William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
February 1887

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Split wood & chored. PM- I took Minnie & Walter up to Karkers & then borrowed K's Cutter & went to Jakes. Got home at dark & went to K's after Minnie. They made me stay to supper & we got home at 9:30 o'c. Snowing & blowing from the east.

Walter went to Grandma's today. Snowing all the forenoon. Minnie & I went to Saukville & I did some trading. We took Bon & K's Cutter & came up the river. I took the cutter home home & then K & Pa & Jimmie & Will Mc. & I shoveled the road from the Grainry to the cross roasd. Our hens laid 13 eggs today. Henry Grady's little girl died this morn.

Cut down some trees in the woods this forenoon & did chores the rest of the day. Also banked up the straw stable.

Cold this morn. Ther. 10 below at day light. Pa helped me haul down the trees I cut yesterday. Laura came home today & said that Jaske & Henry went to West Bend to see the Horse Doctor. They left her school at 9 AM & got back at 2 PM. Jimmie & the girls went to Port in the eve. I rode over to Jakes & walked back. H. Grady's girl was buried today. There were 21 teams in the procession.

Weather moderate. I cut fire wood. Filed my bick saw. Pa helped me saw a while. Laura was here to dinner & Walter went home with her. I churned in the eve & cut Jimmies hair.

Rained & turned to sleet. We staid at home all day. Eva & Alice came over in the eve. At 6:30 Henry Laubenstein & his sister came here to spend the eve. We went over & had a sing & then came back & visited awhile. They went home at 10:15 o'clock.

Raining today all day. Worked for a while on the incubator. Went to Saukville in the eve. Jimmie let my cows out & cleaned the stable. Thawing tonight. Walter doesn't feel good.

Rained a little this morn. Cleared up & stopped thawing. Wind blew some. I cut down some trees for wood & did the chores.

Clear & fine this morn. Jake came & we sawed firewood all day. At noon we worked out an evener for Pa & he trimmed some trees for us.

Helped Pa get out a tree for a crotch. I took my rifle along & shot a red squirrel. Commenced raining about noon. I got Nell & hauled down three loads of wood from the woods. Commenced snowing early in the eve.

Snowing very hard & blowing a gale this morn. Growing colder toward eve.

10 deg. below zero this morn. I split wood & chored all day. Eva came over in the PM & sayed all eve.

Eva stayed all night last night. Our folks went to Port. We went to Laubensteins in the morn. & to Geo's. in the PM. Geo. brougjht us as far as Balbachs & we walked the rest of the way. Stopped to get Walter & stayed till 8 o'c.

Raining some this morn. Went to the fair. Sold two Roosters. Took 5 bags of feed to the Mill & got 64 lbs, of Bran for the chickens. Met Supt. Reich. He spoke for the Board while working in this part of the country. Reich came back before dark.

Commencec laying up eggs for the incubator. Henry & family came at 10 o'c. & at noon Geo. & part of his family arrived. They wanted to come while the ice was good. Weather warmer. thawing some. I went to Saukville after my feed. Met Ev. coming from school. Asked her to ride down with me. which she did. Reichert & I went over to hear Ev. play.

Haled down some wood from the woods. Split some. Hauled a load for Pa & chored. Colder today. Ev came in this morn & spoke with Reichert. They went to Port this eve. Pas & Ma went to Jakes. Ev came here to supper.

Wind East & south. Hauled in some straw from the stack. Commenced raining at 1 o'c. Pa got a jag of wet straw for bedding. Rained very hard all PM & eve.

Raining some this forenoon. Growing colder towrad night & snowing some. I got Jasons tools & worked at my incubator nursery. Reichert didn't get back last night. Geo's. Willie came tonight to stay over Sunday. We looked for Reichert tonight but he didn't come.

Split wood all the forenoon. Afternoon - We got Karkers cutter & went to Port. I got two shoes set in Bon'd hind feet. We got home before dark. Sold some butter & canned fruit. Also some eggs. Willie staid with Jimmie.

We went to church. There were 10 of us in one load. We drove Bon & Nell. Tjhe preacher rode with us. Nonnie & Ellen Race came for him. We staid over to our folks for dinner.

Pa helped me haul in straw. I got it all in. Lutfring sent word for Pa & I to come down & see him about School Dist. Biz.

We went to the Farmers Institue to day at Cedarburg. We left Walter with his Grandma. Laura, Alice & Ev went along. We staid till after the evening session. Got home at 11:30 PM tired out.

Pa & I got K's Cutter & went to the Institute again today. I drove Bon. The Insitutue was largely attended by ladies & gents. I was benefited by going.

Straightened up this forenoon. Hauled 4 loads of horse manure down to the river lot. Went to H. Schultz's to spend the eve. Got home at 11:30.

I was taken sick during the night & was sick all day. Minnie did the chores in the morn. I got out after dinner & did the evening.

Walter sick this morn. Weather stormy. Rain & Snow. Storming very hard this morn. Snowed & drifted all day. Jason came here in the eve.

Clear & cold. Still blowing. I went over to Jakes to preaching in the PM. Got back after dark. Walter staid with Grandma while I was gone.

Drew 3 loads of manure to the river lot.

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