William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
February 1892

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Went out with Bruhns in the upper 9th ward. Pay day. I got two letters for Ald. Kopmeier tonight. Del. at 8:15 PM.

Went to court this morning. Arrested Louis Voick at 3rd and Walnut at 9:30 last night. Charge D&D. After court I went to Wechselbergers and also to Rosecrans. Timed my watch - 10 seconds slow. Settled up all the accounts I could and went to bed at 2 PM. Got a letter from Ma to-day. Weather cloudy and warm.

Went out with Schroeder this PM. Took in his beat. Weather cloudy and warm. Got home late on account of a motor burning out. Changed clothes and went to the station without much supper.

Drill day. Special duty over for a while. a barn burned just outside the city limits at 12:30 AM. The box at 3rd and Chambers was pulled. Jaunke and I took a car and went out. Everything went, nothing saved. 16 cows, 3 horses and 4 hogs burned. A terrible sight to see the burned bodies of the cows lying in their places down to rest. Met Mrs. Winship on the corner of Wis. and Mich. St. this PM as I was going to drill. Went to Schusters and got a corset for Minnie after drill. Weather fine. Cloudy and colder to-night. Had a "set-to" with Haase because I went to the fire.

Froze up during the night.Thermometer at about 28 degrees above zero. When I got home this morning little Arthur had just got over a bad spell. Minnie thought he would choke to death. I think it was a convulsion. Hope he won't be troubled like Ada was. Home all day. Roundsman Gueguerrie came out again tonight. Weather colder tonight. Thermometer 25 degrees above. Walter went to school yesterday.

Home all day, Did a few chores. Got some meat from Ammans. Looks like rain or snow.

Commenced snowing last night about 10 PM. and turned to rain. Rained more or less all night and this PM. Had a masquerade at the Vorwaertsd last night. and a dance tonight. Went to S.S. with the children in the rain. Mrs. Scheife called while we were out. colder to-night. Wind blows quite chilly. Cloudy.

Got up at 10 o'clock today. Went down to see Mrs. Winship. Returned her books. Went to Rohlfrings-saw Geo. Steffen and Frank Klitzke. Went to Lakes and got my song "Tell me O dearest. I left it with him for publication and he kept it till now without doing anything with it. Got Helens deed from the court house. Weather growing colder. Flurries of snow.

Made an arrest at 3rd and Sherman. Plain drunk. Jaunke and I had to carry the fellow to the box at 3rd and Sherman. 13 above at 2 AM.

His name is Fred Kuester and he lives at 580 3rd St. I took him down on the car. He being the only prisoner the wagon did not go down. I got home at 9:30. Kuester paid his fine $5 and costs. Total $6.58. Made quick time. Just 1 hour and 15 minutes from the house. Went to Zillmers this PM and practiced from 5 to 6 o'clock. Ada and I went to Schroeders and took an order for groceries

Home all day. Weather cold. Flurries of snow.

Drill day. Went to see"buxtin" Billy Andres. He is nearly crazy from a ... and shooting. I staid with him nearly an hour. He was bound to leave home but finally convenced to stay. I talked to him and I guess he will take my advice. Bought W-2 shirts.

Pete Frouhafer's Saloon burned at 12:30 AM. His "Dudel Kasten" organ burned and the house was pretty well smoked up. Beside the organ the damage was not to much. Fully covered by insurance. Paulie Rhode died Wednesday night of difficulties fro m diptheria. Will be buried tomorrow. I went to see Sheibe about going to the funeral. I don't think I'll go. It's to dangerous. Weather cold. Zero this morning. Chimney on Island Ave. at 6:45 PM. I got to the station and was sent out to go to the fire. but got to 2nd and Walnut and met Risch and .... and went back

Slept all day. Light snow last night. Cloudy and looks like more snow. Paulie Rohde buried today. Would like to have gone to it but thought best no to because of the children. One letter for Ald. Kopmneir tonight from Council Chambers. Delivered at 8:30 PM. Masquerade at the Vorwaerts tonight. Met J.H. Lutfring (?} and wife at the hall.

Valentines Day. When we came home this morning Jaunke, Rissel, Risseow and myself went across the street from our house just north of Vine St. to a wedding. Staid till 6:30 AM. Walter and Ada went to SS alone. The Sheibe sisters came and spent the afternoon.

Station duty for me today. Weather cold. 4 below this morning. Everything quiet all day.

Slept nearly all day. Wrote a letter to Clara and to Jason. 2 below this monring. Henry Schaders saloon caught fire this morning at 1:50 AM. Damage slight. I came near missing the fire. Got there at 2:15. Met both Roundsmen there.

At home all day. The Cousins letters came today. I read them over and will answer them sometime this week. The weather turned warm. Thawed all day. Thermometer 35 degrees above.

Drill day. After drill I hurried home and wrote the Cousins. I wrote for an hour this morning and about the same this afternoon and have only commenced. I intend to give them the benefit of a long letter this time. Weather cooler. Looks like snow. One letter for J.A. Meyer from the Board of Public Works. Delivered at 8:15 PM at their office - foot of Island Ave.

Commenced snowing this morning about 5 o'c'ock. Snowed all day. I was going out to Lindwarm station with Schok but on account of the storm we did not got. Got up at 9:45 AM and staid up all day. I did not feel sleppy so did not go to bed.

Finished the cousins letters and sent them off today. Get some beef from Anniuaris. Masquerade at the Vorwaerts tonight. Good big crownd .... . Stationed there.

2-21- 892 Got up at 12 noon and went to Dr, Swenenor for little Arthur. Got some medicine from Lambeck. Rissel called and we went down to Jaunke to celebrate his 31st birthday. Staid there to supper Dance social hour at the Vorweart tonight. Weather cloudy and warm.

Home all day. Weather cloudy and outside it is very muddy. Washington's Birthday. No court today. Little Arthur feels some better. Mrs. Zillmer called this PM. Lois' Birthday today Three letters for Ald. Kopmier. Del. 8:10 PM..

Dark foggy weather, looks like rain. Went to Schroeders and ordered some butter. Practiced on the violin in the spare time. I had Brother White call this PM. Staid about an hour and a half.

Rained all day, changed to snow after dark. Minnie let me sleep until 3:30. Staid in the house all the rest of the afternoon. Snowing very hard this evening.

Drill day. Went down early. Paid Lake $5.00. Snowed al night last night and thawed most all away during the day. Went directly home from drill. Met M. Oldrade on the Avenue, also, Jake Wittaker. Freezing some to-night.

Got up at 2 PM. Zillmer came at 5 o'clock and we practiced our violins until after 6 o'clock. Ate supper together. Got to the Station in time. Growing colder tonight. Private party in the dinning room of the Turn Hall tonight. Cloudy.

Home all day. Badger Fishing Club has a dance at the Vorwaerts tonight.

Had a hard day. Didn't rest good. Emma and Anna Laubenstein came by this PM. At home all day. Childrens Masquerade at the Vorwaert tonight. Made an arrest last night at 8 0'clock. John Market, an old soak I had in before. Booked on D&D. This time Jaunke goes along as officer.

Court this morning with John Markel. D&D. $5.00 and costs. Home about 11 AM. R.R. Carlson called on us. Staid to dinner. Then we took a car and went to see R.E. Karkas at Engine No. 14. Came up across the Menornonee Valley and took a trip with Tony McCartier. Tony told us his brother was dead Tony took the 6:05 train for Lima.

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