William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
January-December 1893

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Edw. Uecker, 37 yrs, tailor -- Carl 33 years, 1525 Wright.

Dark Bay Pony, 800 lbs. Left hind foot, white. Attached to a 3 spring phaeton. Looks like a doctors rig. Black wolf robe. Black Lap robe and blue to black checkered horse blanket.

Adolph Henn, 1129-21st St.

J. A. Mitchell, 1039 14th St. Complains of his neighbor Henry Scholl 1403 Center placing his smoke house against his (Mitchell's) fence. H. Meyer Print Co. 88 Biddle.


(No entries for this month)

MARCH 1893

Jay M. Barnes, 5ft 6", 120 lbs., hair brown, 22 years, complection light, eyes blue, dark grey duster, brown derby hat, Gold watch chain and finger ring.................. ............. 35 or 40 yrs. 5' 6,7,or 8" tall, stout built, light fill beard, medium complection, green striped suit and sack coat, black soft hat. Walks slow, carries hand in pocket -- exposes himself to little girls F. Alfery 1841 Center wants garbage removed.

Privy at 1241 North is in a very filthy condition. Mrs. Schiller 2207 Elm complains that her daughter Maggie age 19 is hanging out at Pruess's or Bromberg's saloon on 3rd St. Mrs. Schiller says the girl has been keeping bad company for a long time and thinks the places are disreputable.

Dead dog on west side of 18th between Meinecke and Wright. Owner, Widow Krueger. Hackbarth, Widow Jaeger, 2 story home, Chimney burned, 1033-9th. Paul Bingham 934-10th. Bertha Kufalk, 663-18th St. f ound dead by neighbors. 23 years, 2 children ages 2 & 4 yrs. Fred Kufalk left home at 6 AM. Hakenmeir, 1113 Cherry. Wm. Tiegs, 1225 Hopkins Ave. Wm. Saal, 1179-16th St. Notified April 5th. Black Horse Wt. 900. Hind feet white. Black end buggy. Black wolf robe. Taken to H. Ross and Feldman'son corner of Lee and Teutonia. Claimed by Dr. Ladds driver.

Reolution by Ald. Rauschenberger: Resolved by the common council that the Chief of Police be & the same is hereby instructed to cause to be removed with in 30 days after the passage of this reolution all obstructions in the alley in block 7, Ludington Add. running from 17th St. NE to the west line of lot 42 in said block 7 and then south to Locust St. - 10th ward, City of Milwaukee.

APRIL 1893

Two dead dogs on the vacant lot south side of Meinecke between 16th and 17th. Dead dog at 828, 18th. Some person threw 4 or 5 young pups in a privy vault at 1718 Lloyd. Dead dog at 1829 Fond du Lac. Dead ducks ai 1039 Teutonia A man 5 ft 7 or 8 inches, medium build, small black mustache, no overcoat, brown pants,, black sack coat, black plush cap,
round town in several places. Shabby dress. Dead dog at 1908 Meinecke. Harry Kurth 1917 Bismark Ave. missing since 10 o'clock. Paulina Trichel. 819-14th, 5 Yrs. old,light hair, blue eyes Bracelet taken from her. Dead dog at 960-21st. Dead dog at 1068-12th.

MAY 1893

Dead dog in vacant lot on east side of 18th between Clark and Center.

Chas Geunther, 1159 21st has a real estate office on the NW cor. of 25th and Center, complains of boys opening the office with a key and creating a nuisance there. He would like the night man to keep watch. If any boys are found in there he (Guenther) will appeat against them. Dead cat NW cor. 14th and Lloyd.

Willie Grauerke 2434 Elm, 4 yrs. light hair, blue eyes, striped pants, gray waist, missing since 9 AM.

7 dead pups at the SE cor. of 24th and Locust.. Dead chicken, rear of 1159-21st St. Dead dog 1725 North Ave. Taxes - August Ball $1.07 due May 29th. Eric Semple $3.19.

5-18-1893 and (The diary lists 71 properties which need house numbers.)
5-19-1893 and 5-22-1893

Dead horse at 1159-23rd. Open well on lot 4, block 11, Brown's Subdivision No.3 just north of Hellen Real Estate Office. Well about 10 ft. deep.

JUNE 1893

A barrel continuing entrails and feathers lies in the gutter at 20th and Hopkins, reported.

Family living in basement at 1081-12th quarrel every evening. Neighbors complain. Dead dog-760-15th. Max Schmitt, 613 Vliet lost his horse last evening. Bay horse with collar. Was let out of barn.

John Steing 778-14th-House was entered by two boys about 16 yrs. of age or a young man of slight stature. Entered by breaking down rear door and took a jewelery box containing; 2 napkin rings and some small jewelry also napkin rings have the name Emma engraved on them. also 4 gold rings and a silver breast pin. Water main leakes at 1332 North Ave.

Mrs. Krelow 1072-24th complains of her neighbors. Chas. Helm 1134-30th complains of Kanitz horses on the walk. Signal wanted Center between Liscomb and 24th.

Miss Ann Brennan 1087-17th was attacked by John Piehl's dog 1930 Center St. this morning at 8:20 AM. Dead dog 902-15th. Dead chicken 1009-21st. Arrest Frank Gravens, west side. Hole in 22nd St. at 954. Defective walk-1241 North. Planks worn out and missing. also, 1421 North and 1501 North. Henry and Geo. Mengel 9&7 yrs. old, Missing from 1724 Brown. Came from Dakota, strangers in the city. Emil Reinke 1190-20th. 16 yrs. lace shoes, Black soft hat. dark blue vest. Brown Coat, Gray pants. Dead dog,19th and Locust. Dead dog 1609 Clark.
John Brah, 722-12th missing since 430. 5 yrs. old. Brown leather cap, Brown waist and dark pants. Fire at 1024 Wright. Barn owned by .C.J. Reuter. Fire started in box of rubbish in one corner. $150 damage, $150 insurance.

JULY 1893

Arrested Katie Meyer, 1198 22nd on Warrant sworn by F. Zastrow. Fined $1 and costs-$7.65.

(The balance of the July diary was not intelligible due to age and paper aging.)


All forenoon in court with Praeger vs Ludens. Left courtroom at 11:56. Reported from 19th and Brown at 1PM.

Dead dog at 1820 Fond du Lac. Reported per telephone 8:45 AM.

Dead dog at 1820 Fond du Lac. Second report. per telephone. 8:00 AM. E. Miller 578 Garfield. Albert Hoffman, Foreman for St. Ry Co. 30 years, Austria, No R&W Keeping dog without a license. Settled on payment of costs. $1.58. Dead dog at 21st and Lloyd..
Lena Batz. 920 Wright. 3 years old, light dress light hair, blue eyes. Mrs. F. Barkow 844 20th St. complains about walk on east side of 20th St. between North and Meinecke. Frankie Kakatach, 779 14th, 2 1/2 yrs. old. Cloth cap. White dress, light hair, blue eyes. Missing since 8AM.
Lewis R, Knowlron 1131 - 21st St., Milwaukee


Delivered letter from City Clerk's office to Chas. Zimmermann, 1061 Teutonia at 3 PM. Mrs. Elizabeth Kranz, 1518 Luscomb Ave., 32 years old, 4 children, 2 boys and two girls, oldest 12 years, youngest 19 mo's.

Mrs. Whilhelmina Dummer 593 Hunters Place. Van Lane Hearse driver got off the hearse to fix the door of the hearse.or coffin when the team started to run at 20th and Vine. Ran to 20th and North.

Dr. H. L. Tilsner reports some one stealing flowers from his porch at 1318 Harmon and the yard in the rear of the house. Dead horse at 1027 22nd St. Dead cat - 2010 Fond du Lac Ave.

Resolved: That the Chief of Police and the Board of Publi Works be and they are hereby instructed to cause to be removed all obstructions on 18th St. between Chambers and Hopkins Sts in the City of Milwaukee.

Parties living at 11:30 22nd St. cleaned their privy and dumped the contents in the garden and dug a new vault and moved the privy.

Reference: J. Traffold 1127-21 and Lewis Knowlton 1131-21. Reported to me by Mrs. Traffold and others. A wedding will take place at Fred Tom's 2048 Kilbourn Ave. This evening Sept. 25th. North crossing at 23rd and Center-broken planks. 3 dead cats at 797 Teutonia. Ph. Schuh 1469 Hopkins at 7 PM says I was going on the way home, going north opn the east side of 24th. I saw a light in the middle of the street and thinking that the light was on the main sewer I drove on. All at once the horse went down. We worked hard all night but could not get the horse out. Horse died at 7 o'clock this morning. There was nothing to keep the horse from walking into the ditch. If there were boards or planks put up as there should have been the accident would not have happened. Accident happened at 1076 24th St.

Dead horse at 1139 24th. Dead horse 1076 24th.

Mrs. Rink 1214 23rd stays alone nights and is troubled with someone coming around the in the night and trying to get in. Thinks it is Juluis Jaeger who lives next door who gets drunk quite often. Makes trouble in his family and in the neigborhood. Would like to have the night man llok around during the fore part of the night.


Defective walk on west side of 19th St. between Meinecke and Wright. Mrs. Schmidt 1821 North Ave, fell there last evening, Oct 2nd. and threatens to sue the city. Was reported at least twice last year and once this year. Defect consists of missing planks. 5'8" tall, weighs about 150, black stiff hat. J.P. Kellner 678 9th wants to know where Carl Kurth lives, 875 21st, upstairs. 5'10', gray sloch hat, gray faded coat, sandy mustache. Johann Krzopolka camplains of boys putting tick tacks on the side of his house bewteen 9 & 10 o'clock. Would like to have night man watch for them. Herm. Merig, 1418 Harmon, occupied. Wm Seitz 683-14th. P. Nehr caught from gasoline stove.

Complaint from Clerk's office- Mrs. Lipsch, 769-14th St. complains oft her husband trying to hang her with a rope. Investigated and found the complaint to be groundless. Reported to the clerk's office at 9:15 AM. See if Oestreicher has license for pool table. Ferd. Umlauf, 1348 Green Bay Rd. and Herm. Schlalak, 1079-20th St. found a satchel in Wm. Farrs cellar, SW cor. 19th & Hadley. Contained gray suit, gray cap. 5'8" high. 20 0r 22 yrs. No. 2- dark suit, black stiff hat 5'8or9" 20 to 25 yrs. old Mrs. Schwann saw them enter the cellar with the satchel and come out without it. She told Schalak and Umlauf and the went and searched the cellar and took it to Schalak's house.

Open well on NE cor. 27th & Center. Property owned by E.H. Cawker, Loan and Trust Bldg. Notified Mr. Cawker at his office, 37 Loan and Trust Bldg. ar 10:15 AM. He promised me he would attend to the matter today. Dead horse, 999-21st.

Found a little boy at 3:30 PM at 27th and Fond du
lac, about 3 yrs. old, yellow p\lush cap, gray jacket, white waist, black pants. Left him in care of Mrs. Pinter, 2700 Fond du lac.
Dead dog 1418 Wright.

Brown horse, left foot white with bridle on, weighs about 1200 pounds, about 12 to 14 yrs. old. Can be claimed at 2700 Fond du Lac Ave. Claimed by G. Bannick. Sewer on Bismark between Clark and 25th has settled so that it is dangerous. Ought to be filled up.Bernard Ferness 873-10th, 17 yrs. old, lives with his grandparents, seems to be a "little off".

Complaint made to me by Mrs. Keilel living on 20th St. 2 blocks north of Hopkins of scavangers dumping night soil on 20th st. near her place. Investigated and found the report to be true. At least one load has been dumped in the street on 20th, 1 block north of Hopkins. See if Mrs. Anna Miller has a pool table license. Peter Oestricher, 1730 Lloyd. Pool table license No. 313, Nov. 1sr, 1893. Chas. Schultz, 1152-24th, fire caused by defective chimney. Insurance $100.


Got a complaint from the clerk's office to investigate trouble between Chas. Prohaska 762-18th St. and his Brotherinlaw, Schineck, 760-18th. Found one as much the blame as the other. Reported same to the clerk's office at 9:15 AM.

Two men came into Plautz's Bakery. 2016 Fond du Lac and worked a short change trick on Plautz's little girl. Bought 5 cts. worth of gum, gave out a $20 bill. Received a silver dollar there because she hadn't enough change. Said give me the $2 bill. Threw down a nickel and rushed out at about 11 AM No. 1 about 45 yrs old, gray hair and mustache, Plug Hat, Black overcoat. well dressed, about 5'6" or 7" tall. No. 2: 22 or 23 yrs old, 5' 7"or*" tall, smooth face , Black stiff dark coat, gray pants.

12 minutes late at 4:45 PM - looking for Schneiberg.

Andrew Miller, North Milwaukee reports his grey mare, 900 lb s., 14 years old, 2 seated buggy with only one seat on the box, white wolf robe, gray horse blanket with red stripes was taken from in front of the John Miller's place, North Milwaukee at 7:30 last night.

Frank Hauka, 775 Teutonia complains of Seikers's dog, 15th and Lloyd biting him in the leg Sunday at 2 PM.

Mrs. J. L. Rick, 731-10th St reports that some unknown man attempted to enter here store at about 2:15 AM, Nov. 21st. Had the window open, but was frightened away by the family waking. Mrs. Rick saw a man run away from the window, thinks it was a man who came to the store the day before. Medium size, well built, smooth face, dark suit, soft black hat, 30-35 yrs old. Seemed to be in a rush and had a pair of heavy grain shoes, well worn out.

Mrs. Hanauer, 1319 Harmon reports some one stole 8 chickens from her shed last night. Ed. Stepp, 1319 Harmon, in rear, 3 children, oldest 10 yrs, youngest 3 yrs. Wife sickley. Has employed Dr. Schultz, 16th & Brown. Fred Doering 1021 Louis Ave., 36 yrs, 6 children, oldest 10 yrs., youngest 3 mos.


Fred Warring, 1094 21st, 42 yrs old, has lived in city 20 years. Has 5 children, oldest 15 and youngest 17 mos., Cooper by trade, worked for Henry Koch on Central Ave. Out of work, 3 weeks. Seems to be sick. Has very bad cough. Says he could find work if he was well
Has lived at 1094-21st for 2 months. Formerly lived at 933-4th. He has about 300 lbs of coal on hand. J. Lindermeyer gave them a loaf of bread last night. Lindermeyer,1101-22nd says he has known them for 2 years and thinks they are worthy people.

John Ferber-2515 Center St. 26 yrs old, Painter by trade, 3 children, oldest 4 yrs., youngest just born. Wife sick in child bed. No coal or wood. Live at 2515 Center about 2 weeks. Formerly at 32nd and Lisbon Ave. Ferber has a job painting at North Milwaukee that will bring him in a few dollars-don't know how much, thinks about $10 to $12 when the job is done which will take the rest of the week if the weather is good. Mrs. Ekin brought about 30 lbs. of coal and says if they can get coal, the rest will be provided for.

Mrs. Warnecke 1830 Brown has a drinking husband. Spends all he earns for drink. She drew the last of his wages and bought a ton of coal, now they have nothing to live on. Warnecke is a carpenter and can earn good wages if he will. Is 46 yrs. old, 22 yrs. in Milwaukee.

Albert Wrasse, 885 Teutonis, in rear, 43 yrs. old, laborer out of work 2 months. 2 children- oldest 5 yrs., youngest 2 1/2 yrs. Lived in city 6 years, Never recv'd aid from anyone. Needs coal. Thinks they can get along, if they can stay warm.

Augusta Tews, 961-21st, 33 yrts old. Lives with Mrs. Kussow, has no home. 5 years in America, 1 1/2 yrs. in Milwaukee, has 1 child.

Frederika Kuessow, 961-21st, 48 yres. old, 3 children, one daughted married, girl 17 yrs. works in fly net factory, earns $2 per week. Son 15 works as apprentice in the file works. Earns $4 per week when he has steady work. Live 5 years in city. Need coal. No aid from poor office and groceries.

Chas Gaul,1200 Teutonia, 35 yrs. old, Shoemaker, 3 children,oldeat 4 yrs., youngest 7 mo's. Works at his trade at home. Never recv'd aid from any one. Has about 100 lbs. of coal yet. Some days he has work and some days he doesn't. Earns 50 cents to $1 per week. Lived in city 6 yrs.

L. Schroeder reports that the gas lamp at cor. of Wright and 15th has not been lighted for nearly a week.

Adam Beusing, 1018 Teutonis, 40 yrs. old, 2 children, oldest 12, youngest 11 yrs.

Carpenter, out of work 2 months. sick in bed with grippe and rheumatism. Wife high in a family way, liable to come down at any time. Need wood, fire out and nothing to eat. Born in the city. No aid from the county.

Henry Degenhardt, 2400 Center, 54 yrs. saloon keeper. License paid for by Blatz Brewing Co. Pays $9.00 a barrel for beer. Isn't earning his living. Sells about 3 barrels a month. Has 5 children, oldest 22, youngest 3yrs. Self and wife sick with grippe. Oldest girl works for self. Brings part of her earnings home. No immediate danger of starving.

12-12-1893 Mrs. Reichenbach 1061 Teutonia Ave. reports her husband Frank Reichenbach left home Wednesday Dec. 13th and she has not heard from him since he left in company of one
Chas. Borth that lives in Williamsburg. She is afraid something has happened to him.

Frederick Jahnke, 23216 Fon du Lac, 29 yrs old; 2 years in city; wife and 3 children aged 7 & 5 & 2 1/2 wks old. Out of work since July, tailor by trade. Receives aid from county since Sept. 19. Rent pd. till Nov. 1 1893. Rent to be paid in advance. Now owes $10 for rent. Groceries about gone, 1 loaf of bread in house. Has coal and wood enough to last this month or until he gets more from the county. Wife seems about as well as any woman with a 3 week old baby. Jahnke has a good reputation among his neighbors. R.C. Hinz, druggist - 2314 F.D. Ave says he thinks they are worthy perople. The greatest need they have is to have their rent paid.

Jos. Schweitzer, 1219-18th. Is at present engaged in the manufacture and selling of sausage. Has a horse and wagon. Has lived in city 12 yrs., 57 years of age. Wife and 6 children at home., 4 girls and 2 boys. Oldest son at thome-22yrs old, works aty Fuller Warren Stove Works. Pays $3.00 per week board. Schweitzer is making sausage and selling it in saloons. Claims to have a mortgage on on furniture of $40.00 and can't pay interest of $3.00 per month to Greibling. Schweitzer has the reputation of being a hard drinker. Family very poorly clad. Has no coal on hand. Doen't receive aid from County. Pays $8.00 per month rent. Rent paid til Jan. 1st '94.

Mr. Leonhard Oed, 76 yrs old, blind. Wife 65 yrs. Living in an attic at 2526 Lloyd St, formerly lived at 546 10th St. Couldn't pay rent and were taken in by Mike Oed, their son who finished off a room in the attic of his house for them. One son, 27 yrs. old is with them sick in bed 3 weeks. Have lived in city 40 yrs. Need Wood. Can't burn coal. No aid from county. Need groceries.

Mrs. Emeilia Herwig, 1020-21st. I have known the Herwig family for 1 1/2 yrs. and think they are worthy people. Mrs. Herwig has always worked hard. I think the reason they were shut off from the poor office was on account of some enemies among their own relations. They have wood and about 200 lbs. of coal on hand. 1 peck of potatoes, about the size of hickory nuts, also 6 or 7 lbs. of flour. Rent is paid up to Dec. 1st. Their greatest need is groceries. Children are fairly well clothed. Mrs. Hedwig need clothes for baby that she expects to be born soon.

John D. Green 1000-12th. $5.00 due for rent Dec.24th.

Annie Reisterer. 763-15th. 39 yrs. old, widow. Has 11 children, 9 are at home. Boy at home, 18 yrs. old. 1 boy-16 yrs, 1 boy 15 yrs, Girls 12,10,9,7,6 and 1 boy 4 yrs. Oldest son works in candy factory at $2.25 per week. 2nd boy, candy maker $2.50 per week. 3rd boy- paper carrier-$2,25 per week. Gets aid from County. Pays $6.00 rent. Paid til Dec. 15, to be paid in advance. Has 1/4 ton of coal yet, 1/4 cord of wood. One girl 7-has the measles. and expects the youngest boy to come down with them every day. 29 yrs. in the city. Lives in an old poor house. Says they all most freeze to death when the weather is cold.

Otto Sandmeyer, 1411 Center, 39 yrs. old, wife 38 yrs. old. 3 children, oldest girl 8 1/2 yrs, 7yrs. boy, and boy 4 1/2 yrs. Printer by trade, work last at the Herold office. Out of work-7 weeks. Expects to get groceries from Poor Office. Pays $12 per month rent. Can't pay it and will move tomorrow to the SE cor. of 16th and Locust. In the city 9 years. Will have to pay $5 in this place they move to. Need shoes and clothes for the children.

F. Wilke, 782-15th St. Report that some unknown person stole their wash basket and all from his yard on Wednesday ewvening, Dec. 20th. Description- ordinary wash basket containing 3 German linen towels, 1 american towel with fringe and red stripes near the ends, one rough towel, 1 white bed spread, 3 pillow cases with lace trimming(red and white lace), 1 night gown for grown person, 2 childrens night gowns, 5 or 6 handkershiefs(common), 1 large tidy for rocking chair(white), 1 large lacw curtain, 1 pair of ladies drawers and other small things of not much value. Things were taken between 6 and 7:30 PM.

Bolislaus Paschkowitz, 779 14th St., 46 yrs. old.; 2 years in city; Wife 33 yrs of age.; 2 children, boy 14 yrs, boy 9 yrs. Rent $6.00 per month in advance. Paid till Nov. 18th. Rent in arrears from Nov. 18th. Man has been sick to earn much all summer. Out of work about 9 weeks. Woman has a place where she earns 50 cts. per week washing. Would be glad to get a place where she could do work. Need coal and groceries. 9 yr. old boy needs shoes. These people are spoken of as respectable people and vouched for by, Fuch's, letter carrier from NW station.

Theodore Horn, 1195-21st needs clothing for children. Boy 12 yrs., girl 5 yrs.

Henrietta Preis, 901-21st. 43 yrs old, divorced from her husband-4 years. 4 children-13-10-6-4. Owns property valued at $1800. Has $300 debts on property. Can't pay taxes. Has two houses. Front house brought $8.00 rent but is empty now and no prospect of renting it for some time to come. Has done washing, but can't get work now. Asks for wood and groceries.

Julius Kreuger bought property of Heller. Paid $165.00 down. Has 2 tons of coal and 1/4 cord of wood.

Robert Koepsel, 2507 Bismarlk St. - gets aid from county. Unworthy
tp receive aid from anyone.

Chas Kurth, 1164-24th for 12 years. 4 children 11-9-6-2 yrs., Laborer. 7 weeks out of work on account of sickness of self. Wife and oldest girl sick with typhoid fever. No aid from county. No other aid. Has property valued at $800.00 with $650.00 debts. Destitution caused by sickness. Needs groceries and wood. Very worthy people. Kurth is a hard working man. Worked for F.W. Schneck until he was taken sick. Kurth is 35 yrs. of age, wife 36 yrs. of age.

Chas Schwamme,764, 18th. 8 yrs. in city. 25 yrs, old. wife 23 ytrs old No children.

Wm. Schwarz, 2010 Lloyd was run over by a horse and buggy at 21st and Fond du Lac 3:30 PM. Description of horse, small brown.

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