William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
July 1892

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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JULY 1892

Pay day. I got $70.55 this time. Minnie and I went down to the Station and got my money. and walked down to Lappen's. Went to the Penny storee and came home on a Walnut St. car. Settled with Amman and paid the interest at Wechelbergs. $9.30. Weather fair and cool.

Commenced raining early this morning. Rained bearly all day. Chas. Lapp and his girl came to-day to spend the 4th in the city. Chas. and I went to Zillmers and bought some clothes for Chas. Cloudy and cool tonight.

Went to SS with the children. Willie Zillmer came up and carried my violin down for me. Picnic at Meyers Park tonight. I got orders to call around. Weather fair and warmer all day. Cooler tonight.

Independence Day. Got orders to come out in dress coats to head the parade. Reported to Central at (AM. Marched at the head of the parade. Got home at 12:15 PM. Slept the PM. Weather fair and fine. Just cool enough.

Made an arrest at 12:30 AM. at 3rd and Walnut. Name: John ..... . Charge disorderly. Fined $1.00 and costs. $7.41 in all. Over 70 cases this morning. I left at 11:30. Went to see Rice's boat at the Hinsey Power Hoist. Called at Reinhardt's to saee Chas. Lapp. Went down to East Water St. and paid for my hat. Ordered a gallon of wine at Roempfels for Minnies mother. Got home at 12:15. After dinner I went to Schok's and got a bottle of rye whiskey for M's mother. Went to Dobrinski's. Went to bed at 3 PM.

Helen and her mother went home today. Walter and Ada went with them. I took them to the 11:10 train on the Lake Shore Road. The house seems empty now. Weather fair and warm. Moonlight tonight.

Went down to 12th St. and got a haircut this PM. Hoed a little in the garden before supper. Weather fair and warm.

Arrested Theodore Schmidt at 1 AM. Took hime to coiurt. Fined $5.00 and costs. Charge of drunk. Home all the rest of the day. Weather fair and warm. Looks like rain tonight.

Fair and warm. Minnie and I went to Zillmer's to supper. From there I went to the station. Sultry tonight.

Minnie and I went to Werking's this PM. Got home at 6:30. Got my lunch and went to the Station. Very warm all day. Weather cloudy. Looked like rain all day.

Home all day. Very warm. Box of strawberries came at 7:00 PM.

Fair and hot. Home all day. Took a bath and tried to keep cool.

Jaunke goes on vacation today also Pagenkopf. I take in P's beat. Luftring takes Jaunke's beat. Went to 22rd and Custer to a fire this PM. Weather cool and fair.

I went with Minnie and she called on Mrs. Hanklieg and I went to see the Wells St. Viaduct. Quite warm today.

Cool. Home all day. Fire at 8th and Wells this PM. Many houses burned.

Special duty this PM, looking for fire-bugs. Weather cold and fair.
Beers Livery Stable, 8th and Weels, burned yeaterday.

On special duty this PM. Ella Hoehnen who was stiopping with her Aunt,
Mrs. Schimann's 665 3rd St. was killed by an electric car this PM at 4:25 o'clock near Harmon St. Rissel and I went up there and waited for the Coroner to come. Schedler reported the case.

Ringling Brothers Circus is at 2nd and Clark Sts. All the night men to be on duty today. Went to the circus this PM. Home early. Weather fair. Big crowd both afternoon and evening.

Last night at 11:15 an electric car struck Geo. Weinmann at 3rd and Sherman. Carried him half a block. He was hurt some but no bone broken. I took the motor man to the Knnickinic Ave. Barn and then to the Central Station. Leut. Schilke let the man go after finding no one was killed. Went down town to see if I could meet Slade. Sent him word to meet me in the evening.

"Cake Walk" at Meyer's Park. Staid ,there from 1 o'clock till daylight. Took the 7:30 train for Barton on vacation. Rissel and I arrested "Polish Mike" last night. Rissel took the case. Got to Barton at 8:45. Helped Uncle Frank dry hay. Very warm.

Very warm. Visited with the Nigh's and went rowing in the PM.

Came down home last evening. Uncle Frank drove us down in the evening. Got to our folks at 10:30. Drove over to Jakes this PM. With Dick went around to S.

Took Minnie up home and then withn Walter and Ada I drove over home with "Dick". Walked back to Jakes with the children.

Went to George's to meeting this morning. Very hot and dry.

Took Geo's. team and went to Port. Drove out to Henry's 10 acres and got home 1t 2;45 pm. I went down to Jakes and helped him finish cutting his rye. Gerotgie Ballbach came over in the evening with his violin. I walked up to Henry's.

Went with Geo. cutting rye and from there over home again. Got caught in a shower and stopped at the cheese factory at Zimmerman corners. Talked with Pete Miller Got home at noon. Went fishing. Backed to Jakes after supper. Pumped water for his stock and took his cows home. Rode home with Henry.

Home on the 9:55 train this morning. Very hot. Bought Walter and Ada with us, Went on duty tonight.

Got orders to go home from beat and report at 7AM. Went on day duty in west half of the 10th ward today. Weather very hot all day. Got a warrant and was out till 9:45 PM. Rain today.

Went to court this morning. At John Weber on Fond du Lac Ave. Also Horace Haylett. Cooler to-day. Rained this morning. Went down to see Jaunke this evening.

Cool today. Everything quite. Got home early.

Got orders to be at Central in dress coat at 12:30 to march with the squad to Miller Garden. Got home at 3:10. Went back to my beat. Bad accident on the St. Paul R.R. at the Union Depot today.

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