William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
October 1886

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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October 1886

Very cold this morn. Plowed in the forenoon. Went to Saukville. Took
Helen tp train From their went to Port to see Mrs. About Minnies dress. Took my old wagon to the B S Shop to be fixed

Went to Saukville to see about wagon. Herman spread manure nine loads in
the afternoon. Made a trade with Phillips on the wagon. He allowed me $19.00 on the old one. I am to give him. I am to give him $45.00 and cord of beech wood. $25.00 to be paid by first of January. The rest can wait until spring. Bill Hughes came along and bargained for some oats. Plowed afternoon.

10-3-1885 Went to Jakes for prayer meeting and to Laubensteins for preaching.
Minnies mother came home with us. Herman staid home all day.

Went to Saukville with oats for Bill Hughes. Tool 22 bags. Had 56 bushel
and 9 lbs. 1769 lbs at 32cts per bushel Bill went to Dakota today with his new threshing machine. Afternoon- Staked out the line fence back of the house. Herman bored all of the holes. I fitted the wood rack on the new wagon and Minnie picked geese. Hauled the posts for the fence.

Went to Saukville this morn. wth a cord of beech wood for. Phillip Dopple
Herman set posts Went to the south lot to plow. Hauled out a load of Maple wood down to Becker Hill and loaded another. Herman fixed up the bars by the Bridge. Went to Jakes house in the eve

Went down with load of wood again for Phillips. County Fair today.
Herman plowed the south lot and fixed the road fence beginning with Beckers line. Laura came in the eve.

Took a load of wood to Mrs. Hurley. Herman plowed some. Hauled a load
of firewood from the woods. Took Pa's team and went to Henry's to take Minnies mother home. Pa went to Jakes to get some meat.

Went to south woods again. Czme home and put up 10 bags of feed to take to
the mill. Herman plowed using Pa's team.

Went down with wood again. Brought home my feed. Took Pa's team and
Went again with oats for Albrecht. After dinner we wnt to the upper pastuer and got some cedar for the cheese factory.Minnie went over to Dopplers and roade home with Hoffman. Herman staid in Pt tonight.

10-10-1886 Went to Pt. to church. Rev. C.C. Woods preached in Hustons stead. Jason was there so I had to help sing in the choir staid for'Tunday Cool".Brother Woods rode back with me for dinnere. Cooley came for him and took him back. He staid here all night and Pa will carry him in the morn

Herman left here this morn. I went to Saukeville with Cedar Wood and
hauled two loads of cheese to the depot. Met Milton Barndt and his father from Menomonee Falls. They came to the fair to buy cattle. Hauled out three loads of wood in afternoon.

Went to Port with wood for Bro. Detert today. Got home at 1 o'c. Went to.
Jim Frawleys auction. Came back at dark. John Melin was killed from falling off train at Hilbert Junction

Plowed all day. Weather c/showery. Getting ready for rain. Rained all
evening and we couldn't find the cows soo they went without milking.

10-14-1886 Raining this morning. Hunted all over for cows anf found them in Lutfrings neadow. The ground soaked this time so it won't dr3y out so quick. Karker came and staid to supper.

Went out to plow at 6 o'c thhis morn. Plowed all day. John Malin was
buried yesterday. Bro. Huston preached the sermon.

Plowed all day. Froze quite hard last night. I saw two flocks of wwild
geese going south today. County convention at Saukville to day. Had a letteer from Huston tonight.

Went to Pt. this morn. Heard Rev. Rodertck preach. Went to Jakes to
dinner and to Henrys for preaching. Came home via Waubeka. Got home at 6o'c. Very warm this noon. Thunder storm in the weat and north. After showers passed by the weather changed and was cold as Greenland. Wind NE.

Hauled a load of Maple wood to Mrs, Kane at $4.75 per cd. Sold three
cords to old man Augustine and hauled him one load. Back this PM.

Hauled two loads of Beech to old Augustine. Got $10.00 cash & let him
go. It didn't hold three cords the way he piled it.

Hauled two loas of Beech to old Wcek.Got $7.00 cash & the old man was
pleased.Came home. Ate luch and plowed till dark.

Went to Port with load of Maple for Bro. Detert Got some barrels for
apples for Uncle Henry Plowed this afternoon Weather clear and warm.

Hauled a load of Maple to Mrs. Kane this morn. Got Bon shod behind..
Afternoon hauled another load of wood. Finished Mrs. Kanes pile and took the rest to Bro. Detert. Got home at dark. Filled teo barrels of apples for Uncle Henry.

Picked some Russet apples and went to Pt with those apples for Uncle
Henry. Left two barrels at the Port Depot for him to ship to Streibers. Went to Bro. Deterts. Staid to dinner. Got home at 3 o'c. Plowed till dark. Ida McCarthy and Edna Nash rom Boston were here with Laura and Alice. They all staid to supper.

Staid home this morn. Went to Geworges on the afternoon. Got home at
dark. Wind NW growing cold. Mrs. Walter Demmen died this morn, at 7 o'c.

Commenced plowing at 7 o'c this morn. Plowed all day. Wind NE.
Growing colder.

First snow this morn. Killed a pig this morn. Went to the south Mill with.
a load of would after dinner. Started for Grafton with a load of eggs at 3 o'c. Got back at 6 o'c. Pa and Jimmy cane over and helped me cut up the hog. Pa took one quarter

Plowed all day. Pa and Ma went to West Bend to attend Mrs. Demmers
funeral. I wen to Jakes tonight. Took them some fresh meat.

10-28-1886 Plowed in the forenoon and went to Port wood for Hein in the afternoon. Got home at 8:30 PM.

Went out to plow at 6 o'c this morn. Plowed till 11 o'c. Then had dinner
and out and loaded up a load of Beech wood. Bro. Detert and family came at 1 o'c and staid all afternoon. Lizzie Keller Warren had a baby girl. Went to Pa's and got a bushel of corn fot the geese and ducks.

Took a load of Beech wood to Zastrow this forenoon. Came home with an
awful headache. Plowed some in the PM. Hermaan came in the evening and I scolded him and sent him away. Jakes folks got a little boy today.

10-31-1186 Went to Port & heard Rev. Corwin preaxh. Went to Jakes to dinner ans saw the baby. Went to Georges to preaching. Got home after dark.

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