4th Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, as a Private. Jacob was about 28 years old; he was said to be a staunch believer in States' Rights.

So who was the next child? His name was JOHN LEO SIEBEN, born in 1865. JOHN lived only 8 months and died on June 28, 1865. The next baby was IDA JULIA SIEBEN; she was born 3-29-1870. And the last child of JACOB and MARY was HEIMOUS EMMA SIEBEN (remember this name). She came into this world on September 27, 1872. At that time, the family lived at 338 DeLord St. in New Orleans.

After the war, JACOB (1832) went back to his profession: Carpenter, Cabinetmaker and Furniture-maker. So, if his father was a farmer, how did he come by his training? Well, we have to go back to JACOB SIEBEN (1811), who was a Cabinet-maker trained in Germany and now practicing his craft in Milwaukee. JACOB (1832) and his brother GEORGE (1848) were both craftsmen in wood. Their cousin, HERMAN (1851), also worked with them.

By 1880, Jacob (1832) had become foreman of a furniture manufacturing shop in New Orleans. And in 1891, he was a "Joiner" for L. S. Coleman & Co. at 212 Howard Ave. in New Orleans.

Regarding the brother of JACOB (1832) - who was GEORGE W. SIEBEN (1848) - more information will be provided later in this narrative.

To round out this line of SIEBENS, the children of JACOB and MARY will now be traced. CHRISTINA (KATE) SIEBEN married John C. Ebert on November 21, 1886. They produced two children: Henry Ebert, Jr. (11-30-84) and Louisa Ebert (7-3-1889). They all lived in New Orleans. Christina (1860) died on 5-22-1935 at 75 years of age.

GEORGE W. SIEBEN (1863) married ANGELINA WATTINGY (b. 1854) and they had two children: ANG G. SIEBEN (1878) and VIOLA SIEBEN (2-27-1888). VIOLA married Sidney McCann on 3-6-1912 in New Orleans.

Further information on ANG G. SIEBEN is being sought. His mother, ANGELINA SIEBEN died in New Orleans on 4-14- 1914 at the age of 60. And his father, GEORGE W. SIEBEN (1863) died on 11-3-1916 at the age of 54.

IDA JULIA SIEBEN (1870) married Henry Fried in New Orleans. They had five children: Edna Georgina Fried (9-5-1890); George Washington Fried (11-24-1891); Emily Annie Fried (3-1-1893); Mertice Fried (11-25-1895); and Henry Fried Jr. (6-29-1898).

Records on HEIMOUS "EMMA" SIEBEN are still being researched.

There is also the possibility of another son being born to JACOB and MARY ANNA SIEBEN. Because so many births were at home, many did not get recorded, but because of his name, this SIEBEN is being included here: HENRY SIEBEN was born in New Orleans in 1871, married a girl named LILY and lived in Ward 9 of New Orleans in 1910. If it can be shown that HENRY was the son of JACOB (1832), then he was named after his Grandfather in Wisconsin.


To reconnect now with Milwaukee, here is a look at the family of JACOB SIEBEN (1811). JACOB and his wife, BARBARA, lived in Milwaukee, WI, with their children: JOHN SIEBEN (1845), BARBARA SIEBEN (1846), and ELISABETH SIEBEN(1849). In the Wisconsin Census of 1857, JACOB (1811) is listed as practicing his trade as a Carpenter. His shop in Milwaukee was on Walnut near 14th St.

Later in life, the family can be found owning their own farm in Germantown, Washington, WI, near to the farm of HENRY and CATHERINE SIEBEN.

Their son JOHN SIEBEN was almost certainly named after his Uncle, JOHN SIEBEN who was born in 1820. More information will be given about him and his family at the end of this delineation.


Remaining in Milwaukee, WS, there was another SIEBEN named ANDREAS who had been born in 1818 in Hesse- Darmstadt, Germany. One record has him leaving Rotterdam and arriving in New York on July 26, 1843. ANDREAS was married to a girl from PRUSSIA. Her name was CECILIA; she was born in 1828.

In 1860, ANDREAS SIEBEN was plying his trade as a Shoemaker in Granville, Milwaukee, WI. ANDREAS and CECILIA were definitely here in the USA by 1849 since their first son, HERONIMUS, was born in that year. Records show that HERONIMUS SIEBEN was born in Illinois. Other records state that he was born in Wisconsin. Births were not officially recorded in Illinois or Wisconsin until the 1870's, so this fact is hard to confirm.

The rest of ANDREAS and CECILIA SIEBEN's children were: MATERNUS SIEBEN (1850) ? ; CHARLES SIEBEN (1852) Wisconsin; SOPHIA SIEBEN (1855)WI; AMHOSINS (?)/AMBROSE SIEBEN (November 22, 1856) WI.

By 1870, ANDREAS SIEBEN had passed away and his widow, CECILIA, had remarried. She wed James F. Mc Elroy, a saloonkeeper. They stayed in Granville, Milwaukee. The only child of ANDREAS SIEBEN listed as living with CECILIA in 1870 was SOPHIA SIEBEN. It seems that MATERNUS died between 1860 and 1870.

AMBROSE SIEBEN passed away on June 16, 1893. He was only 37 years old. Ambrose is buried in Zur Ruhe Cemetery, Cedarburg, Ozaukee County, WI. Also buried there are 5 other SIEBENS who are currently being researched.

Information on SOPHIA SIEBEN is still being sought. She was 15 in 1870. On November 20, 1872, SOPHIA was married in Milwaukee. Her husband's name is still being researched. She may be interred in Smithtown Cemetery, Clinton, Iowa; death date is 1886.

CHARLES SIEBEN (1852) moved first to Grantsburg, Burnette Co., WI, where he was listed as a Blacksmith in 1900. Then, CHARLES and his wife moved to Hennepin, MN by 1920. He had married a Canadian-Scottish girl named "Nettie". She was born in 1872, so she was 48 in 1920 while he was 65. CHARLES at this time was a Machinist.

Their son was named RIGONAL (Reginald) SIEBEN. He was born in February, 1892. Research is being done to see if CHARLES J. SIEBEN (b. September 3, 1884) who died in Stearns, MN on March 31, 1958, is also the son of CHARLES (1852) and NETTIE SIEBEN.

CHARLES SIEBEN (1852) died on April 26, 1929.

So what about HERONIMUS SIEBEN, the oldest child of ANDREAS and CECILIA? Well, as soon as he turned 17 in 1865, he joined the Union Army with the WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN VOLUNTEERS - 51st Infantry, Company H. But he saw only 3 months of service; the Civil War had ended.

Moving away from his parents, he went "down-South" to New Orleans, perhaps to join his cousins - JACOB (1832) and GEORGE (1848) - the carpenters.

HERONIMUS SIEBEN became a skilled Cabinet-maker who worked in both walnut and rosewood. Several pieces of his exquisite handiwork are still in the family today.

In New Orleans, he met and married EMMA WARNSTEDT, who had three sisters. HERONIMUS and EMMA were wed on 1-2-1876.

Parenthetical note: Did you remember the name HEIMOUS EMMA SIEBEN? She was the daughter of JACOB (1832), named after both HERONIMUS and his wife, EMMA !

The children of HERONIMUS and EMMA SIEBEN were all born in NEW ORLEANS. Their names:

WALTER SIEBEN (b. 4-16-1877); GEORGE C. SIEBEN (b. 1-29-1879);
Boy baby SIEBEN (b/d. 8-21-1881); EMMA GEORGIANA SIEBEN (b. 7-15-1883); MATILDA SIEBEN (b. 1887); JULIA SIEBEN (b. 1889); LORETTA SIEBEN (b. 1891); and ADA SIEBEN (b. 1896).

WALTER SIEBEN was trained by his father and cousins as a carpenter. He lived at 2265 Enghein Road, New Orleans. At the age of 17 he fell off a roof and suffered a serious head injury. Walter remained at home for about a year, but was subsequently classified as "insane". He was institutionalized on July 10, 1895 at the facility in Jackson, LA.

Later in his life, he was transferred to a new facility being built at Pineville, LA. In his long stay there, even though incapacitated mentally in some ways, he still helped build much of the new complex. He died in his 90's in 1970.

Of GEORGE C. SIEBEN (b. 1-29-1879) there is little extant information. It is known that he died in New Orleans on 11-3-1916 and was 54 years old. It is not known if he was ever married or what type of work he did.

EMMA GEORGIANA SIEBEN (1883) was married to Morgan Morris. However, she developed brain cancer and died in the care of her sisters in the late 1950's.

MATILDA JOHANNA SIEBEN (1884) married John Ross on 11-18-1914. Even though their marriage did not last, she lived a very long life. "TILLIE" was almost 99 years old when she died in Tangipahoa Parish, LA at a nursing care facility near the home of her sister ADA. She is interred in St. Roch Cemetery, New Orleans.

JULIA LOUISE SIEBEN (d. 1968) was a career teacher of clothing-design at Rabouin High School in New Orleans. Although she never married, Julia was the "backbone" of the family. She was buried in St. Roch Cemetery at the age of 74.

LORETTA "NETTIE" SIEBEN never married either, but lived a long life, passing away in Ponchatoula, LA at the home she shared with her sister ADA. She was 86. These SIEBEN sisters are all interred in ST. Roch Cemetery.

ADA SIEBEN married WILLIAM H. AUDERER in 1910. She and her husband ran a grocery store/ sandwich shop at the corner of Congress and Independence Streets (New Orleans) for several decades. They had one daughter. "BILL" passed away in 1968 and ADA died of a heart attack at 79 years of age in Ponchatoula, LA. She, along with her sisters, owned several rental properties in New Orleans. ADA and BILL are buried in the Garden of Memories, Metairie, LA.

HERONIMUS SIEBEN, father of all the above siblings, died on November 16, 1935 at 83 years of age; his wife EMMA preceded him in death on May 10, 1926 at 70. They are both buried in ST. Roch.


The story isn't over yet. Remember that George W. Sieben (1848) was trained in Carpentry and Cabinetmaking - probably by his "Uncle" Jacob (1811) and his older brother, JACOB (1832). Well, GEORGE, who moved to Louisiana, married a French girl named MARIE (MARY)BENEDICT/ Benedic (b. 1858) from the New Orleans area.

MARIE had been married before and was the widow of George Wetzel. She had a son named Joseph. It is not clear at the time of this writing if Joseph was actually adopted by GEORGE. Some Census data show the boy as JOSEPH SIEBEN.

GEORGE and MARY (Marie) had a daughter on 9-6-1888; her name was LEOTA LOUISE SIEBEN. She was born in New Orleans.

At the age of 52 in 1900, GEORGE was employed as a Machinist (receiving training from his Cousin Charles, or was it Vice-Versa?); the family was living in Milwaukee at that time. MARY was 43 and LEOTA was 11. JOSEPH was about 15 years old. The 1900 Census shows JOSEPH SIEBEN as being born in 1881.

By 1920, GEORGE (1848) had passed away, but MARY at 64 was still living in Milwaukee with LEOTA LOUISE - who remained unmarried at 31.

GEORGE (1848) and MARIE SIEBEN are both buried in Milwaukee Calvary Cemetery. Their death dates are being checked at this time.


Finally, a look at the family of JOHN H. SIEBEN, who was born in Hesse-
Darmstadt, Germany, in 1820, and emigrated to Wisconsin in the 1850's. In 1852 JOHN and his wife VERONIKA (b. 1822) had their first child, a daughter named TERESIA SIEBEN. Next came SOPHIA SIEBEN in 1854. Then JOHN SIEBEN, Jr. was born in 1857. ELIZABETH SIEBEN followed JOHN in 1859, and BARBARA SIEBEN was next in 1862. Rounding out the family was the baby, VERONIKA SIEBEN, named for her mother in 1864.

JOHN (Jack) SIEBEN, Sr. was a Milkman in Milwaukee. They all lived in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, WI in 1880.

As things go, it seems that BARBARA (1862) was named for the wife of JACOB (1811), who was likely her Aunt. SOPHIA SIEBEN (1854) and her cousin SOPHIA SIEBEN (1855) - daughter of ANDREAS and CECILIA - were more- than-likely named for a relative back in Germany. Keeping the names in the family, ELIZABETH (1859) bore the name of her Aunt BETTY (1809).

The oldest child, TERESIA SIEBEN was married on January 18, 1875. The name of her husband was Edward Steifel.

The Census of 1905 in Wisconsin shows that Mama VERONIKA SIEBEN was still alive at 83 and Barbara still lived with her at the old homestead. BARBARA was 44 at that time. JOHN Sr. would have been 85 had he still been alive.

JOHN SIEBEN, Jr. (1857) and his wife LENA SIEBEN had a son named WALTER A(ndreas ?) SIEBEN who was born in WAUWATOSA, Milwaukee, WI in 1886. WALTER A. SIEBEN was married to a lady named CORA F. SIEBEN according to the 1910 Census.


An interesting "footnote" to ANDREAS SIEBEN's history: There must have been a shoe factory in Milwaukee at the time since so many German immigrants in the 1860 Census and 1870 Census are shown as Shoemakers.

The shoemaking trade must have been lucrative for ANDREAS SIEBEN because on May 20, 1863, he purchased 4000 acres of land in Illinois. The listing is in Volume 791, page 182 of the Illinois Public Land Purchase Records. The acreage is found to be in Township 06N; Range 04E; Meridian 3; Section 12; and the transaction was # 464167.

There is a question about two other similar parcels - one listed on p. 166 of the same Volume ; the other listed as # 491458 - both being 4000 acres also. These are in the name of ANDREW SIEBEN. It can be shown in at least one WI Census, that ANDREW and ANDREAS are one and the same person.

There is also a PHILIP SIEBEN who purchased a 4000 acre tract of land next to that of ANDREW. PHILIP, however, never lived in Wisconsin, only in Illinois.

One final note concerning ANDREAS SIEBEN, my Great-Great-Grandfather: ANDREAS is the "key" and once I am able to obtain access to the Hesse-Darmstadt church records, these relationships will all fall into place.

Finally Cobbled together
March 12, 2007 by Barry Zanca