William Bramwell Sizer Diaries
February 1894

Milwaukee County Police Department

These diaries are a mixture of work and family affairs of William Bramwell Sizer. William was on the Milwaukee Police Department and a member of the Sherman Street Methodist Episcopal Church, later transferring their membership to Kingsley Methodist Episcopal Church and died in 1916. The diaries give a pretty good view of life in the years involved. The diaries were given to me for presentation on this site by family members see contributors page.

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Anna Riestover, 763-15th, 39 yrs. old. 9 children, 18 to 5 yrs. of age.Goes washing. Got aid from Police Releif once. Reported on her Dec. 22nd, '93. Landlords name, Jacob Koenig, 713-12th. Worthy of aid.

Aug. Hintz, 1230 Garfield, 38 yrs. old. 36 yr old wife and 4 children, 11-8-5 yrs, baby 2 wks. Carpenter, out of work 3 months. No aid from Co. Has been aided by relations. No property. Pays $7.00 rent. $21.00 now due Nic Melshior, 1230 Garfield. Drinks hard, spends all he earns. Need groceries and coal.

John Kollar, 754-15th, 30 yrs. old, 12 yrs. in city. Wife and 3 children 5-3-&1 1/2 yrs. shoemaker. 8 mos. out of work. No aid from Co. Got aid once from Police Dept. Own property but have $1700.00 debts. Property $ 2,000. Lack of work. Want coke or fuel of some kind.

Hermann Bertche, 841-22nd. 28 yrs old, 7 years in city. wife and 4 children 2-4-6 yrs. Brewer, says he has been out of work for 6 mo's. On 20th of Feb. 2 mo's. rent will be due Wm. Laatsch, landlord, 841-22nd. Pays $6.00 per mo. 2 months due. Wants rent and provisions soon.

Fred Wanning, 1094-21st, 42 yrs. old, 24 yrs in city. Wife and children ages 15-8-5-1 1/2 yrs. Cooper, out of work. 3 mo's aid from Co. Received aid from Police Dept in Dec. '93. Pay $7.00 rent. Owe $21.00. Harsicht, 1122-23rd, agent for property. Sickness and lack of work, cause of destitution. Rent-paid and shoes for children and wife.

Aug. Gaulke, 1133-21sr. 42 yrs. old, 24 yrs in city. Wife and 7 children 3 to 13 yers, old. Laborer, 5 mois. out of work. Receive aid from Co. Have received shoes from NW Kindergarten. Owned property but could not keep up payments. Have rec'vd notice to move on April 1st if they can not pay up. On account of sickness want clothing for children and provisions- don't get enough from County.

Riedel has gone to his mother-in-law, Mrs. Schewe, 555 Market St. in basement.

Rud. Janzen, 1064-19th St. 34 years. 2 1/2 yrs. in city. Wife and 5 children aged 4 to 10 yrs. Carpenter, out of work since August last. Receive aid from Co. since Oct last. Two mo's. rent from Frellson, also clothes for the children. No property. Pay $6.00 rent. Owe $12.00 Lack of employment is cause of destitution. Must vacate house by Tuesday next. Want money to pay moving expenses also money to rent house.

Fred Fleischman, 894-15th. 56 yrs. old. 13 yrs. in city. Wife and 4 children ages 3 to 13 years, Laborer out of work since Sept. last. Get aid from Co. Pay $5.00 rent. Owe $25.00 to H. Weber,894-15th Want rent and one pr. of shoes.

Wm. Lutz, 1274-22nd St. 40 yrs. old. 28 yrs in city. Wife and 7 children aged 19-17-14-12-10-8 & 4 yrs. Cooper, out of work 6 weeks. No aid from Co. No property. Pays $7.00 per month rent. $7.00 due Feb. 11th '94. Peter Casper, 1201-22nd, landlord. Lack of work is cause of destitution. Want coal and wood and groceries. Reported to Officer Kortes-referred to me for investigation.

Pd. H. Weber $10.00 (check) for rent for F. Fleischman, 894-15th.

Pd. Wm. Laatsch, 841-22nd. rent $6.00 for Herm. Bertche.

Pd. Wm. Krasselt, 24th & Concordia $5.00 rent for Mitch Stangel 662…th St.

Dead dog 1120 Teutonia

Dead dod, 1151-20th.

Subpoena for Pet. Pinter and Elizabeth Schwister for Dep. Clerk Felsch.
Arrested Antonia Kemper, 2507 Bismark St. 33 yrs old. Born in Germany, housewife, married. Warrant sworn out by Robert Koepsel, continued to Feb. 21st. Case tried, sentence suspended.

Took Madeline Werth (King) to Mr.Whieheads office at 12:45 to-day..

Annie Risterer, 763-15th. 39yrs. old, 30 yrs. in city. 9 children aged 4-6-8-9-10-12-14-16-18yrs. Occupation housewife. Washes when she is able to work. Get aid from Co. Received aid two times in Dec. & Jan. No property. Pays $6.00 per month rent. $6.00 due Feb.15th to Herm. Koenig, 713-12th. One boy gets $2.25/week. One boy gets $2.50/week. One works at piece work-earns about $2.50. Total income $7.25 per week. Woman has a sore leg and can't walk. Wants rent paid. They are worthy people.

Dead horse, 1163-23rd St.

Johanna Jahn, 1209-Maiden Lane. 26 yrs old. Widow. 20 yrs. in city. 2 children aged 2 1/2 and 1 yrs. Get aid from Co. No other aid. No property. Pay $5.00 per month rent. None due. Lack of work (sewing) cause of destitution. Want- shoes for herself and children.

Wm. Bubholz, 878-22nd. 31 yrs. old. 7 years in city. Wife and 3 children aged 4-2 yrs and 3 weeks. Blacksmith, out of work 10 months. Get aid from Co. No other aid and no property. Pay $8.00 per month rent. Owe $52.00. Julius Uecke, 1202 Garfield Ave., landlord. Sickness- cause for destitution. Want rent paid or money to move and rent another house. Says he can get a house on 15th St. between Wright and Clark for $6.00 per month. Has been notified by Constable to quit premises.

Chas. Kapelle, 1076-16th. 49 yrs. old. 19 years in city. Wife and 7 children aged 19-15-13-12-5 and 3 yrs. Out of work 5 months. Carpenter. No aid from county. No other
aid. No propery. Had property and lost it. Pays no rent until Apr. 15-'94. Out of work, want shoes and coal.

Louis Nogesser, 734-18th St Age 47 yrs. 18 yrs in city. Wife, 5 children aged 14-10-7-6- & 4 yrs. Wood Turner. Out of work 4 weeks. Get aid from Co. Get coke from Police Dept in Dec. No other aid. No property. pay $5.50 per monthe rent. $5.50 now due Mrs. Stephan, 734-18th, landlord. Out of work, want coal and rent.

Ludwig Prillwitz, 1143-20th. Age 48 yrs. Painter. 10 yrs. in city. 6 childrten aged 25-20-17-13-7-2 yrs. Out of work since Aug. Son 25 yrs of age is painter, also out of work. No aid from Co. No other aid. Own property valued at $1100.00. Have $900.00 in debts. Can't raise any more on it. Out of work. Has a chattle mortgage on horse and wagon and furniture for $30.00 so can't dispose of horse. Can't get credit in store and owes almost everybody. One girl earns $2.50 per week.

Ferd. Pfinnig, 1249-23rd. 70 yrs. old. 2 yrs. in city. Wife, 5 children aged 26-22-18-15- yrs. Miller by trade. sickly, can't work. Get aid from Co. No other aid. Pays $5.00 rent. None due. Jos. Guether, landlord. Old age, unable to work. Wants shoes for wife, size no. 7. One boy wanrts shoes, size no. 8. Girls can work if they want to.

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