William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
January 1891

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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These are the diaries of William B. Sizer covering the 23 year period starting in 1891.


The new year commenced with rain. Wind NE. Attended the dance at Voerworts last night. Peiffers grocery burned to the ground last night.. Recd a letter from Jason. John and Ruby went home yesterday. Helen was here to dinner. 20 windy and growing colder. Wrote to Jake and Lois. 5:15AM 38 degrees.


Snowed all night. Wind NE changing to NW - 2PM. Weather moderate. Very hard walking all night. Wrote for our tax bill on our lots 11, 12, 13, Columbia Park. Mailed two letters
this P.M.. 25 degrees 4:55 AM.


Got a complaint from central station. Went to 13th and North Ave. Arrested Geo. Wegner. As his mother would not appear against him, I could do nothing.. Head ache all night. Got up at 8:30AM. Not feeling well. 15 degrees - 4:50AM.


Attended the fire, 9PM, at 467 3rd St. S. Margolis, only a small blaze, called on Bautin about 8:45 P.M.. Walked down the RR track with him. Heard the alarm at 1st and Walnut. Went to church this AM with Minnie and Walter. Reported the pocket book lost by Wm. Metzner. 15 degrees 4:55 AM.


Attended the Carpenters dance at Voerworts. Saw a woman catch her husband with a girl. Received a tax bill to-day for 83 cents on our lot on 33rd St. Walter's school commenced to-day. Went to music room. Sent money to pay taxes. Met Mr. Schauber from Jefferson. 15
degrees 4:55 AM.


Bruhn and I arrested Louis Rapp at 1:30 AM. charge drunk and disorderly. Fined $5.00 and costs-$6.58 total. Stopped at Lakes and also at Rhodes. Light snow during the night - fair to-day. Fritzwater had a drunken mob at this place after mid-night. 35 degrees 5:00AM.


Walter is seven years old to-day. Had a little racket with 4 coons at 2nd and Walnut Streets last night. Met Otto and Frank Klitzke last night. 30 degrees 4:55 am.


Night passed withou any particular occurrence. Saw an account of Mrs. Scheider's death in this mornings paper. Funeral to-morrow. Drill at the Armory to-day. Wind NE to N. 27 degrees 4:55 AM.


Fire alarm came at 1:30 AM. Box 524. No. 2 went out. 2 P.M. weather clear and fair and quite warm. To-day is Ma's birthday -57 years old. 27 degrees 5:00 AM.


Met Emma Laubenstein and two other girls at 2nd and Walnut at 8:30. At 3rd and North I watched a man who was trying to intice two young girls into a house. John L. Sullivan is at the Davidson to-day. 2PM very cloudy. 25 degrees. 5:05 AM. Wind E.


The night passed quietly. Gomoll had a grand closing. Met Abe at 12:35 AM at 3rd and Sherman Sts. Got up at 10 AM and read paper and wrote to Ma. Helen came at 3 P.M.. Weather dark and cloudy. Looks like snow. 28 degrees - Wind NE- 4:50 AM.


Fire broke out at 508 Commerce St., Skobis Bros. Wilde pulled box 619. Attended the benefit for Franz Phister from teachers. P netted nearly $300. Went with Martin as far as Humboldt and Center to see about the dog he shot. 4PM flurries of snow. 26 degrees..5:15 AM..
Wind N, NE, to NW.


The light snow made hard walking. Fire alarm came in at 1:30 AM, south side. Met Abe at 4AM. Numool, the west side supervisor skated- won the races at Schlitz Park. Went to see J. L. Rosenthal about a watch movement for me. Got a letter from GBM in South Dakota. 7 degrees. wind W and NW. 4:50 AM.


Delivered mail to Ald.. Robinson last night . General orders was read last night about night shift promotion to take place soon. Borrowed $36 off Helen. I sent it to Jake to pay Balbadis. Take rent up for organ on the south side. 29 degrees .11:00 AM.. Wind SW to NW.


Woman came to the station last night with blood running down her face and neck. Said her husband struck her. She said she lived at 708 Germania St. Shedler went with her. James Cowling in the hole again. Drill again to-day. 16 degrees - 4:55 AM - Wind SE, S, SW.


Light snow all night. Very disagreeable. Minnies brother John came from Minnesota to-day. Went downtown this afternoon. Met Abe at 3:30 at 3rd and Sherman. 12 degrees - 4:05 AM - Wind North.


7 months to-day since I was sworn in. At 1PM I met a paper carrier at 12:20. thinking it was 4 o'clock. Met Detective Weber with a box of capsules and cigar 'cocaine'. 23 degrees at 4:55 PM.. Wind SE and S,


Arrested Henry Messenbrink. last night at 10:20 - Charge- drunk and disorderly.. Took in Brachus beat all night. Schok and wife came up and spent the afternoon. Mrs. Graf also called. Got a letter from Jason yesterday. 15 degrees - 4:50 AM - Wind SW.


Socialist Neimuller held for sale of ointment at Vorwearts 1t 10:30PM. 10:30 AM back from court. Neimuller got $5 and costs. Lovely weather. Went to the music room in the P.M.. Was in court in the morning.. 23 degrees- 4:50 AM - Wind W.


Hasse on duty again at 3rd and Chestnut St. Loose came out last night. Schedler preferred charge against Weber for calling him a thief and other vile names. 32 degrees.
- 4:55 AM. Wind SW .


Commenced snowing last night. Snow and rain all night. The Capt. (J.L.) is investigating the Schedler-Weber case. Broke my watch and had to go down and get another and leave mine. Electric lights on Sherman St. east of 3rd St., started last night. 33 degrees 4:55 AM. Wind SW


Tried hard to snow all night. To-day-drill day. Met Abe at 3rd and Hammond at 2:30 AM. Walter went down to Helen's while I was at drill, Met Mr., A. Jones. 455 P.M.. 31 degrees. Wind NE


Tried to snow all night.. Met Abe at 3:30 AM at 3rd and Sherman. Shedler-Weber case was to have come off to-day but was indefinitely postponed account of absence of the Chief. Called at Lakes. Got a letter from Lois to-day. 27 degrees. 5AM. Wind SW.


Fire at Trostels Tannery on Commerce St. at 7 o'clock last night. Went directly to the fire and remained there till 12:45 AM. Hart stayed with me. Snowed about 1/2 inch during the night of the fire. We had lunch in the office of the tannery. The damage is estimated at $50,000. Got a letter from Ma-mailed at Barton. 20 degrees - 5 AM - Wind W.


IPC held their Masquerade at the Voerwart last night. Had a good time. Henry Shade had his overcoat stolen. I stayed at the hall most of the time watching the Tages gang. Got supper at the hall. Stopped on 6th at a silver wedding celebration in home that Robert Wergin was
killed. 18 degrees - 4:55 AM - Wind W.


The OMP held a dance at the Vorwarts last night. Went to bed at 6:10 this morning. Minnies brother John came this noon. Went downtown. Called at Lakes.. 22 degrees, weather fair, wind W, 4:55 AM


Met Abe at 2:45 AM. The case of Schedler Vs Weber comes off to-day 5PM Loose was discharged to-day. and Weber suspended. Minnie went to get cousin Lizzie. 27 degrees - Weather fair - wind variable - 4:55 AM.

Haske went out with us last night.. Took in the east half of Wildes beat after 12 o'clock. 2 P.M. raining. Cousin Liz went back to Charlies this P.. 26 degrees - 4:00 AM - wind S.
weather fair.

Met Abe at 3rd and Sherman at 2:30 AM. Met J. Neddersen at 2:44 AM going home from his fathers business. Foggy all night. 2PM raining. 35 degrees - 5AM wind S

Foggy and rainy in the fore part of the night. Moon showing in the AM. 2:30 P.M. - Aunt Emma Taylor came to see us this afternoon. Henry Taylor came with her. 32 degrees - 5:00 AM wind W.

Went up 12th with Differt. Payday. Went down and get my money. Went downtown. Aunt Eunice came this evening. John went back to Lowell to-day. Snow and rain in the afternoon. 32 degrees - 5:05 AM wind SE.

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