William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
June 1892

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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JUNE 1892

Rain and cold. Wind NE. Mattie Brott came up to-day and sewed for Helen. Pay Day. I went down at 2 o'clock and got my money. Got my pants from the tailor and settled up with Schroeder. Also with Amman. Rain. Rain.

Drill day. Cold wind NE. Went down early and paid out my money. Mattie came up again to-day. Rain again tonight.

Rain all night. Went to Freds and got a pair of rubbers. Practiced my violin all the afternoon. Rain, Rain all the time.

Rain all night. Went down town and got some meat from Amman. I took a rest till supper time.

Sheibes came up today to dinner. He and I went to SS. When we got back Fred Werking and wife were at the house. They staid to supper. Weather fine and fair for the first time in a week.

Slept all day for the first time in a couple weeks. Weather fine all day. Looks like rain tonight.

Heavy thunder shower last night. Rained hard most of the night. Jaunke and I were sent to Base Ball but there was no game. Van Echtern came home with me and we played a few games of Cinch.

Heavy thunder and rain all night. Heavy fog this morning. Jaunke and John Dolde came up with their instruments and we made some music this PM. Letters for Ald. Koehler and Lippert. Delivered at 8 o'clock and 8:15 PM. Weather fair and fine.

Drill day. Weather fair. Fog tonight. On way home from drill I met John Raddatz. He went home with me and I found Mrs. Raddatz at the house. On the way home Rooney told me of giving H. Jaussey, a fruit dealer on Grand a quarter dollar with the name Sizer stamped on it.. I went there and got three quarters and will keep them till I find out who stamped it.

Home all day. Weather fine and fair. Mrs. Steivert and her mother called this PM. Also Rev. Wiegand.

Weather fine and warm. Moonlight all night. Very warm all day. Went to bed at 9 AM. and got up at 5 PM. Hot tonight. Wind SW. Looks a little more like summer. Hope it will continue.

Got orders for blouses to wear today. Went ot SS and after we came home Minnie and I took Baby Arthur and the children for a walk. Called on Jaunke's. Very warm and fair.

Cooler and fair all day. Rain ths evening. Heavy thunder and lightning storm. Home all day. Slept till 2:30 o'clock. Ordered some screen doors tonight on the way to the Station. Walter and I went to Schroeder's and Ammans before supper.

Heavy thundershower last evening. Schlinsock, Stromberg, Schroeder, Luftring, Jaunke and myself went out to Stabelfeldt's farm fishing We got a team and a 3 seated wagon from Kissch on North Ave. Left there at 5 AM. I got home at 3:50 PM. Abe came out with his rig. We got 230 fish. Mostly whitefish

Arrested John Haupt last night at 3rd and Reservoir Ave. at 9:00 Charge - drunk. Sentence suspended. Went to bed at 11 o'clock. Slept all day. Got some ice from Amman's to keep our fish. Bought a new hat today.

Commenced raining at 12:30 this morning. and continued the rest of the night. Went to drill. Had our coats and hats inspected and were dismissed from drill until further orders. Got Helen's Parasol and the buggy parasol from ...... Commenced raining about 4 o'clock. Had quite a heavy shower. Wind changed to northeast. Turning cooler.

Commenced raining at 12:45 AM. Two were transfered from the Central to the West side last night. Two years today since I was sworn in as an officer of the law. Minnie and her mother went downtown to Dr. Wunderman. to have a tumor removed from the old lady's nose. It bled a good deal after they got home. Dr. Sweiner was called. I got a bike and went for Dr. W. While I was gone they called Dr. S. again. I telephoned for Dr. W. and he came up. They were more scared than hurt.

Home all night. Fire at Esfenk and Bartels at tonight. I was there at 10:30. Weather cloudy.

Jaunke and I made two arrests last night. One disorderly and one drunk, Put them on the wagon on one run. Went to SS with the children and after supper to a walk with Minnie and the children. Weather fair. Warmer tonight.

Made another arrest at 11:30 last night at 3rd and Sherman. Violating city ordinance - riding bicycle on sidewalk. First arrest - Fred Bayer - disorderly. $2.00 and costs. Second - Jos. Wolf - Drunk - $5.00 and costs. Third - Frank Crilley. Bicycle riding on side walk. $1.00 and costs.

Last night at 10:25 I got orders to go to Humboldt Ave. and Center St. where a boy had drowned. I telephoned for grappling irons and the Central wagon came with them. I stayed until 5:30 this morning. Gill and Pagenkopf relieved me. Bock relieved them. The body was found at 2 PM. The boys name was Frank Meyer 1015 Bremer St. Rain this forenoon.

Arrest Adolph Vogel at .... Walnut St. - Drunk - at 11 :15 PM. Fined $5 and costs. Paid his fine. Thunder showers. Quite warm.

Heavy thunder shower last night. Lightning struck several places. I picked up Geo. Lehn at 3:00 this morning and took him to the station. He is a run-a-way boy. His mother lives an Tomah St. She took him home. Slept all day. Rained nearly all day. Made an arrest at 10 PM at 3rd and Walnut. Charege - D&D. Cloudy and dark tonight

Arrested Frank Huggins at 10 o'clock PM, yesterday. Took him to court this morning.. Charge of D&D. Sentenced to 60 days in the House of Correction or $20 and costs. Went home to hang two screen do0rs. Went to bed at 1 o'clock.

Got up at 10 0'clock. Took care of the baby for a while. Went up to see our lot. On the way back I stopped at Fred's and got my new shoes. Went to bed at 3 PM and got up at 6 PM Weather, fair and cool. I was ordered to duty tomorrow PM but got excused.

This morning on the way home Jaunke and I went over to Pagenkopf's wedding and staid a while. Went home and got up at 12'oclock. Went to SS with the children Bro. White came home with us and baptised the baby. We named him Arthur Edwin. Mr. and Mrs. Killian came downstairs and staid to supper Rain again tonight.
. 6-27-1892
Rained most all night. Slept all day, Got two letters. One from H.M.W. and one from Jason. Weather cool.

Arrested Frank Edler for violation of Bicycle Ord. at 11 o'clock last night. Fined $1 and costs this morn. Couldn't sleep this PM so I got up and wrote a letter to Jason. I went downtown, on the way back I got my rubber coat and rubbers because it looked like rain. We had a light shower. Cool and fair tonight. On my home from court I went to see Nic Bernel. He was not at home.

Several of our boys went fishing today. Weather cool. Home all day. Minnie went downtown.

Very cool today. Home all day. Minnie and Helen went up to see the lots this PM. 7 arrests this month.

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