William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
Sept 1886

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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September 1886

Joe Fieber's father died this morn. I plowed out brown potatoes. Got about a bushel. Karker told me that Richard had quarreled with his wife & had left after settling up with E. L. Eastman.

Rained some this morn & I went over & cleaned wheat to go to mill. Startec to plow & Broke a haine tug & came home after dinner. I went to Pt. to mill & came back to S. & took a wagon for Phillip Dopple to Grafton. Got home late.

Today is my birthday. 28 yrs. old. Went to plowing again. Schultz is threshing. Went over & fed a run. Hauled in my flax. Weather very warm. Rained a little toward eve. I plowed from supper till dark.

Cleaned some oats. Minnie helped me. At noon Pa & Jimmie came over & helped me. Went to Pt. with 20 bags. Had 57 11/32 bu. Got 33 cts. to a check on the bank. Richard came back & is working in the factory. E.L.E. went home to attend a funeral.

Went to church. Heard Bro. Johnson from West Bend Preach.

Hauled two loads of sand & helped Minnie pick the geese. After dinner I went to Myra & got some lime for plastering my hen house. I went to R. Peats & bought two Roosters. Got home at 8:30 o'c. Weather very warm.

Unloaded the lime & got ready for the Mason (Wolf) to come & mix morter all the forenoon. After dinner I hitched Bon up & took Helen & Minnie home. I went down to see Wolf & find out why he didn't come. Visited with Jake awhile.

Got a load of sand. Wolf came & commenced plastering on the inside. Corwin & Will (Redhead) Mc Carty came last night. Staid around & bothered me all day. I let them have Doll & the buggy to go to Saukeville. They shot at the mark several times with my rifle. Rained some, so I had to mix morter inside.

Corwin & MC C. staid all night. Wolf plastered all day inside. Rained some today. C & Mc went to Jakes to stay all night.

I went to Grafton after dinner. Jim made morter. Pa got Bon to go to Barton. Huston & family came here in the afternoon & Jake & Lois stopped here on their way home.

Huston's folks staid all night. After dinner Jason took them to Pt. Wolf finished plastering at noon. Minnie was sick all this afternoon & eve. I couldn't do much. Wind blew hard all day. Growing cold toward night.

Minnie feels quite bad yet today. I didn't go to Pt. Went to Waubeka & brought Huston home with me. Very cold all day. Wind, NW.

Went to the Fair. Jake helped me drive my cattlr. Sold two Heifers before I got to Reiters for $37.00. Paid one binder note & paid Corwin $50.00. Lutfring came up & said Corwin was mad as a fool & I had better settle. I gave hime (Corwin) a piece of my mind in the eve.

Had to go to Saukville & give Corwin a chattel mortgarge on my stock, farming tools & my horses. Corwin came back from S. about 5 o'c. I suppose he was trying to sell the note & mortgage. I went to Jakes this eve. Took my rifle along & shot several times at a muskrat.

Went to W & J's Mill with feed & then went to Cooley's mill & got some lumber. After noon I helped Minnie pull beans & in the eve. we went to Saukville & had a ride by moonlight.

Rained this morn. After noon I plowed. Eve. we went to Henry's. Left Walter there.

Plowed out some potatoes & went to the swamp & got a wagon box full of cedar wood for ELE Cheese Factory. Got some bolts & bought a coffee pot.

Plowed all day. Rain toward night..

Went to Henry's to prayer meeting & PM to Jakes to preaching. Got home at dark.

Went to Grafton to the Fair. Sold Walter's calf. Sold a case of eggs. Came home & Jake came & helped me at the wood rack. Bro. Detert came here with a young man who wanted a place to stay for a few weeks. I agreed to give him a trial. HIs name is Herman Jahnke.

Rained some this morn. Picked crab apples. Herman came to dinner. We worked at the wood rack all the afternoon.

Went to Grafton with crab apples. Got home at 2 o'c. I went to Jakes to see about going to the fair. We concluded to take the train. Jake went & got the tickets. I came home & got ready & went back over there & stayed all night.

Started for Pt. Train left Pt. soon after 4 o'c. AM. Got to Mil. at 6 AM. Went to Schlotterbecks for breakfast & then went to Bro Rhode from there to State Fair Ground. Saw & saw & saw till we were tired out & rested & tried again. Missed the freight at 6:45 PM & had to wait until 12:15 PM Fri.

Arrived at Pt at 1:30 AM. Walked out to Jakes. Went to bed & slept till 7 o'c. Got breakfast & came home. Slept some till dinner time. After dinner we finished off the wood rack. Eddie came over & staid till nearly dark. I took him as far as the school house. Mrs. Boehm came for Helen & staid for supper.

Went to Pt. with oats for Bro. Detert. got home at 7 o'c. Picked crab apples & went to Pt. again in the eve. Rained some on the way home. Got home at 9 o'c. Herman went to Bro. Deterts tonight.

Today is M.E. Conf. Sunday. Didn't go anywhere. George & family came over & stayed awhile. Herman came home early. Cloudy all day.

Rained hard this morn. Threshed flax all day. Went up to Lutfrings woods to see a sick cow left there by peddlars. Bill Hughes came here after dark to get some oats. Sold him 10 bu. @ 32 cts.

Threshed flax in the forenoon. Went to Minnie Boehm's wedding. Started at 1:40 o'c Got there at 3 o'c. Had a good time. The bride grooms name is Julius Busswitz.

Got home at 1 o'c. this Morn. Slept till 7. threshed flax. Jake came & got my big kettle. We went to Henry's in the eve.

Finished the flax this forenoon. Picked some apples & went to Grafton in the PM.
Got home at dark. Had to go over & help Pa get a cow out of the mud. Went to the RR bridge to meet Helen & Minnie.

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