William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
April 1891

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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APRIL 1891


Met Abe at 3rd and Harmon. We followed a drunk to 3rd and Walnut where I arrested
him at 11 o'clock. Passed a quiet night. Went to court. Got home at 11 AM. 38 degrees and cloudy. 5 AM wind SW.

No arrests at the west side last night. PM- Went down 2 o'clock. Got home at 5 o'clock. Minnie went down to Helens. Mrs. Scholz died this morning at 4 AM. Commenced raining at 6:30 PM. 35 degrees and fair. 5 AM, wind SW.

Rain turned to snow. Stopped before mid-night. Growing colder. PM - ...... and I ordered to the station to keep the dog watch this PM. 32 degrees and cloudy, 5 AM, wind NE.

Fire across the river at 9:45. Went to the fire. Watched the Box at Island Ave. and Sherman until the Fire Dept. released the key. Vopights watchman pulled the box when he saw the fire. Met Abe at 10:20 and 1:45. Will McHenry and Jim D. Davis came up. 22 degrees and cloudy. 4:55 Am, wind NW.

Quiet cold all day yesterday. Clouded up this morning. Commenced snowing at 2 PM. Melia Hengwarts and Mary Wegner came to see us this PM. Walter went home with Helen. 33 degrees and fair. 4:55 AM, wind SW

Vorwaerts T.V. held an entertainment at their hall last night. PM- C. F. Taylor came to see us to-day. I went over to Henrys with him. Met Chas. Zahn this evening. 21 degrees and fair. 5 AM wind NW.

Met Abe at 1:40 AM at 3rd and Garfield. Election to-day. I had station duty. Reported at 1 o'clock. Made two runs. One to 12th and Harmon and one to Teutonia and Hopkins. Went on duty at regular time. I was the only one that was out at the regular time. 26 degrees and clear. 4:50 AM, wind NW.

Weather clear and frosty. Was taken sick at 11 PM. Home at 12 o'clock feeling as it I was going to have the grippe. Minnies burthday-30 years old. I gave her a present of of a pitcher and sugar and sugar bowl. 32 degrees and clear. 12:30 AM, wind still.

Went to see Dr. Gebot. He gave me some medicine and told me to keep quiet. Thunder shower this evening. Wind E.

Raining nearly all day. Sgt. Koges. this PM. I went to Freds - took my shoes to get them soled. Wrote two letters. Am going out to-night if nothing happens. Cloudy. Wind SW.

Went out again last night. Went to the fire on Winnebago St. at 11 o'clock. Our wedding day. Married 8 years. Libbie came to-day. Went to the police examination at the West side Turn Hall. Went to the North Avenue Station. 35 degrees, cloudy. 5 AM, wind S.

Vleith called for me at 12:25. Met him at Wright and Booth Sts. Went to Pzorckies, also to the wedding. Met Abe at 1:30 AM at b & W Sta.. Radkes had a row amoung themselves. Went to church this morning. G. Raddatz called in the PM. 35 degrees and fair. 5 AM wind still.

Met Abe twice during the night. Light rain at 12:30 AM. Very warm all day. Went downtown. Came back and shaded the garden. Sowed some lettuce. Went to see Wassow about a loan. 45 degrees. 5 AM, wind S.

Weather changed at 10 o'clock. Wind came up from NE. Commenced to rain at 12 o'clock. Rained all day and all night. Libby came back from Kellings this PM. Met Abe at 11 and at 1 o'clock. 59 degrees and cloudy. 5 AM, wind NE.

Station duty this afternoon. Got orders to wear our hats to-day. Went to Schneiders to-day and paid for the Bookshafen Magazine. 35 degrees and cloudy. 5AM, wind SE.

Met Abe at 11 o'clock. Hart came out after a weeks sickness with the Grippe. Drill again to-day. Wore my ..... coat last night. Libbie went home this noon. 34 degrees and clear. 4:55 AM, wind S and E.

Very warm all day. Went out for a walk in the afternoon. Planted some potatoes before supper. Commenced raining at 5 PM. Met Jacobson's son Jake yesterday. 48 degrees and fair. 4:55AM, wind SE.

Went to bed a 7 o 'clock this morning. Took off my heavy shirt to-day. Went out walking with Minnie and the children. Very warm all day - cooler in the evening. 60 degrees and fair. 5 AM, wind, still.

Eichenkranzhel an entertainment and ball at the Vorwaerts Hall. Met a young fellow by the name of Teng Busch-relation of the Dopplers. 45 degrees and fair. 5 AM, wind NW to NE.

Badger Circle held an entertainment at the Vorwarts. Station duty this afternoon. Got home at 5:30 PM. Met Bro. Schneider on the street looking at a house. Jason's birthday to-day. 31 years old. Had a letter from him to-day. 38 degrees and fair. 5 AM. wind, N.

Went with Hart to a Polish wedding on Weil St. Got a letter from Ruby with her photo. Thunder showers this PM and evening. Met B. Luftring to-night. 45 degrees and fair. 5 AM, wind E.

Met Abe at 3rd and North at 1:25 AM. Weather cleared at 2 o'clock and cooled off. PM- Stayed home all PM. Helen came up for supper. 55 degrees and cloudy. 5AM, wind SW to W.

Met Abe at 4AM -3rd and Lloyd. Drill day. Minnie has been suffering with a tooth ache for three our four days past. Went house hunting after drill. 45 degrees and clear. 5AM, wind SW.

Met Rygh at North Ave. bridge. Tried to stop a run-a-way horse.. Quiet cold this morning.. Went downtown with Minnie and Ada this PM. Walter came home sick. 35 degrees and clear. 4:55 AM, wind N.

Passed a very quiet night. Station duty to-day with Miller, Weber and Ritsch. 40 degrees and fair. Went down and got Ada's hair cut. 40 degrees and fair. 4:55 AM, wind SE.

Passed a very quiet night. Fire alarm came in at 4 o'clock. Grocery store burned at 6th and Chestnut. Went to Hammeters this PM and had supper there. Went to the car, met Reuter and went to the station. 45 degrees and fair. 5:30 AM, wind SW.

Bellevous Social Club held an entertainment at the Vorwaerts. Several scraps, but no arrests. PM- wind changed to west and blowing hard. 58 degrees and fair., 5 AM, wind SW.

Turned cold in the fore part of the night. Passed a quiet night. Met Abe at 3rd and North at 1:50 AM. - Got up at 2:45 and worked in the garden for a while.40 degrees and clear, Wind, N.

Very chilly, dry and dusty. Met Abe at 11 o'clock at 3rd and Sherman. Very warm during the day. 42 degrees and clear., 4:55 AM, wind S.

Met Abe at 10;15 - 3rd and Sherman. PM- Station duty with Hesse, Boldt and Schroeder. 63 degrees and fair. 4:55 AM, wind SW.

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