William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
September 1892

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Notified August Gremmler to stop throwing slop water in the gutter at his place at 21st and North. Mrs. Gothean 1209 Vine complains of Mrs. Seipl as calling her names. One letter for Ald. Rauschenberger - 5:15.

A very filthy yard at 2503 Bismark Ave. Also a filthy duck pond in front of house on the street.Manure and rubbish at 2730 Fond du Lac Ave.Rotten manure in and around the
sheds in the rear of 2734 Fond du Lac at the Triangle Saloon. Rubbish in the rear of Basketmaker - 2730 Fond du Lac. Manure in the rear of 2710 and 2712 Fond du Lac. Manure at 2612 Center. Rotten manure and filth at 1028 Luscomb. Manure and slop in alley rear of 1017 & 1019 - 24th. Manure 2315 Center and 981 24th. Garbage in alley, rear of 965 and 971 - 24th. Sewage in front og 2427-2429 Bismark Ave. Very filthy. Alley between 14th and 15th south of Harmon - garbage rubbish and manure. Manure and rubbish in alley in rear of 710 14th. Manure in alley between Walnut and Sherman on east side of 13th St. Slop water standing in alley rear of 596 13th. OK'd Koelfrens saloon transfer from 32nd and North to 24th and Fon du Lac. Letter for ward foreman, del. 4:30 PM. Manure garbage and rubbish in alley between Teutonis and 14th, north of Wright.

1213 Vine St. Sewer running.

1152 21st St. - Marquardt - Electric light 7.

Illgren - 340 14th St. have a lot at the NW corner of 16th and Chambers complains of neighbors poultry eating up her garden stuff. Schiltz Park at noon and evening till 12 o'clock
attending Labor Day Picnic.

Distributed 50 letters from Health Dept. from Sherman to Lloyd St. Building owned by A. W. Lueders 1038 Teutonia Ave. has no sewer connection. All slop water by the two families living in the same is throwen in the gutter causing a bad smell in neigbor hood. Building stands on corner of Center St. and has sewer in street on both side. Side walk planks missing on north side of Harmon 60 ft. east of 14th. Neighbors complaining.

Mrs. Mueller, 21st and Vine has bad boy. Reported to me by H. A. Plautz. Amelia Propolsky stopping at 1128 24th St.

9-8-1892 Delivered 400 letters for Health Dept on west side of 14th and east side of 13th.

Missed (:45 report on anncount of serving papers to Hy. Brockhurst and August Brandt. Rubbish 581 12th St, Dead cat at 1209 Vine St. 150 letters from health department. 596 - 12th St. dead cat.

Missed 3:45 report on account of delivering health notices. 575-18th, Mrs. Fuchs.

Delivered 10 letters from Board of Public Works this morning. Returned the last two election appointments this morning. OK'd John Zimmerman transfer of saloon license.

Wm. Krogalt 2503 Bismark Ave. Open privy at 2314 Fond du Lac. also Kurth, Locust and .... Ave. Mrs. Mundts 886-15th complains of Mrs. Schultz 890-15th of teasing her. Letter for Ward Foreman 7:20. Letter for Ald. Rausch, 7:50. Missed 2:45 and 3:45 reports on account of health notices.

G. Grassley, 1018 Teutonia complains of his nerighber Chas. Ertel, 1016 Teutonia of abusing his wife. 749-15th. open privy vault and garbage strewn aound the yard.

Henry Goehring, 1301 North complains of his neighbor annoying him. Fred Sinser, Keef Ave. near Hopkins, wants to know who ran into him on 20th between North and Lee.

Barbara Jungbeck 595-12th complains of Mrs. Schmidt striking her in the eye. Mrs. Mafafek, 660-15th complains of Boy Schaus, 12 yrs. old, calling her names. Oil wanted in lamp at Teutonia and Clark. Street at 27th and Center and Fond du Lac and Center in very bad condition. NE corner 27th and Center-there is a pile of rotten manure on a vacant lot for some time. 2734 Fond du Lac has a barn occupied by Contactor Holt. The building is very filthy and manure scattered all around .One letter for Ald. Rauschenberger. Del. 4:00.

School house 12th and Center wants ashes removed. Mrs. Amandia Fleischmann took from Mrs. Laverne.... 8 towels, 1 table cloth, 1 bed sheet, and 2 pillows, 2 leather belts and left them at 818-17th. Dead horse at 799-14th. Anton Preacher, 31 yrs. German, M. Agent, lives 25th & Hoplins. Schinsock and I went out and served a warrent on the bove named party (Preacher) The case was booked Kranz vs Preacher. Defendent was fined $5 and costs. Total $9.16

Court this morning. Missed first two reports. Letter for Ald. Rausch Garbage at 934-21st and 958-21st. Notified Lambrecht at 927-22nd to pay his license, also Wm. Neubecker, 1415-Wright St. Juecke and Son had their drug store license when I called there. It is dated Sept 17th.

Got a warrant for Paul Gienie I arrested him and sent him down on the wagon from 21st and North. Suppoenied the witnesses Valentine Gerhard and wife and Otto Hackbarth.

Garbage 808 Teutonia. Dead dog, Sherman between 12th and 13th. Letters for August Krueger and .........Fon du Lac Ave. Delivered at 3:30 PM. Hy. Velder 1358 Maiden Lane. Look for him, abuses his wife. Ref. Reumuele 1158 - 12th and Herm. Wendt 1102-12th.

Garbage at 1822 Lee. Notified Wm. Lambrecht 927 22nd St. to pay license or close down his saloon. Delivered transfer to John Krimmer, Teutonis Ave. Dead dog at 782 18th.

(No entry for this date)

Signed payroll. 12:45 went to station and got letter for Soulen. Delivered at residence at 1:05 PM. Freddy Manthey 799-15th missing. Found by his sister.

Letter for Ward Foreman, del. 9AM. and one for Ald. Rauschenberger, del. 9:15 AM. Garbege at 1227 Center has not been taken in 4 weeks. Mrs. Schuelke 674-19th wants to see Officer Haase at 5:30 PM in regard to Mueller. Willie Noftz 882 16th missing since 5 PM. About 3 yrs, old. Bare headed and wears a white waist.

Garbage at 1142 - 21st has not been removed in over 4 weeks. Mrs. Kehnast, 690-23rd complains of another privy vault in her neighborhood. Reported to Haase. Dead cat in alley between Teutonia and & 14th and Garfield and North. Got Chas. Guenther's application for saloon license at 21st and Locust filled out and gave it to Sergt. Kose on a Walnut car at 12:45 PM.

Shot a dog for John Kummerman, 935 Teutonia Ave. this morning. Reported it to Health Dept. myself. Missed 8:45 and 9:45 reports on account of going to court with John Wilde who I arrested at 11:45 yesterday. Fined $5 and costs.

At 10;45 I was called down to Miller, Noes and Millers office as witness in the case of Mueller vs. M, St. Ry. to be tried next .... . Arrested Joseph Pauly at 2 PM. Got a letter for Ald. Rauschenberger. Delivered at 3:15.

Ludwig Zingler, 2516 Bismark St. Drives and iron gray horse that is nothing but skin and bones and has a large sore on his shoulder. Nora Klein 1332 Lloyd missing since 10 AM. 5 years old, Blonde hair, Bare headed, Large brown eyes White and blue waist, Dark striped skirt. Can be found at 1115 3rd. Letter for Soulen, del. at 5:30 PM.

Went down to Clerk Waller's office at 2 PM. Met Mrs. White and got a warrant for L. Zingler.

Met the night men at 21st and Center and finished distributing the health notices.
Arrested Zingler at 7:30. Took him to the station and then subpoenied witnesses. Missed 2:45 and 3:45 reports.

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