William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
May 1892

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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MAY 1892

Rained nearly all night and all the afternoon. I took the children to SS and went to 22nd and Lisbon Ave. and played a few pieces for Jaunke and his crowd. Got supper there.

Rained all n ight. I got wet though. Went down town and then up to see Mrs. Quigley. Got home at 6:20. Foggy and chilly all day. Damp tonight. Wind E.

Very warm. Went to Amman's and paid part of my bill there. Went down town with Minnie and the children. Minnie and Ada ordered each a hat at the Metropolitan Millinery in Cotshausen's Bldg.

Turned cold last evening. Cold and blustery all night. Wind NE. Wedding at 573 Island Ave. Robert Lefke to Miss Meyer. Wedding out before 12 o'clock. Saloon was empty. Musicians and people out at 3'oclock. Bought a hoe and garden rake. Cut some wood cut
and spaded a little in the garden. Took care of little Arthur for a while.

Commenced raining at 1:30 this Morn. Went to drill in the rain. Brought Minnies and Adas hats home. Wind NE. Quite cool.

Home all day. Minnie and Helen went out for a walk. I worked a while in the garden but the ground was to wet.

Met Wm. Wadleigh last night - told him to come up and see me at noon today. But, he didn't show up. Went down to see Mrs. Briggs and settled up with her. Took $15.00 and gave a reciept in full. Shot a bull dog for Geo. Christianson at 18th and Walnut last night. Had to give him 4 bullets before he gave up. Weather cold. Wind East today...... Hunting and Fishing club held a dance at the Vorwaerts tonight. I got orders to call around at the party at Breyers on Hubbard St. tonight.

Went to SS with the childre. Then went out walking with Minnie. Called at Rohdes and found no one at home. Went to Foster's and staid a while. When we got back found Christie Roder and her cousin at the house. Burbach's boy drowned this PM.

Went to Scholz's and got a rocker. Took it over on Walnut St. to get it recaned. Got two letters from J. S. today. Commenced raining before I went to the station. Rained hard all fore part of the night. One letter for Supt Val. Mueller from the Board of Public Works tonight. Delivered at 8:30 PM.

Rain, Rain. Rain. all night and all day. Uncle Jacob Maechtle died this morning at the age of 82 yrs.

Cloudy and rainy all day. Went down to the tailor with my new pants but did not get them fixed. The man was too busy. One letter for Ald. Koehler.

Went with C.F.M. to Uncle Jacob Maechtle's funeral. Got home a little after 5 PM. Took a rest for an hour and then went to the station. I was held back to wait for mail but got to me beat on time to report. Attended to family trouble on 4th near Sherman on my to my beat.

Had a letter from Lois to-day. To drill this PM. Got my pants from Lachman's. Met Martin Linnerman from Port while in Lachman's store. Went up to Stovks on 3rd St. amd ordered some music. Rained this fore noon.

Spaded some in the garden this morning. PM I took my old pants down to Kloppman. Got some meat from Linworm's and some music from Stock.

Rained more or less all night. Dance at the Vorwearts. Wore my new pants last night for the first time. Went to SS with the children. When I got home Emma and Lizzie Laubenstein and Tillie Augustine were at the house. Weather cool and fair. I played with the children today.

One letter for Supt. Mueller. Del. at 9 PM. Ada fell and bit her tongue half off tonight. Tillie Augustine came today to help Minnie make a dress. Went to Ammans and ordered some beef. Got my .... case from Freds. Warm all day.

Miller and I went to baseball today. Weather cooler. Spaded some in the garden this morning.

Commenced raining at 3:20 AM. Rained nearly all the forenoon. Jaunke came up and we went to the baseball but because of the rain there was no game. Ressel came out with us tonight after having been on the wagon for a week. Showers again tonight.

Drill again today. Rained all day. Wind NW tonight. Had a letter from Ma.
She has had the grippe again.

Alice's birthday. 23 years old. Cloudy and cold. Frost tonight. Minnie and Helen
went to see the Brott girls this PM.

Home all day. Weather disagreeable.

Went to SS with the children. Then went to Conrads to supper and to the Station. Weather fair.

Fair weather and cold this morning. Shot a dog for our neighbor. Cut some wood and spaded some in the garden. Warmer tonight.

Frinished spading in the garden this morning. Homee all day. Went to bed at 7:30 and up at 4:30. Cut some wood and then time was up. Went to the Station. Weather fair and warmer.

Took down the heater this morning. Took up the sitting room carpet and beat it. Went to bed at 11 o'clock, after taking a good bath. Slept till supper time. Weather fair and fine. Wind SW.

Drill day for the west side night men. Got home early. Minnie and Helen went out calling. Ascension Day. Weather fair and warmer.

Arrested John Markel at 3rd and Sherman at 8:45 last night. Charge drunk. Pleaded not guilty. Fined $5 and costs. This is the 3rd time I've had him in. Got back from court early, about 9:45. Got some tobacco dust from John Braasch to puit in our winter clothes. Home the rest of the day. Weather cool. Wind East.

Arthur is 4 months old to-day. Got a letter from Laura and answered it this morning. Weather fine but windy. Wind SE.

Sick all day today. Couldn't go to SS. Vomited up everything I had in my stomach. and only ate a piece of toast till supper time. Two weddings in my beat. Called on Klitzke's last night. Met Dr. ........in a saloon at 16th and Galena sewing up a woman that got cut in a Saloon Row.

Decoration Day. Showery yesterday and evening.. Got up at 9:30 AM and took little Arthur out for a ride in his buggy. Jaunke and I went to Base Ball game between UWis. of Madison and Lake Forest team for the college championship. U Wis. won. Score 8 to 2. Game called at the end of the fifth inning because of rain Wrote a letter to H.M.W. this PM. Showery this PM and evening.

Slept till 4:30 PM. Rained nearly all day and evening. Home all day.

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