William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
Mar 1886

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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March 1886

Went to Melchords Auction. Richard went to Pt. I got home at 6 o'c. PM. Jake bought Melchords old sleigh for $1.70. Mrs, Amelia Youker Wolf died at home in Milwaukee. Deceased left a Babe 8 days old.

Started for the woods before 7 o'c. this morn. Sawed all the forenoon. After dinner Pa & Libbie went with us to Jakes. Minnie drove home to see her mother & we helped Jake cut feed. Got home at dark.

Hauled wood all day. Brimmin cow had a calf this morn. Weather: Cool wind, NW. I let the hens out this afternoon.

Finished hauling out wood today & went to Pt. in the eve. Returned my road warrant today. Heard Bro. Fritsche preach & stopped at Uncle Henry's & looked at his new house. Had a visit with Ch. Streiber. Witt Irwin & Miss Turck were married on Tues. Weather: Fine, thawed some.

Weather fine. Wind rather cool from NE & E. Sawed wood in the forenoon & split in the afternoon. Went to Karkers in the eve. Signed a petition for the maintainence of our school district.

Worked in the woods in the forenoon. Henry came after Minnie so we had dinner at 11 o'c. I went to Myra in the afternoon to see R. Peat about the check cashing biz. Jason went to Milwaukee today. Told us that Albrechts & Kirsch's saloons were burned last night.l Also Kirsch's barn. Henry's 4th Sow born today.

Went to church this morn. Bro. H. was sick & we were disappointed. I went home with Jake & Lois & saw the Big Boy.

Richard & I went to the Fair. I got home at noon. He came about 3 o'c. I worked at the incubator this afternoon.

Went to Colley's Mill after sawdust. Worked at the incubator a while & then went to Saukville & got Henry Lutfring to help me some. Worked at the thing all eve. Weather rather cold. Wind NW.

Worked at the Hatrcher all day. Richard sawed firewood in the woods. Minnie took Frankie & Emma home & brought Johnnie back with her. Had lots of trouble with the incubator drawer but got through all right. Weather rather warm. Thawed a considerable. Wind, W.

Richard hauled down firewood before dinner. Afternoon: Hekped Pa split cord wood. I finished the Incubator & went to Saukville. Got the lamps going thisw eve. Weather cloudy. Snowing after 3 o'c. PM. Mrs. Yost-Hurlbut was buried today. Geese commenced laying.

Forenoon: Jimmie helped me haul out wood on the sleigh. Afternoon: R & I put up 10 bags of feed & I went to the mill & brought a sack of oil meal home.

Cut cord wood this AM. PM: We split wood for Pa. Ed Nash & Wife stair all night with our folks & came this morning to see the incubator. We went to Jakes this eve. Got back at 10:30 o'c.

Didn't got to chburch today. Not feeling well & the weather looked stormy & snowed some. Huston didn't got to Waubeka Jason was here. Held lantern while I did the chores. Wrote to Gottleib tonight.

Filled the Hatchere at 12:00 N. Snowed most of the day. Filled the incubator in the morn. Hauled a few loads,of wood on the snow. Pa threshed his flax. Went to S. & got my feed & did some trading. Just as we were siting down to supper to young chaps came in & asked for some supper. We gave them some & they left for Waubeka. Jake & Lois came & we visited a while & the Karkers folks came down to our folks & we went over there. Rufus came home to stay a few days.

Stayed at the house in the forenoon & fixed the Beetle. After dinner went to work in the woods. Willie McHenry went home today. Weather warm. Thawed very fast. Wind, SW.

Pa finished threshing his flax today. I helped him clean it at noon. Jason came home tonight. There is to be a debate at the Irish Hall tonight. Worked at the cordwood. Minnie has a swollen face caused by bad teeth.

Worked in the woods all day. Weather very warm. Cloudy. Rained some in the eve. Pa went to Pt.

Worked in the woods all day. G. Wolf was here today. Wanted to buy some seed wheat. Filed my cross cut saw this afternoon. Weather warm. Wind changeable. Thunder & lightning in the eve.

Rained all night & most all day. Richard went to Saukville & came back at chore time. Jason came home in the forenoon. I fixed the register over the heating stove. & then J & I went to the P.O. with my team.

Snowed most all day. The river is very high. I went across the RR bridge with Jason to see how high the water was. Could not go to church on account of the high water below Saukville.

Finished filing the cross cut saw. Didn't feel well & did very little. Went to Jakes in the afternoon & came back & started tearing down the old hen house. Weather cold. Thawing some in PM.

Went to see Lufring on Biz this morn. Richard hauled some firewood. Pa & I hauled straw from K's. Two loads for me & two loads for him. Wrote some letters this eve. Waeather, warmer. Wind changeable.

Richard hauled wood from the woods. I went to the Swamp & got some poles for the Binder Shed. Cleaned up ground & started digging the holes for the posts.

Jake came this morn. We got the biz. ready & Pa & Jason & Jimmie came over & helped carry the roof around & put it up. I sent Jimmie to S. to get some spikes. Lois came over & staid to dinner. Jason filed my Buck Saw. Went to the Caucus. Rode down with Karker.

Went to the mill with feed. Got an egg case of CHN & filled it with eggs. Went to Hansen's Auction. Bought 15 bu. corn @ 46 cts. per bush. Came home & went to S. with the eggs. Hauled a load of eggs to the depot for Chris. & brought home my feed. Got a 1/4 bbl. of rye flour. Wind NW. Weather Fair.

Went to Hansens & got my corn. Jimmie went around with teh team & Pa & Iwent across. Hauled fire wood in the PM. Set one goose with eleven eggs & set one with 13 eggs. Weather cold. Wind NE.

Went to church this morning. Minnie ataid home & took care of the incubator. Bro. H. preached from St. John 5-39 text. Search the scriptures. Bro. H. came here to dinner & then we took Doll & went to Waubeka Came back & staid here. Jason came over in the eve. Weather cold. Wind NE. Commenced snowing this eve.

Huston staid all night with us. Richard did not come home till late this morn. Jason took Huston to the depot & got Nell's front shoes rep. Mrs. Dopple came with him & staid to dinner R & I sawed wood till noon. Afternoon: R. went back to the woods & I worked around the hen house. Nickel Hans came about 4 o'c & wanted me to see a cow. I went & got back at 7:20 o'c. Pa & Ma & Jimmie went to Barton. Weather, cloudy. Wind N & NE Several inches of snow this morn.

Worked in the woods a while & afternoon worked in the new house fixing up the partition. Weather snowy. Wind NE.

Snowed all day. Worked around the house. Jason came over & cut my hair & Walters & I cut his. Afternoon: I commenced the brooder. Weather moderate. Wind NE.

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