William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
March 1887

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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MARCH 1887

Hauled manure into south field. 8 loads. Pa helped me thus far.

Minnie went to Saukville with McHenry. Paulina & Geo. were there. They came here to dinner & Minnie went home with them. We hauled manure. I was taken sick with a sick headache. I sent Jimmie to Jakes with my music charts. I staid over at our folks while he was gonwe.

Jimmie staid with me all night. He put his boots on the wood box. Burned them to pieces. I file our saws & PM went after Minnie. Lois & Eva were here to supper. Jake came in the eve.
arkers young fols came here & I gave them drill in singing on my charts.

Cold this morn. After noon I helped Pa cut the old Butternut tree down. Fell it in the river. I went down to the mill at 4 o'c. Sent a letter to J.L. Campbell at E. Elizabeth Pa. for a thermometer.

Snowing this morn. Took some btr to Ma. Jason came in & stauid a while. E.L. Eastman dropped in on us unawares this forenoon. We chatted all the afternoon. Snow from the east most of the day.

Sunday. Went to church. Ate dinner with our folks.

We (Pa & I0 went to Pt. via Erwins. Pa took some apples. got 80 cts. per bu. When we got home Pa took his team & we drove to Newburg to see Mrs. Fairbanks. Called her out of bed. Got home at 10 o'c. Laura & Eva went up to HUbbards & staid till we came back.

I fixed up the incubator & got it started. Reichert came tonight. E. L. Eastman came in the eve & my singing class met & we had quite a time.

Pa & I had to go to Pt. again today. Grandma Vail died Monday & was buried today. She was 82 yrs. old. We got back from Pt. at 3 o'c. & Pa took Mrs. Fairbanks her money. Reichert came early & we all went over to Jakes to sunday School. E.L. E. staid with us again.

Ed & I went to John Cronins Auction today. Ed staid till 3 0'c & then went to Fredonia Station & went home.

Chored in the AM. Ed. Mash & wife are visiting our folks today. Jimmie helps me draw manure on the wagon. We drew 7 loads. Weather warm & thawing fast. Sining school again tonight.

Minnie went down home with Eva. I took them as far asd chamberlains. Chatted a while with C. & came home. Sleighing is gone. I made my last trip today unless it snows some more & gets colder. Waether warm Water runs without help today. 9 PM wind rising.

Wind blew hard all day. I went to church with the team & buggy. Went to Mrs. Soule's to dinner. Alice took care of the incubator. We expected Bro. Huston but he didn't come. Carwardine sent a dispatch. Turner read part of a sermon. Quite cold tonight.

Went to the Fair. Sold two pigs for $8.50. Jake, M. Vetter & Henry Bohner came up with us & took dinner here. Cold all day.

Pa & Jimmie helped me cut wood in the woods. J. Helped all day. Tested the eggs today. took out 29 from 221 put in. Will & Hattie came down to practice. Pa & I went to Lutfrings last night to talk over school matters.

I helped Pa cut wood in his woods all day. I filed his saw just before night. Warmer today. Wind changed from NE to weat.

Brombach had his auction today. I cleaned the hen house & whelled manure on the patch behind the house & split some wood. Jimmie & I wnt to Jakes & cut Jakes hair.

Jake came & Pa & Jimmie helped me. We sawed wood all day. Singng practice tonight.

Pa & Minnie went to Saukville. I filed Karker's saw & chored around in the AM. Got my new thermometer today. Hauled wood from the woods on the stone boat this PM. Karker came in the eve. Took supper with us. We went over to our folks & staid the evening.

I went to church. Minnie staid home & got dinner for the preacher. Eva came up with me & took dinner with us. Jake & Lois were at church. Weather quite cool. Wind, north-east.

Sawed wood & split all the forenoon. Hauled down PM with the team & stone boat. Wind, NE, cool.

Deegan trial yeasterday & today. Don't know when it will end. I worked at the wood all day. Jimmie helped me this afternoon. Brimmin cow came in this morn. A heifer calf shall raise it. Sing tonight. Will & Hattie came down. Wind, NE. Very chilly all day. Got 49 eggs today.

Split wood this forenoon. Hauled manure away from the henhouse this afternoon. Went to Saukville in the eve. Bot. Minnie a pr. of shoes & me a pr. of rubbers. Wind changed today to the SW. Quite warm & cloudy this PM. Does not freeze at night. Pa went to Barton today.

Rained & turned to snow. Snowed hard all day. Went to Dempsey's auction.

Colder this morn. W. E. Grinnell left his team here & went over to D's auction again today. I bought a cow for $29.50. Brought her home this eve. Had to go around vis Saukville. Hattie & Will came down to sing tonight.

Split some wood this forenoon. Went to S. toward eve. Eva went with us. I drove to Dollerts so she could get her money. Wm. McCarty {Sandy Bill) came down from Barton today & brought Laura home.

Sunday. Snowing very hard today.Cleared up some toward night. The most snow fell to taday that we have had at one time this winter. I think it will average 12 in. on the level.

Clear this morn. K. came down & filed his buck saw. Wm. run up some bullets & I filled some cartridges. & went up to Karchers & shot some crows. Jimmie & I drew 8 loads of manure this PM.

Karker came down got two loads of straw. Jimmie & I drew 6 loads of manure. B. Lutfring came & bargained for straw.

Hauled manure all day. 9 loads. Went to Jakes in the eve.

B. Lutfring got two loads of straw. Becker got one. Jimmie & I drew 6 loads of manure. Thawing very fast. Caucus today. Jake came this PM. Cleaned out the incubator & refilled it with 220 eggs.

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