William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
June 1886

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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June 1886

Commenced work on the road. Fred Schroeder & I fixed the bridge at his place. Rained some toward eve. Went to see Town Board about gravel. Got my buggy fixed.

Worked on the road hauling gravel all day.

Ascension day. Worked at the Goose pond. Hunted hen hawks a while at noon.

Stopped at Lutfrings to hear the papers read which are to be sent to the 'State
Supt. in appeal from the decision of the Town Board. Finished the goose pond & plowed out potatoes. Charlie Bradley came along & gave me a cigar because I woke him up when he was asleep on the side of the rode as drunk as he could be.

Worked on the road.

Minnie & Helen went over to Jakes to Prayer meeting. Jason took the horse from there & went to Pt. & brought Huston out. I hitched up Kit & went after Minnie. Jason took Huston home in the eve.

Worked on the road. Pling came today. Jason got him from the train.

Finished the road work. Pling was here to supper. Phillip Dengel was buried today. Died of cancer of the stomach.

6-9-1883 Pa & Pling went to Cedarburg. I fixed my Goose Pond & hauled sand into the mud in the cow pasture.

Hauled sand with Doll & Kit for the goose pond. Minnie & I went to Jakes.
Got home at 10 o'c.

Hauled some rails to fence in the pond. Made box for the ducks to stay in. Sent for primers for my rifle.

Went to Cassiday's to help raise their barn. Got home late. Minnie took me over & brought Helen & Minnie Boehm home with her. They went back this eve. Got primers tonight.

Got up late & staid at home all day. Weather very hot.

Went to Jakes early this morn to get him to help me drive my cows to the fair. Took my spotted cow & my big cow to the fair & sold them. One for $40.00 & the other for $55.00. Jake & Lois wee here to dinner. Afterward J & I went over to McCartens for shells for my rifle. Jake went home at 3 o'c. & we went over after Helen in the eve.

I went to Pt. & paid $75.00 INt. To H. L. Coe. Came home before the shower. It rained considerable. After shower I stared for the 1:40 o'c. train to go to Mil. Missed train & went to Pt. & took the 3:50 o'c. train.

Came home from Mil. today. Minnie met me at the depot. Got home at 6 o'c. Saw Bro. Rohde today. Engaged with Greenwood Bros. to ship eggs for cash. Met Richard Schardt at the NW depot.

Fixed the washout on my dam. Plowed my potatoes.

Went to see Richard Owen's colts. Would like to buy them. Hoed some in the garde & went to see Robert Peat in the eve.

Cleaned up the hen house today & put 73 chicks into the brooder. Cultivated corn after supper.

Went to Church. Walter & I went to Pt. & Minnie & Helen went to Jakes & from there home. We went to Huston's to dinner. Walter was a good boy all day, but got very tired. I brought Huston out as far as M. Dempsey's & he came across the bridge & I went to George's to practicing.

Went to Grafton Fair & sold some roosters. Went to Jakes in the eve. Filled the incubator for the last time this summer.

Helped Jake load up hay to go to Pt. Went to Pt. with it. Minnie met me at Huston's. We staid to dinner & waited till after the rain. Got home at 3:30.

Poisoned the potato bugs & cultivated corn. Went to Jakes in the eve.

Minnie went home. I did some mowing but scythe didn't work good so I quit. Cleaned out my rifle.

Tested some of the eggs in the incubator today. Went to mill with feed & got a sack of flour. Heard a noise in the NE. Some say it was an earth quake.

Mowed some. After noon I went up to the swamp to cut canada thistles. Geo. * Charlie & .... came over & we hunted hen hawks. Shot 3. 1 old one & two young ones. Claude Augustine came here as Canada Thistle sower to see if I had cut mine. I was sick in the eve. Had a terrific headache.

Went to church. Heard Bro. Leavitt preach. Came home after the sacrement. Henry & family came over. Helen went home with them.

Went to Grafton with Eggs & Chickens. Got home at 12 o'c. Raked up some hat & plowed out the potatoes. Ma came in this eve. Minnie picked some red raspberries.

Went to Pt. Talked to Bro. Detert about horses. Got a recp't from H. Coe.

Put up some hay this morn & mowed some. Pa came over & talked about horses etc.

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